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    • The cinematic composition used in the award-winning movie "A Rainbow of Adventure". Suitable for success achievements, inspiring presentations, informational videos or seminars, television commercial, and travels. 60 second loop featuring piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, and a shaker. Has a fast paced happy running feel. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, television, film or just about anything that needs a nice acoustic positive feel. Positive, warm and motivating composition for your successful projects. Emotional and romantic acoustic music track featuring a Spanish acoustic guitars, strings, bass, e-organ, drums and percussion. Great for commercials, videos, photo slideshows, presentations, websites, YouTube videos, product promos, documentaries, travel videos, family videos and other kinds of media. 60 second loop featuring lightly picked and strummed acoustic guitar and a piano playing a simple melody. Has a nostalgic and sentimental feeling, evoking images of the memory of a midsummer night with a loved one. The composition is very low key but drives nicely. Rock organ plays punchy pattern over synthesizer bass and drums. Suggested for club scenes, energetic transition, montage, slideshow, urban nightlife, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami, Los Angeles, TV and radio production spots. Key of C minor, 129 beats/min 60 second loop featuring several acoustic guitars, bass, and drums, with a upbeat, driving, positive feel Laidback arrangement of acoustic guitars, bass, organ, percussion and antique sleigh bells in 104 second arrangement, suggested to underscore feel-good scenes of seasonal family gatherings, holiday animations and electronic greetings. Electric guitars, bass and drums play retro pop rock with country-flavored lead fills, inspired by The Rolling Stones. Suggested for nostalgic 60s and 70s bar scenes, flashbacks, montages, transitions and media spots. Key of D, 110 beats/min Rustic vibes, green grass, fresh air, clear sky and good country people celebrating the wedding day. Performed with acoustic guitar, ukulele, steel and electric guitars, bass, drums and shakers. 60 second loop featuring strummed acoustic guitar, fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano, bass and a shaker with a lively, old time hoedown type feel. A cool, groovy track, with a bluesy inspired improvised lead guitar. This relaxed and hippie-chic background music is ideal for insight moments, LSD trips, transcendental meditation and same kind of projects. 60 second loop featuring strummed and fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bass and an organ. Has a swingy 3/4 feel evoking positive images of having a very nice, smooth day where everything is falling into place. Laid back and optimistic loopable acoustic folk music. Happy and mellow content romantic ballad underscore. Featuring acoustic guitars strums and whistle melody. A positive and reflective whistling in a graceful, loving and hopeful lite track. Sexy, bouncy and energetic rock tune that reminds the likes of 'Bohemian Like You' song. This glamorous and powerful song is ideal for cutting-edge/energetic segments and video editing. 60 second loop featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, drums, piano and a pad. The feel of this song is like walking down a city street on a rainy day, mellow and pretty but driving and straightforward. Funny and quirky song featuring brass hits and stabs, tuba, cheesy organs and electric guitars. The music could fit your next animation movie, or you can use it as a background music for your mobile and online game, application. 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, electric piano, bass and hand percussion. This composition has a pretty, floating ethereal feel, very repetitive and dreamlike, but wild and driving at the same time. Golden rock blues music in the style of Beatles and other rock bands. Can be used for a game, where you lose for example. :) Using best plugins for mixing and mastering, including EMI mixer sound. 60 second loop featuring two lightly picked acoustic guitars, a piano, bass and drums. Straight ahead rhythm that drives at a moderate pace. The song has a very positive, moving ahead feel - it feels good! The melody is strong but unobtrusive. A bouncy hammond groove, very simple yet effective if used as a background for game, product placements, advertisements, video shows... it has plenty of rooms for voice overs and effect and it will not annoy the listeners. Kinda naughty blues in the dark smokey bar room. This track has some cool, retro vibes, but is still a lot of sexy. Highly energetic and upbeat, dub drums, dirty guitars and hypnotic didgeridoo at the end of the loop. Perfect underscore for night clubs, road trips, high speed, extreme sports etc. 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar with effects, drums and piano. Has a recurring theme that builds until the end of the loop. The composition is driving, tense and suspenseful. Perfect for background music for personal or corporate presentations, or for voice over work. Happy instrumental track featuring organ and piano. Very rhythmic and positive this music is like "Herbie Hancock" playing a piano groove accompanied with cool organ melodies 60-s like cool jazz waltz featuring brush drums, upright bass, grand piano, jazz organ, trumpet and electric guitar solo. Hopeful and retro styled pop / rock song. Suits perfect in many background applications. New age style song, on a slow tempo of 60bpm, performed on digital synthesizers. An ethereal fantasy leitmotiv is been gradually fatten with more and more timbres. The general mood of the song is relaxing, feeling good and in peace. Smooth blues track in a melancholic mood. Featured instruments are guitar, e-organ and brass. Good for advertising or different kind of videos. This dreamy, abstract, angelic track featuring atmospheric pads and a 606 drum machine. This electronic track sounds mysterious, spiritual, enigmatic - great for videos with a touch of hypnotic and suspense atmosphere. This chipper and upbeat tune is bright and optimistic, starting out with a simple melody played on the piano, and soon joined by a ukulele, electric piano, drums, bass and percussion. Soft, flowing, innovative track with a smooth chill-out lounge feel. This sparkling atmospheric track would be great for projects related to technology and science, as well as inspiring corporate videos, sports and lifestyle. All versions in this package : Full Track (2:20), Long Loop (1:58), 60s Edit (1:08), 30s Edit (0:41) Clavinet, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums combine in 102 second loop for playful retro groove reminiscent of the seventies, suggested to underscore nostalgic party scenes, comedic sequences and live performance applications. Key of E, 93 bpm 60 second royalty free loop featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano and bass. Has a bouncy upbeat feel. 60 second loop featuring lightly fingerpicked steel string acoustics, piano, electric piano, drums and bass. Has a plucky yet sentimental feel, evoking hopeful and optimistic images. Run new pages of life, execute dream. Escape from a trap of gray everyday life! Flamenco influenced guitar, piano, bass and percussion in laidback loop suggested for lounge scenes, vacation resort sequences and somewhat shadowy ambiance. Also for corporate videos and public service announcements. Key of F# minor, 60 bpm An instrumental easy listening track perfect for joyful subjects in any kind of media, advertising projects, youtube, TV shows and much more. Conceived as background incidental music to underscore happy scenes about family, children, beautiful days lived in peace and joy with parents or friends. Lost track in the morning forest can be heard in the composition. Quiet calm guitar melody with mysterious synthesizers. Suitable for various multimedia projects. An upbeat fun rock instrumental with a 50s 60s retro sound. A good time feel with a beat and groove that will get your heels a kickin'. Clean electric guitars, bass guitar and drums. Can also be used as a classic country track. Perfect as classic country music, a happy track for happy times, motivational teamwork, can-do production, the summer fair, etc. Motivational track for use in advertising. Featured lots of electric guitars, electric organ, bass and drums. Perfect for TV production for use as intro - title music. Virtual Hammond B4 organ plays relaxed, reflective melody accompanied by guitar, bass strings, and light percussion, invoking peace of mind, calmness, harmony. Suggested for montage, transition, underscore of narration, voice-overs, public service announcements, 30 second ad spots. Key of B, 60 beats/min. A great little sad music returns the listener in times cowboys and westerns. Unobtrusive melody guitar solos with the rhythm guitar and gradually increasing the bass guitar and drums. Bass, electric guitar and drums accompany organ melody in 68 second loop reminiscent of 70s and 80s retro band 'Ambrosia'. Suggested for romantic slow dance or nostalgic, intimate, affectionate sequences, in the classic rock style. Key of C, 60 beats/min Playful and motivated piano music. This music is rhythmic, jazzy and bouncy with a positive vibration. 60 second loop featuring two fingerpicked acoustic guitars, piano, electric piano and drums. This composition has a floating and triumphant feel. That's a great twist track with a powerful drum and bass section and a classic blous-bouncy piano comping. This is a feel-good upbeat track with elements of the 60's. Electric guitars, banjo, bass, strings and Drums provide the perfect groove and organic feel.Great for corporate, commercials, television, video, motivated action good time fun. 60 second loop featuring strummed acoustic guitar, drums, and a electric piano. Has a swingy, medium to fast paced driving feel with a strong feeling of movement. Mellow and acoustic but also very much an urban sound. Bass, drums, percussion and rock guitars trade riffs in 54 second loop with sixties and seventies nostalgic style, lead guitar repeats rock riffs. Suggested for bar or garage band, party and beach scenes, good times montage, feel-good transitions, workout routines, exercise mixes. Key of G, 142 beats/min A cool retro styled rock loop. Acoustic and distorted guitars with straight drums, tambourine and hammond organ. Ideal as background track. Nostalgic and passionate Latin urban track featuring Kalimba, Mallet, Piano, Vocal Chops. Perfect for a romantic story, lingerie commercial, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage, or for any project needing a nostalgic mood. There are 5 alt-versions available for this track (Main, Looped, 60 sec, 30 sec, and 15 sec) This music brings good luck! Simple and soulful melody, happy feeling and a cute little four-stringed ukulele. Music for your good mood and happy memories. Made with love, soul and skill! This simple melody for jazz quartet give you a good mood. Best for presentations, videos, games, etc. Retro rock guitar plays dirty lead line accompanied by clavinet, organ, bass guitar and drums in 68 second loop. Suggested for nostalgic 60s and 70s bar scenes, flashbacks, montages, transitions, altered consciousness and grungy clubs. Laid back pop groove with Latin percussion, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums suggested to underscore leisurely beach, vacation, party, spring break and resort scenes. Also for slideshows, montages, transitions and rolling credits. Key of E, 110 bpm 60 second loop featuring piano, acoustic guitar, electric piano, drums and bass. The composition has a bright, cheery and happy feel, like you're walking down a city street on a sunny summer morning. Electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion accompany laidback melodic retro lead guitar lines reminiscent of the classic rock era. Suggested for underscoring of reunion scenes, pop/rock flashback sequences, media production cues, also for nostalgic slideshows. Medium tempo electric blues swing featuring electric guitar and a traditional rhythm and blues big band. Cheerful melody like a moth fluttering in the spring garden. Main instruments are guitars and keyboards. A powerful rock pop loop with a catchy guitar theme, a cool tonewheel organ and very dynamic drums. A positive and warm uptempo music with happy piano chords, playful acoustic guitar, and funny Hammond organ melody. Evokes 1960's, Woodstock, truck commercials, surf video, or relaxed beach scenes.
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