• Long Night

      This dynamic, naughty, and dangerous phonk hip-hop music. Featuring powerful drum beats, dark basslines, rhythmic percussions, soft cowbells, and dynamic vocal samples. Perfect for urban life, street art, crime-related films, series with suspenseful vibes, edgy and intense visuals, action video games, extreme sports, etc.

      Workout It

      The eerie and ominous gothic trap soundscape is ideal for accentuating ominous and foreboding moods, making it perfect for high-pressure and suspenseful moments in horror or thriller films. Additionally, it serves as a superb soundtrack for sci-fi movies, crime novels, detective stories, documentary films, and any other genre that requires a profound, aggressive sound.

      Battle Of Champions

      Aggressive and provocative trap music with electronic brass, low bass and powerful synth drums. This amazing track is perfect for sports videos, fast racing videos, fighting scenes, extreme parkour, urban videos, dynamic titles, urban theme projects and much more.

      Please Stand By

      Get ready to sweat it out with energizing dubstep royalty-free music designed to accompany intense exercise sessions, inner strength, and power through any workout routine. It features pulsating beats, aggressive synth melodies, epic choir samples, and a naughty bassline. This motivating and naughty background music has a pumped-up, focused, and driven sound. Great for fitness apps, interval training (HIIT) sessions, intense workouts, and sports montages, that show athleticism, determination, and skills.

      Mad Racer

      It's a super aggressive, pumping, energetic trap royalty-free audio. I used techno drums, hip-hop beats, powerful pluck, and dubstep bass. Perfect for sport, fitness, energetic, hip-hop, rap, rally, racing, dance, urban videos, youtube, and advertising.

      Drop That

      This is smooth chill trap music with beautiful and catchy modern sound. Nice synth pluck fills with cool and pop harmonies, atmospheric pads together with bouncy bass and groovy drum beat create a perfect background for any kind of multimedia projects.

      Training Day

      "Please Stand By" is an energetic and powerful stomp trap royalty-free that captures your attention right from the start. It features punchy 808 bass, drums, percussion, voice samples and dubstep elements. Great for sports events, trailers for new video game releases, high-tech gadgets, cars, workout or gym routines, and more.

      Attack The Block

      This energetic and powerful trap music featuring modern saxophone melody, punchy brass, 808 bass, and dubstep elements will make your video stand out from the crowd. It's a perfect choice for your next video project or presentation!

      Impossible Solution

      This powerful and dynamic trap music features strong bass, energetic kicks, and dramatic synths. Each element of this track compliments the next to result in a sensational fusion of catchy trap sounds. The fast tempo will keep viewers engaged even while the music builds in intensity. Perfect for action-packed films, crime scenes, extreme sports, fighting games, and more.

      My Abstract Feelings

      Pumping and energetic Trap royalty-free music for projects needing an injection of motivation and determination. With its fusion of dubstep bass, hip-hop beats, and trap leads, this composition becomes the ultimate soundtrack for a variety of engaging visuals. Perfect for sports highlights, fast-cut action shots, slow-motion sequences, intense workout sessions, commercials and advertisements aimed at young audiences, street-style fashion, etc.

      Thunderous Damage

      Enticing and creative, this ChillHop track is the perfect addition to your next video project. With a bumpy and modern trap arrangement, you'll be able to create captivating and engaging video projects that your audience can't look away from! Featuring trap bass, glitch drum machine, synth leads, and percussion. This track is perfect for fashion designers, lifestyle vlogs, teaser videos, art, technology, etc.

      Do It Better

      It's bold, powerful royalty-free trap music, with vocal fx, grizzly EDM leads, 808 bass, fx, brass, and punchy beats, best for workouts, urban, or sports footage.

      Victory At Any Cost

      An atmospheric and punchy royalty-free track, that fuses the elements of lo-fi chill step and future bass, creating a mesmerizing soundscape filled with modernity and style. Featuring trap bass, drum machine, leads, subtle voice samples, and percussion. Perfect for fashion showcases, lifestyle videos, daily life vlogs, travel diaries, promotional content that needs a contemporary edge, or commercials that want to stand out.

      Along Dry River

      This track is an uplifting, energetic, and powerful mix of trap and EDM. It features a driving beat, deep bass, and punchy synths, as well as some cool vocal chops. It's perfect for any sport, fitness, energetic, hip-hop, rap, rally, racing, dance, urban videos, youtube, advertising, and videohive projects. The track is sure to get your audience pumped up and motivated.


      This action trap music track with provocative electronic synths, low bass and powerful bass. Suitable for workout videos, badass guys, coolness and strength, sports video, urban videos and much more.

      Moons Shadow

      A gripping royalty-free hip-hop track that combines a deep, resonating bass with dynamic drum beats, pulsating percussion, and edgy voice samples. This background music emits a futuristic, and emotional vibe, making it a perfect fit for scenes depicting tension, confrontation, or intense drama. Ideal for documentaries exploring urban life, social issues, and youth culture, as well as for gaming content, extreme sports footage, street culture narratives, fashion hauls, or city exploration videos.

      Final Lap

      A bold and energetic dubstep track with heavy trap drums, horns, and synths. This track combines good hooks with an exciting vibe to create a modern epic feel. It's bold and punchy, ideal for sports commercials and action scenes where you need something to get people pumped up!

      Get It Started

      This is an ambient abstractive hip hop trap music, mixed with military drums. Great for modern technology, cinematic action scenes, war conspiracy, fight and battle, etc.

      The Final Round

      Lose yourself in the slow, sensual rhythm of trap hip-hop music that is the perfect backdrop to your experiences. This sexy music, brimming with deep bass beats and smooth female vocal flows, adds a provocative allure to any moment, making even the mundane feel like a stylish slow-motion film scene. Relish in the mysterious charm that this music backdrop provides, transforming the ambiance around you.

      Too Cool For School

      The Dark Mirror is music atmospheric and stylish track with a trap beat, deep bass, pads, synths and powerful drums. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, beauty blogs, designs, motivational stories, corporate projects, inspirational presentations, advertisements, sport videos, summer videos, Film and TV, Vlog, Youtube and beauty video projects!

      Gangsta Beat

      Creepy, and intimidating hip-hop vs. trap music. This suspenseful track features 808 drums, bass, different сhoir-synthesizer, e-organ, and ominous bells. Perfect for a crime drama soundtrack, stylized Halloween party, gangster encounters, and more daring and influential projects.

      Rite Of Passage

      A loud, raw, and energetic modern trap rock track. Featuring a catchy drum beat, the thunderous sound of big claps, the electrifying presence of electric guitars, and the raw power of energetic riffs. Ideal for intense action sequences, dynamic sports montages, captivating commercials, or any other form of media that needs a burst of energy.

      Technology Trap

      Modern hip-hop/trap music with strong bass and catchy rhythms. Concept of the project - this is an unusual mix of a powerful street sound, modern fashionable rhythm, and melody in a creative style. Great for cool urban videos, advertising, fashion video blogging on YouTube or Instagram.

      Big Trap Beat

      Super aggressive pumping energetic trap royalty free music. Perfect for extreme sports music, energetic action, adrenaline urban videos, motor speed, GTA style games, etc. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Show Me The Love

      This haunting and emotional oriental ethnic hip-hop composition blends seamlessly music elements of East and West, creating a unique and captivating fusion. With its low bass, mesmerizing Arabic oud, dynamic drum beats, tribal chants, rhythmic percussion, and cool male voice samples, this track is perfect for a range of projects. Ideal for criminal dramas, scenes full of intrigue and intensity, visuals with excitement and adrenaline, dangerous gaming episodes, etc.

      Final Fight

      This crazy and punchy oriental trap track features an addictive and punchy melody, a driving trap bass line, intriguing leads, and crazy percussion. Not only will grab your audience's attention but it will also highlight a great TV product. Great for visual media, YouTube videos, and short commercials.

      Tears Of Machine

      This action and epic energy trap hip-hop royalty-free music track. Excellent and powerful boomy bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric electronic synths, epic brass, and strings. This track is perfect for gaming music, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video.

      Conflict Is Inevitable

      This captivating and dynamic phonk hip-hop track will add layers of intensity and keep you moving endlessly. Featuring a powerful drum beat and dark deep bass, rhythmic percussion, and distortional cowbell. This track is perfect for high-octane visuals, fighting videos, gripping chase scenes, intense action sequences, drift-racing video games, and thrilling gameplay moments. It amplifies the excitement and fuels the adrenaline rush, adding a fierce and electrifying atmosphere to your projects.

      Most Dangerous

      Get pumped up over the top with this exciting and energetic trap music. A high-energy pumping beats with fuzzy synths, and dubstep bass gives this track a cool feel. This powerful background music creates an atmosphere of success and victory and inspires people to act, strong and dynamic. The track is full of energy, drive, and determination that will fire up your commercials, website videos, promo videos, and so on.

      Gotta Get That

      This track was created specifically to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts to breathe power and rhythm into the workout, creating a new dynamic atmosphere that is fresh, fun and motivating. It can be used for any number of exercises but was specifically developed for workouts including cardio routines, strength training and high intensity workouts. Used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Crazy Dribbling

      An energetic and explosive trap-style piece that has a catchy melody and grotesque vibe. Featuring punchy brass, 808 basses, vocal hooks, smokey trumpet, percussions, and tight beats. This track creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable sound that will make your project stand out. Great for opening or closing credits, comedy scenes, workout videos or nightclub parties.

      Crying World

      A powerful and energetic Hip-Hop/Trap track, with old school beats and synths, loud brass, trap hi-hats and percussion. This track would be a perfect fit for sport videos, sport commercials, action scenes, basketball videos, gym commercials and many more media projects.

      Tiktok Beat

      A powerful energetic trap hip hop beat with epic brass stabs, catchy synths arp, choirs and hard powerful drums. Great for the dynamic scenes, epic fights, combat sports, energetic action scenes, domination, bodybuilding vs. powerlifting, catchy intro, and more.

      Blood Of Victory

      Aggressive and emotional royalty-free dubstep track with intense and edgy vibes. Packed with powerful synths, dynamic drums, percussion, and robotic sounds, this track creates a mesmerizing and captivating sound that will leave you breathless. Perfect for use in workout videos, driving video game walkthroughs, or any other action-packed scenes.

      Do Something Stupid

      Super aggressive pumping track in trap style. Perfect for sport, fitness, dance, and workouts videos. Also will be great for urban videos, and advertisements. This one has an energetic and powerful sound. I used techno drums, hip-hop beat, powerful pluck, and dubstep bass!

      Play All Day Long

      Menacing, threatening, and tense hip-hop/trap background music, that will give a scary and dangerous atmosphere to your project. The excellent brass section and low bass make more power in this track. This amazing action track is perfect for dangerous extreme sports videos, fast-paced slideshow and animations, contemporary thriller dynamic final credits, crime and violence scenes and much more.

      Crank It Up

      Motivational and vibrant royalty-free hip-hop track, boasting an infectious energy. Packed with a dynamic mix of synthesizers, bass, and beats, this track creates a dangerous and suspicious mood. Perfect for use in montages, car chases, action criminal scenes, or media projects that require a touch of confidence and swagger.

      Hard Life

      This energetic and epic trap/hip-hop royalty-free music track. Excellent and powerful boomy bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric electronic synths, epic brass and strings. This track is perfect for gaming, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video.

      Lost In Seoul

      An atmospheric, dreamy and euphoric track in chillout trap genre with gentle corporate styled guitars, rich piano keys, cosmic synthesizers, angelic pads. Good for travel videos, futuristic slideshows, innovative presentations and every day listening.

      Old Friends

      A relaxed, positive, and organic chill-out fusion of nostalgic guitar, Hip Hop beats, and soulful female vocals. The track perfectly captures the essence of urban love, hope amidst the hustle and bustle of modern city life, sentimental romantic scenes, and introspective feelings. An ideal accompaniment to any project seeking to convey a sense of nostalgia, longing, and heartfelt emotion.

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