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    • A sweet saxophone melody, a brush sound of old drums, a frayed contrabass, an acoustic guitars and old good Lesley keyboard, all these are perfect mix to make a perfect atmosphere of friends' meeting. Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Electronic reggae background with no solos. Light, groovy Caribbean feel. Loopable. Electric piano, bass, synthesizers, drums, percussion. Smooth jazz chillout background piece with no solos. Double bass, drums, piano, synthesizer pad. Witches and vampires welcome to the party everybody who thinks they can dance and show off themselves. The jackpot is a witches broom. Ambient background music loop. laid back ambient groove, with sexy chords. Deeply romantic and sensual piece written for saxophone with electric piano. A beautiful melody to add ambience to any project. Dub ambient trumpet melody flies over massive synth pad background. Processed percussion with drum machine beat and colorful acoustic guitar. Acoustic bass with processed trumpet and sax begin this loop. Electric piano with clean guitar proceed the melody movement. TOO BUSY is a calm and rich composition of piano work with delicate hush of chiming sound and soothing elements. It sounds like some elegant romantic melody. Kind of oriental tune with measured rhythms and quirky dissonant passages that create an effect of leaping tongues of flame in ancient temple.
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