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    • In Lost Memories MP3

      Deep, futuristic electronic music, with plucks, e-piano chords, ariy pads, spacey vocals, and a minimal glitchy beat. Perfect background music for abstract visuals, scientific projects, documentaries, high-tech promos, and stylish adverts.

      Bridge Across Forever MP3

      This sultry R&B/chillhop track featuring lush synth atmospheres and deep sub-bass is perfect for romance, sensual product placement, Seduction, Attraction, Sexy commercial moments, fashion campaign. The track has the energy of urban soundtracks mixed with the sensuality of smooth jazz.

      Taste My Love MP3

      Energetic pop future bass track, with catchy chords and sexy vocal chops. Perfect for modern commercial, fashion projects, luxury design, alluring jewelry, sensual video, temptation and seduction.

      The Lost Tape MP3

      Get that cool and groovy chillhop vibe with this track. This chilled-out sample with soulful boom bap beats and scratchings makes a lovely blend of styles and textures. Ideal as urban background soundtracks for commercials, slideshows, films, and much more.

      Downtown Funk MP3

      Groovy and bouncy funk music in the vein of 70s. Featuring dirty baritone saxophone, bass guitar, and Rhodes to create sophisticated ambiance. Ideal for narrative games, seduction scenes, casino gambling, flirting mood, romantic comedies, and more.

      Just Let Me Love You MP3

      This is romantic smooth jazz with hook vocals and alto sax lead, that will definitely add some mellow vibe to your project. Perfect for romance, seduction, and bedroom moments

      Lonely Pixel MP3

      Dreamy, futuristic electronic music, with spatial plucks, e-piano chords, synth pads, and a minimal glitchy beat. Perfect background music for abstract visuals, scientific documentaries, high-tech promos, and stylish adverts.

      Slow Flood MP3

      Breezy saxophone slowly gliding over piano, bass and brushes. Suitable for lazy evening, relaxing moments, after work, late night romance, drinking late at night, smooth seduction.

      Vivid Light MP3

      Inspirational and emotional soundtrack with beautiful piano, synth beats and electric guitar . Gentle, and impressive, this background music could fit perfectly for various media projects: corporate videos, business presentations, science and technology videos, film trailers, etc. This track contains no voice lines.

      Before The Rain MP3

      A Smooth, mellow, and carefree lo-fi hip-hop track with real guitars, electric piano, bass, piano, percussion, drums, and retro fx. This track would be a perfect fit for media projects that need a retro and smooth sound.

      Hot Passion MP3

      Seductive downtempo - EDM loop, warm, smooth, pleasant and suggestive. The track develops gradually and it provides plenty of useful variations. It's the ideal background for video productions related to fashion, seduction, shopping, romance, pleasure, night club and city life.

      Lofi Memories MP3

      A relaxing lofi hip-hop instrumental blended with acoustic guitar. Perfect for video blogs, podcasts and video games.

      City Light MP3

      This track is an ideal choice for any media project that needs to evoke a strong, modern, and luxurious image. Perfect for beauty commercials, online presentations, and other projects that require a high-quality soundtrack. The track itself is a modern chillhop with stylish synths, hip-hop beat, and cool bass.

      Goodbye Nashville MP3

      This track is a bluesy, vintage-sounding theme with great electric guitar and an upright piano, that give this music a very special southern charm. Great as underscore in videos about ghost towns, western movies, modern gangster films, dusty roads, striptease shows, and After Dark style soundtrack.

      Path Of The Loner MP3

      A powerful royalty-free hip-hop track with powerful bass, modern drums and mute guitar. Ideal for action trailers, sport visuals, adventure games or promos.

      Tropical Summertime MP3

      Sunny, positive and summery tropical background music with warm synths, piano, pad, deep bass, powerful kick and percussion. This track will take you to a hot, paradise island and a sunny beach where people relax. Suitable for any tropical videos, lifestyle videos, travel videos, beach projects, vacation videos, advertisements, movies, vlogs, promos, holidays and other summer projects.

      I Dont Need Your MP3

      Chill and jazzy lo-fi hip hop beats for Youtube, Instagram and other social media platforms videos, as well as promotional visuals, adverts and commercials, bars, and coffee shops.

      The Vinyl Shop MP3

      Funky and classic hip hop track with soul samples, groovy bass and boom bap beat. Great for lifestyle, travel and fashion projects.

      Lofi Hip Hop MP3

      Chill lo-fi beat. Old vinyl noise, rhodes, electric guitar and calm hip-hop beat with calm and lounge mood.

      Sexy Midnight MP3

      A silky-smooth mix of lo-fi chillhop music to create a casual yet classy atmosphere for product presentations, commercials, and adverts. Stylish and catchy, yet warm and laidback. Featuring an old-school soul voice sample, electric bass, trap drums, and smooth 808 basses. Cool as background music for relaxed content, fashion, beauty vlogs, or other social media content.

      Venice Beach MP3

      This modern chillhop track conjures up images of city streets at night or warm summer nights on a romantic rooftop terrace. Features sensuous piano melody, ambient vocal pads, and laid-back beat. Nice groove to create a casual yet classy atmosphere for product presentations, commercials and adverts.

      Lonely Window MP3

      A calm, relaxing chillstep tune with spatial plucks, warm Rhodes chords, airy voices, deep pads and a slow digital beat. Perfect as background music for romantic visuals, intimate atmosphere, and stylish adverts.

      Lofi Dreams MP3

      Check out this incredible chillhop track with gorgeous saxophone bits, smooth bass, airy guitar elements, and lo-fi vinyl fx. Perfect choice for fashion vlogs, beauty blogs, urban clips, or trendy commercials. Also suitable as lounge cafe background music and much more! Enjoy it!

      Midnight Talk MP3

      Get your foot tappin' and heart pumping with this lively swingin' jazz track! Featuring catchy piano, bass, and trumpet melodies, this track is perfect to add energy and style to any kind of presentation, film noir, lifestyle vlogs, commercials, advertising, and more.

      Street Energy MP3

      This groovy, energetic hip-hop track with funky vocal chops, dusty vinyl-sounding samples, infectious beats, and scratches is sure to get your project off on the right foot. Bouncy from the beginning and funky as ever, this track will get your followers excited and engaged. Perfect for sports videos, fashion, or commercial use.

      Summer Flower MP3

      This minimal deep house music track. Light and rhythmic percussion, deep bass, atmospheric plucks and pads, light vocal samples all combine perfectly in this track. This is perfect for your video or presentation due to its calm mood and unobtrusive minimal sound.

      Echoes Of Memories MP3

      A fascinating and alluring piece of lounge music featuring electric guitars, far sax, chilling beats, and other elements. Light, smooth and ethereal, with a hint of glittery sentimentality. Great for fashion videos, lifestyle-centric commercials, or other glamorous projects.

      Virtual Things MP3

      This deep, downtempo music features a slow chill-out beat, spacey plucks, spatial female vocal, Rhodes chords, and an airy pads. It's perfect for abstract visuals, scientific documentaries, landscapes, stylish adverts, and travel media content.

      Fashion Nova MP3

      Groovy and easy-going track containing classic disco and modern electronic sounds. It has a groove with a kick drum and bass synths, jazzy saxes, and chromatic synths that create an ambient texture. The melody has a classic feel that is reminiscent of 70's smooth jazz, but it also features modern synths to keep the track sounding fresh and up to date. Great for background music for TV, video, YouTube videos, games, and projects involving fashion and metropolitan city life.

      Lazy Night MP3

      A calm, relaxing R&B chill-hop tune with spatial synth melody, warm Rhodes chords, airy voices, and a soulful beat. This track creates a unique and modern atmosphere that will suit a wide variety of your media projects. Perfect as background music for romantic visuals, intimate atmosphere, and stylish adverts.

      Sky Lounge MP3

      Smooth chillhop track with relaxing Lo-Fi beats and urban street vibe. This track will give your projects an airy feel with its slow steady beat, electronic sounds, and beautiful use of piano samples. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology, design and beauty video projects, and travel vlogs.

      All I Want Is You MP3

      A relaxing and catchy royalty-free chillout tune with elegant piano, nice strings, vocal effects, and sweet beats. This lush and smooth background music is best for hotels lobby, coffee, and lounge zones, sensual commercials, call hold music, romantic visuals, and more.

      Smoky Bar MP3

      A classic jazz track with a fancy, noir film atmosphere. A curious and strange melody played by the trumpet, vibraphone, and double bass. Perfect for short detective films, funny commercials, video games and any project that needs that vintage touch.

      Springtime In The Tropics MP3

      Modern tropical house music in Kygo style with that summer festival vibe. Uplifting, catchy, it features clean kicks, atmospheric pads, and pleasant guitar riffs. The track builds a relaxed atmosphere and works great as background music for your promotional videos, lush commercials, YouTube videos, and other advertising campaigns where trendy entertainment music is needed.

      Lonely Cloud MP3

      Relaxing ambient chillhop music, with Rhodes chords, airy guitar notes, pads, spatial vocals, and a slow beat. Great as background music for nature documentaries, promos, romantic moments, timelapse footages, memorable videos, etc.

      Out In The Cold MP3

      Out In The Cold is fresh future bass royalty free audio. Perfect for sport, fitness, energetic, rally, racing, dance, urban videos, YouTube, advertising. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Morning Sky MP3

      Inspiring Asian chill-out music, with Rhodes chords, spacey arps, deep pads, airy vocals, and a hip-hop beat. Great as background music for urban videos, product promos, romantic moments, timelapse footages, memorable videos, etc.

      Cocktail Lounge MP3

      Chilling mood and a lounge vibe for this track useful to be included in product presentation, vacation video, and any other use for a calm and atmospheric mood. Beautiful chords played by electric piano, a grooving bassline that fill the space created by pads and synths and a spanish guitar play some improvisations.

      Your Love MP3

      Dive into a sensual, atmospheric downtempo chillout experience with this luxurious, premium music track. Dreamy e-piano chords blend with spacey female vocals and soft pads to build a dreamy atmosphere. This track will be a great addition to your summer and romance scenes, or even for timelapse videos.

      All The Things You Love MP3

      All The Things You Love is chill hip-hop music atmospheric and stylish track with a trap beat. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology, sport, fitness, energetic, hip-hop, rap, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, beauty blogs, designs and beauty video projects. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Fashion And Style MP3

      Are you looking for a trendy new sound for your next video or podcast? Then this is the track for you. Set in a light-hearted future pop style, the song slowly chugs along to a house beat, with warm pads and vocal chopped effects, creating an atmosphere of high-tech innovation. The perfect soundscape for your next upcoming marketing campaign, new technologies, or fashion.

      Lofi Hiphop MP3

      Chill lo-fi beat. Old vinyl noise, Rhodes, electric guitar, and calm hip-hop beat with calm and lounge mood. Great for Youtube projects, instructional videos, advertising or commercial, various slideshow presentations, tutorials, etc.

      Literal Goals MP3

      Sensual and elegant background music is perfect for those days when you want to relax. With its smooth groove, this mid-tempo chill-out track will draw the listener into a peaceful state of mind. Elegant, dreamy, sensual, pleasant as chilled wine - this track is perfect for luxury products, affluent lifestyles, and romantic urban living.

      Day Of Innovation MP3

      Atmospheric deep house tune, with e-piano chords, spacey synths, deep bass, lush vocal chops, and a soft synth beat. Great as background music for corporate videos, promos, travel visuals, scientific documentaries, urban content, etc.

      New Romanza MP3

      Soothing and seductive, this lounge music features a lo-fi upright piano melody, an electric piano, and a muted trumpet to create a carefree sexy vibe. This track is well suited for any project where relaxation and well-being are required such as relaxation videos or film noir projects.

      Her Dreams MP3

      Dreamy ambient music, with deep Rhodes chords, spacey vocals, airy pads, spatial plucks, and a slow minimal beat. A great background for urban street scenes and nature documentaries, romantic videos, and many other projects!

      Highway Blues MP3

      Break the chains and free the soul! A heavy and confident blues-rock track with powerful rock guitar riffs, bass, and punchy drums. Perfect choice for extreme sports videos, action movies, youtube videos, tv and web commercials, advertisements, trailers, and much more!

      Sunset Waves MP3

      Cool, relaxing, inspirational lounge music with a warm, fashionable, stylish mood. Combines modern synthetic and soft digital glitch sound. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, on-hold music, and other media projects.

      Main Feel MP3

      Mellow chillhop tune with a laid-back kalimba solo over lo-fi, vinyl drums, and moving upright bass. It's perfect for a variety of projects including presentations, Youtube videos, commercials, tutorials, and more.

      Small Devil MP3

      Halloween is a spooky holiday wonderfully weird and eerily playful but most importantly, it is fun! Created as a cartoon or cinematic Halloween music, this track is an ideal background for TV or cinema or horror-comedy. Whether you are promoting a children's event, Halloween party, or Trick or Treat classic, this music is good for all these things.

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