• Old Tree

      An anxious, sad, and deeply cinematic piano music with a sense of thoughtfulness and heartfelt emotions. It perfectly fits the scenes that are both introspective and poignant. This track fits perfectly as a background score for scenes that require emotional depth—be it tragic moments, intimate dialogues, or stirring flashbacks. Suitable for psychological thrillers with a sense of foreboding or impending danger; memorial videos, lost moments, tragic loss, and more.

      Gray Clouds

      This bittersweet romantic ballad includes piano, acoustic guitar, and strings and is created in a dramatic cinematic style. It creates a pleasant romantic mood ideal for various video projects about broken hearts, finding new love, and relationships. Perfect for TV commercials, movies, and other promotional material where tender feelings prevail.

      Healing Relaxation

      Broken Hearted is a very soft and quite atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle piano movement in the background. This heartfelt, beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for movie productions which looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

      Ambient Innovations

      Calm, hypnotic, and sophisticated chill-out music, that creates a serene and focused soundscape. It features electronic pulses, synth layers, and a soft bassline. Ideal as background music for various uses from meditation apps, relaxation, innovative product demos, and lounge zones, to science research or puzzle games.

      Wind In Our Sails

      Melancholic, calm, mournful, quiet, soothing, touching composition. This track is perfect for the memorial videos, dramatic films, social theme documentaries, remembrance and sadness, unreal dreams, broken heart, sad projects, podcasts and more.

      Minimal Reflections

      A dramatic, melancholic, yet hopeful classical string piece. Ideal sad background music for broken heart, deep sadness, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow music and memorial video.

      Spend Life Together

      "Flowers On The Window" is a dramatic cinematic composition performed with profoundly moving solo piano melody. Every chord carries beauty of sadness, deep emotions, and evokes feelings of longing and introspection. Ideal for romantic films, memorial services, emotional storytelling, and multimedia projects that require an emotional and reflective backdrop.

      Future Ambient

      This is a dark and suspense piano music, full of tension and mystery. It is great for mysterious documentary films, sad and depressive background. Suitable for loneliness, broken heart, feeling of loss, deep sadness, death, regret, etc.

      Flowers On The Window

      A slow, emotional, silent piano piece. This ethereal track is about a broken heart, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow music and memorial video.

      Everlasting Love

      A beautiful, emotional, and dramatic royalty-free cinematic piano theme. The delicate piano with the tender strings builds up to the heart beating and emotional climax. This background music captures the essence of heartfelt moments and evokes deep emotions. Ideal for wedding ceremonies, happy ends in movies or TV shows, love stories, romantic films or dramas, dramatic revelations of closing scenes, and YouTube videos sharing personal stories or life-changing moments.

      Melodic Morning

      Perfect tune, for dramatic, and romantic moments of your projects. Suitable for dramatic romance, desperate love, lamentation and sufferings, sublimation of emotions, devastation of feelings, broken heart, separation, even tragic death.

      Sad Reflections

      Serious, dramatic, and emotionally charged background music that gracefully features piano and strings to create a powerful narrative of strength and determination. The melody has a message to overcome obstacles and face challenges head-on to the promise of a brighter future. Ideal for cinematic storytelling, documentaries, or any project that demands an emotionally charged backdrop.

      Tragic Event

      It's majestic, tragic, powerful track with elements of orchestral trailer sound. This piece is featured electric guitar, acoustic guitars, piano, orchestral strings, electronic percussion and synth basses. This track is excellent for depicting the heroic content of video or presentation.

      Touch The Heavens

      Modernistic, musically neutral music bed mixes a sense of speed and urgency with urban living, development, and technology. Suggests a fast-moving City environment, with, perhaps an emphasis on transport and infrastructure renewal. Synthetic pulses are accompanied by reassuring soft piano chords that give the piece a contemporary flavor. Suitable for urban development visuals, housing projects, transport design, and timelapse

      Dying Hope

      Hopeful and dreamy background music with inspiring synths, piano and percussion. The mood of this track is carefree, spring, autumn, light, peaceful, dreamy. A good choice for inspirational projects, promotion, broadcast, commercials, slideshows, TV, media projects, promos, radio, commercial projects, movies, social media and more.

      Transatlantic Blow

      Wind In Our Sails is a beautiful, sentimental, uplifting, and inspirational post-rock track. Driving drums and bass, ringing guitars, piano, and synths combination create a motivational and hopeful atmosphere. Track suitable for any youtube video, film soundtrack, corporate use, or emotional slideshows. The atmosphere is quite emotional and sentimental but also somber and melancholic.

      Rapid Transit

      It's a chill and peaceful lofi hip hop track, perfect for relaxation and tranquility. With its mellow beats, soothing melodies, and unique lofi aesthetic, it creates a serene and blissful atmosphere. Unwind and let this track transport you to a state of calm.

      Dark Mist

      Dreamy and dramatic indie rock tune with mellow distorted female vocals, electric guitar solo, harp, and orchestral strings. With its enchanting melodies and evocative atmosphere, this track is the perfect choice for romantic fantasy films that transport viewers to magical realms of love and adventure. It also complements stories of valiant heroes and epic love stories, heightening the emotional depth and longing in your narrative.

      Touch Your Heart

      Sad background music is suitable both for final titles and dramatic intros. Also could be used as an ad background for long storytelling action or for short demo speech. Best for sorrowful stories, videos, films, and documentaries about Ukraine. It draws inspiration from the national anthem of Ukraine, creating a deeply resonant and heartfelt musical experience.

      Emotional Storytelling

      The dramatic cinematic background music evokes a sense of heartfelt emotion and passion. Features an evocative sound of piano, cello, violins, flutes, and oboe. This track is the perfect companion for visual storytelling that aims to evoke a sense of romance, historical depth, and profound emotion. Ideal for medieval tales of knights and kingdoms, and historic drama about passionate love.

      Dreamy Hope

      Indulge in the smooth and vintage allure of this enchanting easy listening composition that invites listeners to a laid-back and nostalgic atmosphere. This piece combines a harmonious blend of piano, strings, Rhodes, and subtle, light percussion. This is perfect for background music in video productions or any setting where music enhances the experience without overpowering the content.

      Funeral Horn

      Confident, stimulating, and motivational corporate background music with muted guitar, acoustic guitar, strings, piano, bass, and drums. This track will awaken a sense of success, self-confidence, team spirit, and motivation. A good choice for video reviews, promotional videos, corporate videos, marketing, vlogs, motivational videos, films, commercial projects, presentations, business strategy, education, social media, construction, and more!

      Sad Lofi

      This powerful, motivational, and inspirational rock composition exudes power, upliftment, and strength. From the very first notes, the arpeggio piano sets the tone, instilling a sense of hope and determination. The string orchestral arrangements add depth and emotion, creating a majestic and empowering atmosphere. The strong rhythm drives the composition forward with unwavering energy, while the distorted guitar brings a touch of intensity and edginess. Perfect for advertising, corporate projects, new achievements, and more.

      Go Your Own Ways

      This enigmatic, alluring, and dark cinematic music with a veil of tragedy and anxiety possesses an otherworldly atmosphere. Perfect as a soundtrack for dramatic scenes in apocalyptic films, human dramas, emotional videos, and a myriad of other cinematic endeavors. The melancholic melody with brooding tones will leave an indelible impression on your soul. This hauntingly beautiful track is as gloomy as it is beguiling, sure to leave listeners entranced.

      Always Remember

      A touching and inspiring piano track that captures the soul with its delicate notes and gentle melody. Building up with a gradual crescendo, it evokes a sense of hope and motivation, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

      Prayers For Loved Ones

      Brooding, dreamy, and melancholic pop background music with beautiful trumpets, bright synths, Rhodes, deep bass, percussion, and more. Whether you're creating fashion vlogs that exude style and sophistication, showcasing the allure of nightlife scenes, or crafting television segments or advertisements, this pop background music will elevate your projects to new heights.

      Loving You Is Like Breathing

      Enchanting and emotional acoustic pop music. Featuring arpeggio synth, beautiful piano melodies, delicate acoustic guitar with delay effects, a soothing synth bass, and warm pads. The flowing and inspirational sound of this track will take you on a journey of hope and imagination, making it the perfect choice as overture background music for any advertising campaign, game, or film.

      Heros Lament

      The poignant and sad piano background music. With its gentle and evocative notes, this composition is perfect for a range of media projects, including social videos, movies, and any other dramatic and calm productions. Its ability to evoke a sense of deep and profound emotion makes it an ideal choice for scenes that require a touch of melancholy and introspection.

      Children Of War

      A romantic piano track features a beautiful interplay between the piano, cello, violins, and viola, creating a captivating and emotive musical landscape. With a delightful interplay between the piano, cello, violins, and viola, this composition is sure to touch your heartstrings. Imbued with a powerful sense of longing and nostalgia, this track is a perfect choice for emotional scenes in films or videos.

      April Rain

      A relaxed, positive, and organic chill-out fusion of nostalgic guitar, Hip Hop beats, and soulful female vocals. The track perfectly captures the essence of urban love, hope amidst the hustle and bustle of modern city life, sentimental romantic scenes, and introspective feelings. An ideal accompaniment to any project seeking to convey a sense of nostalgia, longing, and heartfelt emotion.

      Old Greek Taverna

      Pensive melancholic acoustic ambient background music with a delayed airy soft and tender classical guitar, tastefully mixed with harp and piano sounds over distant long spacey sustained synth pads and strings with a warm solid drum groove.


      Serious determined piano theme over acoustic guitar accompaniement, light and airy shaker percussion with a warm fretless bass and an additional supporting light string section. Dramatic intense instrumental background music bed for all applications that need a focused and confident atmosphere.

      Abstract Clouds

      This mid-tempo instrumental Afro-Latin fusion track features clean electric guitar and nylon string guitar lines that dance over the Afrobeat rhythms dance scene. It could also be used as background music in a commercial or video game with a Latin or African theme.

      Feel Awakened

      This is a romantic acoustic background track that features the beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar and piano with a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Perfect for love scenes, wedding videos, dramatic moments, scenes of loneliness, romantic videos, movies, and more

      Dreams Of Dusk

      A bittersweet and dreamy, melancholic piano theme is accompanied by light fingerpicking acoustic guitar and warm fretless bass. To complete the arrangement, a string section provides additional texture and a sense of timbre. This track is perfect for scenes with a glimpse into the past as it could evoke fond memories of long-lost loves.

      Deep Enigma

      Calm and sad classical music piece, with human drama elements featuring delicate piano to create a contemplative and longing mood. Perfect for documentary / cinematic, romantic, and sentimental videos, love stories, and other emotional content.

      When Dreams Come True

      A romantic and emotional track, featuring piano and orchestral strings. Perfect for wedding videos and montages, love scenes and other romantic videos

      Walking On Clouds

      A soothing track with a pleasant piano melody, deep bass and meditative percussion, warm strings, and atmospheric pads. Perfect for videos showing the beauty and majesty of nature.

      Real Motivation

      Explore this dramatic, tense trailer music featuring big drums, horns, strings, synth, and piano. Perfect for movie trailers, epic battles, intense scenes, fantasy films, and awe-inspiring nature views. This powerful, captivating soundtrack brings excitement and emotion to any moment, enhancing the overall experience and leaving a lasting impression. Dive into the immersive world created by these rich, dynamic sounds.

      Gentle Night

      A very calm sad piano track and soft mood create a sensation of sadness, melancholy, despair, and regret. This sad music may be perfect if you need a calm, sensitive accompaniment to your film or video production: documentaries, memorial films, social media, commercials, or advertising campaigns.

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    Music for a broken heart is music that can aid in the process of self-honesty, evaluation, and moving forward despite pain and confusion. Embodying somber tones and quieter, softer tempos and dynamics, music for a broken heart can express the darkest despair, thoughts, emotions, and individual experiences. Download good broken heart music today for your ideal healing process.

    The emotional expression provided by music for a broken heart is what listeners perceive from the composition and not necessarily what the composer was trying to convey. Instead, the music reminds the listener of how they would express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences personally. And it is here that music plays a critical role in individual expression.

    n fact, music is not always a non-specific language. If you think about it, a few musical notes can instantly remind you not to go into the basement or that the hero has just survived a brush with death. One use for this is commercial, and another is emotional. However, this style of music is that which offers a message unique to the listener.

    Music is emotionally charged and, as such, functions as an effective way to express emotions and cope with all manner of circumstances. Ending relationships can be life-altering, but the right song can mitigate the pain, confusion, and sadness. A good royalty free download to play in the background is more than just an mp3 wav; it is a gateway into honestly recognizing and overcoming the feelings inside.

    Self-depreciation is a form of self-defense that keeps each person safe and secure. But this defense mechanism can also protect you from knowing truths that might cause harm to your ego. Confronting such truths often results in feeling worse before you feel better. But being honest with yourself is a natural process that requires these steps and can be aided by music.

    Music in times of emotional trouble can function as a constructive way to express thoughts and feelings. Connecting to music is an effective way to cope with otherwise negative feelings and remain honest about who you are deep down and what you are feeling.

    Music for broken hearts functions as a vehicle for emotional expression and capturing your internal experiences. Music for a broken heart can help people find their voice, explore new feelings, and become more honest and aware. It is the first step in connecting to oneself and overcoming heartache.

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