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  • Acoustic piano plays sweet melody while strings with percussion make soft atmosphere of relaxation.

    Funky disco house loop.

    An orchestral heavy track with a classic film score sound. Melodic and inspiring.

    Dancing and powerful short track. Stimulating and groovy

    A happy funky mellow dance loop with melodies played by piano over massive drum and bass background.

    A smooth, hard-hitting club banger with piano melody and huge orchestral strings. Works great for anything directed towards youthful, trendy audiences. Great for film and television dance or party scenes.

    A joyful, positive and uplifting electronic track. Dancing synth patterns, upbeat but fairly subtle electro drums.

    Strong beat based on kick with analogue synth

    Uplifting and fresh techno house track. Positive groove, melodic synth lines, cool bass. Great for clubbing, advertising, tv and sports.

    Nice upbeat track with slowly evolving melody.

    Dance track with catchy bass and hook lines. Very good for film action scenes and visual media.

    High energy dance loop featuring electro synth bass with clubby drum track and repetitive melodic bass and synth lines.

    Light entertainment track with smooth melody performed on electric guitar with overdrive sound. Warm pad with crunch guitars on background. Funky-style groove on drums.

    Ambient, lounge track with electronic instruments and percussive sounds. This is great background for fashion, corporate projects, presentation or slideshow.

    Hip Hop loop featuring brass, acoustic piano, electric piano, strings, and heavy bass.

    Dance track with massive beat and hook lines. Very good for film action scenes and visual media.

    Wake up, wake up quicker - life cant wait and you are ready for a big moves. Playful and positive melody.

    Long road is full of strange, but original things opened for a perception. Powerful orchestral music with brass and flute as lead role.

    Full of energy vibration and sounds from Universe melody loop. Soft violas and background pads.

    TELL IT LIKE IT IS has a mind blowing thumping effect with a delicate touch by piano work. The sounds suits to a situation when truth is exposed to whole world.

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