• Last Autumn

      A groovy, modern royalty-free indie rock. antheme creating a sense of energy and movement. Featuring energetic guitars riffs, engaging vocal samples, a solid bassline, and cool drums. Ideal for reels, ads, promos, sports highlights, lifestyle, vlogs or other media projects, needing a dose of excitement and enthusiasm.

      Halloween Time

      A classic jazz track with a fancy, noir film atmosphere. A curious and strange melody played by the trumpet, vibraphone, and double bass. Perfect for short detective films, funny commercials, video games and any project that needs that vintage touch.

      Long And Winding Road

      Fun indie pop-rock with a quirky and playful mood. Bells live acoustic and electric guitars, choir vocals, and pumps drums will uplifting and inspiring your customers. Well suited for teen and children media projects, vacation and travel vlogs, family-oriented commercials, curious animals videos, and much more.

      Morning By The River

      This music is perfect for making people laugh in comedy shows, adding drama in dramedy, or keeping things interesting in reality TV episodes. It's also an excellent fit for animated shows and can make commercials way more fun and catchy!

      Lets Fun

      Joyful And curious cinematic orchestral background music. Best for projects related to children, pets, comedy, prank, funny videos, nature, technology, Christmas, Easter, and family vlog. You can hear strings, bells, piano, woodwinds and percussion.

      Taking It Easy

      Light and enchanting, featuring pizzicato strings, celeste, and chimes that create a dreamy, curious mood.

      Bossa Jazz

      A spooky, enchanting, and bright cinematic orchestral track in a Halloween-themed style, transports the listener into a world of night where darkness comes alive and secret forces awaken. Eerie strings blend with magical voices, creating an atmosphere of witch coven and magic spells. Perfect for scenes depicting haunted house attractions, spooky storytelling about the supernatural and the unknown, and any content that seeks to capture the mysterious and otherworldly spirit of the holiday.

      Sneaky Animals

      This track is a real adventurous audio gem from a virgin island scenery with a crystal clear ocean surrounding it and soft white sand covering its beaches. It has ethnic instruments and motifs, mystery, innocence, a strong scent of an adventure, and a magical feeling of a new and wonderful discovery, hiding somewhere, where men haven't set their foot yet. The track features instruments such as kalimba, pan flute, ethnic percussion, shaker, celeste, harp, vibraphone, clave, strings and much more. Suitable for video games with curious mood, animations, TV shows about traveling and children related productions. In the style of the treasure hunter films like Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and more.

      Ballad Of Innocence

      Gentle revolving piano and cascading flute passages feature in this light, very slow ambient instrumental, evoking a scene on a river, perhaps English, with rural activities and leisure pursuits. Subtle background vocals bring a light sense of a distant church choir. Suitable for documentaries with a calm interlude, travel vlogs and dreamy presentations.

      In A Jazzy Mood

      Careful and mysterious. An orchestral track with cautious and curious progression. Featuring orchestral strings, celesta, piano, percussion, and santoor

      World Of Wonders

      Triumphant orchestral dramatic epic cinematic track with a patriotic feel and sense of grandeur. Strength, success, pride, and the spirit of glory, are the messages brought by this powerful track. Featuring a strong brass section, lush strings, and booming percussions. This track is a perfect match for media content related to history and legacy, royal ceremonies, moments of victory, be it a slow-motion finish line cross, the winning goal, epic game scenarios, military and patriotic events, epochal moments, national day celebrations, revolutionary product launches, etc.

      Lost Summer

      This is playful and quirky comedy music with funny strings, whistle, trombones and more. Great for children's contents, easy-going youtube videos, prank videos, curious characters, comedy shows, cartoon animations, etc.

      Ice Cream Buble

      "World of Wonders is beautiful instrumental new-age background music. This Enya-style instrumental evokes a sense of serenity, wonder, and timeless beauty. Featuring piano, strings, and an array of voices – including the mysterious whispers of elves. Perfect for media content that aims to inspire awe and wonder, be it breathtaking nature documentaries, fantasy film soundtracks, or meditation guides.

      Technology Minds

      Funny Clown is a funny comedy track. Bouncy, fun, curious, light and cheerful. Great for funny cartoons videos, circus videos, comic scenes and more.

      Springtime In The Tropics

      A happy, optimistic track, bursting with joy. Just right for those days in the sun, by the beach or pool. Also ideal for exotic drone footage, holiday vlogs, and certain travel projects.

      Little Latin Fun

      This is a cheerful and curious track in a happy mood. It features pizzicato strings. It would be nice for video games, happy moments or children video.

      Puzzled Strings

      This versatile track is ideal for a range of uses, including comedy and dramedy productions, Halloween specials, reality TV episodes, animated shows, and commercials. It effortlessly enhances the mood, adding depth and character to any project.

      Rainy Halloween

      Sneaky and mischievous, playful Dramedy instrumental with an off-kilter stop-and-go rhythm provides a comedic undertone for challenges or tasks. Featuring quirky syncopated pizzicato strings, humorous woodwind and piano figures, vibraphone, harp glissandi, and assorted percussion. This playful, lively arrangement would perfectly fit children's shows, cartoons, educational games, comedy TV shows, or other kids' content.

      Mischief Maker

      A quirky piece featuring xylophone, pizzicato strings, and flute. This composition tells the tale of a mischievous pet or animated character, evoking a cheeky and mischievous vibe. With tempo changes, rises, and falls, the track brings unexpected twists and turns, suggesting sudden comical bursts of action. This background music could be used to set intrigue, playfulness, and charm with a touch of childlike spontaneity. Perfect for comedies, cartoons, humorous adventures, playful antics, or any scene that requires a sense of humor, and fun.

      Technology Element

      This is cute and quirky comedy music with funny strings, whistle, trombones and more. Great for children's contents, easy-going youtube videos, prank videos, curious characters, comedy shows, cartoon animations, etc.

      Achieving Success

      This music is a harmonious blend of gentle, soothing, and acoustically motivating tunes. Primarily using the soft strains of the piano, it creates a serene ambiance. This captivating soundtrack is perfect for adding an uplifting element to your corporate videos. Its calming quality also makes it an ideal choice for any content that instills positivity and motivation, making the listener feel at ease yet inspired to achieve more.

      Mysterious Things

      An enchanting and mysterious marimba track, pulsing and curious. This is catchy Dramedy music similar to the "Desperate Housewives" soundtrack, a bit dangerous with anticipation. Swaggering magical intense sophisticated and intriguing. Perfect for gadget reviews, advanced technology, smartphone presentation, magic shows, game menu, and more.

      High Maintenance

      An upbeat, positive and energetic royalty free indie rock track, with catchy guitar riffs, chords, drums, claps, and percussion, best for ads, youth, sports, summer videos, or promo visuals.

      Road To Kyoto

      Fun and sunny mood in super cheerful composition. You can hear bright ukulele, joyful whistle, optimistic glockenspiel, groovy drums, claps, and snips. This music is best suited for videos with children, family-oriented commercials, comedy videos, curious videos with animals, tv advertising, viral marketing, successful, business and travel videos, games, Easter, backgrounds, corporate, motivational presentations.

      Sunny Day Ahead

      "Digital Exhibition" is a high-tech and innovative track that captures the energy and excitement of modern digital technology. Its futuristic sounds and pulsating rhythms transport listeners to a virtual world of cutting-edge displays and interactive exhibits. Whether used in a tech showcase or as a background for a presentation, this track is perfect for capturing the spirit of the digital age.

      Digital Exhibition

      Little kids are very curious. This sedate loop is the perfect choice for the right mood. With slow piano, clarinet and celesta, some strings and glockenspiel.

      Insulation Dreamscape

      'Observing Future' is a visionary soundscape that paints a vivid picture of tomorrow's possibilities. This dynamic corporate background music fuels your imagination, guiding you through a technological odyssey where innovation and success intertwine. Let it's pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies transport you to the forefront of tomorrow's discoveries.

      Up On The Housetop

      Set a relaxed mood with this simplistic yet poignant composition. The gentle strumming and delicate fingerpicking of a solo acoustic guitar creates an intimate atmosphere, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in a contemplative journey. This is great for meditation or yoga as well as adding a more rustic feel to videos or slideshows. A lo-fi version of the same melody is also available for a slightly different feel.

      Thoughtful Marimba

      Lose yourself in the slow, sensual rhythm of trap hip-hop music that is the perfect backdrop to your experiences. This sexy music, brimming with deep bass beats and smooth female vocal flows, adds a provocative allure to any moment, making even the mundane feel like a stylish slow-motion film scene. Relish in the mysterious charm that this music backdrop provides, transforming the ambiance around you.

      Observing Future

      Heart Racing - Power track in old-school and vintage style with a retro guitar sound, organ, and cool drum pattern. The tune is powerful and cheerful, with a motivational mood. Suitable for any positive projects, advertising, and action videos.

      Our Special Moments

      A mesmerizing ambient chill out track that inspires an uplifting and tranquil atmosphere. The track is perfect for any creative projects that require a gentle and soothing background score. It features a dreamy soundscape of gentle synth pads, atmospheric textures, and soft percussion, which creates a perfect balance of serenity and inspiration.

      Moons Shadow

      This is a typical documentary cue used as a backing for people engaged in useful but slightly chaotic unfocussed activity. Typical uses would be projects such as building, cooking, renovation or activities where the participants are amateurs or somewhat out of their depth, but, perhaps, after a few mistakes and setbacks, they succeed perhaps against the odds. This style, using pizzicato strings, marimba and woodwind flourishes frequently appears in reality TV as an unobtrusive musical accompaniment perhaps with a comic narration describing the activity. Useful for documentaries with a comic, light-hearted, theme.

      Heart Racing

      "The Timekeeper" is a dramatic and light orchestral track. It features ticking clock sounds and a fast-paced, building rhythm, evoking the feeling of time running out or a sense of urgency. The track would be well-suited for a scene in a film or television show involving a race against the clock or a high-stakes situation.

      Carefree Fun

      This cool and light hip-hop track makes it the perfect background music for various projects. It's a great fit for GoPro adventures, behind-the-scenes footage, vlogs, promotional content, YouTube videos, and any urban or street lifestyle videos. Elevate your content with this versatile and stylish track.

      Candy Factory

      "Smart Kids" is a joyful electronic pop track with vibrant uplifting vibes and modern impact. This captivating composition creates a special light atmosphere of happiness and joy through its captivating sonic landscape. The combination of analog synths, bright bell sounds, and sampled FX voice adds a unique and modern touch. Suitable as background music for media content like videos, presentations, and advertising.

      Hip Hop Light

      A Japanese influenced track featuring a koto, shakuhachi, orchestral strings, bass, chill beats, and various synths. Good for travel visuals, ethnic contents, time lapses, nature and more!

      Ethereal Dawn

      This music is a unique blend of leisurely yet smooth jazz, infusing a pinch of my Southern heritage. It's a gentle, laid-back melody that takes you back to a simpler time, stirring up the nostalgia of my roots. It's where everything started...

      Were Making Progress

      An uplifting Indian Bhangra Hip Hop instrumental with traditional Indian instruments like bansuri flute, tanpura, santur, tumbi and different percussion instruments. Perfect for documentaries, presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Indian culture, Indian travel, Bollywood and India.

      Jazz Bar

      Optimistic tune. Great for journey and travel video, vlogs, youtube video and other projects.

      Runaway From Love

      Hopeful and inspiring corporate background music with dreamy pianos, acoustic guitar, muted guitar, bass guitar, cowbell, pad, and percussion. This corporate track evokes a feeling of freedom, lightness, and a warm mood. Suitable for inspirational projects, commercials, slideshows, media, films, commercial projects, presentations, training videos, business, social media, real estate and more.

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