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    • Hardwave by Infraction

      This electronic track in Future Bass style will help you to express the modern, trendy, and fresh vision of fashion and lifestyle. It has a deep vibe and evokes a positive feeling. Best fits in fashion-related product placements, lifestyle advertisements and videos, modern hipster scenes, and various visually bright scenes in movies or advertising campaigns.

      Blood And Sand by Infraction

      Aggressive and intense future bass track with trap leads, powerful bass, female vocal samples, and futuristic synths. This track is perfect for those who want the best from their music and will fit perfectly for projects that require motivation, like sports, fitness, dance, youth lifestyle videos, and advertising projects.

      Summer Freedom by ArtIss

      Melodic and uplifting Future Bass with punchy drop and cool groove. The track consists of powerful drums, bass, supersaw leads, uplifting buildup with rolls, claps, risers and melodic pitched voice chops.

      Bridge Of Hope by Infraction

      Stylish and sophisticated chillstep music with relaxing Lo-Fi beats and a deep smooth atmosphere – for your project. This track is the perfect background music for projects related to urban themes, stylish food vlogs, and other videos. Suitable for openers, digital art, technology and fashion.

      Revolution Trip by Infraction

      This future bass soundscape is inspired by big city lights and the loneliness of the metropolis. A pumping sub-bass groove with minimalist progressive percussive elements gives a sense of pace and motion. Ideal background music for presenting new ideas, cutting-edge technology, or concepts about business development strategy.

      Futurescape by Media Sushi

      Trendy powerful future bass track with top sound quality can fit perfectly for fashion videos, club party videos, TV commercial & media projects.

      Coming After You by Infraction

      This energetic dance music with modern house beats and a vocal cut is suitable for sports, fitness or workout videos, beauty vlogs, and open-air festivals. You can also create a unique atmosphere or use it as an opener for your next project.

      Communication by DimmySad

      Bouncy and shimmering, electronic future pop track. Featuring hip-hop elements featuring soaring synthesizer, future bass pads, and synth drums. Perfect for ads, tutorials, technological videos, corporate videos, travel movies, presentations, aerial drone footage, timelapse videos, and other visuals.

      Sun Vacation by Soundroll

      Bright and fun electronic pop song, featuring wide synths, juicy future bass drum beat. Great use in Youtube vlog intro, travel and summer holiday visuals.

      Your Body Synthetics by Alex MakeMusic

      This Future Bass track features floating vocal chops, FX, and a deep bass synth melody. It consists of a modern beat, glitching effects, and a catchy melody delivered by vocoders. Use this track in your next project to create a fun sound that adds texture and life to your project. Ideal for commercial, fashion shows, technology, or innovation such as virtual reality, drones, or robots.

      The Crystal Mind by Infraction

      An incredible sonic experience that pulsates with powerful deep bass, clear highs, and a forward mid-range tone. This future bass track can be used for advertisements of technology projects, sports videos, streetlife adventures, and more.

      The Future Is Calling by Infraction

      Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere of freedom and relax. Cool and stylish future bass track with catchy beats and future vocal samples. Perfect for drone aerial footage, urban theme videos, trendy advertising, fitness activity, healthy lifestyle. Also good as background music for promo videos, exotic resorts, island holidays.

      The Dark Mirror by Infraction

      The Dark Mirror is music atmospheric and stylish track with a trap beat, deep bass, pads, synths and powerful drums. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, beauty blogs, designs, motivational stories, corporate projects, inspirational presentations, advertisements, sport videos, summer videos, Film and TV, Vlog, Youtube and beauty video projects!

      Uplift This Summer by Dopestuff

      Get pumped up with this energetic electronic future bass track. Whether you need a boost of energy for a presentation, film, video game or something else - this kick drums and synths will get emotions flowing.

      Teenage Party Trends by JGaudio

      Bright, uplifting track in the mega trending future bass genre. Punchy breakbeat drum beats, trap styled hats, deep house and dubstep styled basses, tons of beauty atmospheric sounds, emotional fantasy piano, fast arpeggio, rave synthesizers, wobbling leads, pitched vocal chops and other. Perfect for innovative technologies, sports workout, youthful projects, fashion show or car commercial.

      City Light by EdRecords

      This track is an ideal choice for any media project that needs to evoke a strong, modern, and luxurious image. Perfect for beauty commercials, online presentations, and other projects that require a high-quality soundtrack. The track itself is a modern chillhop with stylish synths, hip-hop beat, and cool bass.

      Look No Further by MediaM

      Dramatic and vibrant future bass track with light yet powerful sound. Great for commercial, advert, movie trailer, photo slide show, new technologies, video games, sports breakdowns, cinematic effects, and other media productions. Packed with a cutting-edge atmosphere, artificial vocals, and an alluring melody, this song will draw you in.

      Summer Paradise by Media Sushi

      A future bass track, with hot summer tunes warm vocal, future bass pads, modern drums, sub bass, catchy synths, FX and more.

      Minimal Beat by Rolikmusic

      This dubstep track is smooth, groovy, and uplifting. Features rich, warm dubstep sounds, muted keys, a catchy bassline, and vocal samples variety. Ideal for multimedia presentations, videos, and other projects. It can be used in situations where you need to intensify the atmosphere of unity, success, and action.

      Ghost Talk by Mike Nowa

      Experience the new sound in this stylish future bass track. This melody is consisting of many sound effects and pulsing rhythms, like raindrops on the window. In contrast, strong deep basses provide you a sense of calm and comfort. Fits perfectly for shorts films, videos and many other.

      Urban Style by Audioflame

      Future bass piece, that blends together electronic and hip-hop beats to give you an elegant, yet powerful feeling. Plenty of dynamics in this instrumental bed make it perfect for extreme sports action, video games, promotional presentation, animations and corporate use.

      I Keep On Dancing by TimTaj

      Royalty-free modern and atmospheric dance background music with crunchy claps, atmospheric synths, bass and drums. A good choice for fashion videos, advertisements, television and radio, commercial projects, dance parties, festivals, vlogs, inspirational projects, broadcasts, media projects, films, travel and more.

      Spaceship by Mike Nowa

      A slow Future Bass track that keeps the listener in focus. Featuring a slowly building drum beat, uplifting synths, and slow bass. Consider this track for your business or corporate videos, apps, presentations, commercials, or video installations.

      In The Future by Alex Grey

      Energetic and modern music track in an actual style "Future Bass". The best choice for any contemporary events. Made with love for people.

      The Distant Memory by Infraction

      The Distant Memory is atmospheric, energetic, powerful modern dubstep royalty free track! It's perfect for fitness, sport, racing, rally, fight, festival, club, dance videos, youtube, videohive projects, advertising and glitch openers. I used super Dirty bass, synths, sound effects, strong drums and lead.

      Open To The Sky by Berool

      An energetic royalty-free future bass song with powerful energy, cool dubstep leads, edgy basses, and fantastic vocal chops. Best as background for fashion vlogs, urban visuals, modern fashion videos, sporty menswear and womenswear catalogs, or lifestyle commercials. You'll never get bored listening to this song.

      For The Future by Infraction

      Fresh royalty free future bass music. Perfect for the young audience, fitness exercises, extreme sports, dance club, urban videos, Youtube advertising, and other cool projects.

      Our Time Has Come by Infraction

      The relevant catchy melodics and powerful sound of drum machines will get your blood pumping and make your move with the beat! Just enjoy this energetic music and use it to make your videos or exercises as exciting as possible!

      Cutting The Sky by MediaM

      Here is a bright, motivational, and inspiring electronic future bass music for your creative projects. Perfect for advertising, showreel, fashion show, motivational and inspiring videos, film and movie soundtrack, YouTube videos, bright presentation or slideshow, sport achievement videos, colorful motion graphics, or any other commercial media which needs a fresh and catchy background.

      Cyber Love by Audioflame

      Fresh and breathtaking future bass composition with thick drums and cool synths, piano chords and voice effects. Suitable for any project needing stylish ambiance, especially timelapse and macro mode video, cityscape visuals, travel vlogs, Instagram lifestyle content, and inspirational production for YouTube collaborations.

      Out In The Cold by Infraction

      Out In The Cold is fresh future bass royalty free audio. Perfect for sport, fitness, energetic, rally, racing, dance, urban videos, YouTube, advertising. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Follow Your Destination by ArtIss

      A cool, energetic royalty free future bass track, with an airy piano, fx, vocal hooks, EDM saws, and punchy beats. Best for fashion, youth, sports, or party visuals.

      Taste My Love by Starjam

      Energetic pop future bass track, with catchy chords and sexy vocal chops. Perfect for modern commercial, fashion projects, luxury design, alluring jewelry, sensual video, temptation and seduction.

      Hip Hop Space by Audioflame

      A modern future bass background track with trendy sounding sampled vocals, bright synth, gated chords, punchy drums, deep bass, percussion. It is a perfect option for a media producer who wants his product to shine, be trendy, fashionable, and overall brilliant.

      Leading Edge Technology by Yoav Alyagon

      Stylish & modern technological background music in future bass style. Motivational and upbeat, this electronic track is suitable for creative media projects.

      This Is Your Time by Infraction

      Powerful energetic dubstep track in modern style with deep basses, soft pads, futuristic sound effects, dirty bass drops, and synth lead. Ideal for sports goods advertising, extreme sports videos, adrenaline rush footages, fitness training videos, or any action projects! Motivate your audience and create an attention-getting project!

      Good Times For My Energy by Audioflame

      It's a bright and fresh future bass composition with thick percussion and unique modern synths. The atmosphere of the track is inspiring and encouraging. Warm future bass chords sound cool with these soft percussion elements. Perfectly fits for advertisement, presentation, YouTube content, media, TV, slideshows, or other stylish projects.

      Leading Technology by Yoav Alyagon

      Stylish & modern technological background music in future bass style. Motivational and upbeat, this electronic track is suitable for creative media projects.

      Burn The Rain by Berool

      Energetic trendy future bass & trap royalty free track with powerful 808 bass and awesome synths. Perfect for advertising, lifestyle video, vlogging, marketing company, presentation, motion design, event promo, sport, training and more.

      Hip Hop Summer by Dopestuff

      Modern and uplifting hip-hop meets future bass track featuring big synths, bouncy trap beats and vocal chops. Fits perfectly for urban themed background music, fashion commercial, slideshows or any other stylish project.

      Round We Go by Infraction

      Get the energy and excitement for your projects with "Round We Go" track. With a deep, low dubstep bass and energetic hip-hop beat, this background music is perfect for videos centered around sports and fitness, concert footage, or promotional videos. It's also ideal for any kind of media project that needs an energetic and trendy background music.

      Future Bass Summer by ColourTunes

      Melodic summer future bass with modern EDM synths and impressive, catchy vocal chops. It perfectly fits for summer videos, vlogs, travel, advertisement, presentations, YouTube videos, slide shows, or other stylish projects.

      Higher Than Sky by Audioflame

      Modern, energetic and cool future bass track. Perfect for advertising, beach parties, fashion vlogs, summer videos, traveling projects, GoPro videos, workout and fitness, radio, commercials, slideshows and much more. Enjoy!

      Self Control by Yoav Alyagon

      Cool and modern future bass track with percussive beats, modern synths, deep bass, and robotic vocal chops. This track gives you that feeling of flying in a spaceship and immediately plunges you into the vibe of a big city with plenty of traffic and massive buildings. It can work great for fresh production tricks in commercials, films and tv, advertisement, Instagram, and Youtube videos.

      Future Successful Now by ColourTunes

      Modern groovy future bass background track with an optimistic and positive atmosphere. This motivating music can perfectly fit with any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising, and other Multimedia Projects.

      Passing Skylines by Infraction

      This is fresh dubstep meets future bass royalty free music, with catchy melody and edgy feel. Perfect for video games, dramatic movies, modern tv shows, etc.

      Digital Voices From Beyond by Infraction

      Digital Voices From Beyond is a bold future bass track accompanied by some outrageous bass, digital synths and atmospheric sound effects. Perfect for fashion, technologies, games and beauty product videos. If your project needs a dynamic, stylish and bright musical composition, this track is what you need.

      Infinite Inspiring by Giraffe Music

      Melodic, modern and uplifting Future Bass with punchy drop and cool groove. The track consists of powerful drums, bass, supersaw leads, uplifting buildup with rolls, claps, risers and melodic pitched voice chops. Great for young TV commercial and fashion advertising, Youtube vblog, GoPro shots, and more.

      Under The Clouds by Infraction

      Intense and powerful future bass royalty free track, featuring emotional piano, synthesizers and heavy drums. Works great for motion graphics projects, sports highlights, film score, extreme videos, fashion show, and more.

      We Are The Energy by Audioflame

      Create the mood of success, accomplishment, and victory with this infectious, optimistic, bright, and motivational track. This track is created with powerful drums, electric guitars, synth arpeggio, e-piano, cool bass line. This is great as background media for successful projects. It will work well with video production, online video presentations, workout videos, sports advertising, etc.

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    Future bass music is a subgenre of trap music. This musical style came about in 2006 and has its origin in British producer Burial self-intitled debut album. Future bass is heavily influenced by UK garage and dubstep.

    Actually, many don’t even think of it as a musical genre due to the numerous influences. Unlike regular traps, future bass features various sounds and rhythms, which are produced with the help of a synthesizer. Future bass music is defined by faint, detuned synths, generally speaking, square waves and sawtooth.

    It’s understandable if you’re hooked on future bass music. It’s a forward-thinking kind of music style that is perfect for parties, get-togethers, and those moments when you feel like tuning into something different. There’s something about the outlandish percussion and brass sounds that makes you play the same song again and again.

    Flume music

    Not many know that future bass music was pioneered by Flume, a musician who has written songs for artists such as Lorde, Arcade Fire, and disclosure. At present, there is a rich variety of sounds thanks to Flume. The artist always keeps fans guessing, so there’s no way of knowing what they will come up with next. Flume pushes the boundaries, not wanting just to be comfortable. His challenge is to make art. Future bass is just an attempt to imitate Flume’s style. While the artist has only been releasing music for the past years, he’s got a notable career. These are some of Flume’s best songs:

    • Smoke & Retribution feat. Vince Staples & Kučka
    • Depth Charge
    • Drop the Game feat. Chet Faker

    It’s hard if not impossible to classify flume music. This is because the musician makes everything from hip hop to regular future bass. The best thing you can do is sit back, relax, and listen to the music.

    Kawaii future bass

    Kawaii future bass, or simply kawaii, is a subgenre of future bass that is characterized by chiptune sounds, anime samples, and soft square waves. Even though it represents an incidental result, kawaii future bass still relies on the main types of jazz chords. The ever-growing community of artists making cute music has attracted thousands of fans. Snail’s House is the first name that comes to mind. If you carefully listen to Snail’s House, you’ll see that the tunes are filled with girl talk and other elements. It’s good songwriting and arrangement.

    If you want to buy future bass music, stay tuned for updates. You can listen to incredible royalty free tracks and download them right away.

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