• Royalty free Bright music

    • Desire To Win by DPmusic

      This one is a motivational and powerful royalty-free track with a strong uplifting atmosphere and brave mood. Perfect background for sports videos, success stories, inspirational, encouraging videos, inspiring speeches, achievements, corporate, promotional videos, active lifestyle videos, travel blogs, and many more.

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      Good Intentions by Mike Nowa

      Add an optimistic and motivational mood to your business projects with this beautiful pop composition, which includes different bright instruments: acoustic & electric guitar, synth, live bass, drums.

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      Summer With You by Infraction

      Summer With You is super fun and refreshing soundtrack with a bright, positive mood! If you are looking for the ultimate audio for your summertime projects, then you are in the right place. This track will perfectly fit videos about fitness, sport, travel, summer holidays, fashion shows, photoshoot videos, tropical lifestyle vlogs, websites, or presentations.

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      Stomp Clap And Have Fun by Soundroll

      Cheerful and happy music track driven by acoustic piano, electric guitar lead, human stomps and claps. This bright music theme is great addition to your 'hard sale' TV advertising or commercial, 'Black Friday' promo, Christmas greeting card, or anything else where happiness, positivity or motivation required.

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      On the Way to Success by Alex Grey

      Motivational & upbeat music bed. The perfect background music for advertising, DJs morning show & any positive event. Acoustic & electric guitars in bright key D major.

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      Titles Are Beginning by SnowMusicStudio

      A somewhat jazzy and very funky nu-jazz background music track featuring guitar licks, drums, warm brass, and Rhodes piano. This cool and stylish background music is full of optimism, energy, and movement. Very positive and bright feel that is perfect for any TV shows, promotional Youtube videos, commercials, and radio spots!

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      Your Wonderful Story by Nazar Rybak

      An inspirational pop-rock track in the romantic mood for love, featuring e-piano, acoustic strum, and lead electric guitar melody. This hopeful and bright music will definitely increase the energy of your message. Also, it's a great underscore for the beginning of a relationship, love stories, amazing wedding videos, etc.

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      Christmas Carol Ident by Jon Wright

      Classical Christmas traditional orchestral ident of Deck The Halls. Perfect for projects that need a touch of festive cheer!

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      Inspiring Days by ArtIss

      Inspirational corporate music with muted pluck guitars, piano, cellos, and drums. Great for summer days, successful business starts, inspiring moments, product presentation, bright achievements, and more.

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      Remind Myself by GreenBird

      This energetic lite rock track with an upbeat modern sound provides a positive and uplifting mood. This track features a solid electric guitar, synthesizer, bass guitar, and drums. The versatile background music gives a sense of continuous upward movement, a feeling of progress and success. This exciting corporate music is made to support a wide range of bright ideas, from business projects to motivational videos.

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      Christmas Folky Jingle by Gaetano Sergio Caragliano

      Joyful, lively, pop-folk, looped tune featuring a bright music box sound. The melody is inspired by the famous Xmas carol Jingle Bells.

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      Christmas Celebrations by GreenBird

      Christmas-themed instrumental track with a festive and joyous atmosphere. Rather symphonic in nature, this arrangement has a celebratory mood and a wintery feel. It's perfect for advertising purposes like TV commercials, YouTube videos, presentations, slideshow, family movies, New Year celebrations, and many more!

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      Uplifting And Inspiring by Yoav Alyagon

      A bright, upbeat motivating track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, strings, bells, warm synth, bass guitar and drums. This inspiring energetic track will fit perfectly for a wide range of promotional media, including uplifting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, business retreat and events vlogs, as well as other marketing material related to modern lifestyle, making progress and achieving goals.

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      Amazing Travel by RMSound

      This positive, uplifting background music with an inspirational, bright, and sunny mood will be a perfect background for your projects. It would be great as a soundtrack for any successful videos, like YouTube videos, Instagram stories, corporate presentations, inspiring entrepreneurial videos, or advertising projects.

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      Fly Like Butterfly by Nazar Rybak

      Motivational and bright music includes rhythmic drums, guitar, synth and piano. Best for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, prom party, movie trailer or as web page music.

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      Once Upon A Christmas Fairytale by DimmyPlus

      An exciting and hopeful royalty free adventure Christmas track, featuring strings, sleigh bells, clarinet with a magical and uplifting mood. Great for Christmas related, ads, presentations, films, tv shows and other inspirational holidays video projects. Merry Xmas!

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      Inspirational Stories by Alex Grey

      Motivational, bright and uplifting music for your best inspirational stories. Cheers!

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      Do You Believe by Audioflame

      Bright and fresh future pop composition with unique modern synths. Motivational melody, inspirational vocal chops, modern future bass chords, and soft percussion created trending sound. Music is suitable for presentations, YouTube video projects, online commercials, etc.

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      Optimistic Charge by TimTaj

      Positive, fun and happy background music with electric guitar, pluck guitar, synths, pianos, bass and drums. This track will give you a good mood and charge you with positive emotions for the whole day. Suitable for fun videos, kids projects, promotional videos, slideshows, movies, commercial projects, travel videos, camping with friends, beach projects, summer walks, road trips and more.

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      Olympic Champion by Andrea Quarin

      This colorful, energetic and bright easy listening music evokes great positive feelings and is very uplifting. Acoustic piano, guitar aka U2 and lush strings melodies make up a great positive, feel-good track for any corporate or video use.

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      Blissful Moment by Mark Woollard

      A chilled-out and mellow pop track with acoustic guitars and a soothing strings melody. Good for corporate videos, leisure, and travel, easy-going and relaxed projects in need of a happy and bright feel.

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      Epic Life by ihsandincer

      An epic orchestral track with featuring piano, strings, brass, percussion and cinematic effects.Perfect choice for film trailers, videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, movie scenes, commercials, web videos, vlogs and much more.

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      Cheerful Background by Ryan Ancona

      Cheerful instrumental background that is happy and upbeat. Perfect for Business corporate advertising ads, presentations, youtube videos, websites and slideshows. Features Ukulele, bells, marimba and xylophone. Very laid-back and bright, hand claps clapping give a positive and optimistic mood.

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      Awakening To A New Day by Yoav Alyagon

      Bright, lively, inspirational track with a motivational, dreamy, peaceful mood. Optimistic, smooth, warm sound evokes good senses, pleasant thoughts, and positive feelings. 4 versions included.

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      You're Out Of Control by Erick McNerney

      A heavy progressive rock track with a frenetic and chaotic vibe. Great for trailers, intros and other similar projects.

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      True Motivational by Alex Grey

      A powerful wave of optimism! This track will give everyone confidence in the success and strength! The energetic and rhythmic music in bright key D major.

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      A Train To Brooklyn by Infraction

      Totally fantastic, uplifting, upbeat dance music. Playful and bright at the same time. Perfect for any project in need of a modern young energized sound. Also great for fitness or workout projects, action videohive projects, racing sports, and more. Thanks for choosing this track!

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      Jingle Bells Vinyl by Dopestuff

      A delightful jazzy and vintage Christmas version of Jingle Bells carrol. This Christmas-style logo track features vinyl jazz chops, lo-fi hip hop beats, punchy drums, spiced with sleighbells and chimes. Ideal for any edgy and hip Christmas productions, vintage commercials, product presentations, retro TV shows, holiday music videos, or any other media application.

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      Joyful Whistles And Claps by Yoav Alyagon

      Positive and uplifting track with bright and joyful feel. This mid-tempo arrangement features catchy whistles, ukulele, claps, glockenspiel, marimba, strings, bass and drums. This cheerful instrumental track will surely bring the joy and happy feeling to a wide range of promotional media, including cute and fun marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, business retreat and events vlogs, as well as other marketing material related to fun, having a good time, achieving progress, and celebrating.

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      Celebrating A New Day by APmuse

      An upbeat, bright, and positive classical composition featuring a stings ensemble, pure cello, and piano. Perfect for different projects like corporate works, classical intros, classical trailers, documentaries, films, presentations, wedding videos, etc.

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      Quirky And Funny by RMSound

      A relaxing, inspiring, and calming cinematic piece with a beautiful piano motif. Suitable for a wide variety of productions looking to capture a blissful, peaceful, and positive vibe. Especially useful for getting a consumer to feel relaxed and at ease with a product. Ideally suited to advertising, film, documentaries, web videos, cooking shows, and product launches.

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      Happy Whistler by Christian Aen

      This track features whistling, acoustic guitar, bells, ukulele, and piano. It has a bright, upbeat, happy, and fun mood used for background music by corporate companies in modern advertising commercials.

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      Unforgettable Vacation by AleXZavesa

      This is the emotional and positive future bass music track with atmospheric and bright synthesizers, energy bass, excellent drums and percussion. Suitable for your summer projects, travel movies, family videos!

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      You've Never Loved by Emilio Merone

      Confident and warm featuring electric piano groove, a synth melody and solid drums to create an inspirational and brave mood.

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      Inspiring Corporate Growing by Soundroll

      Bright, light and upbeat background music driven by muted electric guitar staccato arpeggio, blended with wide and expansive synth pads, piano chords, and soft drum beat with human claps. Great usage in any kind of corporate and business presentation music, kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, traveling and inspirational Youtube video shots.

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      Personal Journey by DreamSounding

      Be inspired by this bright pop-rock music track with piano, guitar plucks, claps, bells, and drums. This upbeat corporate piece makes the perfect background music for commercials, explainer videos, presentations, holiday videos, tech videos, promos, and more.

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      Inspirational Technology by Christian Aen

      Bright, positive, confident, motivating, inspiring and uplifting minimal tech corporate music. Good for inspirational videos, media projects, corporate, life and travel, motivational startup video production, websites.

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      Running In Circles by Music Box

      Dynamic modern classical soundtrack featuring female vocal sampling, pulsive synth, fuzzy bass, cinematic strings, and urban beat creates an inspiring and uplifting mood. Perfect for corporate videos, YouTube vlogs, catchy advertisements, business presentations, anything with a positive message.

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      Reach The Goal by DPmusic

      This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome. Great for corporate uses, successful projects, bright startups, fantastic time and more. In the style of Imagine Dragons, or OneRepublic.

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      Unforgettable Memories by DimmyPlus

      A hopeful, inspiring royalty-free corporate track, with a soft piano, rhythmic strings section, airy guitars, leads, and steady drums. This track is best for inspirational film, promo-video, travel footage, motivational projects, YouTube videos, intros, vlogs, or any other media formats. The optimistic and tender sound will make your projects shine with a bright feel of success and achievement.

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      Mood Of Summer by Infraction

      Fresh summer royalty free music with electric piano and inspirational melody. Modern dance pop track for your incredible projects. Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, video projects, presentations and openers.

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      We Want To Be Free by Alex Grey

      Happy, motivational and upbeat music bed. The perfect background for advertising, DJs morning show and any positive event. Bright and plucked electric guitar riffs in optimistic key D major.

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      Milky Road by Mike Nowa

      An uplifting and optimistic mid-tempo acoustic track that has the feel of freshness. The main instrument here is acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitar and drums. The sound is bouncy and bright. It will be great for commercials, video teasers, presentations, YouTube videos, and more.

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      Party Night by ihsandincer

      Energetic and badass funk-rock track with electric guitars, bass, drums, and percussion. This track will be a perfect choice if you need an uplifting and positive sound in Oceans Eleven style for your projects and videos. Great for chase scenes, crazy driving, foolish robbery, safecracking, breaking, and entering.

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      Win The Day by ihsandincer

      An upbeat track with explosive energy causes incredible positive emotions! Bright and catchy rhythm with a sonant electric guitar and shouting "Hey!" is suitable for Youtube videos, bright promotion, party mood, or youth-oriented Tv commercials. Also great for travel vlogs, or anything that needs unadulterated joy and fun!

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      Epic Liberty by Jon Wright

      Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with smooth strings and bold, bright horns. An emotional, respectful start builds into a glorious climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

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      Country Air by Owen Mulcahy

      Starting with a bright crispy acoustic guitar riff and building up with a full country folk band arrangement featuring piano and accordion This track has a positive uplifting feel expressing joy and happiness of spending the day with family out in the country air.

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      A Funky Day by TreiaMusic

      A walking funky and groovy song, various arrangements, exceptional drums... Perfect for background music projects!!

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      Live Your Dream by ArtIss

      An inspiring and dreamy track. Bright instrumental music for corporate an business videos.

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      Colorful Italy by APmuse

      Bright, catchy and joyful Italian music theme with happy nylon guitars, accordions, mandolin and jazzy percussion. Could be a nice background music for any Italian video, a TV show or for an advertisement.

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