How to resolve Elite Alliance copyright claim

If you have been struck by a copyright claim from Elite Alliance / Epic Elite for the music you already bought, you are not alone.

How To Resolve YouTube claim by Elite Alliance

Lately, Elite Alliance has been causing a lot of problems for independent artists, claiming copyright issues for the music that the said artists have already bought. But even with the proof that they have bought the license, Elite Alliance is not giving up!

Elite Alliance YouTube Copyright Claim

Is there a way to resolve this copyright claim and how?

When you have bought a license for a song from a copyright holder but get hit by a copyright claim, the only thing you want to do is to solve the issue as soon as possible, right?

And mistakes happen!

But mistakes of this nature can be solved pretty quickly with most big music companies.

Sadly, when a copyright claim comes from Elite Alliance, the problems are not solved as fast as they should be, and the two ways to fix this don’t work that well at all.

However, considering that there’s a big inflow of new Russian artists on the platform, we can only hope that they are understaffed and overworked at the moment and that this management issue will be solved in the nearest future.

Does contacting YouTube work?

Normally, when you use royalty free music in your videos or other background music for which you have a license, and you still get a copyright claim, you, normally, go and start a dispute on YouTube, right?

And why wouldn’t you, you have proof of payment, it has to work!

Well, no. Such information seems to mean little to Elite alliance.

It seems that they aren’t really doing their work honestly, or properly, so even these YouTube disputes, even when you have the proof, will get you nowhere!

The dispute will be rejected and you will have to find other ways to prove your innocence in this mess.

Elite Alliance dispute rejected

And in cases you have bought more than one license for background music from Elite alliance, and even when you manage to solve one dispute, they will come back at you as soon as you publish another video with their music in it.

Two main ways to overcome false claims regarding copyright infringement are through the contact form on Elite Alliance website or to contact the artist directly.

As we mentioned, however, these quick fixes are not so quick when it comes to this platform.

1) Through their contact form

If you have bought a license from a copyright holder and still get a copyright claim, YouTube will be of no help.

So the next step you want to take is to contact the individual or the company that’s “accusing” you of stealing, naturally.

And how do you contact someone who seems to be nowhere?

The fastest way is to find their contact page and send them a simple message explaining your situation and sending all the details and proof that you’re now eligible to use the contentious music piece in your videos.

And when I say fastest, well… It’s as fast as it gets with Elite Alliance, but they will still take their sweet time to answer and resolve the issue.

We’re talking about weeks here, at least!

So arm yourself with patience, and wait for them to solve the issue of your allegedly copyrighted content! This dispute will take a while.

2) Contact artist directly

If you, however, get sick of waiting for Elite alliance to fix their issues and false copyright claims, you might want to try and contact the original artist directly.

Try to find their contact details online – on the website, on YouTube, on social media, etc., and contact them explaining your problem.

This shouldn’t be your job, we agree, but when you get played, there are some things you just have to do.

We’re not blaming you, we were in your skin too!

So if you do have a chance to contact the artist outside of Elite Alliance website, go and do that.

They might take some time to answer and help you out, but so will Elite Alliance’s customer support team. You have nothing to lose.

3) Bought music at Melody Loops? Contact us for help

If you purchased music at Melody Loops and need to resolve the claim, please get in touch with us with a track’s title and the URL of your video, and we’ll fix it via an author.


Getting a copyright claim is never fun, and especially not if it is false and you do have a license for using a disputable sound.

Luckily, most big companies can solve this issue within hours, and sadly, Elite Alliance is not one of them.

If you’re already in this mess – arm yourself with patience. And if not – take your business elsewhere!


Copyright claims normally disappear after 30 days if the rightful owner hasn’t taken any measures. But if the claims are right and you don’t take any measures to fix the problem, your video might get flagged (not the whole channel).

You might need to contact the one who claimed copyright infringement, and in most cases, when you have proof that you’ve done everything right, they will retract their claim.

Sadly, Elite Alliance is not the one to retract their claim, and you will have to be patient and resourceful to fix this problem.

No, but you should try to fix the issue as soon as possible. If the copyright claim is fake and you, indeed, have a proof that you have a license to use the music in question in your videos, there is nothing to worry about and the copyright claim will disappear soon enough.

Can I use copyrighted music if I give credit?

No! Copyrighted music cannot and should not be used if you want to avoid copyright claims, strikes and penalties.

There’s royalty free music and music from the public domain that you can use in your videos for free, but some of the artists would like to be credited, so this is the perfect thing for you if you’re not looking to buy a license.

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