• Royalty free Nu Jazz music

    • Cruising Limo by E.L. Mahon

      This sultry smooth jazz music has a bit of an 80s sound, featuring tenor sax, bass, electric piano, and electric guitars. It's perfect for background music at trendy jazz nightclubs in LA and New York City, or for relaxing romance, sweet candlelight dinner, and limo cruising.

      Funk It Babes by Emilio Merone

      Nu Jazz track with soulful saxophone playing and a light funky dance beat. Fun, catchy, upbeat, and groovy. It has an easygoing and hip vibe, with character and a good feel to it. Perfect for mellow, and smooth videos with no narration, travel and leisure ads, tv shows, and commercials.

      Funky Soul by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is a cool and smooth funky nu jazz music. Great for retro and vintage radio stations, cop shows and action funk moods, optimistic and positive background, food and cooking shows, restaurant and coffee shops background, blues clubs, lounge bars and much more.

      Old World Charm by Infraction

      An elegant, jazzy, and detective-inspired royalty-free music featuring bass, brass, snaps, and claps. Perfect as background music for presentations, movies, dramas, and documentaries, and also ideal for restaurants, hotels, casinos, cocktails parties, and entertainment centers.

      Funkenergy by Emilio Merone

      Funky and festive nu jazz music building to a sudden climax. Featuring groovy piano, bass, brass section, and drums that create a fun, feel-good mood. Brilliant for a late-night show, holiday event, modern spy or heist tv, intrigue and comic sneaky operation.

      Liquid Palms by Jack White

      Powerful nu jazz intro. Good for Tv show opener or bright final.

      Glitter Ball by ihsandincer

      An upbeat, modern, and groovy, funky track featuring horns, Hammond organ, drums, percussion, bass, and live electric guitars. Great for commercials, teasers, and trailers for movies and video games. Suitable for any advertisements that need a vibe of fun, energy, and action!

      Streets Of Funk by ihsandincer

      An energetic and dynamic funk track with punchy drums, powerful bass, funky guitars, percussion and brass.

      Vintage Roots by Andrea Bellina

      Top Class nu jazz tune featuring slap bass, jazz drums, piano, strings and synthesizers. It can fit perfectly with many subjects, such as catwalk videos, metropolitan images, trendy and fashion people, night clubs, models and many other beautiful settings with VIPs and amazing people around.

      As Cool As by Andy Littlewood

      Cool sounding Nu Jazz track with raspy sax, funk guitar, RnB style brass and a smooth breakbeat rhythm. Sultry, sexy and smoldering.

      Big City Lights by ikoliks

      This one is a groovy and funky upbeat royalty free music track. It features energetic and pounding bassline, funky guitars, hip hop elements, placed over a confident and modern swinging drum groove. Ideal as a background music for projects related to fashion and sports, ads and openers, teasers, trendy commercial and podcasts, Instagram and YouTube, vlogs and more. Have fun with this one!

      Late Night Jazz by SmarTune Music

      A melodic jazzy pop/ nu jazz style song featuring electric guitar, Hammond organ, percussion, trumpet, and saxophone. Great to create a contemporary, laidback, romantic atmosphere to your project.

      Lucky Boy by EdRecords

      A cool and funky jazz fusion track with a dirty, vintage analog sound. This mellow groove features a funky and bouncing bass line, laid back brass section, soulful guitars and vintage keyboards in the 1970s style. Highly recommended for casino gambling, luxury cars and high end brands.

      Keep The Groove by ikoliks

      A groovy and punchy royalty-free funk nu-jazz track with gritty guitars, powerful drums, cool bass, brass, and claps. This music is great for any project that needs an energetic background track with a cool authentic feel such as commercials, tv shows, or vlogs.

      Radio Show by Infraction

      Radio Show is a groovy and energetic track full of fun, which will give your projects a modern and fresh mood but yet still a chic feel. Creates an optimistic and confident mood with a cool twist. Excellent choice for gambling, casinos, luxury videos, restaurants and hotels, entertainment centers, and more.

      Titles Are Beginning by SnowMusicStudio

      A somewhat jazzy and very funky nu-jazz background music track featuring guitar licks, drums, warm brass, and Rhodes piano. This cool and stylish background music is full of optimism, energy, and movement. Very positive and bright feel that is perfect for any TV shows, promotional Youtube videos, commercials, and radio spots!

      Dust And Ashes by Pavel Svejentsev

      Mid-tiempo groovy nu jazz tune featuring drums, electric upright bass, synthesiser pads and effects and trumpet soloing over.

      Lets Groove by Emilio Merone

      Welcome to the funky seventies, where groovy music will take you out of reality into a world full of funk and soul. This track is the perfect tune for your party. It does not matter if it's a special anniversary or a public event, it will make everybody feel like dancing and smiling. Works great as background music for main titles for a film, TV series, opening credits for Tv show, YouTube content, and more.

      Small Devil by SnowMusicStudio

      Halloween is a spooky holiday wonderfully weird and eerily playful but most importantly, it is fun! Created as a cartoon or cinematic Halloween music, this track is an ideal background for TV or cinema or horror-comedy. Whether you are promoting a children's event, Halloween party, or Trick or Treat classic, this music is good for all these things.

      Funky People by ihsandincer

      An upbeat, modern, groovy and funky track featuring drums, percussion, bass, brass, synth and live electric guitars. Perfect choice for Tv commercials, internet commercials, all kinds of advertisements, and many other projects that need a positive and uplifting sound.

      Cutting Edge Facilities by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      It`s a funky and driving composition with an epic mood, deep and powerful in both arrangement and musical delivery. The track gradually picks up steam from its punchy brass introduction as it builds until it explodes into a driving rhythmic frenzy of drums, orchestral instruments, guitar, and brass. Best for moving scenes in cinema, entertainment videos, sport, and technology media projects.

      Reggae Evening by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is positive and cool reggae music, full of fun and groove. Great as Jamaican style background music tropical island and sunny beach music, Holiday and vacation shows, relaxed summer pool party, travel shows, and much more.

      Gimme My Money Back by Emilio Merone

      Groovy and bright nu-jazz track with funk elements. Featuring tenor sax and a bold brass section, vibrant electric guitar, and synthesizer to create an energetic and upbeat mood. Perfect for TV, radio advertising, or any project needing smooth groovy music.

      Tv Heroes by ihsandincer

      A modern and uplifting funk track in the style of Bruno Mars. This track is a great choice for videos, commercials and many other projects with its groovy, funky and positive sound.

      The Good Fellows by Alexander Lisenkov

      "The Good Fellows" is a positive and uplifting funky track. It features a vintage brass band, funky beat, and bassline. This track would be an ideal soundtrack for placing to bank heist movies, funny gangsters, bumbling detective, criminal affair, or evening show.

      Funk Fever by ihsandincer

      A positive, upbeat, and groovy track with elements of R&B, swing and funk. Handclaps, bass, drums, percussion and trumpets are weaved together to create a funky groove. Ideal choice for casino and gambling commercials, game show videos, showtime, web commercials, radio and TV advertorial. Enjoy!

      Lucky Loser by Emilio Merone

      Punchy and bright nu jazz track, with funk rock elements featuring bouncy electric Guitar, Hammond and energetic groove to create a vibrant and confident mood. Suitable for smoky night bars, carefree and relaxed mood, luxury settings, and more.

      Funky Night by Alexander Lisenkov

      "Funky Night" is an energetic and driving track in a positive and uplifting mood with a slightly vintage funk feeling. Features jazzy brass band, funk bassline and drums. This track is suitable to create noir atmosphere for your projects and capture the viewers attention.

      Shaky Booty Funky by Emilio Merone

      A creamy smooth piece of nu-jazz featuring mellow sax, electric piano and lazy lo-fi drums. Suitable for late night TV show, kitsch style, red carpet videos, luxury celebrity life, cheeky flirt. Ideal for projects needing overall sophisticated, hip and classy feeling.

      Funky Stuff by ColourTunes

      A funny and upbeat royalty free track with catchy funk ingredients such as dazzling brass sections, passionate horns, mute guitars, bass, and groovy drum beat. Perfect for various Youtube content, presentations, product reviews, Instagram stories, or urban Vlogs.

      Chicago Flavors by Alex Grey

      Original Jazz-Trap music. Traditional Jazz Big Band Orchestra with modern trap grooves forming a cool and sophisticated musical environment. Designed for high-end product promo, hotel lobbies, upscale ambiance, posh style, and luxury experience.

      Vacation Time by Alexander Lisenkov

      "Vacation Time" is a bluegrass swing track featuring a vintage jazz brass band mixed up with modern hip hop beats, synths and bass. This track can be used as a soundtrack for Great Gatsby movie, luxury life, millionaire's masked ball, etc. In the styles of Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gellespie, Miles Davis, and other.

      Funk Town by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is a cool and funky music, full of fun and groove. Great for comedy films, retro and vintage projects, positive and smooth scenes, casino and poker games. Suitable for police and cops shows trailers, eighties and seventies youtube videos, gangsters life and bank heist, etc.

      Let It Cook by Eitan Epstein Music

      Smooth and quirky swing jazz music with a bouncing bass line, full of groove and fun. Similar to Oceans Eleven or Austin Powers soundtrack. Great for cooking and food shows, restaurants, and kitchen scenes, vintage and retro projects, casino and poker gambling, pursuits and low-key crime scenes and much more.

      Monkey Beat by Emanmusic

      Fun and upbeat track with a vintage breakbeat sound. Suitable for positive and fun videos, skatepark advertising, tv-show, crazy skateboard tricks, funny prank compilation, and much more.

      So Funky by Premium TraX

      Funky and groovy nu-jazz track featuring guitars, trumpets, trombones, saxophone, piano, rock organ, playful bass, and super cool drum parts. Great as a soundtrack to films and videos involving heists, lavish lifestyle, and money. Perfect for Youtube videos, viral marketing, commercials, web ads and more.

      Retro Advert by Owen Mulcahy

      A great funky guitar riff track oozing confidence and excitement will bring an upbeat groovy feel to your projects, Its perfect for those fun-loving action-packed sports scenes and also works great modern commercials and adverts, wonderful as background groove to add a little something special to your video projects.

      Allinclusive Holiday by Alexander Lisenkov

      This modern nu-jazz track similar to 1920's Gatsby Jazzy music swings hard in the styles Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong. Featuring vintage jazz brass band mixed up with a modern trap beats, synths and bass. Great for any project needing exciting swinging music!

      Retro Vintage Funky by ColourTunes

      This is an elegant piece of funk music with addictive rhythm and wah-wah guitars, horn section, baritone sax, syncopated bass guitar, brass, catchy drums. Perfect for TV show opener, YouTube videos, promotions, presentations, birthday celebrations, advertising, photo slideshows, and more! Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      Wild Beauty by SPMusicGroup

      A gentle, seductive royalty-free soulful romantic tune with a relaxing electric piano, trumpet melody, nice bass line, violins and hip hop beats. The best choice for the luxury industry, NY urban landscape, lifestyle visuals, slow tempo urban videos, hotel lobbies music, shopping malls background tune, or cocktail receptions party.

      Magnificent Summer Days by DPmusic

      Cool and fresh pop music with light summer mood and dreamy atmosphere. Lovely background for travel videos, nature views, real estate promo, drone videos, summer adventures, product advertising, hotel and resort presentations or more.

      Rock In Rio by SoundWave

      Pop Rock track with powerful drums and brass section. Played with electric guitars, drums, bass, sax and trumpet. Sounds like a band in a big rock festival. Can be used as a party track, commercial underscore, or simply for your listening pleasure.

      Hipster Cats by ihsandincer

      A positive and uplifting funky swing track that combines retro and modern elements. Great choice for games, commercials, films, cartoons, advertisements, comedy programs, smartphone apps and much more. This track will carry the mood of your project to the top!

      Blue Glendale by Serhii Volynchuk

      Stylish fusion funk music, that includes energetic groove drumbeat, twang guitars, trumpet section, bass groove, some piano and synth. This music evokes associations with old school funky retro sound, casino lounge music, 80-s caper story american movies, criminal comedies, gangsters and so on. It will be perfect background music for various types of media products - presentations, commercials, lifestyle videos, videos about food, product demos, funny comedy videos, and so on.

      Modern Designs by ihsandincer

      An upbeat, modern, groovy and funky track featuring drums, percussion, bass, and live electric guitars. Perfect choice for Tv commercials, internet commercials, all kinds of advertisements, online casino gambling , and many other projects that need a positive and uplifting sound. This track will elevate the excitement of your projects!

      The Magic Show by Brian Bunker

      Swinging, classy jazz big-band loop featuring brass and saxophones. Perfect for urban, groovy ad campaigns, for games and videos with a suave or kitschy appeal, comedic productions, entertainment shows, traditional circus or carousel music.

      Funky Places by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is a cool and funky fusion of jazzy arrangements. Great for lounge zones and coffee shops, instore music, 70's style background, Las Vegas casino, late night and early mornings, funky soul style and much more.

      Saturday Disco Groove by ColourTunes

      An outstanding disco-funk/neo-jazz track with a tasty club feel. Perfect for promotional videos, TV commercials, presentations or any video project background music. Great for fashion shows, a city that never sleeps, beauty vlog, nighttime club party, trendy commercials, or luxury brand presentation.

      Funk Uptown by SnowMusicStudio

      A modern groovy nu-jazz track that blends elements of traditional funk, jazz with dance beats. Features electric bass guitars, drums, shakers, saxophone, synths, and claps. Perfect for stylish commercials, fashion boutiques, late-night TV shows, vacation vlogs, YouTube videos, cocktail party, startup presentation.

      Gobsmacked by E.L. Mahon

      Rhythmic and cool smooth jazz meets nu-jazz tune with funky tenor sax and toe-tapping groover. Great for creating a contemporary, laidback vibe for modern retro underscore. Suitable for the late-night TV show opening, limo cruising, the city at night, celebrity news, trendy jazz nightclub in Miami or New York, or relaxing ambience.

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    Nu Jazz is a mix of electronic music and jazz. The term was first used in the 1990s to define a music genre that includes elements from jazz and other styles like electronic, soul, funk and free improvisation. Some say that this style grew out of the joined sounds of Jon Hassel’s Kiranic trumpet rhythms and Miles Davis’ preference for soft music and use of ambience on “In a Silent Way”. Since the 1990s, Nu Jazz adopted other effects, and some of them passed the test of time, while others were simply passing trends.

    At a certain moment in the past, Nu Jazz featured post-rock influences, but nowadays the guitar sounds faded away. Now, Nu Jazz is filled with repeating minimalist phrases, elements of ambient music, and a dub reggae style.

    Electro jazz changed the sound of music

    If we had to define electro jazz, we would say it’s what grunge and punk are to rock, a form inspired by it, but with different elements. The focus in electro jazz is on the sounds and music and not on the individuality of artists. Nu Jazz instrumentation is unique because it ranges from traditional sounds to experimental and fresh rhythms. Electro Jazz practically makes classic jazz fun again, it makes it feel new and alive.

    Electro jazz is special because it combines live instrumentation with house vibes. Most of the bands that play electro jazz music deliver improvised sounds combined with electronic elements.

    Jazztronica is just another name for Nu Jazz

    Nu Jazz or Jazztronica is very experimental in nature and it ventures deep into the electronic field. It’s different from acid jazz, another modern form of jazz that features soul and funk influences. Pamela Williams and Groove Collective are only two of the many names known for creating groove and smooth jazz.

    Nu Jazz has different names because it varies widely in sound and concept from an artist to another. Acid Jazz doesn’t go far away from classic jazz, but jazztronica on the other hand hits the bricks and looks into electronic sounds and ethereal jazz sensualities.

    Jazz artists who wanted to bring something new to this music style, departed with the genre and became leaders of the new sound in the 21st century.

    Techno jazz is famous for its irregular rhythms

    Everyone is familiar with classic jazz, but few can identify the improvised sound of techno jazz. It evades from the limited definition of jazz and integrates influences from different genres and styles. It’s impossible to define all the characteristics techno jazz has, but you can easily find the artists who call themselves techno musicians. They are jazz musicians at heart but they enrich their music with eclectic sounds, so they create an amalgamation of rhythms. They pull out not only the acid house, but also techno, ambient, drum ’n’ bass and electro acoustic music. They use music to wander deep into techno experimentation.


    f you need groovy tracks to play in your pub or store buy royalty free Nu Jazz music because it’s a mix between the freedom of jazz rhythms and the groove of techno and electronic styles.

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