• Happy Old Days

      Happy Old Days - Happiness track in vintage retro surf rock style that takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to the '60s era. Featuring rock guitars, percussion, Hammond organ, and hand clapping. This composition captures the carefree and joyful spirit of that time. Perfect for lifestyle videos, commercials, movies, and TV, summer adventure, or retro-themed parties.

      Rising Beyond The Horizon

      Light atmospheric corporate indie pop music creates a positive and inviting atmosphere, encouraging viewers to explore further. This engaging background music adds a sense of credibility and professionalism to business projects, enhancing their impact. Whether you need to convey a message of success, progress, teamwork, or simply create a positive and inspiring ambiance, this positive inspirational motivational business and corporate track is an excellent choice.

      Rustic Roads

      This is great energetic and inspiring pop rock indie music with uplifting feeling and bright optimistic atmosphere. This catchy, dynamic and positive tune will be perfect background audio for any inspirational corporate project.

      Beach Sand

      Uplifting, vibrant, and captivating indie rock music captures the spirit of authenticity, urgency, independence, and youthful rebellion. Featuring energetic guitar riffs, driving rhythm, and drums. Ideal for commercials and adverts, trendy products, promo videos, fearless vlogs showcasing adventures, travel and lifestyle; sports highlight reels, and others.

      Corporate Promising

      Hopeful, uplifting, and inspiring indie acoustic music for your amazing projects with beautiful acoustic guitars, vocal and catchy percussion. Perfect as background music for advertising, presentation, travel vlogs, tutorials, explainer and corporate videos, kids, studying, coding, Instagram video, youtube, vlog, etc.

      Happy Childhood Summer

      Lush and determined indie music, life-affirming tune featuring piano, strings, woodwinds, and percussion is creating a bold, epic mood. An excellent track for inspiring promotion, motivational videos, a soulful soundtrack for dramatic movie, life story, optimistic, "never give up" media content.

      Let The Sun Shine

      A hopeful, optimistic, and inspiring acoustic background music. Featuring. acoustic fingerpicked guitars, human whistles, pizzicato strings, and soft percussion. Perfect for advertising, presentations, tutorials, healthcare products, family-oriented services, educational content, studying, Instagram videos, Instagram stories, Facebook videos, YouTube, etc.

      Win The Day

      An inspirational upbeat indie folk track featuring live recorded acoustic guitar, piano, claps, percussion and soft orchestra strings. Perfect for any uplifting and inspiring videos such as Instagram stories, advertising, marketing, product launching, vlogs, podcasts, YouTube intros, broadcasting and more.

      Wind Of Freedom

      Happy, lighthearted, uplifting, and upbeat acoustic indie folk track with a beautiful, catchy melody, full of joy, love, and positive mood, fresh, light, and sweet feel, easy-going and hopeful atmosphere, flyaway and bouncy rhythm, featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, solo nylon guitar, hand claps, atmospheric pads, and upbeat drums! Perfect royalty-free music for summer videos, tv advertising music, happy YouTube vlogs, kids' activity, sale commercials, cartoon animation, and other media projects.

      Big City

      Endless Possibilities - Beautiful and light acoustic track, featuring nylon guitar, acoustic piano, smooth string pad, and percussions that create a cozy ambiance. This track is perfect for motivational stories, documentaries that aim to evoke feelings of hope, simplicity, and the beauty of life, romantic scenes in films and TV shows, family photo slideshow, etc. It's an ideal background score for any setting where peace, comfort, and inspiration are the desired outcomes.

      Everything We Need

      This catchy indie rock music has a colorful indie vibe with unique guitar sounds and handclaps. From podcasting to vlogging and streaming, this track is ideal to feature in your media production. Friendly, lighthearted, and upbeat, this track is perfect for vlogs, podcasts intro music, travel videos, and any visuals needing an extra dose of energy.

      Endless Possibilitiess

      Uplifting and upbeat indie folk featuring acoustic guitars, human calps, male background vocals. The music is suitable in food visuals, emotional promo, corporate advertising and commercial.

      Green Leaves

      Upbeat and hot indie rock track with a rebellious spirit will provide an edge of coolness for your next projects. Featuring crunchy and distorted electric guitars, pounding drums, bass guitars and occasional synth. Great for a variety of engaging visuals, like sports highlights, action-packed video games, speed races, extreme sports, live events, and other projects needing an undeniable swag.

      Beautiful Vibe

      An upbeat and uplifting acoustic indie track with soft singing features an acoustic guitar lead, background vocals, percussion, and bells. It's perfect for adding a sense of optimism and happiness to your project. This track would be great for branding projects, inspiring commercials, happy montages, YouTube videos, optimistic slideshows, and more!

      That Upbeat Feeling

      Energetic, upbeat indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff and strong beat with stomps and claps. Great music for extreme sports, action uses training and fight scenes, and other media needing a positive, powerful vibe.

      Im On My Way

      Inspirational and motivational electronic track in corporate style with an atmosphere full of hope and excitement. Featuring digital hi-tech sound, glitch effects, ambient pads, and other elements. It is the perfect companion for YouTube content, corporate presentations, motivational videos, reviews of future trends, product launches, training videos, webinars, and any project related to innovation and technological advancements.

      Jump Into Life

      A beautiful and emotional Indie Pop Rock track, with a positive and optimistic vibe. Electric guitars, piano, strings, and synth sounds create an heartwarming atmosphere. Good for vlogs, travel videos, youtube videos in need of a bright background track.

      Go Organic

      An uplifting and cheerful indie/pop/folk track featuring acoustic guitars, hand claps, piano, bells, whistling and more. The bouncy feel and happy tune create a perfectly optimistic vibe for motivational films, presentations, openers, Youtube videos, commercials.

      Atmospheric Traveling

      An atmospheric and uplifting acoustic track perfect for corporate presentations, motivational videos, real estate videos, success stories, and other inspiring media projects. Featuring dreamy strings, acoustic guitar melodies, and a driving beat. The composition is designed to guide you toward your goals and possibilities.

      Melodic Rush

      Uplifting and inspiring indie acoustic music for your unique projects with beautiful guitars, vocal and catchy percussion. Perfect as background for advertising, presentation, travel vlogs, tutorials, corporate video, explainer video, kids, studying, coding, instagram video, youtube, vlog etc.

      Under The Same Moon

      Fresh indie pop sound with reverby guitars and warm atmospherics. Builds up to a triumphant climax with dance vibes.

      Share The Smile

      Calm, heartfelt, and peaceful indie folk track with gently driving percussion, dreamy piano, organic sound of sparse electric guitar, and a carefree vibe. It invites you to be lost in thoughts and embrace the world with open arms and an open heart. Great as background music for introspective moments, travel vlogs, indie films, documentaries capturing the beauty of nature, artistic projects, slideshows, and photo albums.

      Green Meadows

      This is a happy and optimistic indie folk track with country mood and an encouraging atmosphere. Featured instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, strings, and electric bass guitar. Nice background for advertising, inspiring, videos, youthful and friendly videos, joyful moments of life, friends and family videos, and many more.

      Freedom Of Life

      This is bright and upbeat indie rock music with an uplifting feeling and catchy optimistic mood. This royalty-free track can be perfect background audio for advertisement/commercials use, business and promo music, TV and Radio programs, ads music, youtube vlogs, travel, and adventure lifestyle videos.

      Travel In Autumn

      Uplifting and reassuring Corporate track in Lite Rock style featuring strings with mute and delay guitars. Perfect for setting a feeling of confidence and vision for business profiles, training videos, corporate presentations, brand videos, and product launches.

      Between Dreams

      Happy and gentle indie folk music with a positive and optimistic vibe. This track is perfect for any video that needs a tender and soft mood. It includes acoustic guitar, strings, and piano. Perfect for films about families and kids, video clips about animals and nature, projects for charity organizations, and social networks.

      A Relaxing Trip

      Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational indie pop for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation. Happy mood and energy of modern summer party for your videos. I used dance leads, piano, house beat and electric guitar.

      People On My Travels

      This enchanting Folk Indie music is perfect for a wide array of uses. It beautifully complements advertising and corporate projects, setting the right tone for TV shows, movies, and films. Its uplifting aura can enhance promotional materials or lifestyle videos, while its adventurous spirit can evoke the essence of travel stories. It also provides an inspiring backdrop for slideshows, documentaries, presentations, and beyond.

      I've Lost My Heart

      A gentle, and hopeful acoustic indie folk music, featuring acoustic guitars, cello, viola, bass and percussion. If you need a soothing and warm sound for your new media projects or commercials, this acoustic track would be the right choice for you!

      Be The Change

      Hard and energetic upbeat indie rock/ post-rock track with a catchy, aggressive guitar riff. Strong beat with stomps and claps bring more confidence and power to your future projects.

      Light Sadness

      Light Sadness is a melancholy, sad, and sentimental track. This tune is an excellent fit for anyone looking to add a light, soft, hopeful blue mood to their projects.

      Young Presidents

      A smooth and mellow acoustic indie folk track with an ispiring atmoshpere. Acoustic guitars, strings, cello and felt piano give this track an organic feel. This track would a great choice for nature videos, family videos, travel videos, commercials and advertorials.

      Loving You Is Like Breathing

      Emotional and hopeful acoustic indie folk track with a taste for adventures. This soulful composition, very optimistic and straightforward, includes an acoustic guitar and handclaps. Best for your YouTube vlogs, colorful slideshow music, bright travel video, commercial production, countryside journey, autumn road trips, or as the soundtrack for The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.

      The Road Of Inspiration

      Melodic Rush - Bouncy and uplifting track in Indie Rock Style that creates an optimistic and energetic ambiance. Suitable for commercials or ads promoting products or services that align with an adventurous, and optimistic lifestyle. This track could be a great match for various types of YouTube content, especially vlogs, travel videos, DIY projects, or any visual content that aims to inspire and entertain viewers.

      Inspirational Acoustic Guitar

      Bright and fresh indie pop-rock tune with a sense of freedom and adventure. Imagine you make plans with your friends about vacations you've got to take now! With cheery guitar riffs and ticking drums, this track will provide the perfect backdrop for your happy photos, holiday videos, and commercials.

      Cheerful Heart

      An inspiring, happy and positive acoustic indie track. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, bass, claps, drums, bass and percussion. Perfect for promo videos, presentations, travel videos, web commercials, vacation videos, slideshows, and much more.

      April Sun

      The uplifting rock track evokes feelings of joy and accomplishment. The energetic guitar riffs, driving drums, and catchy melodies create a powerful and uplifting atmosphere. Ideal as high-energy background music for motivational videos, team-building activities, highlight reels, success stories, gameplay level-up, successful mission completion, or positive life coaching vlogs on platforms like YouTube.

      Uncharted Horizons

      New Freedom - Inspirational track in Indie rock style. Featuring with electric guitar, synthesizer, modern rock rhythm. Suitable for travel, advertising, tutorial and positive commercial videos.

      Fly High Kid

      Cool upbeat indie rock with a groovy vibe. Perfect choice for any sports videos, energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercials and more.

      We Are Going Home

      The music in this track is both airy and mysterious, just like the town from the old Twin Peaks series. The track features piano, angelic voices, and ethereal pads. If you are making an indie video or film that is similar to Twin Peaks or if you need some ambient music for a commercial, this is the perfect track.

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    Indie music is more than a sound; Indie includes all independently recorded music. Artists release music on their own or collaborate with an independent label, meaning they aren’t affiliated with a famous record label.

    Indie music embraces various music genres, from pop to rock and even country. The artists who create indie sounds have a low to mid-size budget they can work with, and they address audiences ages from 14 to 35 years old. All the genres major labels control also feature an indie genre.

    Garage bands highly benefit from the advent of the indie movement because it offers them the opportunity to reach audiences and become famous through live performances, indie press, websites that sell their sounds to people looking for royalty free music, and appearances at regional and national music festivals.

    Indie Rock Music

    Indie rock tries to argue the Zeitgeist, and it’s a response to existing sounds because it tries to distance itself from old-school basics. Indie rock is constantly changing because it’s much like technology and fashion. It faces both subtle and radical changes periodically. Sometimes an Indie sound is characterized and popularised as Indie Rock. The term Indie Rock is synonym with independent, and it refers to the small-budget artists and bands that create music.

    Indie Rock portrays a balance between noise, sensitive lyrics masked behind irony, experimentation with pop music, and a focus on authenticity.

    Indie and alternative rock are two terms used to define any guitar-based music that doesn’t fit into the categories of classic rock, punk, metal, or blues. This genre can be divided into Indie Pop, Post-Punk, New Wave, and Shoegaze. Many Indie Rock music bands are associated with hipsters who like classic rock but want to create unique styles.

    Indie Pop Music

    Indie Pop is the softer version is Indie Rock because it’s more melodic and less noisy. It’s often referred to it as the angst-free counterpart of Indie Rock because it has a sweet side. Indie Pop songs are harmonious, and artists put their best into song-crafting sounds that reflect their deepest emotions. It embraces the DIY spirit of people rejected by established labels.

    Indie Folk Music

    Most Indie songs have a clear melody and simple instrumentation. You can feel the influence of folk and country in many songs. Piano and violin sounds are common features. The traditional musical composition combines four instruments, a lead guitar, a rhythm guitar, a bass guitar, and drums.

    Best Indie Music

    The best music compositions also include harmonized vocals and are often used for background music in movies, presentations, and marketing materials. Why? Because Indie music encourages creativity.

    If you are looking for music that recounts a slice of life to add to your visual material, buy Indie music. It covers a broad range of themes, from anti-corporate and political statements to melodic songs about love and friendship, so it fits any piece of content.

    If Indie began as a reference term used for bands recording on independent labels at the start, it slowly became a youth culture people adhere to.

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