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    • Good feeling, powerful rock and roll music. ZZ Top meet AC/DC :). Straight line of drums and bass, groovy guitar riffs. Great for movies, soundtracks, action, sports, cars, racing, commercials, presentations. This dramatic rock underscore combines building tension while being ominous and mysterious at the same time. The bold piano plays a powerful melody while the strong bass and distorted guitar adds the grunge. A energetic and cool rock tune with stylish heavy distorted fender guitar and modern styled breakbeat drums that packs a punch. ...I was really bouncing on my chair during recording ! Simple but really close to me because of images i kept of 80-90 big band shows ... This is a high energy rock track. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it. A cool retro styled rock loop. Acoustic and distorted guitars with straight drums, tambourine and hammond organ. Ideal as background track. Active and energetic pop-punk track. Sounds a bit like Simple Plan, All Time Low and similar bands. Very positive and uplifting feeling, Dynamics of this track changes from a smooth straight rhythm to the splash of energy. Works well for modern corporate video, branding, ad campaigns, sports etc. This is a high energy rock track. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it. Powerful exciting and upbeat 70's style Rock Track featuring distorted guitars, drums and solid bass. Strong and Powerful Rock track featuring Distorted guitarsdrums and bass. Energetic instrumental music great for commercials,TV movies, radio and more Background, underscore version of the main track, without melodic instruments. Positive, uplifting and exciting Rock track featuring overdrive /distorted guitars, upbeat drums and bass. Energetic instrumental track great for TV, movies, radio, commercials and more. A typical garage rock song. Suitable for film, video, trailer, podcast or broadcast. Great for movies with cars, sports and so on. An energizing and aggressive hard-hitting electric guitar riff. This track has a great rock feel. This energetic rock piece suits perfect in many applications. If it is advertising, a commercial or an intro for a documentation. Aggressive sound with touches of melodic rock.Contains synthetic percussion and synth sounds. For road scenes. An uplifting driving guitar rock riff and powerful groove of drums and bass. Good intro music for TV Show, Cinema Action, Extreme Sports. High energy distorted guitar riff, along with a synth drum and solo arrangement. It reminds me of car chases and dark action movie A splendid dynamic track suitable as a soundtrack for any speed games, Nascar and racing picture. Tempo and sound of an old-time rock-guitar remind you of a racing car, courage, speed, but still remains modern. Powerful and Strong Modern Rock/Metal Track featuring distorted guitars, drums, bass guitar and turntable scratches. Distorted guitar and synths, dark rock/metal feeling, energetic and full of strength. Heavy guitar metal/rock tune with driving beat. High energy. Exemplifies tough, heavy action. Energetic and Powerful Metal music track with heavy guitar riffs, strong drums and solid bass parts. Hardcore music great for films and videos. Positive and energetic guitar piece. Good mood, bright guitars. Reserved and romantic verse, cheerful, dynamic and positive refrain. Good feeling, powerful rock and roll. Uplifting rock guitar riff with a powerful groove of drums and a bass. Guitar solo in the second part of the track. Great for movies, sound tracks, action, extreme sports, corporate, websites, commercials, presentations, media. Powerful, motivational, dynamic rock piece. Good mood, energetic guitar riffs, rocking drums. Suitable for any production with a happy and positive atmosphere. Powerful modern rock. The energy and warmth of tube amps. Sharp guitar riffs and bouncy bass. Big bombastic drum beat overlaid with powerful electric guitar licks provide ideal big branding theme tune for dramatic scene or project. Useful for implying dominance or energy for corporate marketing or product launch, also very useful for dramatic advertisements, sport promos or film scenes. Begin hunting behind a morning surf. It will return you at the time of your youth when you were serene and easy! This track is a very commercial friendly rock song great for advertising and commercials that need a upbeat and moving song. Has a driving and aggressive feel with rock mixed with a little blues. Sounds like something you would hear on a car or truck commercial. We search three days here for water. A well in our picturesque places - very useful thing. But now I feel that it already nearby! I have many keys, but there is no key from your happiness - you will find it! Present to the ladylove this flower and her soul now belongs to you. Be careful and don't abuse this gift, differently you will turn to a toad... It is pleasant to feel itself as the in the favourite company, to remember old and to tell about new, unknown... Once in the morning I left in a court yard, villages in the Balloon and now warm air bears me on a meeting to adventures! Stop to strain, cease to remember the sad story, release the heart from grief of unsuccessful relations. The love already runs to you! Early in the morning leave at ocean coast, inhale a cool, plunge into water - now to you again 18 years. Whether you will solve this secret? Day after day you create advantage to associates. You work at factory or in mine, your work creates those blessings which the mankind uses! Remember the seventieth! You were a star of local clubs! The guitar smoked in your hands... You were hungry and malicious, but each dog in this city knew you by sight! Find an old heavy leather jacket, take a motorcycle. Today that day, when you can cast away the melancholy... I want to brag to you that I'm fine! The house, the car, a dog and the wife is a part me, I am happy because that there is no hunger and wars, and this main thing... Overcome the fear! Risk and you will have a success, it is a lot of fans and glory! Powerful and epic modern metal track. Lots of electric guitars, hard drums and bass from metal side. Wide strings and choir from classical side. perfect for historical movies. An intense and funny track with an aggressive synth lines, crunch electric guitars and a kick ass rock rhythm section. Texas style medium fast swing country rock, featuring drums, electric bass, overdriven rhythm guitar, bottleneck guitar solo. Powerful, dramatic piece featuring strings and duduk melodies. Sets a very serious, reflective tone, and has an Eastern sound, perfect for documentary. Medium slow Em heavy metal piece. Power drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated synthesizer. It is a pure spirit of the good old 80th. Sinister sounding drums and bass with a stong lead synth pad adding a touch of darkness to the music. A strong lead guitar rhythm and melody, great for driving and action sequences. Catchy lead guitar melodys played over subtle rock rhythm guitar and drums.
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