• Sunny Acoustic

      Beautiful, charming, and gentle acoustic indie track that evokes feelings of serenity and joy. Featuring warm piano, flowing acoustic guitar, hand claps, and percussion instruments that create a happy and carefree mood. Ideal for indie filmmakers, family-oriented products, wedding videos, children's content, travel vlogs, educational content and more.

      Upbeat Party Pop

      Beautiful, heartwarming, light, and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic mood. Perfect background music for corporate achievements, romantic anniversary, honeymoon journey, summer trip with family or friends, success story, drone video, business projects etc.

      Make Me Feel Good

      Heartwarming, light, and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic mood. Perfect background music for corporate achievements, romantic anniversaries, honeymoon journeys, summer trips with family or friends, success stories, etc.

      Evening Sitting

      Energetic and uplifting tropical house dance pop music track with EDM beats, a groovy bassline, and a vocal chop melody. A happy, fun, and pumped-up vibe for your commercials, workout routines, dance classes, vacation videos, travel vlogs, holiday videos, summer parties, good times, and other media content that wants to bring the sunshine joy, and fun.

      Whispered Emotions

      Inspiring and passionate Pop-Rock ballad. Featuring electric guitars and acoustic guitars, piano, electric bass, strings, and drums. This track is great for honeymoon love stories, romantic moments, happy end and dramatic cinematic productions.

      Rustic Roads

      Mellow, light, adorable and candy-sweet melody, playing on the acoustic guitar. This is a perfect background for little kids audience, prince and princess, far away kingdom, magic fairytale, romantic honeymoon, girlish dreams, la vie en rose.

      Touch Of Hope

      This beautiful acoustic folk track captures the essence of love and romance. Features a delicate acoustic guitar, gentle bells, a warm pad, and subtle drum percussion, creating a light, smooth, and easy-going mood. Ideal for inspirational narration, a heartfelt wedding photo slideshow, advertising campaigns, romantic films, or positive videos. This composition provides a backdrop of tranquility and positivity.

      Tropical Summer

      A soft dreamy relaxing tune featuring electric piano, pads, and nature sounds. Good for meditation, relaxation, honeymoon vibes, exotic paradise, massage therapy, island resorts promo, world view drone video 4k, etc. Enjoy!

      Tropical Guitar

      Upbeat, happy summer party anthem with a positive and carefree mood. It's all about having fun in the sun, white sand beaches, ocean waves, and tropical breezes. Excellent for a vacation in paradise island, honeymoon adventure, travel documentary, swimwear commercials, and more.

      We Are Like A Family

      Uptempo tropical-inspired pop track, featuring marimbas, synth, and electric guitars, bass. Suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages, restful images, holiday settings, coffee shops, on-hold music, underscoring narration, and other media content that evokes a happy summer feeling.

      Meditative View

      Happy acoustic music with positive strings melody, happy clapping, rustic elements and a good mood. Suitable for advertising, presentation, vlog, family photo slideshow, wedding love story, honeymoon trip, and more.

      Luminous Serenade

      Positive romantic Indian soundtrack with amazing passion orchestral strings and sitar! Perfect for exotic travel destinations, Indian wedding, romantic stories, honeymoon videos, ethnic trailer, sari fashion show. This soundtrack features sitar, bansuri flute, piano, tabla, dhol and deep passion eastern strings. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      Happy Childhood Summer

      Meditative View is a soothing, deep chill track with ethereal synth pads and soft notes, ideal for nature landscapes, aerial shots, slideshows, or yoga-related scenarios.

      Upbeat Acoustic Happiness

      Heartwarming, light and uplifting music with positive and optimistic mood. Perfect background music for corporate projects, romantic anniversary, honeymoon journey, vlogs, summer trip with family or friends, peaceful home video, success story, etc.

      Feeling Happiness

      Heartwarming and aspirational acoustic folk melody featuring an encouraging guitar theme, innocent glockenspiel, bright hand claps, and rolling drums. This composition is charged with a spirit of hope and enthusiasm. Great for travel vlogs, road trips, inspirational commercials, children's shows, educational content, indie films, and more.

      Gentle Harmony

      Smooth, romantic, and nostalgic French waltz played with a piano and accordion. This lovely and imaginative background music has special allure and charm. Ideal for any sentimental movies, lovely honeymoon, Paris street cafe or small bistro.

      If You Just Believe

      Smooth, romantic, and nostalgic French waltz played with the accordion. This lovely and imaginative background music has special allure and charm. Ideal for any sentimental movies, lovely honeymoon. Bright, light and catchy music. The atmosphere of peace of mind and happiness.

      Gone For The Weekend

      "Gone For The Weekend" is fresh summer royalty-free music with the spirit of summer vacations and weekend getaways. This modern tropical pop features kalimba, electric guitars, EDM beats, and drums. Ideal background music to bring memories back to favorite adventures under the tropical sun. Ideal for travel vlogs, commercials with a refreshing summer vibe, summer festivals, beach parties, YouTube Videos, etc.

      Picture The Sky

      Uplifting and positive pop rock track. Driving electric guitars, muted and delayed. Perfect for presentations, advertising, travel, and romantic honeymoon.

      Writing The Future Together

      Light music is suitable both for final titles and corporative presentations. Also could be used as an ad background for long storytelling action or short demo speech.

      Great Wonder

      Inspirational and emotional acoustic music track with downtempo feelgood melody. You can use it for retreat advertising, marketing campaigns, gentle YouTube videos, romantic movies, honeymoon journey, peace and love.

      Let The Sun Shine

      Uplifting music with positive and optimistic mood. Perfect background music for corporate achievements, romantic anniversary, honeymoon journey, summer trip with family or friends, success story, etc.

      Memory Of Love

      Sensual and alluring, sexy lounge track where every beat resonates with sophistication and an extra layer of enigma. The hypnotic synths meld seamlessly with catchy female voice samples, painting a vivid picture. Ideal as backdrop music for beauty tutorials, luxury travel vlogs, posh nightclubs, VIP parties, pole dance performances, intimate moments, or sultry evening settings.

      Feeling Positive

      Here is an inspiring, cute, romantic and emotional instrumental music with a French atmosphere. Used musette accordion, percussions, bells, violin and piano. Perfect for any sweet lovely or travel projects, love in Paris, honeymoon videos, or romantic comedy.

      Total Mindfulness

      Smooth, romantic, and nostalgic French waltz played with the accordion. This lovely and imaginative background music has special allure and charm. Ideal for any sentimental movies, lovely honeymoon. Bright, light and catchy music. The atmosphere of peace of mind and happiness.

      Catch The Vibe

      This acoustic composition exudes a tranquil beauty, stirring deep emotions and inspirations. Its uplifting tones make it an ideal choice for enhancing your diverse media projects, adding depth and resonance.

      Fragile Beauty

      A motivational, upbeat, inspirational, fresh and catchy corporate background track. Perfect for hot summer nights, honeymoon travel, driving a car at night, watching sunrise or sunset on the rooftop, searching for inspiration, love, and hope. Good for TV commercial, relaxing video or any modern projects.

      Your Time Has Come

      This melodic composition with calm, dreamy mood and dramatic notes performed on acoustic and electric guitars. Perfect background music for videos about waves and oceans, nature, honeymoon at the seaside, travel leisure, summertime memories, romance memories, serene landscapes, nostalgia.

      Confidence In Life

      It's easy listening smooth jazz Bossa Nova music with a sunny mood and delightful atmosphere. The main instruments are acoustic guitars, pianos, electric pianos, percussion, and electric bass. Charming background music for shopping malls, elevators, reception, trade centers, travel videos, cruise ship lines promo, and many more.

      Summer Birds

      Beautiful and inspiring folk track with live acoustic guitars, piano, strings, drum kit, and bells. This gently optimistic background music with positive and joyful sound will be perfect for your romantic video, wedding and honeymoon, hopeful and sweet moments, rustic commercials, sweet advertising, and other projects.

      Success In Coming

      This hot-burning salsa arrangement will make you feel like you're on the beach with a margarita in hand listening to Buena Vista Social Club or Santana. Featuring steel pans, guitars, piano, trombones, trumpets, and lots of percussions. Alluring and slinky, this background music is great for sunny sweet fun, couples dancing, Bacardi Rum cocktail party, tropical paradise, island vacation, honeymoon travel, romcom, or sitcom.

      Tropical Summer Wind

      Stylish House music both fashionable and inviting, with electric mute guitar, electric piano, and synths. This music radiates a vibe of sophistication and coolness, making it a fantastic choice for event videos, high-end fashion projects, beauty vlogs, or any project looking to add a touch of style. It also works brilliantly for advertisements, presentations, or any content that requires a smooth, atmospheric soundtrack. Perfect for event videos, fashion projects, beauty vlogs, advertising, presentations, and more.

      Midnight Tender

      Warm, dreamy, and carefree tropical house music captures the essence of tropical paradise and idyllic destinations. Featuring with piano chords, synth plucks melodic guitars, trumpet, and a flowing, sunny mood. Perfect for wanderlust adventures, commercial videos, leisurely moments advertising, summer vlogs, inspirational sun-filled videos, travel, and holiday visuals.

      Road To The West

      Light Sadness is a melancholy, sad, and sentimental track. This tune is an excellent fit for anyone looking to add a light, soft, hopeful blue mood to their projects.

      Treasured Memories

      A light acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational character. Perfect for TV advertisement, organic products or simply as a great background for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage, romantic honeymoon, free day on the beach.

      Natural Breeze

      Dreamy and soft melodic backing music to create a beautiful soundscape for your project. This track is filled with romantic joy and inspiration and will fit to any multimedia content. Such as honeymoon vacation, corporate presentation, as on-hold music for phone systems and more.

      Light Sadness

      This gentle and emotive piano background music features a dreamy progression of major 7th and minor 7th chords that create a romantic and soulful atmosphere. Using a dominant 7th chord adds tension and anticipation, making it ideal for a slow dance or intimate moment in film, TV, or video projects.

      Vacation Fun

      Sincere romantic music, acoustic guitars, melodious oboe and the pleasant atmosphere. I hope this music can enhance your project: Youtube Video, TV or Radio advert, presentation, podcast, romantic movie soundtrack, honeymoon vacation video, social media marketing, viral marketing campaign, business and promotional presentation, gig promo video and more! Thank you for purchase!

      Moons Shadow

      Heartwarming, light and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic mood. Featuring piano, orchestral strings, glockenspiel. Perfect background music for corporate achievements, romantic anniversary, wedding videos, honeymoon journey, time with family or friends, success story, advertising etc.

      Relaxing Before Dawn

      Uplifting, energetic, and lively EDM instrumental made in the tropical house style. Featuring pulsating groove and infectious rhythm, playful synthesizer lines, melodic hooks, and hypnotic beats. It creates a positive, carefree, and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for various events, parties, music festivals, retail stores, cafes, travel vlogs or lifestyle content, workout routines, promotional videos, and more.

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    There are some common times when music can be playing and some other special ideas to make the event memorable. Make this time in your life something even more meaningful by adding some good music.

    Your honeymoon is one of the most special moments of your life. Other than choosing a romantic destination, you can do a few things to make the extra experience special. Music is the universal language. Love can be understood through music around the world. Check out Melody Loops for romantic music to impress your husband or wife. Royalty-free music is available for your enjoyment. Your honeymoon will be one you will never forget.

    You may think there will be no time for music with your busy honeymoon travel schedule. You most likely have many exciting tourist destinations to visit. You can, however, find the time to introduce a little romance, via music, into your trip. Do not underestimate the car ride or flight.

    These are excellent times to have music ready to play. Prepare to download various mp3s for your spouse to listen to on the plane with some earphones, or prepare the music for the both of you to play on the drive. You can feel like you are the only people in a busy airport with some special music just for the two of you.

    Once you arrive at your destination, you can listen to music wherever you stay. Enjoy a candlelight dinner with some of your honeymoon music. Honeymoon music will help to make your honeymoon magical.

    Honeymoon music should not be something you would hear in a dance club. It should be on the slower side and make you feel like staying close to your significant other. Many people may also like to have a special song or sound representing when or where they met.

    It is a great idea to look through the available honeymoon music and check out some different genres to make your playlist complete and customized just for you. Some music may make you think of the romantic parts of a movie, and some may be more upbeat, like a sweet first date. There is sure to be a sound that you can relate to.

    There is no reason to head off for your honeymoon without some special music to compliment the mood. Take the music with you and listen to it when you return home for your continued enjoyment.

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