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  • High Tension is a dramatic and dark action track. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

    Ready, steady, go! Fast, modern, catchy, addictive, futuristic and very inspiring and motivating piece of music. This energizing, stimulating, exciting and breathtaking track will add speed and adrenalin to your project! Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, science fiction, animations, background music, promotions, ads, presentations, cartoons, applications, commercials, soundtracks, movies, trailers, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

    Soft and very smooth track with beautiful reflections and mellow atmosphere creates a peaceful, heartwarming mood. Great for all kinds of media.

    A cool, hip, break beat style house track. This dramatic and emotional track is perfect for any project needing sadness, with a feeling of hope; flashbacks to a better life; frustration with optimistic notes.

    A bright and mischievous orchestral track featuring pizzicato strings, marimba and other orchestral percussions. It has a fun, cheeky vibe. Great for anything from drama, reality TV and cartoons to kids productions about high risk.

    A cool medium to fast-paced electronic film score track that is perfect for laying underneath visuals that need a bit of energy and movement. Lots of builds, rises, cuts outs and kick ins for editing to picture. Live guitar, electronic piano and other instruments blended into this eclectic and versatile track. A strong rhythm keeps the pace going in this cinematic soundtrack that features arpeggiated synths, distorted sound design and has a mission impossible / Drive feel to it. Great as an underscore or prominent featuring score.

    Positive Uplifting Bright Pop / Rock/ Punk Song for a different kind of youth in action projects, games or sport: snowboard, skate or other. Song can work well with popular GoPro camera in action.

    This is a fun and energetic big beat tune in the fast pace, featuring piano, electric guitar as the main lead. The music is really useful for many kinds of application, presentation, animation, corporate video.

    Happy and fun big beat tune, with overdrive guitar, scratches and voice sample.

    Energetic opener featuring strong and energetic drum beat with overdrive guitar riff.

    Uplifting and positive track in corporate-electronic genre with strong motivational feel. This upbeat mid-tempo arrangement features modern synths, electronic motives ( beeps, analogue drum machines ), atmospheric pads, warm dirty bass and drums. This electronic track would be great for background video use, especially in positive and bright marketing promo videos, including corporate motivational videos, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation, and business podcasts.

    Modern drums backed with stylish guitar passages creates a modern track containing cool stylish elements offering a slight sense of contemplation, seriousness and danger. The melody itself sounds alike James Bond making it useful for thriller film scenes.

    Hip Hop, pop B&B with orchestrated strings and female background singers giving it a funk fantasy groove. Ideal for film, TV, radio background, trailer theme music.

    Modern sounding background song for corporate, hi tech, slideshows and much more.

    Powerful electronic track in a aggressive mood. Featured instruments are aggressive synths. Good for advertising or a video game.

    This hypnotic electro music combines a dramatic and energetic style with powerful modern elements. The synth lead plays a wild and catchy melody while the plucky guitar adds a cool twist. This music works great for a wide variety of apps including television, ads, dance club, film, and more.

    Hip hop styled song with lots of effect sounds. The dry main beat is combined with funky synths and bass elements.

    A glitchy atmospheric track with interesting analog arpeggiator and atmospheric pads laid with strong modern electronic drums.

    A beat for dreaming to. Has a surreal kinda vibe to it.

    An electronic track in melancholic mood. Featured instruments are synth bells, deep dubstep bass and weird pad. Good for different kind of videos or video games

    A positive loungy up-beat track with warm rhodes and crisp moving drums.

    A lo-fi trip hop tune with crispy downtuned drums, gritty bass with a downtempo rhode melody.

    This break beat music loop is a wild and futuristic powerhouse sure to capture your attention. The strong percussion is complimented with a catchy bass line as the robotic synth melodies provide the tone.

    A upbeat electronic track with bells, bass guitar, and crispy drums!

    Positive and optimistic electronic track with soft dubstep glitching elements. It communicates happy feelings and conveys funny images to audience. Perfect for advertising use and positive, uplifting corporate videos. I

    A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

    Take your project to the next level by incorporating this energetic track for that extra bite. This original composition is ideal for your advertising, commercials, corporate media, and presentations! This danceable track features a variety of pumping synthesizer elements that combine into an epic groove!

    Energetic, powerful electronic score with aggressive/distorted synths and punchy electronic drum beats. From start to end an endless climax!

    Funny and easy-going electronic tune. Good for casual games.

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