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    • Orchestral loop slowly and solemnly, with oboe theme that stands on the sonorous carpet of strings. Cinematic, for pure pleasure of listening and for particular video. This is my favorite and it's a little sad. But I expressed my calm mind. Solid theme that varies in chord changes. Thoughtful. Elegant loop for piano solo, in classical style. Good for ringtones and telephone answering. Luxury is everywhere: in the clothes of ladies, in the suits of gentlemen, in the decoration of ceremonial halls ... You are in a fairy tale. You are at the ball of the Queen. It's a kind of classical music, where strings combined with drums, electronic bells and bass synthesizer create a light-mood atmosphere. This track was originally written for a particular cleaning ad but did not get picked up, thus the title. I was told that it would be better suited for children. So with that said, the track is written only with an acoustic guitar. Mellow, light, adorable and candy-sweet melody, playing on the acoustic guitar. This is a perfect background for little kids audience, prince and princess, far away kingdom, magic fairytale, romantic honeymoon, girlish dreams, la vie en rose. TRAVEL DREAMS is an interesting combination of the piano and drum sounds. It binds to an elated feel from the starting beats itself making it a jovial tune.
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