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    • A strange, sad piano solo. As it is improvisational, it evokes something unique and difficult to capture. Full of emotion, surprise and wonder. A strange, provocative solo piano piece. Inspired by jazz and the music of Debussy, this piece goes in unexpected directions and does not follow the generally accepted music theories in the realm of harmonic progression. Perfect for intriguing productions, mystery, and experimental work. A sad, march like indie acoustic track. It has a sad, nostalgic underpinning. Very contemplative and wistful. Sounds similar to Wilco and Sufjan Stevens. It starts seemingly dramatic as you can hear the tail of the violin at the last part of the track as soon as it starts. A strange, unique track, with a repeating, cyclical piano part, and strange instrumental accompaniments. Meant to create a sense of paranoia, fear and isolation. This inspiring and motivational track brings together a beautiful Pan Drum tune with some strings, piano, bells and an uplifting drums groove. A beautiful, emotional piano piece. Very poignant in the performance. It's perfect for many projects and videos. Noble and majestic baroque atmosphere. Intense and close dialogue between violin and viola, while in background strings and horns are intertwined. Strongly cinematic. Electric guitar, accompanied by rhythm guitars, synths, percussion, organ and bass, stands with his melancholic and powerful melody, reminiscent of the great progressive style. Audio of this loop is not "pumped", to preserve every nuance of sound and enable the listeners to play with the volume, according to their needs. A dark jazz track, with dark tones and strange harmonic progression. Some progressive rock elements as well. A deep, contemplative piano track with accompanying strings. Sad yet hopeful. Perfect for cinematic productions. Sequence electronic style sweet and catchy melodies that has been designed to serve as background music to video games. A dark, lonely and sad piano and string piece. A sweet, uplifting piano and orchestra track. Featuring also finger snaps and bongo percussion. A very contemplative, deep and soothing piano track. There are also elements of sadness, melancholy and nostalgia. A dark and sad elegy. Perfect for sad scenes and themes. Similar to the ending sequence to Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony, as it keeps descending lower and lower. A sweet, nostalgic, peaceful piano piece. A dark, lonely cinematic ambient piano piece. A deep, emotional, Wagnerian like cinematic string ensemble. Perfect for dark or sad cinematic productions, but can be used in other projects as well. This is an inspiring and reflective piano piece. Perfect for commercials, corporate videos and inspirational videos. Piano plays simple, mournful minor melody accompanied by harp in 59 second loop. Suggested for scenes involving tragedy, serious introspection and calls to donate for disaster relief. Also for psychological thriller sequences, PSAs and to underscore funeral and interment sequences. Key of A minor, 90 bpm A sad yet sweet, nostalgic, and hopeful piano track. This looped version may actually add to its effect, as it never resolves itself, thus remaining in seemingly never ending state of longing, sadness, and melancholy. A dark, strange piece recalling ancient times. It has a sound similar to Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pink Floyd and Gazpacho. Poignant and intimate track, full of sadness and hope magically combined. The instrumentation includes piano, strings, pizzicato cellos, flute, french horn, harp. Suitable for video and cinematic scenes A happy, bright and awakening track. Perfect for upbeat commercials and more! A passionate, touching piano piece, also with orchestral strings and an oboe. The emotional piano melody conveys reflection and tenderness. Great for trailers or projects that need an emotive atmosphere. Mysterious touching song performed on synthesizers on a breakbeat style. The realism and vulnerability of this track stands out especially. Full of emotion and heart, this is perfect for dramatic, sad, strange, and even uplifting film scenes. The emotional complexity makes it suitable for a wide range of projects. You can almost feel the orchestra right in front of you. Soft, warm, peaceful melody in the lounge style for instrumental quartet: electric piano, electric guitar, bass and drums. Sentimental acoustic ballad music loop in a nostalgic, romantic and hopeful feel. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano, shakers and ukulele. Bright and humble melody that is great for love, memories, nostalgia and graceful scenes. Slow, melancholic, thoughtful and reflective piano piece. Mood transforms from melancholic to hopeful. Instruments include piano and violins. Sad music classical background to use in YouTube videos and storytelling. An savvy, smart hard rock track. Featuring virtuosic guitar leads, heavy bass guitar riffs, and Led Zeppelin style drums. Piano, organ, glockenspiel, vibes, synths and percussion play moody, tango-inspired patterns in 113 second loop suggested to underscore dark sequences portraying espionage, intrigue and romantic courtship. Also to accompany scenes of automation, robotics and precision. Mysterious Mind is a very soft and quite atmosphere track,with a very smooth and gentle piano in the background.This heartfelt, sentimental track features a special pizzicatos strings sequence, and is eventually joined by wondrous, tender piano. A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for productions looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood. Melancholic sweetness and emotion are the feelings that pervade this track, with piano, cello and violin in constant dialogue and in perfect classical balance. An atmospheric, reflective orchestral track that conveys a mood of contemplation, emotion and compassion. Warm, graceful strings are accompanied by a light piano, harp and a beautiful Duduk. Stirring and poignant without being over sentimental. A very soothing, soft, and tender piano and string piece. Perfect for romantic scenes, love scenes, sad scenes and more! A sophisticated lounge tune with rhodes, deep bass, and a hard to ignore dramatic string section. A sad and lonely song played with a piano. A downtempo and relaxed tune with glitchy and atmospheric guitar with trip hop drums and a soothing melody. A very savvy, cool track. A little bit of drive, a little bit of hope, and also a little bit of darkness and sadness. A unique mix of sounds and moods. Perfect for unique productions requiring something just a little different. A dramatic cinematic theme perfect for intense cinema scenes and more. An intriguing English Horn led instrumental piece. Perfect for crime, mystery, and more! Piano and lush strings set a somber mood perfect for underscoring serious and emotional moments in any project. Designed as a relaxing background track for web page audio on a corporate website. Lead with piano and backed with strings building up to a rhythm and also then accompanied by guitar. A contemplative, sad, and searching piano piece. Perfect for cinematic production, but can be used in other applications as well. Dramatic, intimate and sad track, strongly cinematic charachter. Over a background of strings, stands out the majestic and poignant classic guitar solo. Suitable for projects with strong personality. A reflective winter piano piece. Perfect for commercials, presentations, and more! An immersive, catchy, ambient guitar track. Perfect for presentations, videos, commercials and more! Nostalgic song performed on synthesizers, with a leit motiv performed on bell keys over a blend of pads and rhythmic synth strings. A mood of longing for the past but not being able to recover those days. Versatile track with synth arpeggio, cello, glass marimba, piano and filtered drums. For all tech promo videos, slideshows and much more. It is a beautiful song dance style made with care and with much love sweets instruments like the piano. Hip Hop instrumental background soundscape featuring piano, bass and various synths at 110 bpm. It could fit well with corporate videos, dramatic movie scenes, urban and suburban settings. The piano theme is serious and conveys a sense of dramatic nature A very strange ambient, cinematic track. Almost sounds like it would be perfect in a Quentin Tarantino style Western or something of that vein. A very poignant guitar track. Nostalgic and sad, yet hopeful and uplifting. Very similar to the work of Anathema and Porcupine Tree. Perfect for cinematic productions, including documentaries. A very deep and melancholy piano track. Perfect for many applications including commercials, documentaries and much more! A short and catchy melody in waltz tempo executed in digital piano. An ethereal piano plays alone. This track takes you in distant lands. Perfect soundtrack for any sophisticated advertising or romantic movies scenes. A cinematic, serious, driving guitar track with drums accompanying. A peaceful, contemplative guitar track with a drum accompaniment. A slow, light and touchy jazzy trip hop influenced track with piano in focus with a downtempo kind of mood.
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