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    • A dark, contemplative, somewhat atonal orchestral piece. Perfect for sad, dark or ominous subject matter. A contemplative, questioning piano piece, with a great amount of heart and soul. Perfect for background videos involving love, death, memories, and more! A relaxing, soothing, and contemplative harp piece with heavy reverberation. A contemplative and deep orchestral ensemble. Conveying nostalgia, longing and sadness. Perfect for a wide range of projects. 30 seconds of soft piano music great for commercials and tv spots, radio spots. This music is calm, slow, and light A beautiful sad instrumental, almost funeral like cinematic and classical violins piece. Perfect as sad music for productions, lonely scenes in videos. A deep, yearning, emotional orchestral piece. Perfect for sad or uplifting productions. Dramatic and proud instrumental track featuring classic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings and electronic drums. It could sound perfect for dramatic movies, TV series, movie trailers and any kind of footage that needs a dramatic music background. A strange, creepy and alluring cinematic piece. Perfect for horror, psychological thrillers and more. Nostalgic romantic cinematic theme music with beautiful piano melody. Nostalgic and sentimental, comforting underscore. Melancholic and hopeful soundtrack for sadness and longing, hopes and dreams. A slow haunting, ethereal track, featuring a piano/string lead.Very atmospheric with an underlying romantic theme. A haunting, sad slow orchestral piece featuring violin. A sad, reflective song suitable for emotional and somber moments. The melody sounds a bit like Terminator Main Theme. This is a nostalgic and very romantic track with an acoustic 12 strings guitar and a deep prepared piano. Perfect track for love or flashback scenes in movies and advertisings. A cool, stylish alternative rock piece. Perfect for a wide range of projects including videos, ads and more! This is a heartwarming positive and calm soundscape/atmosphere, Perfect for drone videos, Time-lapse clips and emotional scenes. A strange, thoughtful piano and drone piece. Perfect as a background. Loop in the typical style of the great Italian soundtracks. A wonderful, intimate and poignant soloist violin on a very refined carpet of strings. Best suits for nature scene, evocative moments, sad love stories etc. A thoughtful, still, and stirring piano and violin piece. Best suits for nature videos, memorial slideshow, sad love stories and time lapses. A reflective, peaceful, yet questioning piano and violin piece. Best suits for nature videos, love stories, time lapse, memorial video etc. A waltz for piano with orchestral accompaniment. A song created to ambient elegant scenes or characters. A heartwarming, yet bittersweet classical music piece. Each spring brings new life, but also, the memory of the life lost during the winter that just was. It is somewhat reminiscent of the music of Grieg, or Mahler's 5th (the Adagietto movement). Guitar and piano song with violin and piano solos. A dark tune created to ambient horror scenes in short movies, cinematics or video games. Orchestra and classical guitar song. Created specially for fantasy games, to ambient elegant situations or characters. Bittersweet, subtle 105 second loop of solo piano arrangement in the style of cocktail lounges, suggested to underscore serious narration, scenes of reflection, heartfelt sequences of personal loss and calls for charitable donations. Key of A minor, 78 bpm A contemplative, somewhat dark oriental piece, featuring a Guzhing and other instruments from the east. A soulful, somewhat sad, yet hopeful ambient piano piece. Perfect as a background to emotional or dramatic productions. A gentle, soft and a bit melancholy piece of music - based on a piano tune accompanied by atmospheric sounds. This inspiring and touching music would fit perfectly for videos capturing a moment of inspiration, realization, remembrance. Dramatic and shimmering, perfect for psychological drama and crimes of passion. Electric piano, lots of synth layers, electric guitars in the middle of track, powerful beat. A great piece for documentary, crime, theme and serious drama. Winter Light is a beautiful, emotional and dramatic cinematic acoustic piano cue, accompanied by soft, warm synth sounds. Great for trailers, promotions, presentations, dramatic projects and videos. Conveys feelings of deep thought, sadness and loss. Epic, orchestral music ideal for corporate, ceremonial events, TV, film, documentary and cable productions needing supporting music soundtrack. Epic and inspired atmosphere, in a development that leads to the central part of the loop, highly cinematic. Classical instruments and incisive percussions, with the addition of a mellow digital synth and powerful choirs for your projects. This beautiful ambient track is based on a touching piano tune, accompanied by warm pads, guitars, bass and soft drums. This track is about memories, deep feelings and appreciation and is great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film. A chilled track with a slightly dark undercurrent. Featuring a dominant drumloop, piano and strings. This track is also complemented by some subtle fx. With a slow and deliberate pace this song suggests good times and memorable. It can serve as background music retro gaming videos or documentary. Piano plays sultry, flamenco-inspired melody accompanied by acoustic guitars, upright bass and Latin percussion. Suggested to underscore scenes of romance, courtship, espionage and exotic Central American locations. Key of D minor, 113 bpm A cool lounge style track with a groovie percussion, strong bass, light guitar melody, electric piano and synth background sounds. Good for romantic movie scenes or background music. A questioning, quiet guitar piece. Perfect as a background in wide range of projects. Romantic music with world music elements. Mystical reflections of exotic melancholic love, bright sentimental in a flowing moody atmosphere. beautiful dramatic pensive piano melody and Arabian ethnic percussion. Relaxed and spherical song with a straight drum groove, piano and synth. This downtempo track is perfect for a wide range of background applications like imagevideos, slideshows, aerials or tech videos. An encouraging and uplifting cinematic journey. Perfect for trailers, promos, ads, games and various video projects. An outgrowth of the piece "Epic Journey," this is a more angelic and peaceful take. Featuring a beautiful female vocal, and a pensive, subdued string section. Tranquil cinematic Piano background music calm restrained for reflective settings. drama advertise TV/slideshow flash documentary etc. Comforting sad and moving. A peaceful, soothing piano piece with a hybrid synth ambiance accompanying. A soothing, yet strange and sad string piece. Featuring 2 cellos, violin, and viola. A positive and motivating piano solo for use in corporate, commercial or various other forms of media applications. Passion piano playing inspiring and dramatic music. Gentle and nostalgic acoustic lounge track in a modern easy listening atmosphere. Laid back, romantic underscore with ukulele, acoustic guitars, piano, strings and delicate beat. Contemplative and soothing contemporary love ballad. Best for loving and heartwarming urban scenes. Sweet and romantic song that recalls the dreamy atmosphere of japanese anime. Piano protagonist, softly accompanied by strings, oboe and flute. A deep, ponderous ambient piano piece. Perfect as a background but can be used in other ways as well. Bittersweet solo piano arrangement using simple melody and counterpoint in 88 second loop, suggested to underscore serious narration, scenes of reflection, heartfelt sequences of personal loss and calls for charitable donations. Key of A minor, 120 bpm A peaceful, nostalgic piano piece. It sounds similar to the typical inspirational piano music but with a more ambient and subdued sound and vibe, causing it to sound more like a memory (hence the title "Inspirational Memory"). An ambient jazz piece with complicated drums and strange pads and sax sections. A sad, lonely piano piece. There is a certain nostalgic sense of wonder. Perfect for a wide range of video projects. An inspiring, exciting and powerful new age track! Based on a catchy piano tune, accompanied by atmospheric pads, percussion and a great tribal beat! Calm and quiet ambient track in a melancholic mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitar, atmospheric pads and deep bass. Good for space video or slide show. Sentimental and loving acoustic track with delicate and longing orchestral elements. A romantic nostalgic underscore featuring steel guitar finger picking, mallets, strings and clarinet. Soothing and compassionate cinematic music best for love, melancholic reflective, hopeful and heartwarming scenes in film, TV and video productions. An experimental work for the solo the piano. By going in unexpected directions and playing in an improvisational manner, this piece creates a sense of intrigue, amazement and uncertainty. Orchestral Composition for staccato strings (bass, cellos, violas and violins), piano and horns. The theme is dramatic and conveys a sense of unavoidable destiny. It can fit well with any dramatic scene in movies, short movies, trailers, and even advertisements that need an orchestral cue to underscore specific scenes. Perfect for touching scenes in dramatic, war or action movies. Get up a bit earlier and go to a lonely beach. The cool sea and warmish sand will calm and will put your thoughts in order. Featuring a bowed guitar, rock drums, bass guitar and 2 interchanging lead guitars. This track is soaring and inspiring. Perfect for a wide range of projects.
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