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    • Solo piano music. This music will be great for reflective, defeated, sadness situations. Serene, calm acoustic track. Melodic electric guitar piece, with progressive movements from melancholic through hopeful, to bright. This melody sounds like one of those minimal tracks of old computer consoles from the 8-bit era of video games. Just imagine a middle ages adventure story that wants to be funny but is really just a weak adventure story without humor. Acoustic guitar arpeggio in Am with subtle bass and a soothing background pad synth. Tonight nothing's gonna disturb me. A relaxed evening on a late summer day. A continuous drumgroove with epiano, alto sax, synth and some noise effects in the background which give this track a little magic. Only a dry piano to create an atmosphere of silent film. Sophisticated and particular. Suitable for animations and home videos. Cute as background. Very touching melody performed by three flutes. It sounds a bit archaic and medieval. Sounds innocent and very gently. Loop progressive style, majestic and melancholic, with dominant synths and electric guitar. Cinematic, great ambience. A melancholic loop about being alone, feelings, a lost love or reflecting. This is a track, with two piano playing a suspenseful/chasing melody and strings in background. Suitable for many uses on TV commercials or your video project. Enjoy! Looped track in slow tempo, pulsating and rhythmic, lively but with a subtle trace of melancholy. Great electric guitar solo. Contemporary thoughtful and intimate song with featuring piano, pads and percussion with hope and love feeling. Touching, fragile and delicate theme will bring warm atmosphere in your projects. Also good for advertising and commercial. Slow and majestic pop track. Electric guitar solo that rises above a background of strings, brass and powerful and reverberated percussions. This a dramatic Pop/Rock track with a powerful vibe and feel. Fabulous grand piano sound accompanied by distorted guitar, bass and heavy drums. Great soundtrack for films, videos, and etc. An 82 second loop of sad piano motifs with a quicker animated bridge of subtle optimism. Suggested for scenes of heartbreak, tragedy, natural disaster, underscoring of serious narration, lost love and live theatrical performance use. Key of C Minor, 85 beats/min Great sensitivity in this orchestral track, with the melody of the violin dominant and poignant. Markedly cinematic. Beautiful classical piece of music performed by string quartet,violin with oboe. Perfect background music for a love scene, memorial films, documentary narratives etc. A motivational track, start gently with a piano melody, mixing with guitars and orchestral elements, to give this feeling of hope ,confidence and positivity. High quality sound ready for use in your project. Dark moody romantic instrumental background music played with piano, guitar, strings. A contemporary piano piece with warm and hopeful feeling. It brings upbeat, mellow, enchanted and beautiful sense due constant sound movements. It's a sad and melodious composition with 2 acoustic guitars, one plays a rhythm and the second solo. A well equilibrated, reserved but groovy track delivers an athmosphere of loneliness, city by night and romantic melancholy. Melancholic background music written in R'n'B style. Electric guitar, bass, electric piano, strings and percussion play driving, energetic retro dance club groove in 65 second loop suggested for urban nightlife scenes, nostalgic and transitional sequences, montages, corporate presentations. Key of A minor, 88 beats/min A contemporary piano piece with warm and hopeful feeling. It brings upbeat, mellow, enchanted and beautiful sense due constant sound movements. Retro rock guitar plays dirty lead line accompanied by clavinet, organ, bass guitar and drums in 68 second loop. Suggested for nostalgic 60s and 70s bar scenes, flashbacks, montages, transitions, altered consciousness and grungy clubs. This is a melancholic and ambient film soundtrack with a lonely and sad vibe. Emotional piano parts accompanied by mellow cellos. passionate cinematic music. Sweet and nostalgic guitar melodies take you to a road of beautiful memories and love. This track is a very good match for any music background application and memories video segments. Emotional Piano with gentle string backing creates a dramatic sense of love, sorrow and emotional sadness. The soft, timely piano chord melody was designed to suggest someone leaving for the last time, or about to never been seen again. Very useful film production music for heroic scene conveying both positivity and negativity for an ideal film end scene. Piano, strings, French horn and light percussion play slow, lush emotional 85 second loop. Suggested for end credits, main title sequences, dramatic montages, bittersweet romantic scenes of lost love, underscoring of serious narration requesting donations for relief aid. Key of D minor, 102 beats/min A brooding 57 second instrumental loop featuring piano, percussion and real Moog and Prophet synthesizers. Suggested to underscore an unsettling scene or dark drama theme, underscoring of somber narration, TV and radio production spots, voice-overs. Key of E minor, 100 beats/min Emotional symphonic pop track, powerful and majestic, with a touch of melancholy. Rich and varied instrumentation: piano, sax, several synths, electric guitar, percussions and drums. Great impact for films, drama and action. A beautiful composition of strings, piano with a great emotional feeling, passion and warmth that slowly builds up. Slow, sad solo piano composition in 82 second loop suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also underscoring images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate. Key of F minor/100 beats/min. Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice. Dreamy melody for inner contemplation. Main instruments is keyboards against the background of cello. Beautiful and sad piano composition, that evokes sentimental feelings. Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Deep, sensitive and sad music is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos. Odyssey is an Atmospheric Rock sad and melancholic theme ideal for shooting driving takes and autumn landscapes Romantic and mysterious piano sends a palette of moods. Looped track for piano solo, classically modern style and slow time. Impression of the first star who wins the light of the setting sun. Sweetly melancholic and powerful, ideal cinematic background. Looped track for piano solo, animated and rhythmic, vibrant and fast-paced, among contrapuntal echoes and Spanish patterns. Cinematic and energizing, ideal for background and web. This sweet piece could be useful on many types of projects where need underscore warm atmosphere. An old one but a good one Calm, emotive and melancholic easy-listening/hip-hop song with gentle clean guitars and a nice hip-hop drum bit towards the end. A feeling of reflection and gentle sadness throughout the track. Nostalgic, sad piano song coming from an old gramophone. Gentle pensive piano melody that evokes melancholic and sad thoughts. An echo rich guitar riff, with bass and cymbals. A foreboding piano passage, cautionary and telling. Shipped in a dream as on an ocean floor, try to feel that occurs to you. Noise of cities and motorways now only thin ripples on a surface of kilometers of thickness of a dream... Sad and beautiful space/ambient track. Featuring synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and the sound of bells. Perfect background music for relaxation and meditation. Classical track for piano solo, slow time, twentieth century style, dreamy. Cinematic, for web, presentations and background. A beautiful, slightly sad melody. Main instruments: electric guitar, percussion, synth pads, which create airy atmospheric effects. Perfect background music for relaxation and meditation about the past. Elegant and romantic loop for piano solo, sweet, dreamy, passionate. Ideal for web, ringtones and background You are curious, you are attracted with all new, yet you don't comprehend all true. Stars recommend to you not to endow love for the sake of friendship. This was a song about blind love and how you really have no control over it at all, hence the title falling at Velocity. Its a little melancholy. Aggressive and powerful hip-hop track. Great for sports action and advertising. Consist of beat, synth riff and strings. A mellow symphonic orchestral track featuring piano, pizzicato basses, cello, strings, horns and flute Bouncy piano melody played with a lovley deep string pad, backed by a deep bass and drums Thy streets are so familiar to me. I love your dynamics of the day and a beauty of the night lights, romance of the parks and grandeur of the high-rises. I meet with you again. I am glad to meet you! Mid-tempo alternative rock track. Dynamic and emotive, consist of electric guitars, piano, wide bass and drums. Great for TV show and advertising.
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