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    • Slow motion,minimalistic, romantic, cinematic piano .Fit for drama, and emotional scenes. Uplifting and positive track that works extremely well to promote products and services in TV, web and radio commercial campaigns. It's also perfect to motivate salesforce with igniting corporate videos. The style is Coldplay sound-alike due to its urgent drums, toms, snares and guitar riffs. It is a musical sequence on electronic style music to serve as the basis for a video game. The piece contains three distinct melodies: -The first one is played by a flute. -The second line with a piano and a sharp synth companion. -The third is the refrain. A lo-fi trip hop tune with crispy downtuned drums, gritty bass with a downtempo rhode melody. Slow motion cinematic piano with cello. Fit for drama and emotional scenes. Dynamic and ethnic guitar composition with south american and flamenco elements (flute, percussions, marimba, accordion). Perfect for advert, travel channels, TV shows. A road trip through South America, passionate dancers under the moonlight. Great for typical products' advert. Short cuts available An ethereal piano with some electronic sounds and some loops. Great FINALE with orchestra and orchestral percussions. You can use this track for action and romantic scenes, psychologic and drama as well. Pensive and anxious ambient track with a deep atmosphere created by ample reverb effects and a hypnotic guitar lead. A ethereal orchestral-piano cinema based composition recording with original voice. Solo piano plays simple, haunting arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of mourning, grief or serious narration. Also for scenes of heartbreak, tragedy, natural disaster relief, lost love, and live theatrical performance use. Key of C minor, 73 bpm An emotive, sweet, modern, and sophisticated track with full strings orchestra laid down on filtered drums loop and hypnotic keyboard loop. It is optimistic, ethereal, intimate and great for movie, adverts, radio, podcasts and tv among other things. This is a beautiful song of style made with soft electronic sounds of piano and sax. It contains a high melodic content. A wild dubstep track mixed with an evocative part with piano and strings. Great for your suggestive videos. Jumpy, strong, hard, lively, weird, intense. Great for video games and youtube. Great for TV sport broadcasts and also advertising. Check also dubestp logo, ident and jingle for shortcuts. A very sad piano piece. Perfect for cinematic productions and more. Intimate and calm looped track, suffused with an intimate sadness. The violin sings lyrically towering over a sound carpet of piano and strings. This instrumental theme performed with piano, violin, classic guitar and accordion, reminds mediterranean flavours and is great for documentaries, travel channels and broadcasts regarding southern europe, TV shows and journalistic reportages about Italy and France in particular. This is a song made from simple sounds and has been designed to serve as background music retro video game court. It has a certain air of old video games at the time. Very delicate tune features oboe solo along with harpsichord and string orchestra good for sensitive scenes, emotional stories, etc. A sweet, delicate and lively composition for two pianos and three hands. Bright and flaming composition in the style of Michael Nyman. A great piano track ideal elegant corporate videos, web promo and/or advertising. In the mist of your mind traveling through the trippy hills of time. A soothing slow trippy tune. With piano and guitar looped. A background track for many applications with a carefree feeling. Acoustic piano accompanied by drums, strings, bass and a pick guitar. Relaxed and smooth. It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence. Hopeful acoustic music in a romantic, loving and optimistic mood. Content folk music for love, hope and positive underscore in nostalgic, peaceful and bright scenes. Innocent, soft and mellow. A deep and dramatic looped solitary piano track. A reflective loop with a repeated piano theme and harp. Guitar like sounds combined with synth layers. Dynamic track in a melancholic mood. Featured instrumens are piano, acoustic guitars and synths. Good for advertising. Noble track in slow time, classical orchestral instrumentation. Elegance and lyrical melancholy to meet the most aristocratic demanding, far from the easily commercial music. Sensual, emotive orchestrated track comprised of piano, violin, cello sections with harp. Ideal for film, TV and video game soundtrack. Simple peaceful looped cadence with brassy vintage synthesizer textures trading chords in stereo with subtle percussion. Suggested for relaxed scene of resolution, closure, the morning after, a new day, change of season, solstice, transition, epilogue, main theme or end credits. Key of C, 120 beats/min It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence. Cool and very positive loop. Good for cinematic backgrounds, intros, trailers, video games, animations, cartoons, websites and other media. I hope you like it. This is a little sad melody that resembles the ebb and flow of the sea. The main instruments are guitars and keyboards. A sensitive, beautiful and inspiring track with feel of hope and waiting for a miracle perfect for a calm or emotional montage. The track features piano and orchestra, mainly violins, cello, oboe and glockenspiel. Very calm and gentle romantic music for vibraphone, flute, piano and cello. Best for romantic movies, slide shows and relaxation. Upbeat and bouncy electronic music loop. A perfectly positive vibe for uplifting corporate and motivational business videos, websites, urban advertising, Youtube videos and New Media. This is a chillout style melodic sequence full of energy and good times. Slow motion, minimalistic, suspense cinematic looped piano. Fit for drama, and emotional scenes. A lonely, passionate and sad tale of loss and despair conveyed through a Romantic, emotional Nylon guitar with strings accompaniment in the background. Music with piano and cello. Sad but hopefully mood. This music will be great for loving, romantic, dramatic, cinematic situations. Dramatic and passionate cinematic music. Deep accordion chords create a unique romantic mood to the scenes of partying and the fatal love. Suitable for fashion video clips. In the style of Gotan Project. Heartbreaking song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums pattern. Easy acoustic guitar and synth composition. A negative title for such a positive atmosphere to say how beautiful it's to be able to be positive or even relaxed whenever something bad happens in our life. Piano, strings and light percussion play slow emotional A/B patterns suggested for end credits, main title sequences, dramatic montages, bittersweet romantic scenes of lost love and underscoring of serious narration requesting donations for relief. Key of F minor, 55 beats/min This is a pure guitar record. Romantic in style, the lyrical melody flows above the guitar accompaniment in B minor. Cello plays slow, lonely, somber, haunting A/B solo pattern . Suggested for funeral scenes, sad transitions, foreboding film sequences or montages and to underscore narration requesting financial aid for disaster relief funds, voice-overs. Broken Door is a pop rock song, based on real drum, bass, loop, acoustic and electric guitars. You can create your own melody on it. Featuring a small chamber group, this adaptation of Beethoven's 2nd movement from the Eroica symphony evokes a haunting and mournful dark dramatic mood. Epic and celebratory orchestral musicStrong and passionate loop able soundtrack with powerful string section and field drumsVictoriousuplifting and gloriousfor regal and majestic festive scenesadventurous underscoreand royal background music. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synth and drums combine in 74 second loop for haunting slow pattern. Suggested for tragic film sequences, end credits, epilogues, montages, live stage sound design applications and to accompany bittersweet images or slideshows. Key of A minor, 65 beats/min Inspirational uplifting track with epic soaring piano riff and down tempo heavy dub step beats. Laid back Spanish Guitar track full of passion and emotion. Features latin style percussion, rhythm and lead guitar. Dreamy and modern romantic music loop. with sweet electric piano ethereal melody, background vocals, downtempo beat and strings. Hopeful and mellow, optimistic and soothing. For romance, love, dreams, hope and comfort in film soundtrack, Tv and longing video productions. 'The Clock Is Ticking' is a very soft and quiet atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle piano sequence in the background. This heartfelt, sentimental track features a special bell sequence, and is eventually joined by wondrous, tender piano. A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for productions looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood. A very sad and dark ostinato piano track, where the notes in the high and low register of the piano are combined with a mysterious melody. New age music, with synth and pads to enlight positive feelings and hope. Inspired by the wonders of nature and human soul. Soft solo piano track. Repetitive melody with variations and a mysterious mood. Warm acoustic grand piano sound. Dramatic, tender, sensitive music with a touch of suspense. Elegant, intimate and poignant track, classical style. Rich instrumentation of strings and dominant piano. Strongly cinematic. Nostalgic song performed on clean guitar and synthesizers, emulated overdriven guitar and strings. Mood : remembering and longing for good things of the past to come back Uplifting and energetic pop/rock track that evokes belief and achievement. Very powerful! Epic dramatic song blend of synth drums, orchestra and piano. It starts quiet then grows to a full density of instruments
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