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    • Summer With You by Infraction

      Summer With You is super fun and refreshing soundtrack with a bright, positive mood! If you are looking for the ultimate audio for your summertime projects, then you are in the right place. This track will perfectly fit videos about fitness, sport, travel, summer holidays, fashion shows, photoshoot videos, tropical lifestyle vlogs, websites, or presentations.

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      Dream Awake by AG Music

      Meditative, elegant composition with soothing, holistic sound. Dramatic, dreamy, and spacious, the melody shimmers to create an incredible ambient atmosphere. Suitable music for meditations, floating in space session, astral drifting journeys, out of body experiences and quiet contemplations, relaxing massage, sleep apps promos, yoga classes.

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      This Is For You by Emilio Merone

      This smooth lounge track has a soothing rhythm, soft melodies, and lazy basses. Quite contemplative, this background music will add that “something” to the scene in which it will be used. Perfect for any setting that needs laid-back music to set the mood. This track is also great for situations where someone is daydreaming or relaxed.

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      Quiet Solitude by Dmitriy Rodionov

      Mystery sound of the hang drum will perfectly suited as background music for many application, where soothing music is needed to create a pleasant environment.

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      Thoughtful Documentary by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      A delicate and touching cinematic score with beautiful strings, orchestral textures, melancholic piano. This piece of music is a mixture of drama and quietness, making it appropriate for many projects. Perfect for documentary, social ads, and big-screen cinema.

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      Spiritual Forest by Mark Woollard

      An enchanting, peaceful track, featuring evocative flute and harps. Slow and meditative, melodic and light, this track would serve as a great music bed for any atmospheric, soothing, pastoral production.

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      Through The Fields With You by TreiaMusic

      Sometimes you have to leave everything behind to find what you're looking for. The ideal soundtrack for your wanderlust filled with adventures. Peaceful, dreamy, introspective, soothing. This indie folk music with a sense of encouragement and warmth brings hope for the future.

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      White Feather by Mark Woollard

      A soothing, relaxing, sensual ambient, new age piece. This track would be ideal in a spa or anywhere requiring soothing music.

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      Splendid Weekend by DPmusic

      Positive and optimistic track with carefree and light mood. Very easy and soothing pop music will leave you with a warm, sunny and happy feeling. Perfect background music for your Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

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      Sentimental Guitar by Strat 56

      Solo acoustic guitar instrumental. A caring tender gentle feel. Melodic, calming and heartfelt. Nice easy tempo. Nice melodic phrasing. Emotional, sentimental, thoughtful, soothing, thankful. Great for all media needing a very pretty tune with a warm heartfelt feel. Also great for giving, hopeful, humanity, caring.

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      Inspirational Universe by MediaM

      Atmospheric and soothing music begins with a synthesizer, creating a nice uplifting mood, soon joined by piano. The piece is harmonically rich, with layers of sound gradually growing. Perfect for aerial and travel videos, science and technology videos or commercials about technology.

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      Magic Of Technologies by DPmusic

      A dramatic electronic trance track with airy piano, atmospheric pads, deep analog bass, strings, and electric guitar. Perfect background for science and technology videos, advertising, urban videos, innovations, advanced developments, design, engineering, and many more.

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      Forest Meditation by Mark Woollard

      The atmospheric, ethereal Celtic composition includes fabulous flute, tender harp, and natural bird song fx. Very relaxed and soothing. Ideal music for spa procedure, healing therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, beautiful misty forest, and mountain footage, fairy wolds, and elf nation, Scottish highlands, and Irish countrysides.

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      Natures Healing Way by Mark Woollard

      This is serene and calming background music with a peaceful and pastoral feel made for meditation and relaxation. The combination of wooden flutes intertwining with soothing sounds of nature, birdsongs, and fluttering leaves creates a quiet environment. It is especially suited for yoga practitioners who wish to chill out and peacefully tranquilize the mind before embarking on their practice.

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      Back Home by Jack White

      Very pleasant and soothing melody loop. The deep beats will remind your beautiful past. You would relish the amazingly classy piano touch is between the whole of the track.

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      Large Country Road by TreiaMusic

      A catchy country track that evokes old good happy feelings. Slide guitar and harmonica give this up-beat track a down south rural feel. This upbeat music is both fresh and joyful, perfect for relaxed, happy and positive videos about the countryside, places to live, organic food, flora, and fauna.

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      The Timeless Sea by AG Music

      Peaceful and relaxing meditation music serves as background music for healing videos, relaxation, and stress relief. The soothing tones and slow melody greatly enhance the meditative atmosphere. This relaxing soundtrack serves as perfect music for Yoga, Reiki or other relaxation or treatment sessions. This peaceful soundtrack can also serve as an ambient sleep music for those looking to boost their sleep quality.

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      Synthesis by Mike Nowa

      SYNTHESIS is the amazing culmination of authentic lounge and techno beats. The track moves very fast but it still sticks to a soothing background keeping its soul intact.

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      World Innovations by Azovmusic

      A fresh and energizing track that will give you a sense of joy and encouragement. The soft electric guitar plucks combined with the nice percussion sounds create the right mood for your videos, which will be great for those long late nights out in the town, or when you want to sit around, play some games and chill out with friends.

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      Tropical Lovers by Audioblyca

      Enjoy this soothing, sophisticated, slow dancehall track featuring delicate piano, acoustic guitar, airy synths, and ambient electric bass. Ideal for romantic scenes or neutral demonstration videos needing a positive vibe to boost the overall mood.

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      Road Song by Jack White

      ROAD SONG is a traditional acoustic guitar melody loop. The rhythm is very soothing and sounds like composed for the happy times. This music is very simple yet truly amazing.

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      Since We Met by DPmusic

      This one is a lovely and tender cozy jazz track with touching sound and a romantic mood. The main instruments are acoustic piano, acoustic bass, string pads, rotary vibraphone, and celesta. Perfect for romantic scenes, dinner restaurant atmosphere, sentimental moments, melodrama movies, weddings, sensual and emotional moments, sincere conversations, and many more.

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      Old Horizons by MintWhale

      High-quality, original ambient track. A soothing, futuristic e-piano plays chords at low volume, spatial plucks create a sense of extension, while glitchy beats relax the listener. Perfect for use as background music in documentaries or personal projects, slow-motion videos, sci-fi films, timelapse, etc.

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      Autumn Delight by Jack White

      Complete domination of soothing and classy piano sound. It's theme will make you think of the best things ever happened to you

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      Sweet Sunny Day by Media Sushi

      A cool and sweet easy-listening / pop tune with a happy vibe. The music is bouncy and joyful, yet positive, cute and inspirational. Can fit perfectly for various types of positive media projects, including commercials and presentations, advertisements, video productions, comedy shows, photo slideshows, nature branding projects. Suitable for kids applications. Enjoy!

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      Yoga Practice by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Relax music track for meditation, yoga and spa. Inspiring mood and calm vibes will be great for your spiritual, mystical, and esoteric YouTube channels, documentaries, Reiki therapy, nature movies and any projects that require a soothing, relaxing and dreamy soundtrack.

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      Sign of the Cross by Mike Nowa

      SIGN OF THE CROSS has a great depth in its sound. You can feel the magic of the genuine blend of fusion and house elements along with simple piano notes producing a soothing sound.

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      The Perfect Christmas by Geoff Harvey

      Light, flowing, 3/4 piano-based piece with delicate piano motif, suggesting warmth, family and togetherness at Christmas. Pizzicato flourishes add a sense of fun and understated Christmas-style chimed percussion merge with melody. Perfect for Christmas advertising and brand marketing.

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      Supernova Light by Erick McNerney

      A soothing yet motivating indie rock ballad, with a clever use of drum machines. Promotes deep thinking and can be very inspiring.

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      A Wondeful Night by Strat 56

      The guitar duet plays a delicate and tender melody and creates a subtle yet defining ambiance of hope and tenderness. Good composition for scenes of kindness, humanity, and beautiful feelings. Perfect for heartwarming movies, commercials, romantic movies trailers, or any video project requiring positive emotions.

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      Autumn Forest by Dopestuff

      Turn off those bright lights and grab these comfy headphones to vibe out with this soothing, lo-fi hip-hop track. Immerse yourself at the moment, and let your imagination wander. Ideal soundscape for Youtube, Instagram, and other social media content, also great for vlogs with an urban ambiance.

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      Sunday Skies by Jack White

      SUNDAY SKIES has a very pleasant and pleasing touch. It is composed by the innovative mix of drums and chiming sounds. It sounds soothing and gleeful.

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      Wheat Fields by Elijah Aaron

      A very warm and versatile acoustic track. Three acoustic guitars take you on an organic journey of sunny smiles and memorable moments.

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      Magic Of The Moment by MintWhale

      Feel the depth of this tranquil and soothing glitch chillout music. This relaxing background music is perfect to create profound relaxation. It could be used in various weather forecasts, timelapse footage, travel videos, and documentaries about the underwater world.

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      Take A Deep Breath by AG Music

      Take a deep breath, exhale the stress, and focus on the inner peace. We know it's hard to find calm and concentration in the hustle and bustle of everyday life especially these days. So we hope that this soothing meditation music will help you to find your serenity.

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      Time Of Meditation by RMSound

      This is an original piece of music, designed for your meditation and relaxation with peace and calm. It's soft and gentle music, perfect for your brain-wave entrainment or hypnosis sessions.

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      One Night In Cuba by DreamSounding

      Enjoy a stroll down the beach with this cheerful and soothing salsa track. Featuring acoustic guitar, plucked strings, electric piano, maracas, bongos, and drums. Ideal for summer travel destinations, Youtube vlogs, or advertising videos.

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      Peaceful Piano Background by Erick McNerney

      A peaceful, soothing piano piece with a hybrid synth ambiance accompanying.

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      Christmas Moments by Alex Grey

      This beautiful and kind instrumental Christmas song with the snare drum, piano, glockenspiel, and electric guitar will help you create an atmosphere of the upcoming holiday in your project, video clips, and more. The track has a soft and joyous melody performed in the upcoming winter holidays' joyful and calm mood.

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      The Waters Run Deep by Geoff Harvey

      Soothing acoustic guitar overlaid with beautiful flowing strings creates soft, caring and relaxing melody designed for conveying a sense of peace, luxury and elegance. The melody is slightly rustic, hinting at country fields or glorious landscapes.

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      Healing Chimes by Mark Woollard

      Quiet and relaxing Bali Ceremonial track to make your listening experience a truly serene one. Features pan flute, mallets, chimes, and various fx. It has a soothing, atmospheric feel. Ideal for natural healing, relaxation, meditation, and stress relief.

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      Magic Island by ColourTunes

      Mysterious cinematic soundtrack with hang drum, marimba, xylophone, and other percussions. Perfect for documentary, discovery channels, travel movies, and more. Suitable for geographical videos or anything that needs an ethnic world music percussions background. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

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      Oboe Meditation by Mark Woollard

      A deeply soothing, tranquil, and meditative track. Featuring harp, oboe, and synth pads. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, rest, spa treatment, Reiki healing, nature, and aerial yoga.

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      Funniest And Cute by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Eclectic background music for kids is very cheerful and fun. This track is perfect for children's videos, kids' channels, video games, cartoons, projects on animals or nature, comedy, or educational videos. You can hear bells, marimba, clapping of hands with pizzicato strings accompaniment.

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      Garden Meditation by Mark Woollard

      A tranquil soothing journey into blissful meditation. Features include harp, flutes and natural outdoor. Ideal for meditation, yoga, spa, relaxation.

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      Here With Me by AG Music

      Gentle and warm modern classical piano composition with soft light and a soothing, calm feeling. This track is perfect for heartwarming stories, earth from above footage, comfort zone relaxation, stress relief, home decoration ideas, wedding anniversary, newborn's first hours video, baby sleep music, marriage ceremonies background, and romantic love story. Enjoy.

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      Come Haunt Me by Erick McNerney

      An understated, bittersweet indie rock ballad. There is a subtle backing that references death and dying - the various descending lines at the 31 second mark from strings, piano, and guitar taking inspiration from Dido's Lament by Henry Purcell. The track seems upbeat but is lined with sadness.

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      Resplendent Return by Tom Beuchel

      A soothing and slightly melancholic track. Warm ambient synth and drum sounds comprise the basis of the track with a distant guitar echoing out the melody. Great for underwater footage, commercials, on-hold music, etc.

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      Winning News by Michael Musco

      This motivating and inspiring modern pop music is a contemporary blend of cool meets successful. The hypnotic harmonic guitar melodies are complimented by a soothing keyboard, strong minimal bass and percussion.

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      Peaceful Breeze by Yoav Alyagon

      A positive, truthful, peaceful, inspiring indie folk track with a soft, and hopeful mood. Featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, some vocals, and drums. It can be used as background music for projects related to travel, peace, love and hope, environment protection, global warming, and climate change, dreams, organic lifestyle, etc.

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    There are many types of music and one of them is soothing music. For many people it is still a strange term as one does relate music to loud sound or some kind of sound that is good enough to awake a person but soothing music is a different kind of music altogether. It is categorized as a comfortable music that is very calming for heart and the mind. It is believed that it is soothing meditation music that makes the heart beat of people calm down and slow down its rate so that the person can relax while listening to the music and this soothing music is the reason for activity of the person during that time.

    It is analyzed that people who listen to this comfortable music are very relaxed and the emotion of anger do not capitalize on them quickly. The effect of this kind of music has given it recognition or a name like soothing meditation music. But in general too the slow comfortably tuned music is used immensely for meditation purposes. One can get the CD of this kind of music at any of the music store. The spiritual effect of the music is well known in the world and by logic too if music can make a person dance then at the same time comfortable music can also make the person relax or sleep with its effect.

    The difference is the type of music played for these two purposes. Every kind of music plays on the mind of the listener and then it awakes the emotions within it same is the case with soothing meditation music. The good thing about this kind of music is that it works well in the tense situations and helps in calming down the person. This kind of comfortable music releases the pressure and let the person feel regenerated in the tired situations.

    The soothing rain music is a special kind of music that has the feel of rain or falling water in it. This kind of soothing music is special in a very different way. Listening to this music is relaxing but the extra effect of this music is that it can be really romantic too. This is the best part of listening to soothing rain music that it ignites the flame of love if the person is with his or her partner. Many times one can feel the smell of mud while listening to soothing rain music.

    This level of comfortable music is hugely responsible for the success of spiritual medication that is used while curing mentally disturbed cases. The soothing music can be instrumental or with lyrics but when it is concerned with soothing rain music then it is mostly instrumental for the complete effect of rain. The effect of this music can also be used as soothing meditation music. Taking all this into consideration the slow effect of soothing rain music is very effective in making sure that people stay in their calm composure. The soothing meditation music is not used very often so that its effectiveness can be maintained in the required situation and it does not loose on its efficiency.

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