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    • Modern loop with harp, piano and synth arpeggios. Ideal track for tech themes, research, science or corporate and much much more.

      A lo-fi trip hop tune with crispy downtuned drums, gritty bass with a downtempo rhode melody.

      Slow motion cinematic piano with cello. Fit for drama and emotional scenes.

      An ominous, dark, scary horror theme. Perfect for introductions to scary films and games, but can also be used in other parts as well.

      Pensive and anxious ambient track with a deep atmosphere created by ample reverb effects and a hypnotic guitar lead.

      A ethereal orchestral-piano cinema based composition recording with original voice.

      Solo piano plays simple, haunting arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of mourning, grief or serious narration. Also for scenes of heartbreak, tragedy, natural disaster relief, lost love, and live theatrical performance use. Key of C minor, 73 bpm

      A trip hop loop influenced with crispy drums a rolling bass and a grabbing solitary piano melody.

      A dark, lonely, ghost inspired track. Perfect for cinematic productions, games, and apps, especially those with paranormal subject matter.

      Very delicate tune features oboe solo along with harpsichord and string orchestra good for sensitive scenes, emotional stories, etc.

      An intense and dramatic soundscape that evokes floating sensations. A deep lament. It can fit perfectly to underscore underwater scenes or natural landscapes in any kind of documentary, but also ethereal and delicate scenes in dramatic TV serial or movie, film or corporate videos

      A deep and dramatic looped solitary piano track.

      Inspired plot that combines a dominant piano over a continuous arpeggio, on a texture of cinematic strings with the inspired entry of the cellos. Warning: the audio is not "pumped". Turn up the volume to appreciate better the sound. Great for documentaries, TV themes, media projects. Peaceful and tranquil background.

      Prepare to listen to a very surprising round of conversations among piano, sax, muted trumpet and vibraphone in a classy jazz structure. This track is ideal for many kind of video productions, including movies, comedies, TV broadcasts in general.

      A reflective loop with a repeated piano theme and harp. Guitar like sounds combined with synth layers.

      Epic and powerful looped track. Full orchestra and mixed choir to draw a dark and dramatic ambience. Magnificent soundtrack, perfectly suitable for video games menu page, action movies and home videos.

      Magnificent track of sacred theme, with male and female choirs and classical instrumentation. Powerful and majestic soundtrack.

      Dynamic track in a melancholic mood. Featured instrumens are piano, acoustic guitars and synths. Good for advertising.

      Noble track in slow time, classical orchestral instrumentation. Elegance and lyrical melancholy to meet the most aristocratic demanding, far from the easily commercial music.

      Sensual, emotive orchestrated track comprised of piano, violin, cello sections with harp. Ideal for film, TV and video game soundtrack.

      Abstract and thin atmosphere in this classic and ambiental loop. Women's Choir on a charming background of synthesizers, brass and piano. Great underscore for your projects.

      Relaxing melody but a busy rhythm. The very long delayed guitar track generates a hypnotic feel. Slightly melancholic piano and a reserved bass, light and flowing.

      It is a setting designed for small scenes videojeugos retro style with large doses of inspiration in vintage play games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

      Dramatic piano chords and sudden drums rolls create an ideal background piece for an intense drama or crime scene. Serious strings add a slight sense of emotional unbalance and danger.

      Ambient synths with highly processed drums.

      Cool and very positive loop. Good for cinematic backgrounds, intros, trailers, video games, animations, cartoons, websites and other media. I hope you like it.

      A pop track with kind of gregorian chant, strings and distorted guitar.

      Track full of inspiration and energy, with modern and classic instruments combined to create a powerful and positive ambience. Ideal to find incentives and motivation for special occasions.

      Very calm and gentle romantic music for vibraphone, flute, piano and cello. Best for romantic movies, slide shows and relaxation.

      Dramatic Action music track which is constantly escalating and evolving with the growing tension. Cinematic piece of music great for trailers, action films , documentaries and videos

      Orchestral epic track in a dramatic mood. Good for documentary films or computer games.

      Mysterious, magical chimes backed with deep bass and piano chords create a fantasy themed background track suitable for spooky, mysterious style projects. Excellent for nervy build-ups or enchanting magical adventures.

      Epic bold, dramatic, heroic, orchestral piece, inspiring and explosive, with a glorious climax. Epic movie trailer music. Powerful war scenes, marching into battle, sports footage, competitions, racing, flying. Timelapse video, Sci Fi, fantasy. Marathon struggle.

      Dark epic track with slow moving suspense, string orchestra.

      Energetic hip-hop loop with dj scratches, cool drums and synths. Great for rappers, documentaries, backgrounds, websites, films, games, presentations, animations, commercials and other projects. I hope you like it.

      Slow motion, minimalistic, suspense cinematic looped piano. Fit for drama, and emotional scenes.

      This is a serious cinematic music bed written for piano, violins, cellos, bass, orchestral percussion and french horn section.

      Slow motion, suspense cinematic piano. Fit for drama, and emotional scenes.

      Very experimental, abstract,mysterious,dark and haunting ambient track. perfect for documentary films,horror/tension/suspense scenes.

      Perfect song for Valentine's day! A dreamy piano plays a romantic melody which make everyone falls in love. When you think of your love, you can hear this melody in your head and in your heart.

      Piano, harpsichord and subtle percussion play dark, suggested to provide a haunting underscore to formal theatrical scenes, as well as background atmosphere for scary film sequences, commercials, slideshows, video games and multimedia. Key of G minor, 122 bpm

      Heartbreaking song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums pattern.

      Sweet piece for classical guitar solo.Peaceful, gently melancholic and elegant, for your multimedia projects

      A groovy looped trip hop influenced track with crispy drums and cool sounding rhodes.

      Piano, strings and light percussion play slow emotional A/B patterns suggested for end credits, main title sequences, dramatic montages, bittersweet romantic scenes of lost love and underscoring of serious narration requesting donations for relief. Key of F minor, 55 beats/min

      This dubstep music is a compelling mix of dramatic action contrasted with haunting piano melodies. The fusion of styles creates a dynamic sure to grab anyone's attention.

      An obscure ambient track with a tense background feel and piano line. Great for any project, that requires a dark feel to it.

      Featuring a small chamber group, this adaptation of Beethoven's 2nd movement from the Eroica symphony evokes a haunting and mournful dark dramatic mood.

      Mischievous/Dark theme instrumental featuring harpsichord, piano, strings, and custom FX. Possible uses can range from horror scenes, set ups, trailers, etc. This track loops seamlessly.

      Medium-fast tempo techno dance song, performed on digital synthesizers, in a mysterious mood, suitable for newsflashes, sports, crime documentaries.

      Dark, ominous movie trailer filled with epic percussion, dramatic strings and noble horns.

      Piano based track creating a sense of wonderment and exploration that builds in drama throughout.

      Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects. I hope you like it.

      Dreamy and modern romantic music loop. with sweet electric piano ethereal melody, background vocals, downtempo beat and strings. Hopeful and mellow, optimistic and soothing. For romance, love, dreams, hope and comfort in film soundtrack, Tv and longing video productions.

      Energetic and very catchy hip hop loop for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

      This track was made in informational background style for broadcasting and TV news. Stock market, weather report, news and other way that you could use this music for yours commercial projects. It is also great for games, television, corporate, film, movies etc.

      Elegant, intimate and poignant track, classical style. Rich instrumentation of strings and dominant piano. Strongly cinematic.

      Epic dramatic song blend of synth drums, orchestra and piano. It starts quiet then grows to a full density of instruments

      Dark and infernal music ,choirs, orchestra, timpani, and eletronic fx, suggestive intrusion of darkness.

      Cinematic rising climax track, suitable for your emotional project, featuring piano and orchestral elements. Enjoy!

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