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    • A bizarre, otherworldly piano piece, with strange effects and mood. Perfect for avant garde and creative projects. The piece morphs into a more solemn and questioning part towards the end.

      Finest dramatic trip-hop loop with nice multi-sampled choir theme, smooth bass line and vinyl-beat for Your Project Needs. Includes non-loop version 3:44 minutes.

      Emotional, reflective piece of music with a touch of suspense. This acoustic music was recorded with piano, bass and strings. Melancholic, confused and mysterious mood

      A contemplative, questioning piano piece, with a great amount of heart and soul. Perfect for background videos involving love, death, memories, and more!

      A dark, ambient, emotional string and orchestral track. Perfect for horror and other sinister productions.

      Dramatic and proud instrumental track featuring classic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings and electronic drums. It could sound perfect for dramatic movies, TV series, movie trailers and any kind of footage that needs a dramatic music background.

      A slow haunting, ethereal track, featuring a piano/string lead.Very atmospheric with an underlying romantic theme.

      Dramatic and building, featuring tense strings and atmosphere synths, bold brass and pulsing percussion that create a very dramatic mood.

      This uplifting, powerful, epic trailer contains huge drums, majestic horns and a full orchestra with mighty choirs, all accompanied by pulsating synths and beats. It builds in three sections to an awesome climax. Fantastic for projects that need an inspiring, heroic and energetic theme.

      Steady piano chords backed with serious drum rolls and occasional French horn combine to create an inspirational build up with elements of tension and hope. Perfect for trailer evoking monumental change, uprising, major change or intro.

      A big, epic, powerful orchestral track with strings, horns, deep bass and heavenly synthesizer moods which add an extra sense of magic and wonder with undertones of tension. Great for games, documentaries, space, time and nature projects that need that 'Gravity' and 'Interstellar' style soundtrack. Influences of Hans Zimmer. SIMILAR TO: Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, Trevor Morris, Steve Jablonsky, Harry Gregson Williams, Two Steps From Hell, James Newton Howard, Brian Tyler, James Horner, John Powell, Michael Giacchino and Harry Gregson Williams.

      A rousing anthemic sounding piece.The soundtrack to winning and succeeding, featuring strings, piano and orchestral drums.

      A reflective, peaceful, yet questioning piano and violin piece. Best suits for nature videos, love stories, time lapse, memorial video etc.

      A heartwarming, yet bittersweet classical music piece. Each spring brings new life, but also, the memory of the life lost during the winter that just was. It is somewhat reminiscent of the music of Grieg, or Mahler's 5th (the Adagietto movement).

      Guitar and piano song with violin and piano solos. A dark tune created to ambient horror scenes in short movies, cinematics or video games.

      A steady beat with clapping, energetic simple tune with modern sounds and some dark side.

      Epic, orchestral music ideal for corporate, ceremonial events, TV, film, documentary and cable productions needing supporting music soundtrack.

      A simple game music that can be used on casual games or other "quick" levels for example in puzzle or mind games, platforms, space game, exploration, etc The same music can also be used for other purposes such as presentations, science videos, technology advertisement or shows.

      An understated, epic orchestral track, perfect for games, trailers, apps and video projects.

      Epic and inspired atmosphere, in a development that leads to the central part of the loop, highly cinematic. Classical instruments and incisive percussions, with the addition of a mellow digital synth and powerful choirs for your projects.

      This beautiful ambient track is based on a touching piano tune, accompanied by warm pads, guitars, bass and soft drums. This track is about memories, deep feelings and appreciation and is great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film.

      Melancholy and contemplative piano with strings . Ideal for drama, serious documentary and medical series. Moody, emotional and bittersweet. Alone and lost but hopeful.

      This hip hop music combines a powerful sound with drama and an overcoming spirit. The moving piano melodies are balanced with smooth synths, a dynamic beat and groovy bass line.

      An encouraging and uplifting cinematic journey. Perfect for trailers, promos, ads, games and various video projects.

      This dramatic cinematic loop combines an essence of danger fused with a haunting vibe. The cold piano melody combines with dark synths, heavy strings, and dynamic drums to paint vivid picture.

      A deep, ponderous ambient piano piece. Perfect as a background but can be used in other ways as well.

      Bittersweet solo piano arrangement using simple melody and counterpoint in 88 second loop, suggested to underscore serious narration, scenes of reflection, heartfelt sequences of personal loss and calls for charitable donations. Key of A minor, 120 bpm

      A peaceful, nostalgic piano piece. It sounds similar to the typical inspirational piano music but with a more ambient and subdued sound and vibe, causing it to sound more like a memory (hence the title "Inspirational Memory").

      A creepy theme with choirs, strings, piano and harp. Perfect for paranormal subject matter, horror and fantasy.

      An experimental work for the solo the piano. By going in unexpected directions and playing in an improvisational manner, this piece creates a sense of intrigue, amazement and uncertainty.

      A beautiful, emotional piano piece. Very poignant in the performance. It's perfect for many projects and videos.

      Noble and majestic baroque atmosphere. Intense and close dialogue between violin and viola, while in background strings and horns are intertwined. Strongly cinematic.

      Dark, haunting, and powerful epic trailer sequence. Perfect for fantasy, adventure, war, and more!

      Inspired by the musical procedure of the baroque era known as the passacaglia, chaconne or ground base. The same bass note is played through the track, while upper parts are varied and change throughout. With this track however, medieval instruments are utilized.

      A sweet, uplifting piano and orchestra track. Featuring also finger snaps and bongo percussion.

      A dark, lonely cinematic ambient piano piece.

      Piano plays simple, mournful minor melody accompanied by harp in 59 second loop. Suggested for scenes involving tragedy, serious introspection and calls to donate for disaster relief. Also for psychological thriller sequences, PSAs and to underscore funeral and interment sequences. Key of A minor, 90 bpm

      A dark, strange piece recalling ancient times. It has a sound similar to Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pink Floyd and Gazpacho.

      Hip hop song with a cello theme combined with a voice synth sound, strings and analog synth.

      A dark, dramatic and futuristic loop that can be used in any sci-fi, tech, science, videogame project that needs an hypnotic and mysterious backing music

      Mysterious touching song performed on synthesizers on a breakbeat style.

      Dramatic, pompous and emotional orchestral music. The best solution for any heroic, solemn and battle scenes. Well suited for cinematic trailer.

      Melancholic sweetness and emotion are the feelings that pervade this track, with piano, cello and violin in constant dialogue and in perfect classical balance.

      An atmospheric, reflective orchestral track that conveys a mood of contemplation, emotion and compassion. Warm, graceful strings are accompanied by a light piano, harp and a beautiful Duduk. Stirring and poignant without being over sentimental.

      A serene, sophisticated piano solo that begins with a positive, thoughtful chord progression and builds into a tranquil, enchanting melody.

      An enormous, majestic and dramatic cinematic theme. Perfect for cinematic productions but can be used in many applications.

      Piano and lush strings set a somber mood perfect for underscoring serious and emotional moments in any project.

      Nostalgic song performed on synthesizers, with a leit motiv performed on bell keys over a blend of pads and rhythmic synth strings. A mood of longing for the past but not being able to recover those days.

      Versatile track with synth arpeggio, cello, glass marimba, piano and filtered drums. For all tech promo videos, slideshows and much more.

      Playful and colorful track, cinematic and childlike character. Quite suitable for Halloween and generally for all occasions and projects requiring humor and irony.

      Dramatic track, performed by orchestral strings and percussion.

      Musical representation for piano solo of the magnificent Abbey of Senanque between the feasts of the past and the sweetness of the lavender fields.

      Weird breakbeat song performed on synthesizers, synth piano and overdriven guitar. As the piece progresses, other instruments join in and the energy level mounts. Catchy repetitive leitmotiv.

      A pensive, thoughtful and strange Celtic inspired track. Perfect for cinema, presentations, and video games.

      A groovy and chilling hip hop beat with funky drums, smooth bass, and cool keys.

      A cinematic, serious, driving guitar track with drums accompanying.

      A slow, light and touchy jazzy trip hop influenced track with piano in focus with a downtempo kind of mood.

      Slow motion,minimalistic, romantic, cinematic piano .Fit for drama, and emotional scenes.

      A hybrid cinematic track, with oscillating, arpeggiating synths. Perfect for battle scene and high tension scenes.

      Majestic choral and orchestral track. Not suitable for business needs, it is instead a solemn and dramatic underscore for special occasions, or particularly intense and dramatic videos and images.The text consists of the first four verses of the famous Carme 101 by latin poet Catullus.

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