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    • Influenced by 80's style glam heavy metal. Features screaming electric guitars, vintage synths, tear jerking piano, orchestra, bright brass stabs, and thick heavy aggressive drums. Dramatic contrast in dynamics elicits strong emotions.

      This song has a strong final. It is special for trailer movie.

      Acoustic guitar arpeggio in Am with subtle bass and a soothing background pad synth.

      Very touching melody performed by three flutes. It sounds a bit archaic and medieval. Sounds innocent and very gently.

      Loop progressive style, majestic and melancholic, with dominant synths and electric guitar. Cinematic, great ambience.

      Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop instrumental featuring modded keyboards, brass, pianos, and synths. Possible uses can range from web videos, trailers, etc.

      A melancholic loop about being alone, feelings, a lost love or reflecting.

      This is a track, with two piano playing a suspenseful/chasing melody and strings in background. Suitable for many uses on TV commercials or your video project. Enjoy!

      Mysterious, dark and suspenseful cinematic music piece great for TV series, films and documentaries in the crime / action genre, investigation videos and criminal news.

      Slow and good mood, inspired by the love for nature, green valleys and mountain rivers. Flutes develop the melody with a medieval feeling

      Strings, piano, timpani and percussion play recurring patterns. Suggested for chase scenes, crime-in-progress scenes or sequences involving intrigue, confusion or revealed danger. Key of D minor, 135 beats/min

      Mysterious electronic track, which will create an atmosphere of investigative journalism. Best background for the adventure film or documentary.

      Contemporary thoughtful and intimate song with featuring piano, pads and percussion with hope and love feeling. Touching, fragile and delicate theme will bring warm atmosphere in your projects. Also good for advertising and commercial.

      Dramatic cinematic track. Will assist you in scoring the mysterious events of the paranormal and other adventure scenes.

      Powerful track, majestic and full of pathos. Classical orchestra, percussions, male and female choirs. Strongly cinematic, for videogames menu page, films, epic scenes.

      This a dramatic Pop/Rock track with a powerful vibe and feel. Fabulous grand piano sound accompanied by distorted guitar, bass and heavy drums. Great soundtrack for films, videos, and etc.

      Great sensitivity in this orchestral track, with the melody of the violin dominant and poignant. Markedly cinematic.

      Energetic, dynamic and very hot hip-hop instrumental. Suitable for various projects. I hope you like it.

      Beautiful classical piece of music performed by string quartet,violin with oboe. Perfect background music for a love scene, memorial films, documentary narratives etc.

      Suspenseful dramatical music. Waiting for the coming of an important and terrible event. The best choice for scoring scenes in the genre of the detective, thriller, adventure.

      Slow ambient track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums and percussion, electric guitar sound, atmospheric effects. Perfect for documentary filming, space frames, relaxation and other projects.

      Dark moody romantic instrumental background music played with piano, guitar, strings.

      Strings, French horn, piano and harpsichord in 80 second loop of A/B patterns suggested for scenes of mystery or espionage. Style inspired by James Bond, Desperate Housewives. Suggested for secretive, suspenseful, sneaky, crime-in-progress sequences, transitions, montages. Key of F minor/ 120 beats/min

      Hip-Hop / Rap music track with a confident and dramatic feel. Great for urban scenes in films, documentaries and videos.

      Tranquil, background music, but with good groove. Change of dynamics and different effects will help to emphasize the changing scenes in your video. The track can be useful for musical accompaniment of presentations TV broadcasting, corporate videos, infomercial and news projects.

      This a dramatic Pop/Rock track with a powerful vibe and feel. Fabulous grand piano sound accompanied by distorted guitar, bass and heavy drums. Great soundtrack for films, videos, and etc.

      Delicate cinematic loop, with a constant background of wind and a quiet harmonization of piano, synth, brass and strings. Dominant violin. Poignant and ethereal atmosphere for sophisticated projects and videos.

      Cinematic track with a mysterious and dark atmosphere full of anticipation. Great for crime films, documentaries, investigation news and videos.

      Piano, strings, French horn and light percussion play slow, lush emotional 85 second loop. Suggested for end credits, main title sequences, dramatic montages, bittersweet romantic scenes of lost love, underscoring of serious narration requesting donations for relief aid. Key of D minor, 102 beats/min

      A brooding 57 second instrumental loop featuring piano, percussion and real Moog and Prophet synthesizers. Suggested to underscore an unsettling scene or dark drama theme, underscoring of somber narration, TV and radio production spots, voice-overs. Key of E minor, 100 beats/min

      Emotional symphonic pop track, powerful and majestic, with a touch of melancholy. Rich and varied instrumentation: piano, sax, several synths, electric guitar, percussions and drums. Great impact for films, drama and action.

      Moody synthesizers play hypnotic 88 second loop with reverse audio effects and step-filtered percussion. Suggested for scenes involving altered consciousness, substance abuse, montage, transition and underscoring of narration, voice-overs, ad spots. Key of C minor, 120 beats/min

      Harpsichord, strings and percussion play rolling A/B chamber music style patterns in 63 second loop. Suggested for period high society scenes, formal receptions, solemn social functions, ceremonial processions, underscoring unrequited love, nostalgia, past regrets. Key of A minor, 120 beats/min start

      A rushy paced dramatic electric synth shimmers implying adrenaline which is backed by deep pounding drums and dramatic horns implying an escape or dramatic panic scene. Very useful dramatic theme music for TV action series.

      An epic cinematic audio cue that is perfect for movies, games, and in fact any epic project! Monster horns, exhilarating string ensembles, and pulsating synthetic bass and epic percussion make this an awesome hybrid orchestration.

      A beautiful composition of strings, piano with a great emotional feeling, passion and warmth that slowly builds up.

      An epic cinematic audio cue that is perfect for movies, games, and in fact any epic project! Monster horns, exhilarating string ensembles, and pulsating synthetic bass and epic percussion make this an awesome hybrid orchestration.

      Delicate track for solo piano, slow time. Atmosphere poignant, intimate and very sweet. Beautiful music for sophisticated images or videos.

      An inspirational and motivating soundtrack. Great as a film soundtrack, corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials.

      Hip Hop instrumental with a semi south / underground feel, featuring piano and strings. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Piano and strings play slow romantic theme with oboe. Suggested for end credits, love scene, transition or emotional, sentimental, romantic sequences. Also for underscoring heartfelt narration, voice-overs, PSAs.

      Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice.

      Dreamy melody for inner contemplation. Main instruments is keyboards against the background of cello.

      dramatic ,orchestra and choir

      Hip hip instrumental with a dark holiday theme featuring bells, synths, & strings. Possible uses can range from an "evil holiday" scene to a underground hip hop song.

      Piano is accompanied by strings and percussion in a slow loop suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also to underscore images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate money for aid, voice-overs.

      Cinematic, dramatic loop. Orchestral violins and choirs.

      Fragile and poignant theme, with a dominant violin over a sound carpet of choir, strings and guitar. Very beautiful melody, full of melancholy and elegance.

      Tension and anxiety, atmosphere of great dramatic impact, with a close dialogue almost entirely atonal between piano and cello. Ideal to create a sophisticated suspence for dramatic scenes.

      Relentless pace that supports the melody of the violin. Wealth of tones and colors to create a magical atmosphere.

      This dramatic and hard hitting hip hop music really is dynamic. The beat is inspired by west coast hip hop with powerful beat, piano that hits the spot, and a theremin that hums out the melody. It's a very versatile track with uses for many different types of applications

      Synthesizers play melancholic piece with bridge and modulation. Suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching

      Romantic and mysterious piano sends a palette of moods.

      Throes of death, death and revival.

      Orchestral track, cinematic character, loop structured in particularly original way. Great lirycal atmosphere. Ideal background for romantic scenes.

      Orchestral loop, cinematic character, with a lyrical and dramatic melody. Very intimate, great romantic atmosphere.

      Emotional and sensitive piano track.

      Music dark and full of omens, with gloomy sounds of oboe, piano and strings. Ideal for projects that require musical accompaniment full of suspense and pathos.

      A track with epic and lyric sound at a time. The song features brass and strings orchestration with solo piano.

      Sinister, driving deep tune with heavy bass.

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