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    • Medium slow new age background piece. Electronic drums, upright bass, synthesizer pads, arpeggiated electric piano. This is a very joyful, bright and lively music. When you listen to it, your face lights up with a smile like the sun. Lead instruments: electric guitar, strings and trumpet. This is an easy listening mid-tempo music for jazz ensemble. It is as funny as the famous cartoon character. A dreamy and cool instrumental that puts you in the mood of wandering around looking for an answer or hoping for something to happen A wondrous vision of evening river, bringing a sense of peace and hope. This uplifting and spiritual track is played by strings, horns and piano. This delicate Reggie is perfect for presentations or slide-shows. This soft music create a feeling of joy and comfort. Tender sound of duduk, bass, drums, guitar and electric piano create a wonderful ensemble, which will help to relax and unwind. Light music for jazz quartet: electric piano, jazz guitar, bass and drum. An orchestral piece written with penguins in mind. Bassoon basically mimicks the penguins twitching movements. Medium slow sensual cuban bolero salsa. Latin percussion, upright bass, synth pad, acoustic piano, vibraphone, trumpets and trombones making contrast middle part. Imagine evening on the ocean's beach when sun is set but air is still hot. Warm and ambient classical track played by piano,flute and strings. Calm and relax mid-tempo melody track. All-electronic sounds create cold atmosphere. Soft and soothing melody with music-box-like sound texture. Airy atmosphere and floating feeling of loop is ideal to provide calmness and love to your audience. Fast paced corporate class. Digital pulses, huge pads and fast beats. Uplifting and invigorating. Uplifting corporate melodious track with acoustic guitar accompanied by electric piano and drums.This track can be used like music for website background, business projects, presentations and TV commercials. Medium tempo 40-like Gm swing jazz. Brush drums, double bass, piano, electric guitar, alto saxophone playing melody. Slow and sweet track played by live band. Clean electric guitars, electric piano, synth, bass and drums Slow moving track great for presentation. Electric piano and live acoustic percussion plays main role in this track. Smart moving sounds add some dynamic to the track. This is light, sensitive, romantic track that features electric piano with some digital effects. Suitable for film, commercials and any kind of sweet projects. Futuristic loop created to have a space sounding atmosphere. Ideal for science fiction projects, documentary scientific films, presentation about future technologies, space etc A lifestyle acoustic guitar loop, with a light and positive feel, great as a heartwarming background for corporate or personal presentations. Light ambient mood of this track is good for presentations. Massive percussion with bass lays beyond and pad, flute, santur flies above. Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation. Flute, santur and ethnic percussion make a magic in this track. Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Smoky saxophone plays sweet melody while acoustic guitar and electric piano create misty background. The national melody intertwines with mysterious natural landscapes It's time to relax, just place yourself in a very tranquil and let all your worries fly away. Nice flowing track featuring synths and low fi drums. Moves along nicely and would provide a nice bed for a production. Positive feel to the track without being too commercial or cheesy. A light but sombre piano track which is complimented by soft rich strings. Creates an dream-like atmosphere. Keywords: Sombre, piano, strings, dreamy, soft, light, mournful, sorrow. Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Beauty of the underwater world, positive moods Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc You wake up with the first sunlight and you feel composure in which you are the master of your life. Drink no more, smoke no more, drug no more! And still forever rock! :) Just a ballad thing with traditional rhythm section and bluesy electric guitar solo. Gentle guitar duet, picked guitars, harp and pizzicato violas. Clear, simple and sweet melody on solo acoustic guitar inspired by the first flowers of Spring. Nothings seems to be able to stop you when you are young and the world is calling you to explore it. Late nights on the beach by the campfire, a guitar and your best friends laughing. These are the restless times of joy and crazy experiences! Nothing better than sipping a sweet drink while laying on the beach under a palm. Years may pass and places may change but one memory will always stay with you. And when you look back, the picture of your parents house and your childhood will bring a smile on your face At the end of the day, when all work is done, you sit at your big table where your family awaits you with the best dinner in the world... There are no turns and no streetlights, just the marvelous landscapes that come one after another as the train rolls clumsily and heavily on the tracks taking you ahead! This forest is welcoming, trees not too close and not too far let the sunlight In, opening a new place every once in a while, a small pond or a swift spring, a glade in blossom. Little inhabitans of this woods rustle here and there, giving you a feeling that you are about to enter a fairy kingom of gnomes who invite you at their feast! Morning rays of light wash your face , a fresh breeze is playing with the curtains, and nothing seems to stop you from enjoying another beautiful begining of a summer day. Hip-Hop & R&B Groove, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Ambient Background Music Loop, perfect for website and you tube videos. Acoustic guitar straight melody Its time to sleep! Hush-a-bye and sleep tight! Special for youthful moms and their babies. Wide digital synth with percussion makes positive and relaxed state of mind. A flute and electric guitar play a nice melody. The perpetual motion of the melody and the steady repeating accompaniment for piano. Light soundtrack for love story movie. Mysterious atmosphere of orchestra and acoustic guitar. Perfect for dramatic, romantic or adventure movie. Uncompromising straight rhythm section, an ostinato motif of piano, acoustic guitar rhythm, trombones are successful ingredients to create a spirit of ceremony. This ambient feelgood track opens with a warm electric piano pulse and continues into an understated, relaxing drum groove with gentle bells and a soft bass line. A luscious track that gives the feeling of being at the beach and hearing the waves gently ripple on to the shore. A beautiful and contemporary atmospheric lounge track featuring pad sounds, acoustic piano notes and contemporary percussion and drum loops. Take a deep breath. Imagine your house near vineyard on the coast. Smell all wonderful fragrances that the mother Earth provide to you. Ambient and Laid Back cinematic track. Synth pads, piano and percussion instruments create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Trumpet with harp play cosmic dub melody, synth pads with drum beat make a background. "Away in a Manger" is a religious Christmas carol first published in 1885 in Philadelphia and used widely throughout the English-speaking world. In Britain it is one of the most popular carols. Wide orchestral strings with electric piano in background and gentle played acoustic guitar. Music to fill the air on a walk though fields on a lovely summers day A laid melody to relax in to.
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