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    • Only the sun, joy and good fortune - that's all we need. Best for presentations, slide shows, games, videos and holidays ...

      A heartfelt, mid tempo instrumental with analog synth melody as the focal point. Joined by funky bass, drums and background strings. Emotional and inspiring.

      A clean and solid hollow-body guitar arpeggio paint a warm, relaxing atmosphere with kick drum, hi-hat acoustic guitar and violins. The main melody was made by me whistling at the microphone. Perfect for summertime, vacation, beach, or positive and relaxed atmosphere.

      Every night I come to your house and I look through a window at you. I look as you fall asleep and I see your dreams. For certain, me will tell that I the madman, but I too love you and I do not presume to start up to you bad dreams...

      Purple clouds, red sunrises and purple sunsets. A rare artist in the Solar Empire does not dream to spend a couple of weeks off here! An easel and brushes are not necessarily to be taken there is a discount for artists in local stores all the year round!

      They say that this planet was once a comet and only a few centuries ago, it has found peace in our system!

      Hurry up, go faster to the fresh white snow and fresh air! Let's run away from the gray city into a cozy winter rest!

      Festive theme, giving feelings of happiness and light. Consist of synths, bass and light drums.

      A fast and fluid happy piano theme that loops seamlessly.

      A simple and light looping piano theme that is suitable as background music in films, television shows and other projects.

      This music combines a high tech feel with a soft melody. The smooth bass combines with the happy percussion so the music can play behind a large variety of applications.

      This happy melody uses electronics to provide a futuristic vibe to it. The percussion and bass are soothing and the arrangement makes it a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications.

      Light romantic melody played on electric guitar. Perfect background music for love stories, romantic videos and sweet, nostalgic mood.

      Pulsating trumpet with piano and glockenspiel creates a happy go lucky fun factor style melody suitable for childrens or kids themes. Very pleasant and carefree style track with bright playful instrumentals boasting character and fun.

      A Fun positive melody with a feel good vibe featuring warm and bright acoustic guitar along with playful bells and vibrant keyboards elements. The drum beat combining with all the featured instruments suggests a happy hand clapping beat, which is very catchy and very useful for childrens animation, educational and projects and themes.

      Longing Oboe plays alongside sweet emotional violin strings and beautiful piano to create an emotional and sorrowful background scene suitable for pleasant scenes of beauty, romance or documentary uses. Very romantic with a slight Victorian edge.

      Stylish Background Music with the rhythm of R&B beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Stylish Background Music with the rhythm of Hip-Hop and R&B beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Light as a cloud, airy, sunny music track. This loop reminds of tenderness and calmness. Imagine a smiling baby that wakes up early morning at the room full of sunlight.

      Soft relaxing music. Gentle as a baby's skin. Positive, warm and soothing. Light percussion, shaker, acoustic guitar, clean sound.

      Easy listening light track featuring acoustic guitar, accordion and electric guitar solo. This background music will be perfect as a soundtrack for videos about anniversary, friend gathering or family party.

      Classical romantic melody loop, creating the atmosphere of surprises, gifts, magic tricks and transformations. The waiting of something big and nice,that will happen soon.

      Nice and positive, feelgood music. Performed on accordion, acoustic guitar, marimbas and strings. Perfect for traveling or family vacation videos, friendly footage, commercials, also can be used for children's parties to create easy-going, happy atmosphere.

      Positive and very active energy this music inspires to hurry to your happiness. Best for business, presentations, videos, games and show.

      Motivational song with some calypso style and synth congas

      Subtle fantasy song made in 10/8 (fivefold) what makes this song pretty original and unusual, with modulating harmony (chord progression) and just a few percussive instruments.

      Delicate flute swiftly plays throughout with strings in the background to create a pleasant atmosphere suggesting a small animal or summers day in a meadow.

      Sweet, peaceful glockenspiel notes added with and a hint of string instrumentation creates childrens bedtime style piece suggesting sleep or quietness.

      A nice dance song with a mood for remembering good moments, feeling positive emotions, spending a night to remember, a happy achievement. Suited for slide shows, gallery images.

      Fun and lively childrens track, featuring silly trumpets, banjos and crazy synthetic instruments to create a playful, silly, circus style feel. Very useful for comedy, animation, animal comedy and childrens projects.

      Dynamic mid-tempo track. Acoustic guitars plays melodies and chords. Drums with bass create dance-like groove.

      This melody was inspired by the thought of someone taking a ride in his car and just driving for miles and having no destination.

      A nice and playful background music track featuring ethnic drums, bells and viola. This track could add feelggod energy and a exotic feeling to many types of project.

      Playful pulsing tuba provides happy jolly beat suggesting childrens adventure or animated scene. Pleasant strings combine with gentle hints of triangle to create a delicate and sweet atmosphere.

      Lounge track with smooth electric piano and flutes. Good for relaxation videos or hotel clips.

      Gentle sparkling chimes, quiet piano, sleigh bells and delicate cinematic orchestral strings create a Christmas theme suitable for advertising and background theme. Orchestral strings provide a more adult contemporary edge with elements of discovery, bring the sense of looking forward to Christmas. Slightly emotional, but at the same time very magical and cinematic.

      Intimate chill out track with a beautiful combination of soft thunderstorm, electric piano, that sounds more like a musicbox and measured arpeggiator in the background. Can be applicable to the many different type of projects, from kids education software to horror films.

      Indie Background Music Loop. Great for television, commercials, presentations about love, relationships & family.

      A festive melody that tells us winter holidays are here again. Featured instruments are: electric piano and bells along with a nice percution section. Perfect background music for holidays video clips, photo slideshow or greeting cards. Have a nice Happy New Year!

      A modest and charming bouquet of meadow flowers. You gathered flowers and herbs of charming, enchanting beauty in a bunch, which give the beauty of summer.

      Simple but elegant lounge track that shows some positive moments in life. Acoustic drums and bass but digital electric atmosphere sounds.

      When you're happy and carefree. When you're yearning, when you're sad. I'm with you in joy and sorrow. This is my promise to you. This is my love.

      Let's go along on a honeymoon trip together. We will visit new countries and cities. We will experience new emotions and feelings - together!

      Ambient track with atmospheric piano melody and dreamy bells will perfectly suited for corporate videos and any types of virtual projects.

      Catchy ambient track featuring hypnotic bells and light synth pads reminded of mechanical music box sounding. Great for commercials, videos, and websites.

      Feel the frozen atmosphere of winter cold with sparkle sounds of chill out music. This crystal light melody is made for a pleasant background soundtrack.

      This icy cold winter background music featuring crystal bells brings alive magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays spirit.

      It comes with ringing drippings and clear sunshine, fresh green trees and meadows, new dreams and hopes. We are waiting for it - our new Spring!

      With the first snow and the onset of winter, we are waiting for the new wonders and for the new year to make the most secret wishes. Winter - snow fairy!

      Light, inspirational and fun background music featuring electric piano . Perfect for different types of projects such as games, videos or presentations.

      This is one more beautiful morning, when our hearts are filled with joyful hope.

      Slow jazz-flavoured composition with soft strings and intimate piano is ideal for creating a relaxed and gentle atmosphere for video, corporate presentation, games, movie scene or main theme.

      Stylish background music with the rhythm of hip-hop and R&B beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads.

      There are so many feelings and thoughts in my head, when I'm separated from you. Come back sooner.

      A positive and warming track with a feel good vibe. This track would be well suited to many projects as background music.

      Smooth jazz, easy listening, middle tempo, background music, alt sax, vibraphone, two acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

      It's a kind of classical music, where strings combined with drums, electronic bells and bass synthesizer create a light-mood atmosphere.

      This is a fun piece of traditional country music. It will make you smile and create a good mood.

      This is an easy listening mid-tempo music for jazz ensemble. It is as funny as the famous cartoon character.

      This track was originally written for a particular cleaning ad but did not get picked up, thus the title. I was told that it would be better suited for children. So with that said, the track is written only with an acoustic guitar.

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