• Royalty free Avant Garde music

    • Building Emotional Tension by Media Music Pro

      This dark and mysterious, brooding soundtrack has an undercurrent of tension and suspense that slowly evolves as it progresses. Evokes an uncanny feeling of weirdness. Featuring atmospheric wah-wah electric guitar groove, subtle morphing string patterns, and subterranean sub-bass.

      Hawaiian Cocktail by Geoff Harvey

      A dark, sad, and alluring hypnotic experimental and independent piece of music . Works great for dramatic moments, flashbacks to better times, reliving the past. Very intimate and emotional track. Experimental, Progressive Rock, Electronics, Avant Garde.

      Dreaming Big by Media Music Pro

      A bizarre, otherworldly piano piece, with strange effects and mood. Perfect for avant garde and creative projects. The piece morphs into a more solemn and questioning part towards the end.

      My Inspiring Ideas by AG Music

      Uptempo, bright, happy orchestral soundtrack with exciting, energizing key and a positively euphoric mood. Suitable for upbeat commercials, inspiring presentations, uplifting retrospective montages, or any feel-good media project. Similar to Pat Metheny's music.

      The Great Tricycle Race by Roman Cano

      A strange, otherworldly, and even contemplative avant garde electronic track. Perfect as background music for strange or unique videos.

      Sunny City by DPmusic

      Ambient music is the perfect backdrop for any activity, from studying, and relaxing to watching a movie. This ambient instrumental features 30 guitar and several percussion layers, looping over and over at varying speeds. The result is a mesmerizing and captivating sound experience.

      The Summer Skylines by Erick McNerney

      Antique bells, electric piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, and percussion combine for alternative Xmas grooves suggesting underscoring seasonal images and festive video sequences. Key of G, 140 bpm

      Magic Box by Maxim Panchenko

      This inspirational track features a piano melody with a lovely marimba rhythm. It is light, positive, and happy with a subtle sense of urgency. The perfect background music for home videos, commercials, advertising, and corporate projects.

      Yuletide Mood by Rick Dickert

      This is a modern ambient chill electro track featuring many elements of electro-music. It expresses freedom and confidence. This track is great for advertising and corporate videos, presentations, or commercials.

      Mortal by Maxim Panchenko

      Light, playful and ironic loop. Who said only cats purr? Here is a violin that imitates a lazy and happy cat very well!

      Organized Mess by Ionics Music

      Playful, funny and fast-paced orchestral, using toy piano and jazz scat "baps". Perfect for casual games, kids' content, funny racing games, happy pets videos, funny cartoons, animation films.

      Leap Of Faith by AG Music

      Laidback arrangement of electric piano, synthesizers, and percussion suggested underscoring lounge scenes, retro club sequences, and nostalgic flashbacks. Key of C, 140 bpm

      The Cat Purrs by Raffaele De Leonardo

      This explosive marimba track evoked the bustling activity and enthusiasm of a busy scene in a city or market. The driving pulse of ethnic drums provides the backing while frenetic marimba arpeggios and sweeping flute phrases whip up the sense of excitement. A hint of tribal flavor can be heard in the background as choral bursts punctuate the action. A modern take on African dance music, the track works well for development projects, exploration, regeneration of tourism, or where an African theme is needed.

      My Old Farm by Raffaele De Leonardo

      Spiritual peace, majestic tranquility, relaxing slowness marked by an incessant rhythm, with a mixed electronic, ethnic and classical instrumentation.

      Comedic Dixieland by SnowMusicStudio

      "Toast With Honey" is a piece of music designed to create a cool atmosphere. This upbeat and melodic chillhop track uses electric piano, dope beats, and chill synths. Perfect choice for your openers, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty videos.

      Savor Suite by Rick Dickert

      Sumptuous, sweeping cinematic music that is exotic, emotional, and energetic. Features an exciting percussion motif and a sense of anticipation. The perfect backdrop for everything from announcing the news to triumphant scenes and moments of reflection.

      The Pace Of Africa by Geoff Harvey

      A whimsical, and experimental orchestral music. Features various bells, chimes and percussion. Ideal for various projects, including fancy antiquity store, puzzle games, mobile apps, funny detective story and more.

      Danger Point by Raffaele De Leonardo

      A big beat backing track complemented with 80's vaporwave synth and retro drum machine. Great for building suspense in your scenes. Gives the vibe of intrigue for sci-fi films. Also good for a supernatural occult twist, bipolar mental disorder, psychological thriller, etc.

      Release Dem Spirits by Paul Werner

      Spacey and alien sounding layers with interesting and mysterious sounds and textures giving the feeling of being on a alien planet. Also works well for any Sci-Fi themed project.

      The Great Labyrinth by Raffaele De Leonardo

      Bold and energetic background music, perfect for promotional, motivational corporate presentations, or a bold commercial. Reflects defiance and positiveness. Featuring digital synthisizer along with powerful drums.

      Toast With Honey by Infraction

      A strange, alluring yet menacing string piece. Ideal for science fictions, experimental art works, Halloween, horror projects, and especially thrillers!

      Deep Moments by Sungtae Kim

      Abstract new age music theme for the documentary, advertising, and Asia related projects, urban life, or any other settings with a positive feel. Featuring traditional Asian instruments, percussions, and warm pads. Smooth and inspirational moods.

      Ominous Orchestra by Elena Naumova

      Light and sunny background music with warm sound and easy mood. You may use it in advertising, product promo, real estate presentations, travel videos, nature views, airy drone videos, hotel and spa promos, vacation slideshows, lifestyle videos, and more.

      Here We Go Again by AG Music

      A robotic rhythmic ambient track, featuring percussion beats and sound of the e-piano played with different patterns. Suitable for fashion, advertising, art projects, and more.

      The Old Clock Shop by Mark Woollard

      A slow, trippy, lo-fi downtempo electronic track with lush pads, and dreamy, abstract mood. Great to create a lounging urban vibe for sophisticated video content, commercials with a twist of intrigue, or exhibitions or installations in art galleries.

      Angels And Demons by Erick McNerney

      Cinematic, dramatic and climactic hybrid orchestral cue. With pulsating beats, synths and percussion. A sense of tension slowly builds to a huge crescendo.

      Comedy Dramedy by Sungtae Kim

      Atmospheric, cinematic soundscape with a somehow indie feel. Beautiful music to accompany timelapse videos, drone footage, dramatic scenes, and any other videos related to nature, solitude, fantasy films, or surrealistic worlds, etc.

      Gravity In Reverse by Dave Brenner

      A creepy, dark drone featuring piano chords, female synth voice and a breathy flute. Brings the mystery feeling to your project.

      Alien Landscapes by Dave Brenner

      Trendy and modern music piece with digital voice samples and some robotic bouncy sounds. Perfect as royalty-free background music for your new presentations, viral marketing, timelapse drone footage, travel vlogs, cutting edge fashion show, or social media content.

      Careless Whistling Background by Elena Naumova

      Compelling and engaging alternative rock loop, with a rhythmic base and fantastic electric guitar in the foreground. Suitable for any purpose. But especially fits for avantgarde cinematic background, serious scenes, and more.

      The Dark Abyss by Erick McNerney

      Deep meditative tribal theme created with Shamanic sounds immersing the listener to the state of trance. Loud breath set the rhythm of the composition, angelic female voice, with a heavy reverb for maximum atmosphere, envelops the consciousness. Suitable for world ethnic documentaries, epic adaptations of Viking stories, ancient civilizations, history film soundtrack, scenes of initiation, the awakening of spirit and strength, etc.

      Like It Or Not by Fahmy Isaac

      Experimental ethnic new age background music in an Asian flavour for world documentary, and exotic video projects. Featuring pizzicato strings, mallet instruments, percussions and synthesizers. It's mysterious, inspiring and Inspiration moods. Ideal for oriental art culture exhibition or travel YouTube vlogs.

      Mental Meddling by Erick McNerney

      Glamourous and flowing track with a mallet melody and electric piano and synths no conventional harmony. Ideal background music for luxury commercial, TV show intros, video vlogs, design reviews, youtube channels, advertising, short movie, etc

      Humans And Technology by Sergey Wednesday

      Enigmatic and contradictory ambient instrumental track with the complex sound of synth pads, harp, flute, piano, strings, and sound fx. Great for suspense scenes, long term thinking, waiting time, puzzle games, thriller films, CSI investigation, a documentary about unsolved mystery or secrets`.

      Groovy Stroll by Erick McNerney

      A groovy fast-paced jazzy theme with an urban flavor. Suitable for commercials, film, video and podcast intro, as well as television shows. The music portrays a modern complicated lifestyle. Featuring piano, drums, and upright bass.

      Inspirational World by GreenBird

      This is an energetic, weird and tricky rock track in a dark mood featuring overdrive guitars and e-piano. It would be nice for films about street crime, drunk party, late night action, Halloween comedy, etc.

      Less Is More by Fahmy Isaac

      Experimental modern classical composition. A flute and harp duet with a strange, alluring mood. Perfect for cinematographic projects, scenes of memories and imaginary visions, puzzle games, art projects, or original theatre performance.

      Shadows Of Maya by Mike Nowa

      Intriguing, and dreamy electric blues composition featuring piano, guitars, synthesizers, bass, and modern drum beats. Great for commercials, YouTube videos, urban lifestyle, unspoken monologue, daily routine 9 to 5, repetitive work process and more.

      Ancient Passacaglia by Erick McNerney

      Experimental retro stomp composition with elements of rock late 1960's early 1970s style with grungy guitars and a steady, cool beat. Resembling Jim Morrison and The Doors. Great for indie road-film, retrospective documentaries, art projects, live out of a van, rock and roll lifestyle

      Taking It Slow by AudioPanda

      Hybrid Machine is a rhythmic stomp, analog electronic composition with a pulsating, industrial, futuristic sound. Ideal for sports videos, arthouse short films, action scenes, contemporary art, hypnotic ads, new age technology, kinky party, and crazy fun projects

      Lockdown by Jon Wright

      Pure power and energy in this metal rock track, with a sparkling rhythmic base, a large array of digital synths, a crazy electric guitar.

      Black Africa by Pavel Svejentsev

      It is difficult to find an exact definition for this music, because it presents together different atmospheres, intimately linked. Mixed instrumentation, acoustic and electronic, with a strongly cinematic character. Suitable for James Bond movies.

      Hazy Memories by Erick McNerney

      Fast, energizing, rhythmic, dynamic, pulsating electronic composition with a technological, industrial, hybrid feel. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, progress, technology, and more.

      Exotic Highlands by AudioPanda

      Analog Homeostasis is a modular, organic, vibrating, analog electronic composition with a pulsating, mechanical, futuristic sound. Melody immerses in a strange, alienated, and intriguing mindset. Ideal for videos related to ecology, green energy, science news, technology progress, bizarre commercials, and modern art installation.

      Alone In The Dark Forest by FabianKreutzerSound

      That digital compositions with pop-rock sounds come out of the schemes of corporate music and stand out for its originality. Incessant rhythm and psychedelic atmosphere of this track be great for many non-standard projects. Next app launch, promo video or presentations of creative ideas, an alternate reality, virtual world entertainment, thematic parties in the style of space life and neon shine.

      Flea Circus by Elena Naumova

      This is a positive and uplifting track in a cheerful mood with the influence of country, funk and reggae genres. It features e-guitars and would be nice for cooking videos or video games.

      Lucis Vis by Raffaele De Leonardo

      This is beautiful modern electronic music with futuristic mood and deep atmospheric sound. Perfect background track for technology, sci-tech and high-tech videos, lounge and resort videos, videos from drones, sunset-sunrise videos or the similar lounge, design, ambient and abstract video-broadcast projects.

      The Amazing World Of Asia by GreenBird

      An upbeat, energetic, motivating track. Featuring a positive, enthusiastic synthesizer arp, with an acoustic guitar and bass guitar accompanying.

      Uneasy Imagination by Erick McNerney

      Free interpretation of a traditional Christmas song, with festive echoes of bells and a peaceful ambience.

      Dream Planner by Audioblyca

      Classical string quartet, intimate atmosphere. Elegance and measure at the service of your multimedia projects.

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    We human beings have developed music as an excellent tool for reducing our stress and mental pressure. It has been a long tradition of getting relaxed with the help of music. Music has a very unique and soothing effect on the listeners. Avant grade music is also one of them.

    The best part of the music is that it has a great traditional impact. Despite having a traditional impact, it is always tray to explore it and change it to another type. Avant-Garde music breaks the arena of normal musical parameters.

    This term is given to it because of a particular reason. It indicates that the music is ahead of its original time. It contains creative elements. A fusing of different genres of music is also observed in Avant-Garde music. In the year 1950, this music was greatly attached to serial music. Great artists were responsible for creating such music. They constantly searched for a different types of music. The thinking of these artists was different and out of the typical musical parameters.

    The development of Avant-Garde music came into existence with the help of this innovative thinking. These artists often worked underground to dedicate more sincerely to the music. Experimental features were associated deeply with the birth of Avant-Garde music. Practical features include the methods and practices in the musical field that are not commonly used.

    Thus this music can be experimental music developed by disobeying the ordinary and regular laws of harmony. It is seen as an outstanding achievement of the artists due to their great success in art. The proper usage and appropriate combination of the heart and the brain is seen in developing the music. People select this type of music due to various reasons. It occurs because the listener always desires to hear something new. The craze and pleasure in a new genre of music are always pleasant to the ears.

    A punk fan will rejoice after listening to the experimental punk similarly. To grab the change in music, people choose Avant-Garde music. An originator plays an essential role in making the fans choose their desired theme. He can be a family member or a storekeeper. The only thing concerned with him should be his passion for experimental music. It can be a fantastic experience.

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