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Enigmatic and contradictory ambient instrumental track with the complex sound of synth pads, harp, flute, piano, strings, and sound fx. Great for suspense scenes, long term thinking, waiting time, puzzle games, thriller films, CSI investigation, a documentary about unsolved mystery or secrets`.
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A strange, creepy and alluring cinematic piece. Perfect for horror, psychological thrillers and more.
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A strange, otherworldly, and even contemplative avant garde electronic track. Perfect as background music for strange or unique videos.
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A groovy fast-paced jazzy theme with an urban flavor. Suitable for commercials, film, video and podcast intro, as well as television shows. The music portrays a modern complicated lifestyle. Featuring piano, drums, and upright bass.
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A sinister and dark orchestra theme. Great for video game, horror and scary films, nightmares and furious scenes, psychological thrillers, or Halloween.
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A dark, sad, and alluring hypnotic experimental and independent piece of music . Works great for dramatic moments, flashbacks to better times, reliving the past. Very intimate and emotional track. Experimental, Progressive Rock, Electronics, Avant Garde.
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This is an energetic, weird and tricky rock track in a dark mood featuring overdrive guitars and e-piano. It would be nice for films about street crime, drunk party, late night action, Halloween comedy, etc.
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A playful, spooky and bizarre theme in fast tempo. Good for playful scenes, Halloween, funny animals, circus, cartoons, children's or casual games, short video clips, having fun etc.
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Experimental modern classical composition. A flute and harp duet with a strange, alluring mood. Perfect for cinematographic projects, scenes of memories and imaginary visions, puzzle games, art projects, or original theatre performance.
1:51 , 0:30, 1:02, 2:22
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Hybrid Machine is a rhythmic stomp, analog electronic composition with a pulsating, industrial, futuristic sound. Ideal for sports videos, arthouse short films, action scenes, contemporary art, hypnotic ads, new age technology, kinky party, and crazy fun projects
1:10 , 0:35, 1:54
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Intriguing, and dreamy electric blues composition featuring piano, guitars, synthesizers, bass, and modern drum beats. Great for commercials, YouTube videos, urban lifestyle, unspoken monologue, daily routine 9 to 5, repetitive work process and more.
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Experimental retro stomp composition with elements of rock late 1960's early 1970s style with grungy guitars and a steady, cool beat. Resembling Jim Morrison and The Doors. Great for indie road-film, retrospective documentaries, art projects, live out of a van, rock and roll lifestyle
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Cheerful song with bouncy rhythm bringing positive vibes.
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The mysterious mystical track with a repetitive melody and strained mood. Good as suspense background music for tense moments, countdown, tick tock, espionage scenes, theft, hide and seek games, escapes, etc.
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Pure power and energy in this metal rock track, with a sparkling rhythmic base, a large array of digital synths, a crazy electric guitar.
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It is difficult to find an exact definition for this music, because it presents together different atmospheres, intimately linked. Mixed instrumentation, acoustic and electronic, with a strongly cinematic character. Suitable for James Bond movies.
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A dreamy, nostalgic and vintage piano piece. Perfect for adding a sense of peaceful, yet inexplicable longing. Great for an aquarium contemplation.
1:12 , 0:33, 1:03, 2:39
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Fast, energizing, rhythmic, dynamic, pulsating electronic composition with a technological, industrial, hybrid feel. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, progress, technology, and more.
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Afro funk track. Drums, afro percussion, electric bass, wah electric guitar, electric organ, brass, flute.
1:53 , 0:32, 1:04, 2:26
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Analog Homeostasis is a modular, organic, vibrating, analog electronic composition with a pulsating, mechanical, futuristic sound. Melody immerses in a strange, alienated, and intriguing mindset. Ideal for videos related to ecology, green energy, science news, technology progress, bizarre commercials, and modern art installation.
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That digital compositions with pop-rock sounds come out of the schemes of corporate music and stand out for its originality. Incessant rhythm and psychedelic atmosphere of this track be great for many non-standard projects. Next app launch, promo video or presentations of creative ideas, an alternate reality, virtual world entertainment, thematic parties in the style of space life and neon shine.
1:32 , 2:10, 2:10U
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This is a positive and uplifting track in a cheerful mood with the influence of country, funk and reggae genres. It features e-guitars and would be nice for cooking videos or video games.
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This is beautiful modern electronic music with futuristic mood and deep atmospheric sound. Perfect background track for technology, sci-tech and high-tech videos, lounge and resort videos, videos from drones, sunset-sunrise videos or the similar lounge, design, ambient and abstract video-broadcast projects.
0:52 , 1:04, 1:04U
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An upbeat, energetic, motivating track. Featuring a positive, enthusiastic synthesizer arp, with an acoustic guitar and bass guitar accompanying.
1:13 , 2:42U, 2:43
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Free interpretation of a traditional Christmas song, with festive echoes of bells and a peaceful ambience.
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Classical string quartet, intimate atmosphere. Elegance and measure at the service of your multimedia projects.
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Tense and dramatic atmosphere, with the end of the loop that recalls the beginning with the strength of a magnet. Instrumentation based on digital synths, with powerful percussive base, tubular bells and a wonderful saxophone.
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Calm and powerful track full of pulsations, rhythm and energy. Suitable for those looking for motivation and want to give character to their multimedia projects.
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Lush and wondrous, featuring pulsing strings, synthesizers, ambient percussion samples and future house kick creating a hypnotic atmosphere.
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A deep, contemplative harp and orchestra piece.
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A calm atmospheric piece which will perfectly suit for various projects. Such as all kinds of YouTube videos, nature films, love stories or documentaries or any other media projects looking for elegant and successful mood.
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A peculiar piano piece, written improvisationally. It captures a mood which is difficult to explain.
0:44 , 0:29, 0:59, 1:12
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Suspenseful music with a strange mood recorded with piano and effects, synthesizer. This music will fit well in drama, horror, suspense moments.
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Looped track of great softness and strong cinematic impact, excellent in the background. Great female voice and sax, protagonists of an elegant musical intertwining.
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We' human being has developed music as a very good tool for reducing our stress and mental pressure.
It has been a long tradition of getting relaxed with the help of music. Music has a very unique and soothing effect on to the listeners. Avant grade music is also one of them. The best part of the music is that it has a great traditional impact on it. Despite having a traditional impact it always tray to explore it, and change it to some other type. Avant Garde music breaks the arena of normal musical parameters.

This term is given to it because of a very specific reason. It indicates that the music is ahead from its original time. It contains creative elements. A fusing of different genres of music is also observed in the Avant Garde music. In the year 1950 this music was greatly attached with the serial music. Great artists were responsible for creating such music. They always searched out for different type of music. The thinking of these artists were absolutely different and out of the normal musical parameters.

The development of Avant Garde music came into existence with the help of these innovative thinkings. These artists often worked underground so as to dedicate more sincerely to the music. Experimental features were associated deeply with the birth of Avant Garde music. Experimental features include the methods and practices in musical field that are not commonly used.

Thus this music loops can be said as an experimenting music which is developed by disobeying the common and regular laws of music. It is seen as a great achievement of the artists due to their great success over the art. The right usage and appropriate combination of the heart and the brain is seen in developing the music. People select this type of music due to various reasons. It occurs because the listener always desires to hear something new. The craze and pleasure in a new genre of music is always pleasant to the ears.

A punk fan will rejoice after listening to the experimental punk, similarly to grab the change in music people chooses Avant Garde music. An originator plays an important role in making the fans choose their desired music. He can be a family member or a store keeper. The only thing concerned with him should be the passion for experimental music. It can be a fantastic experience.

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