Feel My Energy

by Infraction

BPM 140
Content ID: Registered
This high-energy EDM track is a perfectly balanced mix of angry, aggressive, and explosive trap-style percussion with some of the best synth sounds and dark, ominous bass that will have your audience pumping their fists. Great for gaming, action, working out, or any other scenario that needs to blow the roof off!
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  • Feel My Energy by Infraction

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    My Ears Squeak by Victor Manuel Navarro

    Enjoy this musical sequence in techno style. It starts with an aggressive synthesizer base to end in a cascade of dancing notes. The sequence of music changes immediately and repeatedly throughout, keeping you on your toes. You'll be surprised by this minimal soundtrack that will give you an energizing mood.

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    Too Much Drugs Will Kill You by Audioflame

    This is a really powerful track with dubstep drums, and distortion bass. Perfect for extreme sport, action movie music, dance parties, club and festival promos or any projects needing strong dark energy.

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    Crank It by Yevhen Lokhmatov

    Classical cinematic trailer theme with dubstep arrangement will help you to create a video from the view of horror movie. Modern style sounds with fairy mood will be perfect for your Halloween video production. Ideal for media projects with a theme of mystery, magic, and romance.

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    Most Dangerous by AleXZavesa

    This trap royalty free music energy track. Excellent beat and percussion, elecronic synths, low bass and energy drums. This track is perfect for sportы motivational videos, workout, gaming music, action video.

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    Lets Get Started by KD Music

    This is powerful and aggressive trap music with strong kicks and powerful synth bass. This track can be used in television production as underlying sound for opening sequences in a dynamic TV film or internet programs, as well as compound jingle for TV announcements in extreme sport or movie programs.

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    Wonders Of The Universe by AleXZavesa

    This is a positive technology royalty-free dubstep track. Featuring distorted beats, glitchy basslines, and harsh noises. Perfect for technology and science projects, advertising, television themes, websites, and product promos.

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    Devil Forces by AleXZavesa

    This dark and energy trap royalty-free music track. Excellent and powerful bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric electronic synths, epic brass. This track is perfect for gaming, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video.

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    Anarchy Fire by Infraction

    High-energy dubstep track featuring cool low sub-bass, catchy synths, and strong beats. Good to bring intensity to any situation. Ideal for car commercials, extreme sports, NASCAR racing, Hell's Angels bikers, kickass action-adventure, news energizer, ESPN reality show. Enjoy!

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    Indestructible by AleXZavesa

    This epic and energy dubstep royalty-free music. Electronic synths, low bass, and energy drums make power in this track. This amazing soundtrack is perfect for action movie scenes, war games, motivational content, urban videos, etc.

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    Homing Blaster by AleXZavesa

    Excellent electronic synths, low bass and energy drums make power in this track. This amazing track is perfect for workout videos, slideshows and animations, sport video, urban videos and much more.

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    One Moment Before by AleXZavesa

    Dramatically motivational dubstep track featuring electronic synthesizers, synth drums and e-piano. This background music is perfect for sci-fi documentaries, science and technology, promotional videos and much more.

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    Dubstep Train by Eitan Epstein Music

    A piece of aggressive and energetic dubstep music, full of power and intensity. Great for street racing, extreme sports events, street workout and other hot action scenes.

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    Angry Bob by Infraction

    Аggressive royalty free dubstep track. Sound effects and a distorted voice immerse into the atmosphere of tension, anxiety, anger. Perfect for extreme sports, cool parkour videos, fight scenes, sports equipment advertising, online games, and street racing.

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    Analogue Dubstep by Infraction

    Apocalyptic epic dubstep royalty free music with massive repetitive and dark sound, destructive and provocative elements. Great for action films trailers, chase scenes, crime, robotic factory, industrial ambiance, where advanced weapons are involved.

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    Crazy One by Infraction

    Crazy hot dubstep royalty free audio with tight beats, glitch cut edits and distorted bass and synths. This action-packed track would be great for extreme sports, cyberpunk everything, chase scenes, etc.

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    Bloody Octopus by Starjam

    Extremely powerful and aggressive dubstep track with punchy drums and power bassline. This track is perfect for any extreme video, extreme trailers, show openers, slideshows, action or epic movies about sports, fights, cars.

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    The Power Of Dubstep by Eitan Epstein Music

    This is aggressive and energetic dubstep music, full of power and intensity. Great for powerlifting, crime story, robotic technologies, underground movement, extreme and action sports.

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    Jingle Bells Club by Plastic3

    Holiday, background Jingle Bells Christmas Dubstep dance club music track with an upbeat and positive celebratory mood. Powerful and happy festive music with an exciting and uplifting modern strong sound, with different bright instruments. Catchy confident angry synths, electronic rhythmic drums, synth bass. Great musical background for business websites, kids games, TV or radio seasonal news, advertising and commercial company or children, New Year or Xmas Youtube videos.

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    Midnight Chaos by JGaudio

    Chaotic, driving and energizing drop in dubstep brostep genre. Featuring heavy breakbeat drum beats, tons of coolest filthy basses, modern futuristic synthesizers – lasers, noisy sound effects and more. Good for sports video, high tech cinematic trailer, technology presentation, games teaser promotion, Youtube channel opening or just intro background music.

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    Extreme Power Sports by Yoav Alyagon

    High energy and aggressive electro dubstep track with an exciting and punchy feel. Perfect choice for any sports videos, energetic motion graphics, GoPro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercial, club events and more.

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    Trapology by Jerzy Bekus

    Trapology is a very intense, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental. The beat contains 808 sub-bass kick drums, snare fills, fast hi hats, claps, synthetic brass, strings, arpeggios, leads and cool synths. I hope you like it.

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    Grand Prix by Plastic3

    This is my new, really motivational, aggressive and powerful, corporate noisy loud club dance track with many bright instruments and extreme sports show mood – electric bright distortion driving guitar,bass,drums. Musical background for websites, games, and corporate video, football soccer games, sports radio or tv news.

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    The First Attack by Mike Nowa

    The First Attack is a powerful and upbeat alternative rock instrumental that features bouncy electric guitars and cool driving drums. Perfect for any production that needs a modern and youthful sound.

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    City Rush by Dvir Zilverstone

    Powerful Electro rock music. Intense, adventurous and dark track. For rush hour, city life adventures, chasing and escape, downtown action and young anger. Featuring strong and modern rock drums, dominant synth bass line, keyboards and sound fx. Determined and driving fast powerful score.

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    Dubstep Machine by Michael Adels

    Typical dubstep track with wobble bass and wild stuttering synth sounds. Gives every project a modern and powerful background.

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    Psychopathy by Alexander Lisenkov

    Club dance track in a dark atmosphere. Featured instruments are distorted lead, dark pads and deep bass. Good for sport videos, action scenes or advertising.

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    Electro Dance by Benjamin Segal

    A fun melodic electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

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    Pull The Walls by Michael Musco

    This dramatic, aggressive, and hard hitting industrial fusion music combines power, energy and action all in one. The powerful rhythm is complimented by modern grungy synthesizers, and a cool sonic lead melody.

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    Stress and the City by Alex Grey

    Powerful and dramatic electronic track. Will serve as a perfect backdrop to the any situation of the modern city: traffic jams, heavy traffic, car racing, driving and other stressful situation.

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    Heavy Electro by Ray IBiza

    Heavy Electro sound according to modern dance scene, more specific to GLBT community. Similar to Fukk Off, Jeffree Star, Die Antwoord etc.

    Download MP3
    Modern Fashion by Alex Grey

    Actual vibrant, energetic and powerful track with elements of dub-step. The best choice for fashion shows and any modern urban events.

    Download MP3
    The Matrix Revelation by Andrea Quarin

    Energetic, powerful electronic score with aggressive/distorted synths and punchy electronic drum beats. From start to end an endless climax!

    Download MP3
    The Dry Ice by Mike Nowa

    Determined and energetic dance house club track. Cool groove and catchy riffs. Suitable background music for projects that need need more energy and intensity.

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    Downwind by Dave Brenner

    Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement.

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    Survive The Day by Mike Nowa

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    Slope by Jack White

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