• Clown Motel

      "Clown Motel" is a creepy, twisted, and fun Halloween track, with a quirky orchestra, creepy piano, and dissonant fairground organ. Ideal as a caricatural background for horror or Halloween projects related to circuses, haunted funfairs, carnivals, and clowns.

      Last Autumn

      This is an energetic, weird and tricky rock track in a dark mood featuring overdrive guitars and e-piano. It would be nice for films about street crime, drunk party, late night action, Halloween comedy, etc.

      Midnight Cowboy

      We are in the 20s and the notes of an old piano tell us about a tricky and dangerous story of the gangster in the streets of New York. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies.

      Whimsical Fantasia

      This music is perfect for making people laugh in comedy shows, adding drama in dramedy, or keeping things interesting in reality TV episodes. It's also an excellent fit for animated shows and can make commercials way more fun and catchy!

      Phantoms Fanfare

      Funny and a little creepy song for xylophone, strings, woodwinds and percussion. Ideal as a backdrop for comedy or Halloween video game or movie. May be used as a backdrop for spooky scenes, funny and tricky moments etc.

      Lets Fun

      Immerse in Halloween's eerie enchantment with this instrumental orchestral track. A haunting harpsichord, ghostly theremin, celestial celesta, and a choir create a spooky ambiance perfect for your Halloween celebration or creative project. Ideal for creating a bone-chilling atmosphere for ghost stories, haunted house attractions, the Adams Family-like costume party, DIY Halloween decoration tutorials, and more.

      So Sweet

      Dark and spooky Halloween waltz instrumental, that sets the eerie and whimsical mood. It features haunting harpsichord, ghostly theremin, eerie toy piano, celestial celesta, and ominous orchestral elements for a mysterious and macabre atmosphere. Ideal for Halloween celebrations from haunted houses to costume parties, horror films in the style of "The Addams Family" to add a layer of sophisticated fright, ghost stories or mysteries, spooky children's stories, or gothic novels.

      Clap And Jump

      Cool ChillHop track in boom-bap style is ideal for projects that need classic 90's flavored East Coast lo-fi hip-hop sound. It features chopped piano, vocal washes, deep acoustic bass, record scratches, Fxs, and funky head nodding blended with 808 bass boom. It's ideal to add some retro flair or keep things calm and relaxed. Suitable for street fashion, urban lifestyle videos, travel vlogs focused on city life, and other media projects aiming for a trendy yet relaxed atmosphere.

      Funny Adventure

      A spooky, enchanting, and bright cinematic orchestral track in a Halloween-themed style, transports the listener into a world of night where darkness comes alive and secret forces awaken. Eerie strings blend with magical voices, creating an atmosphere of witch coven and magic spells. Perfect for scenes depicting haunted house attractions, spooky storytelling about the supernatural and the unknown, and any content that seeks to capture the mysterious and otherworldly spirit of the holiday.

      Halloween Is Coming

      Happy, quirky and mischievous Dramedy instrumental with a playful stop and go rhythm. Light and bright marimba lines, animated electric guitar riffs, lively bass and percussion create a fun and cheerful vibe. Dialog-friendly with various easy edit points.

      Halloween Time

      Cool and aggressive sports music theme. The best choice for racing, rally, wrestling and other sporting events.

      Children Fun

      Mischievous, quirky, and comedic Dramedy instrumental with a playful stop-and-go rhythm. Sneaky and mysterious, featuring syncopated pizzicato strings, muted electric bass and guitar lines, lighthearted piano and woodwind figures, drums, and percussion. Ideal for TV shows/series, spy comedies with mischievous characters, fantastical adventures, short films, detective games, prank videos and more.

      Funky Booms

      Hypnotic and alluring Latin music piece merges Spanish acoustic guitar with jazzy trumpet, and a deep electronic beat lending an air of sophistication. With its mysterious and dramatic tones, the composition becomes ideal background music for emotional storytelling, historical documentaries, exotic locations, art or fashion projects where glamour meets artistry.

      Pedal Down

      Experience the open road and the spirit of the American frontier with this warm and gentle royalty-free western-inspired track. Featuring dreamy acoustic guitars, piano, drums, and electric guitars. Ideal for advertising campaigns that aim to evoke feelings of the tradition of American heritage. Also, good for videos related to industry, road trips, the great outdoors, or milestones.

      Tropical Trip

      An atmospheric and punchy royalty-free track, that fuses the elements of lo-fi chill step and future bass, creating a mesmerizing soundscape filled with modernity and style. Featuring trap bass, drum machine, leads, subtle voice samples, and percussion. Perfect for fashion showcases, lifestyle videos, daily life vlogs, travel diaries, promotional content that needs a contemporary edge, or commercials that want to stand out.

      Slow Ride

      "Street Beats" - In the middle of graffiti-covered walls and subway stations resonating with the echo of trains, this track brings the cityscape to life and captures gritty urban nostalgia. Features punchy drums, a gritty bassline, old-school hip-hop vocal samples, synths, and lo-fi textures. These are the streets speaking through rhythm. Ideal for cinematic scenes set in gritty urban environments, urban jungles, street art, and urban narratives. Raw beats, authentic atmosphere.

      Comedy Of Mistakes

      This epic distorted cinematic trailer music is a heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled composition that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With a high tension feel and a combination of suspended and distorted rhythms, this music builds to a crescendo of excitement and anticipation. The distorted elements of the composition add a raw, gritty texture that creates a sense of unease and danger. This is the perfect music to accompany an action-packed trailer or a suspenseful scene in a film or video game. Get ready to be swept away by the intense energy of this epic distorted cinematic trailer music.

      Decisions Decisions

      Imagine being inside a UFO! Step into an alternate dimension where the boundaries of reality blur, and the infinite expanse of the universe beyond human comprehension begins. Ethereal synths, pulsating beats, and atmospheric soundscapes create an environment full of wonder, magic, and mystery. Ideal as background music for filmmakers and video game developers, fantasy shows about alien planets, science fiction tv, and Halloween projects.

      Drunk Evening

      This versatile track is ideal for a range of uses, including comedy and dramedy productions, Halloween specials, reality TV episodes, animated shows, and commercials. It effortlessly enhances the mood, adding depth and character to any project.

      Speed Queen

      Infuse a vibrant burst of energy into your project with this house music background track. Boasting an upbeat tempo and a modern, fashionable appeal, it's perfectly calibrated to bring a fresh, dynamic edge to a variety of content.

      Curious Journey

      A Classic Boom-Bap Hip-Hop track that pays homage to the golden era of Hip-Hop. With its jazzy saxophone, bumpy beats, and smooth guitars, this track is perfect for TikTok videos, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, social media, and any project looking to capture the essence of old-school Hip-Hop.

      Together For The Weekend

      A captivating and vibrant royalty-free ethnic Indian track that spread vibes of exploration and wonder. The magical marimba sounds are harmoniously weaved with contemporary synth, rhythmic percussion, and dynamic electronic drums creating an uplifting atmosphere. Ideal for projects exploring different cultures, travel documentaries, or any content seeking a touch of the exotic and extraordinary.

      City Beat

      "Nightmare Unleashed" is a haunting and intense track that delves into the realm of darkness and fear. With its dissonant melodies, chilling atmospheres, and frenetic rhythms, it captures the pivotal moment when a long-suppressed and malevolent nightmare breaks free from its confines. The composition builds tension and unleashes a torrent of nightmarish elements, immersing the listener in a chilling journey through the depths of terror and psychological unease.

      Sport Makes You Stronger

      An upbeat, positive and energetic royalty free indie rock track, with catchy guitar riffs, chords, drums, claps, and percussion, best for ads, youth, sports, summer videos, or promo visuals.

      Dose Of Reality

      This metal track's potent, assertive tones will ideally amplify the intensity of your commercial promotions, sports-related content, and captivating video game teasers. It's perfectly designed to inject a rush of adrenaline and bold energy into your projects.

      Teamwork Success

      An electronic/orchestral hybrid cue with a menacing, thrilling feel designed as an underscore or music bed for Reality shows, quizzes, and time-dependent contestant situations. It features clock-style instrumentation that builds over the course of a minute, starting with subtle synth pads and plucks and gradually increasing in intensity with French Horns and timpani until resolving with a burst of percussion at the end - setting up a big reveal or statement.

      Latin Shadows

      This blues rock track is a celebration of good vibes, with energetic guitars, keyboards, drums, and a saxophone that sings of happy days.

      Boom Bap Street Project

      A whimsical and captivating Manouche jazz tune with a touch of charm, humor, and playful intrigue. From the very first notes, the tune sets an intriguing and captivating tone. Ideal to add a lively and entertaining backdrop for cooking vlogs, culinary adventures, cartoons, and comedy sketches with mischievous antics. Featuring saxophone, woodwinds, piano, and double bass.

      Technology Element

      A funky melodic pop/rock/funk instrumental. A strong catchy groove with melodic soulful guitar, great funky bass, great keys. A feel good vibe. A feel of " everything is just fine, feeling good ".

      Candy Factory

      Tropical House gem that embodies the carefree spirit of endless sunshine and unforgettable adventures. This captivating background track transports you to a world of vibrant beats, euphoric melodies, and youthful energy, infusing every moment with the essence of summer's blissful embrace.

      Sneaky Animals

      A captivating royalty-free orchestral cinematic music with a mysterious mood and playful melodies, inspired by Wes Anderson's film soundtrack 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' by Alexandre Desplat. Featuring the grand piano, harp, strings, brass, woodwinds, celesta, percussion, accordion, and a variety of authentic folk instruments such as cimbalom, bandura, zither, mandolin, balalaika, and hammered dulcimer. Perfect for film and TV soundtracks, advertisements, commercials, documentaries, travel videos, quirky animations, art projects, whimsical storytelling, children's content, and fantasy themes.

      My Abstract Feelings

      Lose yourself in the slow, sensual rhythm of trap hip-hop music that is the perfect backdrop to your experiences. This sexy music, brimming with deep bass beats and smooth female vocal flows, adds a provocative allure to any moment, making even the mundane feel like a stylish slow-motion film scene. Relish in the mysterious charm that this music backdrop provides, transforming the ambiance around you.

      This Is How We Do It

      'Salsa Latina' is an upbeat and vibrant Latin track that embodies the infectious rhythms of salsa music. With its lively percussion, pulsing bassline, and colorful melodies, this track is perfect for use in any project that requires a festive and energetic Latin vibe.

      Street Beats

      Heart Racing - Power track in old-school and vintage style with a retro guitar sound, organ, and cool drum pattern. The tune is powerful and cheerful, with a motivational mood. Suitable for any positive projects, advertising, and action videos.

      Youth Is A Summer

      This upbeat track best suits videos about travel, entertainment, tourism, beach holidays, and other moments. The track is associated with a tropical mood, summer inspiration, sun, blue skies, oceans, mountains, and cityscapes. Ideal for your media projects, vlogs, and advertising!

      Drums And Bass

      Are you making an unboxing video for YouTube? If you're after a fun, upbeat, and quirky vibe, then this track is for you! It's perfect for commercials, social media campaigns, and podcasts, and is sure to get your audience feeling happy and motivated. Imagine your product being used as part of this song!

      Joe The Jazzy Man

      Soulful, easy going lo-fi hip hop, with jazzy keys, saxophone hits, deep bass, and laidback beats.

      Springtime In The Tropics

      This is a typical documentary cue used as a backing for people engaged in useful but slightly chaotic unfocussed activity. Typical uses would be projects such as building, cooking, renovation or activities where the participants are amateurs or somewhat out of their depth, but, perhaps, after a few mistakes and setbacks, they succeed perhaps against the odds. This style, using pizzicato strings, marimba and woodwind flourishes frequently appears in reality TV as an unobtrusive musical accompaniment perhaps with a comic narration describing the activity. Useful for documentaries with a comic, light-hearted, theme.

      Distorted Visions

      This cool and light hip-hop track makes it the perfect background music for various projects. It's a great fit for GoPro adventures, behind-the-scenes footage, vlogs, promotional content, YouTube videos, and any urban or street lifestyle videos. Elevate your content with this versatile and stylish track.

      The Ufo Files

      "Buy Yourself a Dream" is an uplifting and aspirational track that inspires listeners to envision a better life through real estate ownership. With a dynamic chord progression and a catchy melody, this track captures the excitement and possibility of pursuing one's dreams. Whether you're a real estate agent looking for a powerful corporate track or an individual seeking motivation to take the leap into homeownership, "Buy Yourself a Dream" will leave you feeling inspired and energized.

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