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    • Sweet, playful and romantic loop based on a fairytale of Andersen. Excellent for background and videos.

      Beautiful classical romantic track featuring strings and cello. Perfect background music for romantic movie scenes, TV music themes, intros etc.

      A sad slow melody with piano and double bass. Track made in a classical manner.

      A positive theme with harpsichord and cello. Inspired by baroque music style.

      Cinematic ethereal theme performed on violins and cellos. Perfect for historical documentaries, corporate videos and grand product presentations.

      Dramatic, inspirational melody performed on cello, viola and violins. This powerful, emotive strings theme will be perfect for corporate video, presentations, cinematic scenes and TV/Radio podcasts.

      Loop for piano solo, classical style, slow tempo. Sad and nostalgic, for pure pleasure of listening, good in background and for particular atmospheres in video.

      Slow and dreamy loop for piano solo, classical style, very elegant. Ideal for ringtones, answering machines and web.

      Dreamy and ethereal loop for piano solo, classical style,ideal in background for meditation and relax. Very good for ringtones and answering machines.

      Classical breezy flute combines with orchestral strings to create a warm pleasant romantic scene implying beauty and peacefulness. It could also work well for romantic or emotional cinematic background purposes.

      Slow and elegant loop for piano solo, classical style. Sweetly passionate, ideal for ringtones, presentations and web.

      Dark and majestic orchestral track. Perfect for drama and historical movie. Mighty percussion, delicate strings with brass create background. Woodwinds and trumpet play main melody.

      An epic orchestral track. The first section is a quote from "Life is but a game" from The Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky and the second section continues the majestic feel with a dramatic melody. Very distinctive background music for game or film production.

      Fine loop for solo piano, minuet style of the thirteenth century

      Short and intense sequence for piano solo, classical style, slow and melancholically abstract. Perfect for answering services

      Slow, relaxing, pensive track for piano solo, classical style. Peace and solitude in the midst of the sea.

      Slow and relaxing track for piano solo, classical style. Lulled very gently by the undertow.

      Slow and relaxing track, sweetly lively, for piano solo, classical style. A boat in the waves shaken by the wind.

      Elegant and romantic loop for piano solo, sweet, dreamy, passionate. Ideal for web, ringtones and background

      Elegant loop for piano solo, in classical style. Good for ringtones and telephone answering.

      Gentle sparkling chimes, quiet piano, sleigh bells and delicate cinematic orchestral strings create a Christmas theme suitable for advertising and background theme. Orchestral strings provide a more adult contemporary edge with elements of discovery, bring the sense of looking forward to Christmas. Slightly emotional, but at the same time very magical and cinematic.

      An uptempo orchestral piece featured dramatic strings and soft woodwinds to give the real sensation of ant racing game. This cinematic background music designed for film scoring and projects that need some classical soundscape.

      Whisping elements of strings combine with gentle Christmassy piano chords and bells suggesting a beautiful snowy Christmas scene generating an inspirational, yet slightly emotional Christmas atmosphere. Very useful for advertising and theme music for products.

      A mellow symphonic orchestral track featuring piano, pizzicato basses, cello, strings, horns and flute

      The end section of "A Christmas Medley" which includes 3 songs and a majestic ending with tympani.

      Another section of my arrangement, "A Christmas Medley". A bit majestic and march-like.

      Another section of this larger arrangement I wrote entitled "A Christmas Medley. Begins with "Do You Hear What I Hear".

      An instrumental verse of this Christmas standard with soprano saxophone and background vocals.

      This is a section of a Christmas medley that I wrote which incorporates a complete orchestra. Have fun.

      A peaceful instrumental with piano, strings and flute. Gives solitary and thoughtful feelings within.

      Very peaceful music for two pianos and string orchestra. Here the light is replaced by a shadow, a shadow by light. This song is perfect for relaxation and meditation.

      Two-piece symphonic track. Mighty brass and percussion in first piece, intimate piano with strings in second.

      A mighty choir with percussion and orchestral strings. Some brass in the end of a track.

      Acoustic piano plays sweet melody while strings with percussion make soft atmosphere of relaxation.

      Elegant,massive,epic, grand orchestration with trumpet solo.

      Cinematic film score with a sad and dark grand piano melodies, strings and percussion. Emotional music great for a movie, video, documentary soundtrack.

      Soft and flowing melody performed by small orchestra.

      A gentle catchy piano melody complemented by a mild string section.

      "The Holly and the Ivy" is an English traditional Christmas carol.Acoustic piano with electric piano play a main melody. Synth pad makes deep athmosphere. Acoustic guitar with French horns play second line melody.

      'God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen' is an English traditional Christmas carol. Acoustic piano plays melody, acoustic guitar, electric piano, strings and drums play background harmony.

      "Ding Dong Merrily on High" is a Christmas carol. Acoustic and electric play melody, orchestral strings and organ play a background.

      "Away in a Manger" is a religious Christmas carol first published in 1885 in Philadelphia and used widely throughout the English-speaking world. In Britain it is one of the most popular carols. Wide orchestral strings with electric piano in background and gentle played acoustic guitar.

      Thanksgiving Hymn

      JINGLE BELLS is the contemporary version of the traditional jingle bells melody. It's an electric guitar mix of the traditional tune and the chiming sounds holds its authentic essence intact. Sounds just awesome!

      CHRISTMAS SPIRITS has a special blend of bells and piano sounds with mainly dominated by wonderful flute work. The music is full of festive mood.

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