• Dawn Solitude

      A relaxing, ethereal chill-out track with a slight touch of mystery. It features a harp, bells, bird chirping sounds, flute, meditation, and lush strings arrangement. Ideal for creating a peaceful ambiance for yoga sessions, spa treatments, and time-lapses with the serene tranquility of nature, and various media projects.

      Magical Story

      A lively classical Vienna waltz featuring strings, horns, woodwinds, timpani, and cellos. Perfect for ads, stylish videos, masquerades, balls, theatre and opera presentations, medieval films, historical and documentary, regal and ceremonial videos, and many more.

      A Lonely Planet

      Solemn background music loop with a Celtic flavor, featuring bagpipes. Great for traditional Middle Age festivals, Medieval England, Scotland's culture, Scottish history, patriotic campaign music, epic-scale historical drama, like Braveheart.

      Ukrainian Volition

      Melancholic medieval composition with fingerpicked acoustic guitar, flute, and analog synthesizer. The ancient melody is both nostalgic and timeless and serves as the backbone of the composition. Suitable as background music for historical documentaries, art exhibitions, fantasy films, or video games with storytelling within medieval themes.

      A Life In Adventure

      The dramatic cinematic background music evokes a sense of heartfelt emotion and passion. Features an evocative sound of piano, cello, violins, flutes, and oboe. This track is the perfect companion for visual storytelling that aims to evoke a sense of romance, historical depth, and profound emotion. Ideal for medieval tales of knights and kingdoms, and historic drama about passionate love.

      History Of Knighthood

      Traditional Celt style track featuring traditional Irish instruments such as Irish Fiddle, Dulcimer, Penny Whistle and Tambourine. The tempo is fast and upbeat, with an Irish jig twang making it useful for advertising or TV commercial implying laughter, fun and joy in Ireland. Also suitable for adventure productions, uplifting and incredibly cinematic plots, Medieval castles, knights and fair ladies, etc.

      Forest Meditation

      A beautiful classical orchestral piece with harpsichord, strings, timpani, woodwinds, and piano featuring. Wonderful music for art gallery presentations, educational videos, films about arts, architecture and design reviews, European culture videos, documentaries, historical movies, medieval videos, Renaissance age style videos, ads, and many more.

      The Majesty Of Art

      A truly epic and bombastic track with medieval-like tonality. This background music track evokes images from Hollywood cinematic classics like Gladiator, Braveheart, and 300. Perfect for action or adventure films about ancient times, religious and fantasy themes, the final battle against evil, or medieval history films. Features trap bass, Gregorian-like choirs, 808 bass, strings, and various synth sounds.

      The Sunshine Tribe

      Emotional, powerful orchestral track, conveying respect, honour and dignity. Ideal for trailers, promos, and projects that need a poignant score. An ideal choice for Hollywood productions, epic movie trailer, fairy tales about knights and kingdoms, big scenes and proud patriotic moments, medieval theme video games, or historical documentaries.

      Mysterious Drifter

      Ukrainian traditional instrumental music sweeps you into Ukraine's soul with sopilka's haunting grace, bandura's resonant strums, vibrant brass and folk rhythms. Suitable for any projects where it is necessary to depict the majesty of Ukrainian expanses, the beauty of nationality and indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people.

      Dark Mist

      A classical piece in Barocco and Renaissance style similar to Vivaldi's music. Featuring instruments are harpsichord, flute, oboe, strings, horns, timpani, and glockenspiel. This track is perfect for old-fashioned videos, medieval-style videos, historical reconstructions, documentaries, and historical movies or dramatic stories.

      Nature Spirit

      A medieval time happy celebration music suitable for renaissance era, feasts, carnivals and fairy tales scenery. Featuring an acoustic guitar, harpsichord, violin and flutes. Can be used in games and movies with celebrations in the old times when there were kings, queens and court jesters.

      The Scottish Sunrise

      Solo acoustic guitar instrumental. A sense of mystery, solitude with overtones of suspense. Tasty guitar phrasing with a reserved technique that makes this composition ideal for visual media. Excellent for film, short film, indie film, television programming and videos with a dramatic cinematic theme.

      The Coronation

      This track is epic cinematic trailer music made in Mongolian style. In this music, you will find a blend of traditional oriental instruments with hybrid orchestral sound, combined to create a new epic sound that can be used in any project needing a dramatic, heroic background. A great choice for projects related to civilization war, historical action movies, and Medieval Ages in Mongolia, China, and Far Orient. The 'No Vocals' Version is also included.

      Ancient Celtic Dream

      Modern Gothic track. Medieval mood. Gregorian choir mixed with trendy drums and loops.

      Royal Reverence

      Powerful and majestic cinematic royalty-free orchestral music with an epic scale. The majestic blend of resounding brass, lush strings, commanding percussion, and an ethereal female choir creates a soundscape full of heroism, nobility, and immense strength. Perfect as a soundscape for epic tales of grand adventures, momentous battles, sagas of legends and heroes, or any projects demanding a majestic backdrop.

      The Celtic Handmaiden

      This relaxing piece of music with a touch of medieval baroque will put you in a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to feel calm. Ideal for guided meditations and yoga, this piece of instrumental music is also perfect for healing therapies or as background ambient music in projects involving peaceful, tranquil images or scenes.

      Pirate Fun

      Medieval and Celtic track featuring harp, nyckelharpa, and flute. Perfect for medieval and fantasy video games and documentaries.

      Spiritual Forest

      It's brilliant classical orchestra music with fanfares, strings, woodwinds, timpani, and percussion instruments. This track creates a delightful atmosphere of European culture Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo epochs. It reminds music of Mozart, Haydn, and young Beethoven, paintings of Michelangelo, Rafael, and Da Vinci. Splendid music for historical films, medieval movies, ceremonials, king and queen ballroom dances, European-style architecture and design presentations, educational content, documentaries, and many more.

      The Spirit

      Dramatic and epic medieval soundtrack with an emotional female choir and a strong ancient Nordic feel. Creates a tense atmosphere of the upcoming battle. Includes calm Celtic harp, dramatic cellos, epic brass, powerful battle drums and male battle cries, sword clang, and atmospheric sounds of nature. Suitable for films about the Middle Ages, Vikings games, or dark ancient age film trailers, and where heroic background music is needed.

      King Of Thrones

      Epic track with lots of medieval instruments like the hurdy gurdy or dulcimer. Perfect choice for cinematic applications in movies or games.

      Crown For The Queen

      Emotive and dramatic modern classical cinematic music with noble settings. Featuring orchestral strings, woodwinds, harp, and FX drums. This track would be ideal as part of a film score, particularly for scenes that involve intense emotions, climactic moments, or the dramatic transformation of a character. Suitable for fantasy series, movie trailers, historical dramas, epic adventures, dramatic narratives, docudramas focusing on historical events or royal figures, and motivational videos with the message of resilience, dignity, overcoming challenges, or rising to the occasion.

      Vienna Masquerade

      This is a classical track in baroque style with harpsichord, oboe, clarinet, horns and strings featuring. Nice music for stylish medieval videos, films, documentaries, royal and ceremonial videos, advertising, historical videos, ancient reconstructions, and many more.

      In Medieval Castle

      A hypnotic, military bagpipe marching tune. Perfect for video games, video projects, St. Patricks Day events. Ideal for the historical documentary about Medieval Europe, Celts, the culture of Scotland.

      Irish Dance

      A solemn and triumphal orchestral track with strings, horns, timpani, and fanfares featuring. Perfect for award videos, ceremonial events, regal, royal scenes, films, historical videos, documentary, masquerades, balls, king and queen style content.

      Abstract Clouds

      This is a serene, atmospheric Celtic track. Slow and dreamy, it features distant pipes and drones, with occasional bodhran. It's ideal for many projects, including nature and scenery footage, meditation, relaxation, Medieval history, or holistic treatment.

      Village Festival

      Gamalan and Bansuri Flute create this legendary, slightly epic slow composition designed to convey slow motion scenes for demonstration techniques or battle scenes conveying a medieval, acient legend edge . Very useful for relaxation purposes which may include martial arts or Tai Chi techniques for oriental purposes.

      Life In Colors

      Beautiful medieval melody featuring flowing flute and dulcimer offers a slight Victorian style theme hinting at a romance, love or beauty story. The melody features English notes making it unique if applied to beautiful setting or surroundings such as garden, countryside, tourism or historical monument.

      The Greatness Of Egypt

      Epic medieval and celtic background music track. Perfect for sport trailers, video games, game trailers, movies, films, soundtracks, documentaries, blockbusters, cartoons, animations, medieval related videos, fantasy related projects, advertising, commercials and more.

      Fancy Elves

      Full-blown epic composition in medieval baroque style with dramatic mood and bombastic orchestral sound. Similar to Game of Thrones, or The Tudors soundtrack. Excellent soundscape for heroic cinematic plots, war games, opening intro, final triumph, film credits, documentaries about Middle ages, Valhalla heroes, honor, and eternal glory.

      Haunting Reverie

      This is modern classical ceremonial and celebratory-triumphant music with harpsichord, strings, piano and orchestral instruments leading. This track has great Baroque and Rococo atmosphere with fanfares and solemn mood. This royalty free background music will be perfect for cinematic videos with antique royal environment, ceremonial videos, triumphant and victorious videos, videos in the style of the 17th-18th centuries, historical and documentaries movies, films about medieval Europe and more.

      England Expects

      Upbeat, very jolly, and danceable Gaelic-style jig. Fiddle and Dulcimer's introduction with upbeat, syncopated percussion lead to a joyous, soaring flute and whistle melody giving the piece a traditional, Irish feel. Handclaps and added percussion to increase the pace and add a lively, fun flavor. Will remind listeners of the Irish tavern with local folk dance. Perfect for films and presentations with a strong, rural theme.

      Tales of The Forgotten Knights

      A reflective, thoughtful, and tranquil Celtic background music. The harp solo sounds smoothly and gives a sense of peace and quiet. Perfect for cinematic projects, fairy tail narrations, forest elf games, Medieval documentaries, fabulous shimmer, and other project needing an outstanding folk soundscape.

      Dawn Before Battle

      Village Festival is a loop with an Irish atmosphere, happy and rhythmic, with authentic strings, flute and violin. Great for rustic, medieval or Celtic style projects.

      Highland Scottish Bagpipes

      An exciting classic orchestral music is full of beauty and fascination. Featuring the enchanting sounds of strings, horns, harpsichord, and timpani. This background music will add a timeless elegance of the bygone era to your next projects. Perfect for travel videos, historical media content, solemn events, medieval-style films, documentaries about knights and castles, baroque and rococo aesthetics, royal court, and scenes with grandeur and sophistication.

      Enchanting Forest Yoga

      A delicate and dreamy acoustic harp solo. With a medieval and Celtic vibe, it would work really well in a fantasy setting as well. Perfect also for relaxation or meditation, ancient fairy tales, and fantasy books, cinematic goals, medieval film scenes, a beautiful soundscape, authentic performances.

      Fun In The Irish Pub

      Short medieval style jig with Irish Celtic lilt melody. Very upbeat and catchy, with traditional hand clapping Irish styled melody. The instruments used include harmonica, acoustic guitars and mouth organ making it ideal for Irish themed advertising and TV broadcast projects.

      Horsemen From The North

      This enigmatic, alluring, and dark cinematic music with a veil of tragedy and anxiety possesses an otherworldly atmosphere. Perfect as a soundtrack for dramatic scenes in apocalyptic films, human dramas, emotional videos, and a myriad of other cinematic endeavors. The melancholic melody with brooding tones will leave an indelible impression on your soul. This hauntingly beautiful track is as gloomy as it is beguiling, sure to leave listeners entranced.

      Crystal Castle

      Mid-tempo cinematic track that creates eerie and suspenseful ethnic atmosphere with its mystical mallet arpeggios, haunting percussion, and subtle violin melody. Evokes a sense of mystery and introspection, perfect for haunting and melancholic scenes. Its brooding melodies and moody undertones make it ideal for emotional and introspective moments in films, TV shows, or documentaries.

      A New Omen

      Acoustic Celtic ballad music in country-folk style. Great for peaceful moments, countryside nature, village life, mini-games for kids, prince and princess, as medieval traditional background and more.

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