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  • Magical Disney style track, full of wonder and surprise. Features uplifting orchestration.

    Featuring a small chamber group, this adaptation of Schubert's Rosamunde Overture evokes a light and lively, playful parlor music atmosphere.

    Sweet and intimate track. Oboe solo, with accompaniment of strings, piano, bells. Gorgeous background for documentaries, video art, presentations.

    Elegant, intimate and poignant track, classical style. Rich instrumentation of strings and dominant piano. Strongly cinematic.

    Very touching melody performed by three flutes. It sounds a bit archaic and medieval. Sounds innocent and very gently.

    A breathtaking grand orchestral passage rich in strings.

    Sweet and ethereal music scene. Melody of violins and oboe over a continuous piano arpeggio flanked from the harp. Suitable for every use

    A rousing and stirring orchestral piece with soaring melodies. The main theme is carried through piccolo and oboe before the violins pick it up with a variation that soars over the orchestra. Strong timpani throughout gives it drive

    Elegant folk song, with a duo of acoustic guitars, strings and vocals. Medieval inflections, great sweetness, a hint of melancholy in an ancient charm.

    Song bright and peaceful, serene, ethereal and dreamy, that comes alive in the second part with the dialogue between clarinet and flute over a carpet of strings, synths and percussions.

    Features acoustic guitar, electric piano, harpsichord, bass, drums. this song has an upbeat, lively feel with a positive, childlike mood. Perfect for background music for many applications.

    Sweet looped music suitable for publicity, kids projects and many other purposes.

    Upbeat with heat. Fire in the hole. The Sahara Sun is beating down on the racers who are fast approaching their oasis filled with ice cold beer and swaying palm trees. Also good for circus theme videos.

    Classic string sextet, with two violins, two violas and two cellos in continuous dialogue. Lively performance and elegance for your projects.

    Happy and playful track for Christmas time creates the carefree mood of holiday expectation and joy to have fun. Song arranged with pizzicato strings and sounds very kindly. Ideal as background.

    Two acoustic guitars engaged in a close contrapuntal dialogue, with sudden changes of musical key. Abstract and geometric character, for your listening pleasure.

    Beautiful light orchestral background music accompanied by strings and woodwinds. This track creates a magical, dreamy and carefree feeling. Good for inspiring presentations and romantic media projects.

    Pleasant and melodic track in classic style with featuring piano and orchestra.

    Slow and peaceful version of the Christmas carol "Silent Night" with woodwinds and an orchestral string arrangement.

    Peaceful mellow version of Jingle Bells, played with piano and bells to a bassoon counter melody.

    Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Greek dances. With pulsating rhythm, guitars and mandolin chase each in a continuous crescendo, then return to slow beginning.

    A beautiful Christmas music. Waiting holiday, chimes - Santa always arrives on time! Meet him!

    Traditional Church bells and catchy instrumental jingles combine to create this joyful Christmas melody. Orchestral strings add a warm flowing element making it ideal for advertising at Christmas or Christmas shopping. Music suggests Christmas shopping at night time, finding the ideal gift or Children enjoying themselves opening presents.

    Strings, antique sleigh bells and percussion play A/B arrangement of relaxed melody with counterpoint pizzicato and tremolo motifs, suggested to accompany traditional, nostalgic holiday scenes of family and community gatherings a la Norman Rockwell, sentimental narration.

    Warm, Emotional and melodic piano track played with real love and emotion. It starts with a classical piano sound but it end up in a huge, beautiful and lush orchestral finish. Perfect for advertisement placement, love stories and "good memories video montage".

    A smooth, sad, yet promising tune. Less is more on this track. Beautiful strings over a warm synth pad.

    Very elegant track with piano, clarinet and cello in relief on a background of strings. For pure listening pleasure, background, web.

    Pensive and light melody performed by orchestra.

    Classical track for solo violin, in Paganini style. Lively and playful backround music to satisfy sophisticated tastes, far from easy music business.

    Orchestral loop, with dominant violin and accompaniment of strings and piano. Sweet, melancholic and dreamy, gorgeous for background and special videos

    Melodic orchestral loop followed by French horn, strings and piano. Suitavle for romantic movie moments.

    An inspiring, motivational track consisting of piano and low strings.

    A soothing track with piano and strings that loops seamlessly.

    A passage of brooding strings.

    Perfect continuous loop, with a melancholic and poetic theme, for piano solo. Full of atmosphere and nostalgia, is suitable for any special video and background

    A pensive orchestral passage evoking solitude, promise, the presence of hope.

    Classical style song performed on synthesizers emulating an orchestra, reminding the Middle Ages and minuet ball.

    Christmas tree, colored lights, long-awaited gifts. Everything tells that the holiday when all wishes come true is comming. The only thing you need is to wait until bells start ringing.

    Crackling wood in the fireplace, grandma sitting in her favorite chair and reading to her happy grandchildren a tale, where good always triumphs over evill, while outside a blizzard raged.

    Elegant, slow and sweet loop for piano solo, based on a fairytale by Andersen. Ideal in background and for web.

    Classical romantic melody loop, creating the atmosphere of surprises, gifts, magic tricks and transformations. The waiting of something big and nice,that will happen soon.

    Sweet, romantic and dreamy loop for piano solo, based on a fairytale by Andersen. For your moments of tenderness. Good for videos and background.

    Modern and playful loop for piano solo, based on a fairytale by H. C. Andersen. Very elegant and childish, excellent for answering machines, videos and background.

    Sweet, playful and romantic loop based on a fairytale of Andersen. Excellent for background and videos.

    Beautiful classical romantic track featuring strings and cello. Perfect background music for romantic movie scenes, TV music themes, intros etc.

    A sad slow melody with piano and double bass. Track made in a classical manner.

    A positive theme with harpsichord and cello. Inspired by baroque music style.

    Cinematic ethereal theme performed on violins and cellos. Perfect for historical documentaries, corporate videos and grand product presentations.

    Dramatic, inspirational melody performed on cello, viola and violins. This powerful, emotive strings theme will be perfect for corporate video, presentations, cinematic scenes and TV/Radio podcasts.

    Loop for piano solo, classical style, slow tempo. Sad and nostalgic, for pure pleasure of listening, good in background and for particular atmospheres in video.

    Slow and dreamy loop for piano solo, classical style, very elegant. Ideal for ringtones, answering machines and web.

    Dreamy and ethereal loop for piano solo, classical style,ideal in background for meditation and relax. Very good for ringtones and answering machines.

    Elegant, dreamy and sweet loop, with two pianos overdubbed, classical style, with alternated moments and variations. Ideal in background, for ringtones and answering machines.

    Classical breezy flute combines with orchestral strings to create a warm pleasant romantic scene implying beauty and peacefulness. It could also work well for romantic or emotional cinematic background purposes.

    Slow and elegant loop for piano solo, classical style. Sweetly passionate, ideal for ringtones, presentations and web.

    Dark and majestic orchestral track. Perfect for drama and historical movie. Mighty percussion, delicate strings with brass create background. Woodwinds and trumpet play main melody.

    An epic orchestral track. The first section is a quote from "Life is but a game" from The Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky and the second section continues the majestic feel with a dramatic melody. Very distinctive background music for game or film production.

    Fine loop for solo piano, minuet style of the thirteenth century

    Short and intense sequence for piano solo, classical style, slow and melancholically abstract. Perfect for answering services

    Slow, relaxing, pensive track for piano solo, classical style. Peace and solitude in the midst of the sea.

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