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    • Dark and majestic orchestral track. Perfect for drama and historical movie. Mighty percussion, delicate strings with brass create background. Woodwinds and trumpet play main melody. An epic orchestral track. The first section is a quote from "Life is but a game" from The Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky and the second section continues the majestic feel with a dramatic melody. Very distinctive background music for game or film production. Fine loop for solo piano, minuet style of the thirteenth century Short and intense sequence for piano solo, classical style, slow and melancholically abstract. Perfect for answering services Slow, relaxing, pensive track for piano solo, classical style. Peace and solitude in the midst of the sea. Slow and relaxing track for piano solo, classical style. Lulled very gently by the undertow. Slow and relaxing track, sweetly lively, for piano solo, classical style. A boat in the waves shaken by the wind. Elegant and slow barcarola for piano solo, classical style. Only one boat in calm sea. Elegant and romantic loop for piano solo, sweet, dreamy, passionate. Ideal for web, ringtones and background Elegant loop for piano solo, in classical style. Good for ringtones and telephone answering. An uptempo orchestral piece featured dramatic strings and soft woodwinds to give the real sensation of ant racing game. This cinematic background music designed for film scoring and projects that need some classical soundscape. A mellow symphonic orchestral track featuring piano, pizzicato basses, cello, strings, horns and flute A peaceful instrumental with piano, strings and flute. Gives solitary and thoughtful feelings within. Very peaceful music for two pianos and string orchestra. Here the light is replaced by a shadow, a shadow by light. This song is perfect for relaxation and meditation. Two-piece symphonic track. Mighty brass and percussion in first piece, intimate piano with strings in second. A mighty choir with percussion and orchestral strings. Some brass in the end of a track. Cinematic film score with a sad and dark grand piano melodies, strings and percussion. Emotional music great for a movie, video, documentary soundtrack. Soft and flowing melody performed by small orchestra. A gentle catchy piano melody complemented by a mild string section. Epic dramatic cinematic music performed with gothic choir and hybrid-orchestra strings. This powerful and tragic composition will suits well for patriotic film underscore or video game trailer, images of war, revolution, terror victims, act of bravery or posthumous fame. Dramatic cinematic music with strong patriotic feel. This music is ideal for scenes of war and prelude to the great victory. ONCE AND AGAIN is a classic blend of piano and violin work. The composition sounds awesomely grand. Its rich quality will make you sway.
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