• Quiet Place

      Dark and mysterious ambient royalty-free background music. This frightful composition has an eerie and suspenseful sound. Suitable for horror movies, crime detectives, frightening visuals, mysterious scenes, abandoned and haunted places, Halloween projects, and psychological thrillers.

      Play Hide And Seek

      An unnerving, eerie and dark ambient soundscape. The strings sound demonic and fascinating at the same time. This minimalistic style perfect for filming mystery peojects and horror scenes.

      Halloween Is Coming

      Dark cinematic track with a mix of orchestra and distorted guitars. The choir gives this piece a more demonic touch.

      Its Halloween

      Eerie and ominous instrumental Halloween royalty-free track with a bone-chilling atmosphere filled with ghostly whispers, sinister piano, and haunting bells. Perfect for adding mystery to your Halloween projects, ghost stories, horror-themed podcasts, scary storytelling, and videos with mystery and suspense.

      Eerie Whispers

      A dark, spooky track featuring low, demonic strings, an ethereal music box and ghostly voices. Great for ominous scenes, mysterious horror movie, darkness, depression, bi-polar, psychological thriller, black magic, dark comedy, Halloween.

      Desert Heat

      "Ghosts of Halloween" is funny and spooky background music opens the doors into a mischievous world of naughty spirits. The frightening composition is full of mysterious sounds, ghostly giggles, haunting choirs, brass, strings, theremin, and tubas. Perfect for Halloween parties, haunted mansions, spooky animations, costume contests, tricks and treats, pranks on Halloween night, and so on. This music will give listeners the feeling as if they themselves have become a part of this night, where the boundary between the world of the living and the world of ghosts blurs. It is perfect for creating a mystical atmosphere in your Halloween videos, films, games, or events, where every rustle and shadow brings with it the mysteries of this special night.


      Full orchestra cinematic waltz with a bit of demonic mood brings horror and fear to your project. Great for Halloween night party, spooky cartoon animation, dark comedy, black magic, monsters etc.

      Epic Politics

      An intense cinematic royalty-free soundtrack with a protracted mysterious intro that crescendos into a powerful conclusion. This track combines orchestral elements, including strings with Shepard tone effect, brass, drums, percussions, atmospheric synths, pads, and sound fxs. Perfect for horror trailers, epic teasers, movies, video games, and action-packed content.

      Victory At Any Cost

      A suspenseful and haunting dark cinematic track. Featuring dissonant ambient sounds and the creepy music box, its eerie tune plays a haunting melody that's both childlike and chilling. This background music will ramp up the tension for Halloween-themed projects, or horror films, focusing on unsolved crimes, ghost stories, mysteries, abandoned, haunted locations, or suspense scenes to heighten anticipation.

      Ghosts Of Halloween

      Immerse in Halloween's eerie enchantment with this instrumental orchestral track. A haunting harpsichord, ghostly theremin, celestial celesta, and a choir create a spooky ambiance perfect for your Halloween celebration or creative project. Ideal for creating a bone-chilling atmosphere for ghost stories, haunted house attractions, the Adams Family-like costume party, DIY Halloween decoration tutorials, and more.

      Impending Doom

      Dark and spooky Halloween waltz instrumental, that sets the eerie and whimsical mood. It features haunting harpsichord, ghostly theremin, eerie toy piano, celestial celesta, and ominous orchestral elements for a mysterious and macabre atmosphere. Ideal for Halloween celebrations from haunted houses to costume parties, horror films in the style of "The Addams Family" to add a layer of sophisticated fright, ghost stories or mysteries, spooky children's stories, or gothic novels.

      Shrimp Attack

      A spooky, enchanting, and bright cinematic orchestral track in a Halloween-themed style, transports the listener into a world of night where darkness comes alive and secret forces awaken. Eerie strings blend with magical voices, creating an atmosphere of witch coven and magic spells. Perfect for scenes depicting haunted house attractions, spooky storytelling about the supernatural and the unknown, and any content that seeks to capture the mysterious and otherworldly spirit of the holiday.

      Lust For Chaos

      An energetic electro / rock / synthwave track with powerful and aggressive basslines, energetic drums, cinematic effects, distorted guitars, and a dystopian cyberpunk atmosphere.

      Spirit Of The West Land

      Get ready to sweat it out with energizing dubstep royalty-free music designed to accompany intense exercise sessions, inner strength, and power through any workout routine. It features pulsating beats, aggressive synth melodies, epic choir samples, and a naughty bassline. This motivating and naughty background music has a pumped-up, focused, and driven sound. Great for fitness apps, interval training (HIIT) sessions, intense workouts, and sports montages, that show athleticism, determination, and skills.

      Running From The Devil

      A powerful, sinister, and spooky epic music with dark-sounding synths and chilling sonic effects sets an atmosphere of tension and adds unpredictability. Great for spine-chilling horror movies, sci-fi videos, psychological thrillers, true-crime podcasts, doom video games, dystopian worlds, alien encounters, supernatural phenomena, and unsolved mysteries.

      Creepy Horror Theme

      Cool and aggressive sports music theme. The best choice for racing, rally, wrestling and other sporting events.

      Phantoms Fanfare

      Devil Jokes is a dark and eerie electronic dubstep track with an anxious mood and relentless tension. Dynamic drums and percussion, atmosphere terrifying sounds, dark powerful synths, and frightening voice samples are excellently combined in this track. Perfect for horror videos, escape rooms; dance performances; dark fantasy games, where tension and fear are central elements; slow motion movies, and cinematic trailers needing a truly nightmarish effect.

      Workout It

      Suspenseful and mysterious down-tempo hip-hop track with a haunting atmosphere of intrigue and tension. It features synth bass, thrilling undertones, an ominous bell sound, and digital FX synths. Ideal for media projects needing thrilling and enigmatic backdrop music. Such as Halloween projects, crime investigations, spooky visuals, thriller films, unsolved mysteries, and other projects dealing with a touch of the unknown.


      This electronic experimental industrial track is made in "The Matrix" style depicting the world where reality blurs with the digital realm. Distorted synths, dynamic drums and percussion, glitch effects, and robotic male voice sample are excellent combined in this track. Perfect for sci-fi films, cyberpunk-themed games, VR experiences, technological dominance, dystopian worlds, artificial intelligence, or post-apocalyptic scenarios.

      Halloween Time

      A Captivating Turko-Mongolian instrumental track which fuses ancient traditions with cinematic elements, immersing listeners in a rich cultural journey. Powerful rhythms and evocative melodies feature traditional instruments like the morin khuur and dombra.

      Countdown Zero

      An eerie, royalty-free track featuring a disconcerting melody played on the music box, is expertly crafted to send a shiver down your spine. Full of suspense and fear, this background music is suitable for television suspense themes, horror films, spooky YouTube stories, psychological thrillers, and unnerving Halloween music. It complements perfectly the scenes with scary clowns, mysterious creatures, or paranormal activity to create a dread atmosphere.

      Flying Pumpkins

      Edgy and dark, melancholic and hypnotic royalty-free progressive trance music with hypnotic synths, dreamy pads, floating sound effects, and a pounding energetic beat. Ideal for creating an immersive atmosphere in video game soundtracks, sci-fi trailers, fashion shows, or any project that requires a futuristic backdrop.

      Spooky Halloween Night

      This royalty-free music track is an electrifying and dynamic fusion of metal, dubstep, drum'n'bass, and rock elements. This high-energy and aggressive composition sets a mood of intensity and power and drives the adrenaline and excitement to the max. Perfect as a high-octane soundtrack for trailers, the digital age, extreme sports, racing, technology war, and intense video games within the sci-fi, or action genres.

      Dark Machine

      This energetic and tense phonk background music creates an insane adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. This composition features a powerful drum beat, dark deep bass, rhythmic percussion, strong cowbell accents, and epic vocal samples. The track will infuse your media content with power and intensity with its hard-hitting and fast-paced beats. It's the perfect choice for action-packed visuals, fighting videos, parkour training, gaming content, racing scenes, chase sequences, or drift videos.

      Speed Queen

      Attention Seeking is an incredible and captivating opener that adds tense and distorted touch to your video project. It's like a scene from an action-packed blockbuster movie, with its heavy and intense visuals, loud and energetic soundtrack, and an overall cinematic feel. This opener is designed to grab attention and keep viewers hooked from the very beginning. Great for sports videos, big events, epic trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other projects.

      Devil Jokes

      Atmospheric country rock music track with dark mood guitar riffs and big drums. Great for wild west and country movie, video about cowboys, motivational project, games, background in film, tv or youtube and many more

      Thunderous Damage

      Haunting and truly epic cinematic hybrid-orchestral creates a powerful and immersive listening experience. The track contains all typical trailer music elements such as big hits, booms, hybrid percussions, horns, risers, impacts, and whooshes. This composition is the perfect fit for any project that requires a dramatic and impactful soundtrack from sci-fi film trailers to promotional videos.

      Small Devil

      This dynamic and experimental technology music track creates a cutting-edge sonic experience. With its glitch percussions and atmospheric acid synths, it creates a captivating and futuristic soundscape. This composition is perfectly suited for a variety of projects, including documentary videos, science videos, technology showcases, innovative products, and films exploring the realm of artificial intelligence.

      The Time Has Come

      Experience the full force of action rock at its most potent and unstoppable. This sound is perfect for fueling adrenaline-pumped chase scenes, intense fight sequences, and high-octane drives. Its relentless energy and raw power bring a rush of exhilaration to every beat.

      Night Mystery

      The track is also highly adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways depending on your specific needs. The dynamic structure of the track allows for easy editing and rearrangement, making it perfect for use in a variety of media projects. Whether you need a short, catchy loop for a commercial or a longer, more complex piece for a film or television score, "Arabic Beat" can be easily customized to fit your needs.

      Pumpkin Fiction

      This powerful and energetic royalty-free rock track is designed to motivate and energize. Featuring electric guitars, synths, stomps, claps, and drums, creating a sound that's both intense and captivating. Perfect for adrenaline-fueled sports scenes, action-packed video games, intense workouts, and projects that require a soundtrack with a driving beat and a rockstar sound, that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

      Tears Of Soul

      Aggressive and emotional royalty-free dubstep track with intense and edgy vibes. Packed with powerful synths, dynamic drums, percussion, and robotic sounds, this track creates a mesmerizing and captivating sound that will leave you breathless. Perfect for use in workout videos, driving video game walkthroughs, or any other action-packed scenes.

      Arabic Beats

      The eerie and ominous gothic trap soundscape is ideal for accentuating ominous and foreboding moods, making it perfect for high-pressure and suspenseful moments in horror or thriller films. Additionally, it serves as a superb soundtrack for sci-fi movies, crime novels, detective stories, documentary films, and any other genre that requires a profound, aggressive sound.

      Ghosts Are Coming

      A powerful and dramatic orchestral track, perfect for extreme sports and action movies. The high-octane epic soundtrack features a highly energetic orchestra with a driving, aggressive beat that captures the essence of a fast-paced action scene.

      The Riot

      A sinister and mysterious arrangement of shimmering celesta and plucked piano phrases give a hint at witchcraft and associated occult activities, with spells and devilish plots being hatched. The piece would be perfect as a backdrop for creepy stories, Haloween projects, and generally sinister goings-on.

      Tuva Warrior

      Powerful and groovy drums and synths composition that will blow you away with its driving and hypnotic rhythm.

      A Halloween Night

      A high-energy crazy Cute Metal/Kawaii core royalty free song that features clean, soft japanese vocals with fry screaming, heavy electric guitars, drums, percussion, synths. The song has a fun and playful vibe with powerful breakdown. Best for ads, reviews, action scenes, anime, video games, dance or workout videos, fashion, youth or any content that requires a lively and upbeat soundtrack.

      Overnight Guest

      A powerful, energetic, and very vibrant royalty-free electronic cyberpunk music track. Powerful glitch effects and energy distortion synths combine for a unique sonic experience perfect for technology projects, sci-fi movies, cyberpunk game soundtrack,s and other apps. This track also stands up on its own as an edgy background track for your productions.

      I Try So Hard

      A soundtrack to your action-packed creative endeavor - the perfect track for trailers and sports videos, games, and other epic adventures. This upbeat royalty-free track is high energy and loaded with furious guitars, pounding bass and drums, and driving synths. Driving cinematic SFX is peppered throughout, adding a sense of urgency and drama.

      Depth Of Field

      Epic tribal music, based on ancient Nordic sagas, combines shamanic chants with powerful drums. This track is great for creating drama and tension in various cinematic projects. Perfect for cinematic trailers or action games like "The Witcher" and similar. Also excellent for fantasy films, audio fantasy books, or TV series like "Vikings".

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