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    • Acoustic guitar, organ and a gentle electric guitar create a soft, emotional background. Positive, calm, but introspective, pensive and a little bit melancholic at the same time.

      The composition is very simple and nice, for use as background music for anything that needs a pleasant and laid back acoustic and folksy feel.

      Light acoustic music, very soulful and relaxed. The Drums play a simple groove with a large ambient and the piano play gospel chards. This music is simple and will be great for credits, background music and easy listening music

      60 second loop featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano and bass. Has an ethereal, floating feel, very sentimental, thoughtful, pretty, light and subtle. Perfect for background music for any number of applications - corporate presentations, radio, film, television, or personal projects.

      Positive cheerful music. Acoustic guitar, percussion and rhythm guitar create a happy mood.

      Acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums and percussion play rhythmic 80 second loop suggested to underscore images of tropical vacation, casual leisure and luxury. The minor chord progression also may be suitable for scenes involving intrigue. Key of A minor

      Bass, organ and percussion build to accompany relaxed acoustic guitar in 60 second loop. Suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages, restful images, holiday poolside settings, coffee shops, light dinner music, underscoring of narration, public service announcements.

      This is an energetic, uptempo, uplifting, and inspirational song subitle for TV and radio commercials.

      A uplifting and motivational track. Three acoustic guitars create an optimistic and inspirational vibe. Great for corporate videos, commercials and more.

      Acoustic guitar with clean electric overlaid with a strings and synths in the background produce this stunning peice.

      The child takes the first step on a ladder of your porch, and you, rising step by step on a ladder of the destiny, wonder - that will be there, above, where you went all the life, forcing itself to be courageous and strong...

      Many aren't able to appreciate summer. But you notice and feel each of these fine evenings when it is possible to put on pair of things and to go for a walk on the coast. Only don't forget the fine half...

      Remove footwear and go on water as the son of Lord did before you were born on light. Cease are afraid, your belief turned water into concrete!

      Every night I come to your house and I look through a window at you. I look as you fall asleep and I see your dreams. For certain, me will tell that I the madman, but I too love you and I do not presume to start up to you bad dreams...

      Our seconds - into minutes. Our minutes - into hours. Our hours - into days. Days into weeks. Happiness is lasting every moment. Hours passes.

      At this time, everyone is waiting for miracles like a child. Yes, it's Christmas time - filled with unusual mood and expectation of magic! Christmas snowflakes whirl...

      A vintage rock passage featuring an organ riff, acoustic guitar, drums and bass.

      A quiet, solitary guitar passage, emoting a sense of silence and thoughtfulness.

      Beautiful acoustic guitar track. Sweet melody played on guitars. Acoustic drums and bass make fat background.

      Dynamic mid-tempo track. Acoustic guitars plays melodies and chords. Drums with bass create dance-like groove.

      The first of zodiac signs. It's the beginning of the beginnings, a sign of all new, a revival sign.

      It is a sign of destiny, philosophy, the world beginning. It's similar to red wine they ripen with the years, getting rid of internal constraint. They are allocated by self-control, endurance and firmness - the main line of the Capricorn - in the achievement of the spiritual and everyday heights

      Infinitely changing Sagittarius can declare himself! They can be people of a precise mind, resolute; can be both discouraged and high spirited, great and notable. Sagittarius fire in love is decaying under ashes , with its fused, but not gone out yet coals of internal passions.

      It is a love and death duality, energy, drama, passion, secret, Individualism, revolt. You know what you want. An essence of your nature is a resoluteness. Your taste to life is tireless. Scorpio doesn't aspire to captivate, but possesses strong and exacting sensitivity.

      You are temperamental and often fluctuate in search of balance, true moment, proper word. No sign has best time sense. Libra needs people round themselves and knows how to win their hearts.

      You are inclined to the analysis and criticism. You are clever, efficient, reliable in any business. Virgos are burning ice in love. They don't talk about their feelings and love, proving to business more than to words.

      You are very successful - good luck is your companion. You are persevering and passionate in love and don't suffer indecision. Life, heat, light - these are things that characterize Leo.

      You are devoted to your home. Your house is your fortress. You are very sensitive and emotional in love, and become ideal if you feel yourself favorite.

      Indie Background Music Loop. Great for television, commercials, presentations about love, relationships & family.

      A modest and charming bouquet of meadow flowers. You gathered flowers and herbs of charming, enchanting beauty in a bunch, which give the beauty of summer.

      Warm - heartedness is possible in every moment with you: at breakfast, in a sudden kiss ... In your gaze. In thy senses. Warm - heartedness can be you!

      What is it? Is it a new dream, or a new puzzle? Or maybe it is a new bright event in your life. You're going, as every day, but you do not feel the earth under your feet - you fly! You are winged with happiness!

      Rushes to you with fast trains, flies by the first aircraft, hasten with new feelings. It is as fresh as a summer rain. It sparkles with the youth of happy eyes. It is yours!

      Thy streets are so familiar to me. I love your dynamics of the day and a beauty of the night lights, romance of the parks and grandeur of the high-rises. I meet with you again. I am glad to meet you!

      A home-made blueberry pie with a glass of warm milk or a cup of fragrant tea in the company of your family and friends will give you a wonderful mood in a rainy autumn evening!

      Once you make up your mind to tell a sincere story about yourself and your own life. What story it would be: happy or sad - it does not matter. The main thing is that it would be from the bottom of your heart.

      A cozy cottage fireplace, snow outside the window, which violates the darkness of the winter evening. You have not seen each other for so long and there are so many things to discuss..

      There are so many feelings and thoughts in my head, when I'm separated from you. Come back sooner.

      Evening at home, in a cozy atmosphere, when everybody you love are beside you. What could be better?

      Running in the morning in a park near the house, you close your eyes and imagine that you are running along the surf, feeling the smell of salty sea and thoughts become pure!

      Henry's faithful horse, and a bottle of fresh milk - what else does the real cowboy need for a morning walk on the farm?

      No matter how long the road is, but if it is the road to home, you know it is no matter.

      With a combination of guitar and strings how can you go wrong? Moving but with no real movement, your mind will wander and contemplate where and what you've come through in your life.

      A funky little track with guitar, bass, drums and conga's. Just kinda moves right along with a definite ending.

      A lifestyle acoustic guitar loop, with a light and positive feel, great as a heartwarming background for corporate or personal presentations.

      Fun and feel good track with a catchy acoustic guitar line creates a very happy, upbeat mood. It is absolutely perfect for website, video, presentation and other projects.

      You wake up with the first sunlight and you feel composure in which you are the master of your life.

      Gentle guitar duet, picked guitars, harp and pizzicato violas. Clear, simple and sweet melody on solo acoustic guitar inspired by the first flowers of Spring.

      Nothing better than sipping a sweet drink while laying on the beach under a palm.

      There are no turns and no streetlights, just the marvelous landscapes that come one after another as the train rolls clumsily and heavily on the tracks taking you ahead!

      Morning rays of light wash your face , a fresh breeze is playing with the curtains, and nothing seems to stop you from enjoying another beautiful begining of a summer day.

      Acoustic guitar straight melody

      Its time to sleep! Hush-a-bye and sleep tight! Special for youthful moms and their babies.

      Nice solo acoustic guitar melody.

      Light soundtrack for love story movie. Mysterious atmosphere of orchestra and acoustic guitar. Perfect for dramatic, romantic or adventure movie.

      Autumn is here and leaves begin their round dances. Leaves are covering the ground around the trees to protect its roots from frost.

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