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  • Medieval style background music performed with bagpipes, strings and celtic percussions. Perfect for documentaries about Scotland, Celtic warriors in kilts etc.

    Happy jumping on the road trip.

    Upbeat with heat. Fire in the hole. The Sahara Sun is beating down on the racers who are fast approaching their oasis filled with ice cold beer and swaying palm trees. Also good for circus theme videos.

    A great colorful oriental melody to uplift your mood. Main instruments are flute,arabic oud and background synthesizer.

    The track is based on samples made with 3 Fruit Guitars!

    A cute little middle eastern-like melody.

    Dreamy melody for inner contemplation. Main instruments is keyboards against the background of cello.

    Merger of classical piano melody with east woodwind instrument duduk.

    Severe nature, northern lights, endless expanses covered with sparkling snow ... Harsh and fabulous track at the same time.

    Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths and guitars. Perfect for arcade casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

    It's very amazing and weird track. Good for projects where a cheerful and fun mood need.

    Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Greek dances. With pulsating rhythm, guitars and mandolin chase each in a continuous crescendo, then return to slow beginning.

    Relentless pace that supports the melody of the violin. Wealth of tones and colors to create a magical atmosphere.

    A track featuring tribal African rythm.

    This loop has an exotic Caribean feeling with a slight Latin touch. Ideal for use as a background for landscapes.

    Very positive and friendly composition. A bright sunny day, fresh wind and high waves.

    Beautiful ethnic loop made in indian style. Good for relaxation, yoga projects. Would look great as an intro.

    Deep taiko sound ritm with voices.

    Groovy latin dance music, salsa & merengue style

    Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy, with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings. For all good projects.

    A brief reggae loop!

    A short arabic loop with typical arabian atmosphere

    Feel good, relaxing, bouncy ambient track with bouncy drum beat, open electric piano chords and cool voice fx. Relaxing and open.

    The river's part, mountains are capable to disappear, the rain and slush are replaced by sun beams. That was black - now is white. The door opens and new life begins...

    Easy listening light track featuring acoustic guitar, accordion and electric guitar solo. This background music will be perfect as a soundtrack for videos about anniversary, friend gathering or family party.

    Positive track made with guitars and synths. It can be used for advertising or as a background music for broadcast.

    Positive track with medieval melody. Featured instruments are synths and guitar. Good for casual flash games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

    Aggressive and energetic track made with some asian instruments and synths. It can be used in action video or documentary film.

    Motivational song with some calypso style and synth congas

    A nostalgic, instrumental song, performed on synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar.

    Ambient track made with synths, asian flute and percussions. Good for relaxation videos or videos about nature.

    Positive track with celtic melody. Featured instruments are synths, guitar and flutes.Good for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

    Groovy instrumental loop-ready song, blend of synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar riffs, dark, on a key of Am. Suitable for sports, pursuits, action movies.

    Easy listening mid tempo track featuring sounds of xylophone, marimba and acoustic guitar. This ethnic composition will perfectly suited for projects about traveling and cultural heritage.

    Abstract exotic track featuring sounds of marimba and xylophone. Perfect background music for web sites, computer games, presentations and for other projects.

    Happy, traditional Polka Dance style piece featuring accordion, fiddle and piano creating a fun and playful composition.

    Beautiful chill out track with wooden sound of marimba, xylophone and atmospheric piano chords. Gentle background music for new inspiring projects.

    Calm and shady track in rhythms of oriental dance. Featuring instruments are percussion, bongos and background sound effects. Perfect to create relaxing as well as meditative mood that you and your audience will enjoy.

    Sinister mysterious very slow song performed on synthesizers, bell style sounds, strings, drums and bass.

    Energetic electronic track made with synths. It would be nice for action videos.

    A beautiful lyrical composition in Russian folk music style played on the piano and accompanied by accordion at the end of the track. Could be used in any project which needs sentimental background music.

    A nice and playful background music track featuring ethnic drums, bells and viola. This track could add feelggod energy and a exotic feeling to many types of project.

    Mystery sound of the hang drum will perfectly suited as background music for many application, where soothing music is needed to create a pleasant environment.

    A choir plays in the background of the track to create a pleasant and spacious feel with gentle hints of acoustic guitar and Ethnic drum beats. As the track progresses, instruments begin to combine to suggest a sense of happiness, freedom and relief. Very useful track for advertising.

    Optimistic and cheerful electronic track with sounds of sitar. Good for corporate videos, podcasts or presentations. Also can be used as background music for broadcast .

    Lounge track with smooth electric piano and flutes. Good for relaxation videos or hotel clips.

    Very positive fantasy loop.Good for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

    An upbeat,energetic fun track, with catchy sound effects and live instruments like piano pads, flute and wood block percussions. Ideal as a background music for video games, motivational corporate trainings or any creative use.

    A midtempo, positive and peaceful track, that begins with an ethnic/tribal feel, and advances into modern classical form. Great background music for websites, schools, education or corporate projects, commercials and more.

    Medium slow ska track featuring drums, electric bass, electric organ, synthesizer pad and brass with trombone solo.

    Afro funk track. Drums, afro percussion, electric bass, wah electric guitar, electric organ, brass, flute.

    The vibrant and enjoying you in a maelstrom of feelings - Rumba - on the shore of the Caribbean Sea of Free Cuba - a dream of every loving pair!

    Spicy aroma of spices, filling the narrow streets of an evening Morocco carries you to a romantic walk in the rays of the setting sun. It is an eastern paradise!

    Everyone knows this amazing feeling when you are admiring the beauty of the spacious green meadows, thick forests a feeling of oneness with nature, a sense of freedom.

    Running through the jungle of Somalia, hiding from the pursuit, you find yourself on the ruins of ancient African populations. You cover uncontrollable fear, but suddenly the ancient force begins its main dance.

    Modern cha-cha-cha tune featuring latin percussion, electric baby bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano, electric guitar playing melody

    Cinematic background music with catchy emotive soundline .This beautiful pop ethnic track flavoured with acoustic guitar and woodblock percussions is great for spiritual, mystery scenes. Can be used in podcasts about traveling, anthropology & culture.

    Steady modern country rock track. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica.

    A little "Celticese". This is the end section of a quick-paced instrumental "After the storm" that is light with sort of an Irish flair.

    Powerful, dramatic piece featuring strings and duduk melodies. Sets a very serious, reflective tone, and has an Eastern sound, perfect for documentary.

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