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This is a calm chill-out track, it is both relaxing and moving. Perfect as background music for emotional cinematic scenes, meditation, relaxation, yoga and reiki practice, peace and calm, finding inner self, reflections about past and future, deep tenderness and eternal love.
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'The Clock Is Ticking' is a very soft and quiet atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle piano sequence in the background.
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Atmospheric, philosophic and moving cinematic music featuring sensitive piano, gentle strings, and echoes of children's voices. The track is highly emotional and has a light dramatic dimension. Ideal background music for emotive scenes, like moments that gone forever, flashbacks, memories of childhood and youth, moments of the past, faded love and hope.
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Mysterious and relaxing track in a dark ambient style recalling Twin Peaks series by Lynch.
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An atmospheric new-age outer space ambiance with soft pads fills out the arrangement.
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Romantic music with world music elements. Mystical reflections of exotic melancholic love, bright sentimental in a flowing moody atmosphere. beautiful dramatic pensive piano melody and Arabian ethnic percussion.
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A distinctive poignant atmospheric soundscape in deeply emotional, ambient style with some elements of Thomas Newman's piece.
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Atmospheric relaxing and emotional music track for background using in video films or games.
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The realism and vulnerability of this track stands out especially. Full of emotion and heart, this is perfect for dramatic, sad, strange, and even uplifting film scenes. The emotional complexity makes it suitable for a wide range of projects. You can almost feel the orchestra right in front of you.
1:35 , 1:40
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Inspiring, beautiful and wondrous cue, with a soft piano and atmospheric synths.
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Dramatic industrial song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums uncommon pattern and a sequenced bass.
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A beautiful piece that gives a sense of rebirth, new discovery etc.
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Broken Hearted is a very soft and quite atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle piano movement in the background.
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A very soft and quite atmospheric sad background music, with a smooth piano and sensitive strings.
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Delicate, soft and spacey atmospheric cinematic piece with a beautiful sparkling melody and outside the box feel.
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A crystal clear gentle piano theme with a very soothing and relaxing melody and progression.
0:55 , 1:49
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A cinematic and emotional track exuding melancholic and contemplative emotions.
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This is beautiful, light, atmospheric and emotional instrumental music with a contemporary groovy beat and delayed piano fills.
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An atmospheric ambient piece in chillout mood.
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A very cinematic and emotional track featuring piano and lush strings.
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A strange, authentically medieval music loop featuring wolf howling sound.
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An inspiring, exciting and powerful new age track! Based on a catchy piano tune, accompanied by atmospheric pads, percussion and a great tribal beat!
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A very strange ambient, cinematic track.
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'Emotional Dreams' is a peaceful,quiet & soft melody with a soft and warm pads and atmospheres and a cool marimba/soft african beat.
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Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation.
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