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    • Motivational, Uplifting and inspirational rock music track featuring guitar riffs, strings, upbeat drums and synthesizers. Great for commercials, corporate presentations, product promos, online marketing videos, business projects and more. Inspirational and uplifting Pop-Rock track featuring catchy guitar riffs, piano, bass and drums. Positive melodies with a motivational vibe. Optimistic music great for TV, films, commercials, presentations, product promos and more. Inspiring and energizing music that will bring you success. A positive and uplifting piece featuring guitars, pizzicato violins, marimba and orchestra. This piece will perfectly suit for advertisements, photo albums, vacation films, any types of corporate media projects, YouTube video, video blog or any other media project looking for light, festive and inspirational mood. Uplifting and inspirational track with modern guitar arpeggios, contemporary drum beats, beautiful pads evoke positive emotions, and will bring success to your project, video, presentation or a website. Positive, warm and motivating composition for your successful projects. Emotional and romantic acoustic music track featuring a Spanish acoustic guitars, strings, bass, e-organ, drums and percussion. Great for commercials, videos, photo slideshows, presentations, websites, YouTube videos, product promos, documentaries, travel videos, family videos and other kinds of media. This is melodic pop track with tropical vibes. Consisting of kalimba melody, electric guitars, wide synth bass, latin percussion, electronic drums. This track is great for travel videos, corporate presentations, advertising. Dramatic and inspirational starts slowly with strings and piano and builds up to a powerful entrance. Perfect for advertising, commercials, slideshows and promotional videos. An uplifting, chilled out track, featuring bright pianos, a gentle rhythm and soft pads. Soothing, and tranquil composition. Happy music track very organic and inspirational. This music will fit well for advertising, tv spots, corporate and business presentations Uplifting and Inspirational music track featuring Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Bass Guitar and Orchestral Drums. Hopeful, peaceful and emotional composition great for films, TV, commercials, slide shows and more. Beautiful and glorious production music that will touch your feelings and evoke heartwarming emotions. Old school style hip-hop beats are perfect for websites, flash, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc All difficulties could be overcome. There will be new opportunities and challenges ahead, but the rhythm of your gait will overcome all the problems The “Business Promo” is an uplifting, positive and motivational piece with modern piano lines, orchestral strings, beautiful guitars, pop-rock drums and warm strings. Its mood is very inspirational, hopeful and evokes the feelings of success and accomplishment. Stylish and Deep Background Music with catchy rhythm of House Beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Electronic music track. Excellent for background music, video, presentations, high-tech videos, technological projects, dance floors and even listening. Stylish and Deep Background Music with catchy rhythm of House Beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. This electronic fusion music has a very cool futuristic presence while being progress and forward thinking at the same time. The dynamic percussion and punchy bass are contrasted by a hypnotic and plucky melody which screams innovative and advanced. Stylish EDM lounge track combines modern synthetic and soft acoustic sound. Ultra cool background music for websites, trendy commercials, mobile app, fashion runway, pop culture, city nightlife, style and technologies. Music track with a motivational and inspiring feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV. Positive pop dance track. Perfect for your corporate projects, advertisements, Film and TV, presentations, or other media projects. Inspiring, motivating, uplifting and hopeful cinematic track. Perfect for corporate productions, youtube, olympics and sports productions, and more. Features strings, piano and percussion. It has a triumphant and positive atmosphere. Stylish Background Music with the rhythm of Disco Music, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. This is a fast and positive music clip for your video presentation, that could be suitable as a background music. Due to minimal instrumentation, the music will not interrupt with voice over, and will give more focus on visual. A jaunty, upbeat corporate track. Happy, uplifting and positive is the vibe here. Ideal for many types of productions, including travel, kids, and vacation videos. Motivating, exciting and energetic background music. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, catchy riffs, beautiful solos, bass guitar and powerful drums. Begins with a peaceful acoustic rhythm guitar and evolves to triumphant parts with overdrive rhythm guitars and powerful drums with screaming solos. Instrumental piece with piano, flute, and strings. Very positive and happy this acoustic music will be great for cinematic projects, commercials, corporate projects, tv spot and radio spots. The new-age track, for documentary and advertising in contemporary music style. Wave-like melody creates the effect of tension and focus. Perfect for tracker applications, video tutorials, program installation, corporate presentation, technological innovations, IT forums. This one is a positive and optimistic pop rock song, driven by electric guitars, subtle high synth leads. The music is perfect for video presentation, business video, traveling Youtube video. Positive and energetic theme, contemporary Britpop style. Upbeat bright guitars, drums, bass guitar. Great for TV, corporate, business, presentation. Uplifting and optimistic. Electronic music track. Excellent for background music, web, video, presentations, high-tech videos, technical sport scenes, dance floors and even listening. A fresh, exciting and uplifting track in modern pop dance genre featuring accordion, electric guitar, brass, gypsy synth tune, warm bass and upbeat electronic beat! This gypsy balkan style track would be great for a wide range of promotional media, including upbeat marketing videos and corporate motivational videos, as well as videos related to youth, party, celebrating, having fun, enjoying, traveling and much more! I’ve added 4 additional edits for maximum flexibility and comfort in your production. Enjoy :) A positive, lively, corporate-inspired track. An electric guitar, buzzy synth melody, and real hand clap all feature. A friendly and fun track. Upbeat, motivating and catchy music track featuring marimba, glockenspiel and piano for the main melody, also featuring orchestral strings, energetic drums and moving bass guitar. This inspiring, fun and addictive composition is great for any kind of advertising, including TV and radio commercials, and much more. Motivating, exciting and energetic music track featuring acoustic and electric guitars, catchy riffs, beautiful solos, hand claps, atmospheric pad, bass guitar and powerful drums. Emotional and inspiring music piece that brings the feeling of accomplishment and success. Uplifting and energetic track in modern pop style with delayed guitars, synth, and positive mood. Perfect for corporate videos, infomercials, voiceovers, commercials, television themes with a sense of progress and movement. Uplifting and lively dance-electronic track with house piano, synth bass and mute guitar. It is highly dynamic, fresh and funny. It's perfect for catwalk, sport videos, summer and spring subjects. It's ideal for party scenes and a young audience in general. It can suit well also for corporate videos with lots of changes and successful images. This acoustic music combines a happy fun energy with a positive spirit . The acoustic guitar and ukulele strum an upbeat rhythm while the glockenspiel plays a heartwarming melody. Bold and bright loop, featuring a running orchestra, synth arpeggiators and pulsing percussion creating a positive and powerful mood. Perfect for news jingle, corporate promo-clips, political tv show, breaking news, live stream programmes, and other official projects, needing a confident and focused music background. Piano, upright bass, vibraphone and drums play energetic jazz-inspired shuffle arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of leisure, lighthearted gatherings, cocktail parties. Also for ambience in sequences set in hotel lobbies, lounges. Key of A, 140 bpm Energetic, powerful yet melodic rock music track featuring catchy guitar riffs in a classic 70's rock style, emotional solos, solid bass and strong drums. This inspiring and optimistic track combines a motivating synth tune, emotional piano and warm strings – perfect for your media projects! This positive track represents success, sensitivity and hope. This positive acoustic corporate music combines a happy and joyful vibe with bright, fun, and successful tones. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a bright rhythm while the bells and pizzicato strings play a lively melody that shines with positiveness and energy. Upbeat and energetic feel-good Indie Pop track with catchy and addictive guitar riffs, super cool modern drums and bass guitar. Perfect for TV/radio advertising, and other uses. Uplifting and motivating music filled with joy and happiness. This is a feel-good upbeat track with elements of the 60's. Electric guitars, banjo, bass, strings and Drums provide the perfect groove and organic feel.Great for corporate, commercials, television, video, motivated action good time fun. Uplifting, motivational and inspiring music track featuring catchy guitar riffs, beautiful guitar solos, upbeat drums and bass guitar. Exciting and positive track that brings the most positive and optimistic emotions to the listener and is suitable for various different uses. Motivational and uplifting pop rock track with an optimistic feel. Featuring electric guitars, piano, bass and drums and lot of synths. Edgy, bright and hopeful background music that is best for corporate happiness, winter time love, success, sunny morning, new beginnings, optimism and hope in film, presentations. Happy folk song with lively drums, playful piano and an light guitar. Great optimistic music for advertisment, presentations and happy moments. Bright futuristic music with electronic drums, synths and elements. The music has an optimistic and positive mood and feel, could fit perfectly any technology and business project. Modern cinematic track with a creative and inspirational vibe. Dynamic and moving composition featuring orchestral strings, piano, different percussion, energetic drums, arpeggiated synths, bass guitar and upbeat drums. Modern and elegant cinematic arrangement full of optimism, motivation, confidence, and hope. It radiates confidence with a sense of wonder and amazement. Think about the road to success, self-growth journey, and time for awakening. Perfect for a wide variety of corporate and business uses economic growth, a bright future, and success. Inspiring background track for corporate motivational productions, film, tv, documentary, youtube and other productions that need a positive, uplifting and inspirational underscore. Bright and uplifting, inspiring and motivating music track featuring orchestral strings, upbeat drums, glockenspiel, piano, atmospheric pad, percussion and bass guitar. Catchy, positive and inspirational piece perfect for commercials and promos etc. Confident and determined music theme for breaking news, informative and explanatory video, or you can use it as an intro, opening music for podcast, promotional presentation. An uplifting and funky house tune. Very positive and upbeat. Ideal for podcasts, on hold, retail, corporate videos and presentations. 'Happy Days Are Coming' is a soft and smooth upbeat acoustic track that gives you an elegant, powerful and motivating feeling. This type of music is suitable for travels & landscape and nature videos or commercials. Soft and very smooth track with beautiful reflections and mellow atmosphere creates a peaceful, heartwarming mood. Great for all kinds of media. This is an inspiring and uplifting piece of music featuring guitars arpeggios, beautiful pads, piano and full-band pop-rock arrangement. This motivational composition will work great in commercials, TV, product promos and presentations and can be essential in representing your business brand. Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV. Soft and very smooth track with beautiful reflections and mellow atmosphere. Suitable to create a peaceful and heartwarming mood to your projects. Great for all kinds of media. Atmospheric warm track with uplifting guitar melody, wide pad, slow but rythmic drums and bass . Great for corporate videos, presentations, promos, commercials and other media.
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