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    • A smooth and chilled downtempo electronica with a calm, dreamy, fashionable mood. Ideal for science work, concept design, experimental films, art installation, hypnotic videos, etc.

      A trip hop loop influenced with crispy drums a rolling bass and a grabbing solitary piano melody.

      Trip hop/hip hop instrumental with cool background noises, a hypnotic beat and funky synths. Great for fashion show, corporate presentation or on hold background music.

      A cool, groovy trip hop electronic tune with no melody featuring lots of synths, noise and fxs

      Dramatic sounding track featuring piano melodies, strings and hip hop beat.

      A groovy looped trip hop influenced track with crispy drums and cool sounding rhodes.

      This TripHop track has a unique stylish sophisticated atmosphere with elements of light melancholy. Vinyl, sensual kalimba, elegant piano, nice drums, bass, vocal samples, textured percussion add mystery and captivating energy!

      A lo-fi trip hop tune with crispy downtuned drums, gritty bass with a downtempo rhode melody.

      A slow, light and touchy jazzy trip hop influenced track with piano in focus with a downtempo kind of mood.

      This is a great and trendy royalty-free Hip Hop music track. Will complement any video with its unique stylish sound and will give recognition from the first notes. As for the direction of the video, this elevating and modern tune will be perfectly suitable for any story with the themes of modern life such as glamorous parties, fashion shows, street vendors and commercials.

      Atmospheric punchy trip hop tune with inspiring and energy mood. Ideal for motivational stories, sports presentations, corporate videos, documentary movies, nature projects.

      A groovy, trippy, lo-fi downtempo hip-hop beat with a hypnotic, cool, vibey sound. Great for projects related to fashion, style, beauty, urbanism, inspiration, creativeness, and much more! 5 versions included.

      Gloomy trip-hop track with flowing mood and bouncy old school vinyl sound. Suitable for urban mystery, dramatic plots, scenes of disappointment, post-apocalyptic era images, or independent projects.

      The trip-hop track that blends all manner of emotions, most of them are dark. A piano plays a simple but tragical melody over synthesizers and electronic drums, while digital synths provide a high-tech, tense sound. This low tempo tune will add your productions ultra-cool, contemporary sounding.

      A downtempo and relaxed tune with glitchy and atmospheric guitar with trip hop drums and a soothing melody.

      A downtempo lo-fi track with a vintage, vinyl style, trip-hop atmosphere. Great for adding some retro, old fashioned, cool ambience to any video. 4 versions are included.

      A jazzy deep trip hop tune with calming electric guitar melody

      Asian style minimalistic triphop track with a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Suitable for projects needing a slight Oriental or Chinese feel, martial arts, kung fu movie, dark streets, shadowy detectives,

      Medium slow positive trip hop tune featuring drum machine, synthesisers, vinyl scratches and electric guitars.

      Cool and relaxed chillhop track with a vintage flavor and the sound of sampled vinyl. Perfect to set the tone for podcast and TV music, NY city walk, art installation, presentation of a residential complex, real-estate projects or just to add an urban vibe.

      Melodic and uplifting future bass track with stylish future vocals for digital and marketing projects, game videos, teasers, and tv spots.

      A smooth, smokey trip hop type track. Featuring a harmonica lead, slow and funky hip hop beat and electric piano. Sultry and atmospheric lounge.

      Cool and relaxed chill-hop track, featuring sparse female vocal, electric piano, bass and drums. Great for lounge zones, on-hold music, future and space moods, modern and stylish projects, radio shows, technology shows and more.

      Inspiring future garage track with nice summer vibe and vocal parts. Perfect for any fashion video, showreels or other videos.

      Inspiring electronic trip-hop track with catchy synths and vocal chops. Perfect for any fashion video, abstract & inspiring projects, and other videos

      This is melodic and groovy trip-hop electronic music with light and a bit dramatic atmosphere. Wonderful background track for technology videos, science videos, corporate and business projects, videos from drones, travel vlogs, advertisement and commercial projects or similar Youtube and Web-Design videos.

      This one is a powerful dance track for various purposes. Cool as a track for fashion commercial, Ibiza style parties, television drama or independent projects. Enjoy!

      This is an ambient abstractive hip hop trap music, mixed with military drums. Great for modern technology, cinematic action scenes, war conspiracy, fight and battle, etc.

      Medium slow dark background trip-hop tune, no melody, no solos, lots of synthesizers and noise FXs. Good for movies and computer games.

      Modern and energetic electronic pop track featuring floating synths, vocal samples, and strong urban sounds. Great for corporate projects, contemporary design, stylish presentation, trendy fashion show, sports events, etc.

      Dark, obscure, obsessive, slow drums, velvet cello, low long strings notes, piano with echo, a repeating note with the same rhythm of the drums. In the style of Teardrop by Massive Attack.

      Corporate upbeat track with confident business mood and uplifting summer vibe atmosphere. Perfect for multimedia projects needing some tropical house background music.

      Background hip-hop instrumental beat. Perfect for your videos and projects as background music.

      High tech electronic tune, featuring minimalistic glitch drums, futuristic synthesizer melody, and energetic inspirational mood. Great for sci-fi projects, artificial mind, robotics, digital technologies, modern design, innovations, science, CSI investigations, hacker attack, media war, etc.

      An ambient percussive groove, with organs and strings, minimalistic and pensive with a mysterious flavor. Suitable for reflection, memories, thoughtful scenes, technology and science. This simplistic melody is also good for adding a harmonizing ambiance to your projects.

      A downtempo, piano led track, featuring a slow and funky dubstep beat. Very atmospheric and versatile, this track also has some nice chord pads and fx.

      A cool, hip, break beat style house track. This dramatic and emotional track is perfect for any project needing sadness, with a feeling of hope; flashbacks to a better life; frustration with optimistic notes.

      Finest dramatic trip-hop loop with nice multi-sampled choir theme, smooth bass line and vinyl-beat for Your Project Needs. Includes non-loop version 3:44 minutes.

      Uplifting and positive track in corporate-electronic genre with strong motivational feel. This upbeat mid-tempo arrangement features modern synths, electronic motives ( beeps, analogue drum machines ), atmospheric pads, warm dirty bass and drums. This electronic track would be great for background video use, especially in positive and bright marketing promo videos, including corporate motivational videos, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation, and business podcasts.

      A sophisticated lounge tune with rhodes, deep bass, and a hard to ignore dramatic string section.

      Breakbeat funk groove cool and sexy with hard to ignore bass and electric guitar.

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    Trip hop was a hot trend in England at the beginning of the ‘90s when the rave-culture was all-embracing across Britain. Rave parties were organised in empty storage spaces where thousands of people were dancing to a new music style that DJs played.

    When tip hop rose in Britain, hip-hop gained popularity in America. Trip hop was first mentioned in Bristol, a town known for the slave trade in the past, so it had a large and long-established population of African and Caribbean people. Because it was an affordable place to live, it attracted bohemians and students from various cultures who created a multi-ethnic society that became the fertile environment for the trip hop.

    What Is Trip Hop?

    Similar to rave and hip hop, the main element behind tip hop is the sampling of old records. It’s a genre of atmospheric down-tempo music inspired by movie soundtracks, jazz, and funk. Generally, it can be defined as a style that breaks the beat of a record that is sampled and then reinvented. Most of the times the tempo is reduced and it feels like you are listening to a loop of elements from various genres.

    Even if it quickly became a globally popular genre, it remains a largely British style. The most famous labels and artists are based in the United Kingdom.

    Chillest Beats

    The basslines are simple, melodic and rhythmical because they act as the basic underpinning for other sounds and elements. Often the bass sounds dark and moody, and it reflects low-end presence. You can feel a powerful influence from dub music when you analyse the effects because it uses reverb and echoes. The average song starts with a dub inspired drum rhythm. Some loops include samples of old jazz records and electric piano.

    Usually, the vocals are female and easily attributable to other genres like R&B and jazz. However, some bands also collaborate with male vocalists. Trip top is famous for its melancholic sound, inspired by post-punk artists. Top tracks include trumpets, flutes, saxophones, and unconventional instruments like Mellotron and theremin. Even if hip hop and trip hop emerged around the same time, they differ in theme and tone. Trip hop isn’t about gangsta rap, but more about aural atmospherics.

    Trip House Music

    Tip hop involves numerous genres, and one of them is trip house. You may ask yourself how is it possible to use elements from two completely opposing styles and still sound harmonious. Trip house is defined by the right atmosphere with the sounds, rather than by its patterns. The drum patterns have no common features because trip house is usually boomy and deep and it sounds like the artists cut some frequencies. The snares are crusty and bright or pitched down and dirty.

    What it will strike you will be the main aspect of trip hop that has a moody and gritty character. Trip hop influences many artists, no matter what style of music they create. Bjork, Lana del Rey, Kylie Minogue, and Janet Jackson are only some of the artists who find this genre inspirational.

    To listen to exclusive beats, you should buy trip hop music from websites that offer royalty free tracks.

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