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    • News music for news, intros, broadcasting, news openings, business report, Tv, network, news videos and news countdown or timer. News music for news, intros, broadcasting, news openings, business report, Tv, network, news videos and news countdown or timer. This is my new inspiring, motivational, positive soft pop rock summer track with a happy mood, which can be used in business commercial slideshows, video, on a holiday and celebratory events. Track included soft rock drums, electric guitars solo, and bright live bass. This background music can be also used in wedding photo and video slideshows, emotional movies, birthday, christmas, valentine video cards, as a musical background for advertisement, websites, etc. Enjoy! Light and energetic summer pop track can lifting your mood. Melodic guitars, dancing rhythm and sounds of each instruments created only for your any summer project. A positive and motivating piano solo for use in corporate, commercial or various other forms of media applications. Passion piano playing inspiring and dramatic music. This uplifting acoustic music combines happiness with a positive spirit. The ukulele and acoustic guitars strum an upbeat rhythm while the piano and vibraphone melodies add a warm emotion. It's the perfect touching, emotional, acoustic guitar piece for any production needing a soft bed behind it. Fingerpicked acoustic guitar with a warm, rolling rhythmic feel and a wholesome melody. A heart-warming track great for personal or corporate videos needing a sensitive touch. Dynamic background music with high energy rhythm and hypnotic trance beats . Great for action, extreme sports, business and corporate use, also for TV logos and many more. Stylish Lounge Background Music Loop. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Cheerful and groovy background track made with synths. It would be nice for podcasts, corporate videos or as a background music for broadcast. Also it can be used for casual games. A chill out hip-hop beat with old school samples, bass and vinyl drums. Great for a fashion show, runway walk, model catwalk, stylish presentation, urban design, cocktail party, high-class society, luxury commercial, jewelry, etc. Royalty Free Music with the sounds of Lounge and Bar Grooves, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Perfect for use as Background Music. Buy once and use again and again! This acoustic business music combines happiness with wholesome energy. The bell melodies play over an upbeat sound with acoustic guitars, ukuleles, piano, bass and drums. Inspirational and uplifting music track, featuring piano, electric guitars and strings. Perfect background for corporate use, advertising, business projects, slideshows, presentations, promotions and more. This is cheerful, carefree and happy music with ukulele, piano and light drum kit. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and other Multimedia Projects. A beautiful light melody featuring digital synth, drums and arpeggiator. Perfect background music for presentations, corporate videos, flash, websites etc. A positive and optimistic corporate track. Features include a gentle guitar riff, a soft rhythm, and mellow lead sounds. Ideal for podcasts, business, advertising etc. Happy upbeat acoustic track with ukulele, claps, piano and bells. Perfect track for kids projects, children advertising, funny and cheerful projects. Bright and positive whistling ukulele instrumental music with a happy, clapping, folksy mood. Great for happy commercials, motivational projects, summer adventures, simple things, inspirational videos and bright moments. Hopeful relax music with electric guitar and soft pads. Versatile, atmospheric and positive song for wellness business, corporate, travel projects, slideshows and much more. Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Disturbed, mysterious, pulsating track. Used a synthesizer, arpeggiator, string sounds. Perfect for any type of corporate or multimedia projects. Epic orchestral news music. Perfectly for breaking news, top news, advertising, technology video, sport news, corporate presentations, epic events, openers, introduction, talk shows, political elections, analyses, adventure video games and more. This upbeat, positive and exciting Pop-Rock music track gives you the motivation to live life to the fullest. Joyful and happy composition featuring acoustic and electric guitars, beautiful solos, bass and energetic drums. Uplifting and inspiring music track that is perfect for TV shows, commercials, promos, motivational videos, corporate projects, films and other media. Family Pictures is a fun light and feel good acoustic track! Picture someone happily walking along with no cares. Good family music and anywhere a positive and optimistic cue is needed. Great for inspirational family dramas, commercials, or corporate videos. Beautiful hi-tech inspiring track with groovy percussion rhythm, deep synthesizers, and high melodies. This feelgood track is well suited for hi-tech music videos, timelapse, technology projects, presentations etc. Energetic synth track with surrounding effects and electronic drum beats. Perfect background music for websites, corporate presentations, video reports, education slideshow and many other purposes. A poignant, mellow and sentimental track, featuring acoustic guitar and piano. Ideal for voice-overs, corporate videos, vlogs and podcasts. Motivational, beautiful, uplifting and emotional track. This background music is perfect for any inspiring and positive projects. Epic, orchestral music ideal for corporate, ceremonial events, TV, film, documentary and cable productions needing supporting music soundtrack. Soft Inspiring ambient track is perfect for advertisement, media project. The track contains guitar, deep pads, rhythm section and other electronic sounds. This high energy track inspires the listener to reach for the stars and unknown planets. Dreamy, rhythmic synths give a sense of motion and determination. Great for corporate videos, fashion, or advertising an amazing new product. Inspiring and innovative track featuring atmospheric pads, synths, glockenspiel, warm bass and gentle electronic beat. This stylish track lays down a sweet electronic tune on a surface of electronic motives, pads and beat. It brings the spirit of technology, science, innovative industry - great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV and film. This is Beautiful and light track with warm and peaceful atmosphere. Soft beat with piano fill create nice background music for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects. This is positive, joyful and uplifting music with carefree and youthful atmosphere. Perfect background music for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and other Multimedia Projects. Love is in the air! This happy, mellow and sentimental Rom-Com music bed is perfect for any warm intro theme but it can also be used as a nice and pleasant background music track for any other type of video . Inspiring motivational background music sure will add to your video unforgettable feeling of freedom, success, and positive feelings. Featuring piano, drums, guitars, bass, brass, organ, pads and claps. Urban style motivational pop track. Perfect background music for any video, presentation, slideshow and other multimedia projects. Elegant and positive solo piano background with a classical feeling. Use for corporate productions, wedding photo album, youtube videos, advertisements and more. Motivational Commercial Pop music. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects. Two versions include main track and seamless loop Minimal background tech tune. Featuring deep bass guitar part, easy electronic drums, and light synthesizer melody. Perfect for modern technology overviews. A positive and friendly tune with a strong chillstep influence. Ideal for corporate video, podcast intros or presentations. Driving rhythms and subtle percussive synths with a repetitive and simple feeling. This track is suitable for a wide variety of applications- business, corporate, presentations. Happy, uplifting dance track with inspiring and very positive mood. Very emotional, and energetic background audio for any video, media, promo, presentations, and other different multimedia projects. Positive and optimistic track in a good mood. Featured instruments are whistle, bells and electric guitars. Perfect for corporate videos or advertising. Positive and uplifting pop-rock anthem with beautiful guitars, pads, airy arpeggios. Great for use in video, animations, presentations that lead to success and growth. This is atmospheric inspirational and motivational track. Perfect background music for your video or multimedia projects. Very positive and motivational pop tune with bright piano melody and electric guitars. Suitable for great achievements, business goals, commercial videos, success story, etc. Similar to Coldplay. Inspirational, emotional, and elegant orchestral composition track for trailers, sports, presentations, motivational videos, stories of victory and great achievements. The melody evokes a feeling of love, nostalgic memories, and hope. Ideal for documentaries about the heroic people, TV trailers, corporate videos, and more. Flowing and warm, powerful and rising, featuring pulsing electronic elements, warm piano and electric guitar that creates a proud, hopeful mood. Upbeat, sparkling and trendy electronic track with a technologic modern feel. This positive and uplifting track would be great for background video use, especially in science and technology marketing promo videos, projects related to sport, design, fashion and art, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation. Positive and uplifting motivational track. Featured instruments are piano, brasses and electric guitar. Good for corporate videos or advertising.. Uplifting loop designed for corporate web page. Represents the high rise of something new, or literally a background track for a video that's showing a new high rise building. Modern sounding hi-tech music track to feed your creative technology, corporate, news and other projects. The instruments are synths, piano, brass, electronic voices. Great for business, presentations, advertising, commercials and more. This is positive and uplifting modern classical track. It features cellos and hip hop beats and can be used for your bright presentation, successful business project, marketing campaign, commercial goals, and for everything needing bright, yet triumphant atmosphere. Quirky, funny background music. Perfect for your corporate, carefree, cheerful commercials, children and kids projects. A mellow chilled out track that features a modern trap beat. Very sweeping and atmospheric. Ideal for podcasts, presentations, corporate videos etc. Confident, inspiring and motivational production track. Perfect background music for your successful business projects, catchy videos or multimedia products. Warm and flowing, featuring piano, orchestral strings, bells and percussion that create a hopeful, inspirational mood. Well suited for business successful style, advertisement projects, product review, motivational and corporate projects, presentations, Film and TV. Ukulele track with pleasant girl voice singing "shoo bee doo bee doo" and doing "lalala". Very positive track which is good for advertisement, motivational videos, corporate videos, etc
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