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    • Exciting, fast and crazy Punk Rock track with energetic guitar riffs, drums and solid bass, great for action scenes in movies, fun and youth party scenes, skating and motocross videos and much more.. Powerful exciting and upbeat 70's style Rock Track featuring distorted guitars, drums and solid bass. Breakbeat funk groove cool and sexy with hard to ignore bass and electric guitar. An anthem for summer. A big pop rock sound, with a celebratory teen summer vibe. Positive and dynamic funky track. Featured instruments are electric guitars, electric piano and electric organ. Perfect for casual game, website or broadcast. Positive reggae track in a sunny mood. Featured instruments are electric guitars. Good for hotel or vacation videos. Positive and dynamic track in a good mood. Featured instruments are electric organ and electric guitars . Perfect for positive video, advertising, casual game or slide show. A powerful rock pop loop with a catchy guitar theme, a cool tonewheel organ and very dynamic drums. Electric guitars, bass and drums play retro pop rock with country-flavored lead fills, inspired by The Rolling Stones. Suggested for nostalgic 60s and 70s bar scenes, flashbacks, montages, transitions and media spots. Key of D, 110 beats/min Happy and energetic New Folk track with tons of ukulele and guitars evoking a very festive feeling. This is a high energy, adrenaline rushing, rock guitar riff track which drives forward full of confidence.It has a fresh young and sunny summertime feel to it, in search of the action and excitement of a new adventure. Enjoy! Solar is a perfect track for happy scenes, or really usefull to harmonize your pop melody. Based on acoustic guitar, bass, drums and hawaian slide guitar. Relaxed, carefree groove with retro organ, electric guitar, congas and percussion playing A/B parts. Suggested for uplifting, positive scenes, underscoring of narration, public service announcements, voice-overs, transitions or TV and radio commercial spots. Key of A, 105 beats/min 'Retro Stars' is a fast pace high energy track starting out with a driving retro like guitar riff you can tap your foot to, and builds to an explosion like rock/ pop chorus. Makes you feel young again with memories of teanage years. Cheerful music with bollocks:) Exuberant electric guitar, fatty bass, vinyl scratching, powerful and positive energetic riffs. The best track for the youth party! Electric rock guitars with bass and drums play 66 second loop with recurring haunting lead line. Suggested for wild parties, bar scenes with a positive energy, rowdy lifestyle sequences, sports highlight reels, workout mixes, energetic montage sequences and transitions. Key of E minor, 130 beats/min Acoustic guitar, organ and a gentle electric guitar create a soft, emotional background. Positive, calm, but introspective, pensive and a little bit melancholic at the same time. Powerful modern rock. The energy and warmth of tube amps. Sharp guitar riffs and bouncy bass. Cheerful music. The mood of summer. Splashing waves, the sea, sun and hot sand. An rock organ riff. An upbeat electric guitar melody with a retro folk rock groove, backed with bass and drums. Medium tempo electric blues featuring drums, electric bass, electric piano, electric organ and 2 electric guitars. Energetic and funny old school rock style composition. Perfect soundtrack for road trip maded with love and drive thirst! British 60-s style blues rock with ending, drums, wah electric guitar, electric bass, electric organ, typical blues riff, no melody, traditional ending (measured to fit loop exactly), good to soloing or singing over. Drink no more, smoke no more, drug no more! And still forever rock! :) It is a pure spirit of the good old 80th.
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