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    • Funky And Upbeat by Dave Brenner

      A motivational mid-beat track with a funky bass hook line and melodic synths providing a bouncy and laid-back vibe. Works well as lifestyle and backing track.

      A Perfect Robbery Plan by ihsandincer

      Bright, beautiful and sparkle jazzy composition featuring fretless bass, airy woodwinds and a solo violin passage. Excellent for movie scoring,advertising or festive projects.

      Facelines by Mike Nowa

      It's an Indian ethnic meditational track. This track consists of Indian tabla, metal tongue drum, electric guitar, bells, percussion, and fretless bass. Great for meditation, travel videos, relaxation vibes, in-store retail background music, etc.

      Making You Happy by ArtIss

      A cinematic and groovy funk track with upright bass, electric guitars, drums and percussion. A perfect choice for crime scenes, robbery scenes, casino commercials, bank heist movie scenes, web advertorials, and many other different projects. Similar to Ocean's Eleven soundtrack.

      Get Jazz by Geoff Harvey

      A slow, dark piece that gives the feeling of peace and tranquillity. Warm piano melody, strings, fretless bass, electric piano.

      Deep Blues by Manuel Ochoa

      Upbeat Jazz melody featuring piano, drums, upright bass, jazz guitar and acoustic guitar provides a stylish and savvy jazz theme. Useful for creating contemporary bar feel or cool jazz club vibe.

      Touch It There by Sean Usher

      Easy going and laid-back jazz melody suggests waiting room or hotel lobby. Very easy going and casual, containing jazz and blues instrumentation such as vibraphone, brush drums, and fretless bass.

      Frustration by Jack White

      Positive funk with urban breakbeat drums, slap bass, funky guitars and rhodes. Great for TV, hipster advertisement and hip background music.

      Lounge House by Benjamin Segal

      Smooth and easy-going backdrop music recorded with muted Rhodes piano, fretless bass, and Indian tabla percussion. This music is laid back and cool and will fit well for ambient and chill out situations, cafe lounge background, etc.

      Stealth Bass by Rick Dickert

      Medium tempo jazzy music recorded with piano and double bass. This music is laid back and smooth and will fit well in ambient, background situations.

      Take Your Time by Richard Hinton

      Piano and fretless bass play an organic music with a warm sense of flowing. This music is cool with smooth improvised melodies and will fit well for background music and delicate moments.

      Too Much Funk Will Kill You by Alex Grey

      A lounge house tune that bring your spirits up. A positive feel track with real sounding bass and a soulful house feel. Great to get that head moving!

      San Fran 69 by Rick Dickert

      Inspirational uplifting acoustic guitar theme over light and airy shaker percussion with a warm fretless bass and additional soft and cozy synth pads. Positive and optimistic instrumental background music bed for a great variety of purposes.

      Jazz Night by Maxim Panchenko

      Upright bass and drums plays jazz motif as vibes and piano trade shadowy phrases. Suggested for scenes of mystery, deduction, sneaky underhanded preparations, criminal activity, reminiscent of 'The Pink Panther'. Key of G minor, 123 beats/min

      Mystery Strut by Rick Dickert

      A mean and moody southern blues track with a wild west feel. Features fretless bass, dobro, electric slide guitar, tubular bells, harmonica, and drums. Perfect in scenes with tumbleweeds, abandoned ghost towns, crossroads, whiskey, cowboys, gunslingers, spaghetti westerns, and scorching sun.

      Return Trip by Denis Quarin

      True funk music. Fat bass, cool drums & Clavinet. Welcome back to 70-th!

      A Kiss From a Rose by Jack White

      Big sounding hip-hop tune with cyberpunk elements. Featuring electronic drums, electric fretless bass, grand piano, strings playing arpeggios, synthesizers and effects. Good for dramatic moments in gaming or video.

      Fusion Cuisine by Richard Hinton

      Retro rock guitars play 12 bar blues pattern with organ, bass and drums in 61 second loop. Suggested for nostalgic 60s and 70s bar scenes, flashbacks, montages, transitions. Also for altered consciousness, grungy urban strip clubs, low rent nightlife, rock'n'roll flashbacks and music festivals. Key of E minor, 94 beats/min

      Open Your Eyes Wider by Evgenii Serebriakov

      Warm piano music featuring fretless bass, great for sensitive moments, and background music. Slow tempo, lovely and mellow music track.

      Its Time To Live by Mike Nowa

      Upright bass plays deliberate tango type 85 second loop accompanied by drums, percussion, piano and vibes. Suggested for underscore of scenes involving mystery, intrigue, espionage and comedic farce situations. Also for stealth and subtle crime-in-progress sequences. Key of C minor, 62 beats/min

      No Weather At All by Pavel Svejentsev

      Warm and relax track. Consist of percussion,electric piano, soft acoustic drums, fretless bass, digital pad, trumpet and trombone.

      She Has Set Me Free by Mike Nowa

      A philosophy trip to search for the self.

      I Still Believe by Mike Nowa

      An intresting folk/lounge track that you can listen over and over again . Perfect for different type of intriguing projects.

      Groovy Kind of Love by Mike Nowa

      This is an inspirational and motivating soundtrack in a positive mood. Best for business, presentations, videos, games and show.

      See This Through by Mike Nowa

      Groovy and fresh lounge track with a strong rhythm section and feel-good mood. Perfect as background music for corporate applications, presentations and for projects, where the perception of time is extremely important.

      Set Me Free by Jack White

      Stylish Ambient Background Music Loop, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Time is Up by Mike Nowa

      Medium slow Em heavy metal piece. Power drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated synthesizer.

      It is Always Now by Mike Nowa

      Sweet and tender sound of electric piano and digital pad make idyllic life atmosphere. Brushed drums with bass guitar melody.

      Old Friends Talking by Mike Nowa

      Can't You Be My Baby by Jack White

      Above the Hills by Jack White

      You Don't Know Me by Jack White

      Two Part Invention by Jack White

      Motherland by Jack White

      Into My Arms by Jack White

      Show Me the Way by Mike Nowa

      New Animals by Mike Nowa

      4 Steps Away by Jack White

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    There are many different types of music like the pop, hip hop, jazz etc. Music also has got certain parts like the bass treble. The bass is a heavy sound and so produces a mind blowing quality of sound. The bass sound is very impressive to listen but it is most often used in the parties and in the discos as they provide a good platform to hop and dance.

    There are many instruments through which the bass music is heard. There are bass guitars and moreover the fretless bass music is very pleasing to listen to. A fretless bass guitar produces this type of music and so this instrument is commonly used to produce such sound. To produce a fretless bass music there is a requirement of a very tough and distinct training.

    The fretless bass guitars produce a lot of sound and so they are most often used by the people to produce such sounds. Again the acoustic fretless guitars are also capable of producing this type of bass music but the volume is a bit lower than the fretless bass guitars. To produce the fretless bass sound the fingerboard base has to be hit very hard and again the finger board is mainly made up of very hard wood and so the musicians wear a cap over their finger so that they do not hurt themselves while playing the guitar. The length of the string is also quite log as it runs from the bridge to the fingerboard.

    The fretless bass music instruments are the modified instruments which are unlike the older ones but have some new functions which provides the musician to produce certain different types of sound through the instruments. There are many famous musicians who have been using this type of musical instruments to produce such types of music. So, fretless bass music gives a soothing and pleasant music to the ears.

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