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    There are many different types of music like the pop, hip hop, jazz etc. Music also has got certain parts like the bass treble. The bass is a heavy sound and so produces a mind blowing quality of sound. The bass sound is very impressive to listen but it is most often used in the parties and in the discos as they provide a good platform to hop and dance.

    There are many instruments through which the bass music is heard. There are bass guitars and moreover the fretless bass music is very pleasing to listen to. A fretless bass guitar produces this type of music and so this instrument is commonly used to produce such sound. To produce a fretless bass music there is a requirement of a very tough and distinct training.

    The fretless bass guitars produce a lot of sound and so they are most often used by the people to produce such sounds. Again the acoustic fretless guitars are also capable of producing this type of bass music but the volume is a bit lower than the fretless bass guitars. To produce the fretless bass sound the fingerboard base has to be hit very hard and again the finger board is mainly made up of very hard wood and so the musicians wear a cap over their finger so that they do not hurt themselves while playing the guitar. The length of the string is also quite log as it runs from the bridge to the fingerboard.

    The fretless bass music instruments are the modified instruments which are unlike the older ones but have some new functions which provides the musician to produce certain different types of sound through the instruments. There are many famous musicians who have been using this type of musical instruments to produce such types of music. So, fretless bass music gives a soothing and pleasant music to the ears.

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