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    • Strongly cinematic, perfect to emphasize the atmosphere of Christmas, this loop fits well with his childish delight at every festive occasion. In the orchestral instrumentation playing a dominant role bells, piano and brass, while the second part of the track has delicious lead violin. Uplifting, grand and larger then life track filled with positive lyrics and good vibes all the way through! This track is ideal for marketing and advertising of all kinds and has a wide commercial appeal. If you need something catchy and uplifting for your next project, you just found it! Very positive, cheerful and playful music with uplifting ukulele ,sweet bells,elegant strings, upbeat claps and drums. Rhythmic, lively music,good background for commercial,videos, tv and web adverts. Happy Upbeat is a positive and cheerful fun background instrumental that is upbeat and fast tempo. It features Ukulele, Acoustic guitar, bells, and claps to give it that positive uplifting mood. Perfect for your Youtube video. Has that quirky Lowes commercial background music happy vibe. A lush and pretty gradual buildup to a climactic crescendo. Ambient indie rock and folk vibes. Orchestral and celebratory christmas loop with piano, strings, bells, harp, pizzicato and sleigh bells in the background. A beautiful winter theme with a classical approach. Festive mood for slideshows, advertisement or movies. A happy, light, heartwarming Ukulele track. Perfect for commercials, introductions, and more! A slow traditional French style track featuring traditional instruments such as Accordion, Dulcimer and French Fiddle. Ideal for slow romantic projects, or travel and tourism purposes requiring French style elements. Dreamy, tender and delicate. This version is very close to a lullaby feel, moving and heartwarming, composed with a nice glockenspiel, grand piano and orchestra. Well suited for content geared towards children or projects that include a touch of fantasy and Ideal theme for a foundation due to its hopefulness and sensitivity. Also suited for youth advertisements and movie scores. Add a happy vibe to your project with this easy-going track with carefree rhythmic guitar comping enhanced by glockenspiel and hammond melodies! This instrumental features acoustic guitar, bells, ukulele, and violin. It has a very bright, upbeat, happy, and Irish folk vibe that is used for background music by major corporate companies in modern advertising commercials. A harmonic inspiring guitar composition with tasteful percussion, choir and strings in the second half. A youthful, fun and energetic Indie-Rock track. Opening with a catchy guitar riff and pounding drums, chanting . A huge lift in the chorus with catchy vocals, guitars and synths that'll make you feel successful and motivated ideal track for communicating ideas new beginnings and fresh starts. Inspirational and motivating soundtrack. Great as a film soundtrack, corporate projects and videos. Uplifting and hopeful piano melody. A joyful catchy tune with a distinct atmospheric lead synth sound over a latin and carribean influenced groove with lots of percussion and playful, rhythmic acoustic guitars. Corporate background music, with acoustic guitar, piano and bells. Upbeat cheerful track, featuring ukulele, classic guitar, piano, finger snaps, xylophone, glockenspiel, drums & bass. Works perfect for TV advertisement or any project. Enjoy! A quirky, fun track perfect for comedies, children's parties, animations and cartoons. It uses pizzicato strings, woodwinds, triangle and xylophone. It's also great for a dramedy like Desperate Housewives. Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are trumpet, e-piano and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow. A cheerful upbeat loop, which promise to bring up your advertisement, movie or any other project to a higher level of happiness! Featuring finger snaps, ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, xylophone, bass, drums & classic guitar. Enjoy! This upbeat acoustic music combines a happy and cheerful vibe with lively, fun, and optimism. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a upbeat rhythm while the glockenspiel plays a melody which shines with positive energy. A cheerful upbeat song, which promise to bring up your advertisement, movie or any other project to a higher level of happiness! Featuring finger snaps, ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, bass, percussion and drum background line. Enjoy! Corporate motivational track, expose a lot of positivity, creativity and confidence. Start out with piano arpeggio, bass, drums, guitars & orchestral elements join in, to create that beautiful feeling! Enjoy....Life! This simple little composition will fill you with joy and give a good mood. A happy and motivational loop with acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, vibes and strings. Very uplifting feel and a perfect choice for your successful promo video or adverts. A bit fun and with moving parts to give a sense of machines on the move in the workplace. Positive and uplifting track in a happy mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitars and rhodes piano. Good for positive video, advertising or slideshow. Smooth, romantic track flavored with sensual strings playing the melody over an acoustic driven rhythm section. A cool and funny latin loop. Light and easy mood. With kind of streamlined and straight drum / percussions, acoustic piano, guitar, organ, sax and trumpet solo. Orchestral corporate motivational track, featuring piano, strings, brass, harp and percussion. Start out with a gently piano melody and builds instrument upon instrument until it reaches a powerful climax. Works perfect on any project that you need to create a positive, hopefully, confident mood to your audience. Upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring musette, mallets and triangles, acoustic guitar, hand claps and catchy strings lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use. Perfect for giving that positive feeling. "Happy Time" is a happy ukulele music with bright bells and plucked bass. In the middle of the track you can hear soft strings blending into optimistic choir. Bells add sweetness, plucked bass adds a feeling of a childhood. This track is suitable for corporate videos and also as a children music. This is a lively, upbeat, fun and uplifting track with a happy and easy come easy go feel. Glockenspiel, ukulele, guitars, piano and drums combine in this light-hearted feel good soundtrack that is great as background music for adverts, corporate videos, podcasts, documentaries and other video productions needing a joyful, fresh, modern and inspiring lift. Latin vibes with a spaced out bridge section. Fun, energetic but effortless. Like watching the sunset over the beach on a summer afternoon with friends. This Happy, Positive and Cheerful ukulele piano instrumental is perfect for presentation background music or Advertising Ads needing a Cute and Sweet mood. It has no drums which makes it laid-back, with just hand claps or clapping it can be perfect for kids or other easy listening suited items. A pop loop with chinese elements and a rich arrangement. Groovy and driving feel. A catchy track as a hanger in documentations, travel videos or maybe a movie... Spice up your upcoming Christmas projects with this snazzy rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Its Jazzy laid back feel and original take on the traditional song will give your work that extra special touch! A frivolous melody by nylon guitar and swinging accompaniment. An elegant soothing melody on nylon guitar flows like a babbling brook, accompanied by a string section and guitars. A bold orchestral passage creates ceremonial atmosphere and sets the mood. A piano and bass passage with a Gospel feel. This is a very bright and cheerful happy little number with a spring in its step. It will Bring an element of fun and excitement to the right project and is full of optimistic vibes and thoughts of Brighter days to come. Happy, short and carefree Christmas time track featuring piano, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, glockenspiels, kajon and coke can. Magical chimes and uplifting instrumental bursts create this joyous, charming Christmas melody with many warming elements suggesting the magical feeling of waking up Christmas Day morning when all the excitement starts to begin. The melody implies excitement, love and emotion which develops warming characteristics throughout with a touch of sparkle. Orchestral passage Cheerful, upbeat track featuring ukulele, piano, claps, bass, bells playing a catchy melody suitable for the needs of TV advertisement or your video project presentation! I can editing any time to fit your needs. Feel free to contact me through my profile page. Enjoy! A snappy loop with drumbeats, acoustic rhythm guitar sound and synths. Bright bell melodies combined with evolving layer pads for a light feeling. Versatile background track. exact value of BPM 72,5 !! Silent Night, a classic. Beautiful combination of music box sound and strings. Perfect for short advertising / commercials. An acoustic guitar pattern theme guides through a positive and uplifting track. Full arrangement with drums, strings and some piano and synth elements. Perfect for your successful corporate video or presentation. 60 second loop featuring layered acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Driving but thoughtful feel. Christmas melody. Piano and violins. A funny track with funky groove feeling. Move your .ss but don't touch my .ss ;-) Positive, optimistic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune, joy and victory. This track will give everyone confidence in the success and strength. Made with love, soul and skill! This is a motivational and uplifting track giving a feel of kindness and happiness. The best melody for Christmas and New Year projects. Positive reggae track in a sunny mood. Featured instruments are electric organ and electric guitars. Good for hotel or vacation videos. Upbeat, rapid ukulele chords with sweet celeste melody and kids choir. Fast, happy and exciting! Corporate motivational track, featuring classic & electric guitars, bass, piano, strings, bells and rhythmic drums, suitable to give to your company presentation, prestige it deserves! Enjoy! Fun loop with bells. Perfect for commercials, video presentations, youtube videos. Groovy stylish Retro Disco track in the style of Daft Punk with a vocoder voice line, funky guitars and a straight dancible disco bass and drum groove. Perfect instrumental background for fashion shows and stylish presentations or commercials. Loop ready song, in the genre of techno reggae, with a mood of carefree walking on the beach.
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