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  • Powerful cinematic loop, epic atmosphere, evocative instrumentation of great impact with vocals, strings, brass, percussions. Ideal track for use as audio logo, for action scenes and video games.

    Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Greek dances. With pulsating rhythm, guitars and mandolin chase each in a continuous crescendo, then return to slow beginning.

    2 Fast is a fast and bouncy Drum & Bass loop ideal for chasing scenes and fast changing images

    Why not live happy and keep merry mood? It's like plenty years ago... When you was a child. Why not? This easy melody will help you to stay in good mood. It's very amazing and simple track. Good for projects where cheerful and fun mood need. Life is more easy than it seems some time. Just listen and all troubles disappear.

    Urban Hip Hop track, cool and groovy. Features synths leads, drum beat, bass and pads.Good for dramatic movie scenes, tv, documentaries, websites, games.

    Amusing, playful composition with parody elements.

    This music is a hard hitting mix of power and energy. The combination of wild electronics mixed with a dubstep style wub wub bass lines really makes this music perfect for a wide variety of applications

    An ambient mysterious background loop.

    An ambient track in a dark mood and suspense atmosphere. Good for Halloween media content or horror videos.

    An ambient track in a dark mood and suspense atmosphere. Good for documentary films, Halloween media content or thriller videos.

    Two pianos overlapped for this loop avantgarde style, atonal and playful. Childish and ethereal atmosphere for uncommon and original projects.

    Loop with mysterious and sidereal atmosphere, with ethereal and psychedelic sounds. Suitable for projects that require complex sonic textures and highly evocative environment.

    This film inspired sci-fi music really captures your attention. The strong bass and haunting pads scream drama while the strings just give it that something extra.

    Looped track for solo piano, classically modern character. Rhythmic sharp and edgy. To be considered for particular videos and animations.

    Upbeat flowing strings combined with electronic keyboard chords provide a very futuristic fast paced track suitable for product or technology launch for background presentations or corporate themes. Track contains digital synths with half step drum beat which suggests time, movement or motion.

    Lead synth beat in a blues groove mood.

    This horrific tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The horror sound scape gives this music a very ominous nature while the eerie pads really give it an edge. It is perfect for a wide range of scary applications.

    Playful loop for piano solo, rag-time style, syncopated and lively. Great ambience for good projects.

    Bright, easy-going melody played on the digital synth. This uplifting loop will be perfect for travel, corporate applications, games or anything of a 'feel-good' nature.

    Psychedelic rock loop, powerful, obsessive and full of beats. For all projects requiring energy and good vibrations.

    Calm and positive track . Featured instruments are piano and synths. It would be nice for romantic videos or Christmas media content.

    Creepy mellotron and cello song. Aged and distorted organ sounds, good for spooky situations and horror soundtracks. The sound of unseen dread.

    Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy, with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings. For all good projects.

    Energetic and aggressive track with a bit of synth sounds. Featured instruments are electric guitars. It would be nice for sport or action videos, presentations or slideshows.

    Energetic and positive rock track with a bit of synth sounds. Featured instruments are electric guitars. It would be nice for sport or corporate videos, presentations or slideshows.

    Chill music for the night

    An intresting folk/lounge track that you can listen over and over again . Perfect for different type of intriguing projects.

    A corporate piano solo track that loops seamlessly. This unique piano track depicts the rapidly evolving technological world.

    Laid-back, mellow song, great background music for a rainy day.

    Melody to raise the imagination. The main instruments are trumpet, trombone guitar sounds on the background of flying keyboards.

    A soft Toy Piano melody with brushed drums and a Synth Harp accompaniment.

    Delicate acoustic loop, with a gentle melody of the flute and a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment. Great for videos and background in answering machines.

    This hypnotic mix of smooth synth sounds and powerful percussion really takes you on a ride. The happy combination of melodies certainly makes this tune a winner for a wide variety of applications.

    This horrific tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The muddy electric guitar is sets the stage for this industrial track. It is arranged so it can be played under a wide variety of applications.

    Abstract, haunting electronic track. It's's haunting...It's deep!!

    Dreamy and enigmatic song with both clean and flanged guitar melodies. Things are not right or they are not what they seem to be and everything comes to a big climax.

    Purple clouds, red sunrises and purple sunsets. A rare artist in the Solar Empire does not dream to spend a couple of weeks off here! An easel and brushes are not necessarily to be taken there is a discount for artists in local stores all the year round!

    Soft and innocent, playful children music. Tender toy piano melody and light woman humming. Hopeful, bright and light expressing gentle waves of delicate love, baby dreaming, bedtime atmosphere, early awakening and peaceful play.

    Beautiful and hopeful melody, new age style, dreamy and relaxing, with good feel. Ideal for documentary, tv and web.

    Hard-hitting rock track featuring synthpop elements, distorted bass guitar, deep rumbling synth bass and a steady verse-chorus song structure. Perfect for movies,TV, radio advertising, corporate branding, website, documentary.

    A rich and lush hip-hop instrumental track. Slow tempo urban / hip-hop style drums, melodic synths with a sense of melancholy, storytelling. Good for urban drama, commercials, appeals and much more.

    Stylish and Deep Background Music with catchy rhythm of House Beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

    Deep and meaningful cinematic composition with emotional flute melody and harmonies, accompanied by piano, woodwinds and heavenly pad sound. Passionate and heartfelt music for films, trailers, TV and documentaries.

    Your fine drawing is almost ready. It is necessary to draw some details and it is possible to start creation of the most perfect perpetuum mobile!

    Slow jazzy melody loop with bass solo.

    A classical like theme with violas, cello, double bass and rock drums. It sounds like running away in panic or something like that.

    Abstract exotic track. Used synthesizer, digital drums and different sound effects. Perfect for surreal projects.

    Energetic, pulsating, anxious track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator, sounds of electric guitars. Perfect for action scenes in video games or films .

    Beautiful space track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, the sound of the strings. Perfect for web sites, relaxation and other projects.

    Energetic track made with electric guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos.

    Ambient pulsating track. Good for news stories, documentaries and thematic TV programs.

    Psychedelic trance loop. Used hypnotic rhythms with massive base and an abstract texture effects. Great musical background for action games, sci-fi/ horror films etc.

    Quiet repetitiv song performed on synths with some sfx

    Dramatic misterious song, performed on synthesizers, continuos analog bass pattern, sequences on middle-high frecuency range, some synth strings and strong percussion. Suitable for detective movie or tv serie.

    Light atmospheric track, great for adverts, shows and movies. Consist of electro percussion sounds, strings playing pizzicato, synth pad and bass.

    Energetic electronic track made with synths and guitar. It would be nice for space videos or documentary films.

    Bass Guitar, saxophone and drums are a few of the instruments used here to create a cool detective style piece with hints of suspense throughout. Occasional Choral elements also suggest track could be used for cinematic theme.

    Simple repetitive funny song performed on synths, piano and guitars. An overdriven and a steel guitar enter in the second part with a touch of far west/country style.

    Mysterious, meditative ambient track with dark synth pads, nocturnal atmosphere and guttural vocals. You can use this enigmatic background music for relaxation, meditation, slide show or other projects that need a touch of mystery.

    Distinctive mid-tempo jazz/fusion track with catchy measured rhytm section and simple melody played by double bass and bells. Great for art projects.

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