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  • Wild and furious electronic music track. Suitable for halloween.

    The mysterious mystical track with a strained mood. Good for tense moments like halloween etc.

    This music uses a unique style and pulsing beat to create a vivid picture. The acid synths are complimented by a solid bass line while the arrangement is subtle enough to work great for a wide variety of applications.

    This country style christmas loop comes with a soft, peaceful and warm message. A little town, lots of snow and the warm lights in the windows.

    This music is a mixture of high energy movement with cool and vibrant melodies. The electric guitar brings the music to life as the strong bass and percussion creates a very moving beat. This music is modern, cool, and fresh and it syncs along great with that type of application.

    An old dusty record in mind I made this track. Vinyl scratches and a saturated sound for a vintage effect. On top the stutter effects and a synth(wobble)bass from the break till the end to make the groove a little stronger. The lead guitar is deliberately lost in the reverb.

    In dependence on dubstep style this loop has a full arrangement of synth strings and choir. A distinctive arpeggio line and some typical dubstep sounds make this song sound very dynamic and exciting.

    Loop ready song, consisting of two parts, meditative and calm the first, glorious and pasionate the second. Performed on digital synthesizers and orchestra, a polyphony of melodious deep bass and synth strings.

    Alternative indie guitar ballad with dreamy synth hooks.

    Powerful and melancholy track, poignant and full of infinite nostalgia. A memory for a legendary band whose music will never die. Great dominant electric guitar, beats and good pulse.

    Loop progressive style, majestic and melancholic, with dominant synths and electric guitar. Cinematic, great ambience.

    This hard hitting and advanced music screams modern and cool. The powerful beat is complimented by a soft pad and an echoing pluck synth melody. The idea was to create a modern train style music but it also works great with a wide variety of applications.

    Underground Hip Hop instrumental featuring bells, strings, harpsichord, piano, & custom FX. Possible uses can range from "rebellion/villainous" scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

    A retro '2-step' vibe which is becoming popular again.Light and dancey with a happy mood that suits all cheerful scenarios.

    Important: exact value of BPM is 122,5. A very straight and strong beat with a wide open synth choir string melody that seems to fly away.

    Catchy and funny theme with xylophone leads good for cartoons, children's or casual games, short video clips, etc

    Looped track in slow tempo, pulsating and rhythmic, lively but with a subtle trace of melancholy. Great electric guitar solo.

    It is a musical sequence with vocoder on dance style.

    This hard hitting and powerful industrial track uses a dramatic build up and action packed rhythm to get its point across. The minimal percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line which really creates a since of action and doom all that the same time.

    Loop with gloomy and suspended atmosphere. Trumpet dominant against the backdrop of drums and synthesizers.

    Gentle, delicate relaxing track with sound of rain great for calm and peaceful atmospheres.

    This is a short ambient track featuring spacey sounds and mysterious bells. Great background music for dark and haunted projects.

    Slow and majestic pop track. Electric guitar solo that rises above a background of strings, brass and powerful and reverberated percussions.

    Brass, woodwind and percussion sounds in 52 second looped A/B arrangement of traditional marching band play upbeat, whimsical march. Suggested for comic scenes and general public assembly sequences involving parades, marching bands, high schools, pep rallies, graduation, student gatherings. Key of C, 120 beats/min

    Pure musical abstraction, neutral, hypnotic, full of peace. Perfect background, ideal for relaxation techniques and to restore inner balance.

    This music combines an abstract melody with a strong and repetitive rhythm. The music is laid back but screams modern, cool, and different. The style and arrangement makes this music a most have for a wide variety of applications.

    Dark ambient backround music with a spooky feeling. Suitable to use in a thriller or horror films.

    Medieval style background music performed with bagpipes, strings and celtic percussions. Perfect for documentaries about Scotland, Celtic warriors in kilts etc.

    Dark and suspenseful track with digitarl filetered synths and electronic percussion, mid tempo.

    Obsessive and dark loop which reminds me a sci-fi setting, but useful also for sports, adrenaline, extreme videos and so on.

    Unusual and experimental, this track is very impressive, with deep percussions and melodic hints mellow and charming. Great ambience.

    A high-tech electronic track, which is energetic and rhythmic, modern and cheerful, chilled yet danceable corporate track.

    Delicate cinematic loop, with a constant background of wind and a quiet harmonization of piano, synth, brass and strings. Dominant violin. Poignant and ethereal atmosphere for sophisticated projects and videos.

    Calm ambient track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums and percussion, soud of marimba, the arpeggiator and atmospheric effects. Perfect for space frames, for relaxation, for games and other projects.

    A chilled out track that has an edgy aggressive and melancholic laid back vibe.

    This music combines an abstract melody with a strong and repetitive rhythm. The music is laid back but screams modern, cool, and different. The style and arrangement makes this music a most have for a wide variety of applications.

    Female vocals on a background full of rhythmic pulsations create a charming and enthralling atmosphere.

    This is a light and sexy R&B theme that's great for your projects and tv themes. Mellow guitar sound and soloing accompanied by shaker sound and drumloop.

    Enigmatic and magical glamorous track. Best choice for any fashion event and advertising.

    Track delicate and easy to listen to, with melody that stays in the memory. Instrumentation elegant, with whistling and singing over a background of acoustic guitar, strings and synth.

    Powerful and majestic track, progressive pop style, that intensifies gradually timbres and rhythms before returning to the hypnotic and calm beginning. For videos and as audio logo.

    This hard hitting and powerful industrial track creatives a dark and action packed sound which really gets its point across. The dramatic percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line and it really creates a since of action and doom all that the same time.

    Upbeat bouncy joyful pop track. Positive uplifting feel and sound, steady, flowing.Sense of achievement success,happiness. Consist of various electric guitars, electric piano, brass section, solid bass guitar and drum groove. Great for feel good and motivational media.

    Symphonic looped pop track, full of peace and majestic, that helps you find serenity and inner balance. For audio-logo, background, videos.

    Relentless pace from which emerges the instrumental counterpoint between electric guitar and saxophones. Vitality and pure energy for your listening pleasure.

    Powerful electronic track made with synths and suitable for all types of dance projects.

    Syncopated bass trance groove with analogue and digital synthesizer pads, percussion and woodwinds. Suggested for mysterious scenes, illusions, hallucinations, public service announcements and underscoring of narration, voice-overs, TV and radio production music spots. Key of E minor

    An atmospheric track with pads and electronic percussions. Good for sci-fi videos or documentary films. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

    Soft, pensive melody that has a nightly, melancholic vibe. Featuring music box and celesta.

    A dynamic house track with a trumpet solo. It would be nice for fashion video, presentation or slideshow. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

    Mighty bass drum with tiny electric percussion make cool groove. Aggressive synth sound with ambient dynamic sounds. This track is great for all kinds of advertising.

    A Hip Hop track with big beats and catchy melodic synths. Ideal for urban dance clubs and hip party scenes seen on TV.

    Merger of classical piano melody with east woodwind instrument duduk.

    Hypnotic, ambient track with tension increasing gradually. Suitable for edgy footage, extreme sports or action.

    Severe nature, northern lights, endless expanses covered with sparkling snow ... Harsh and fabulous track at the same time.

    Quirky/Fun Pop instrumental featuring synths, leads, custom FX, and modded guitars. Possible uses can range from songs, shopping scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

    Digital synth sounds and hip hop bass accompanied by a mid-tempo hip hop beat. Perfect to set an urban scene.

    A progressive synthpop track with a variety of percussive elements, drums and synths as lead and background.

    Calm ambient track. Used digital drums and percussion, electric organ sound. Perfect for underwater filming, space frames, relaxation and other projects

    Stylish Ambient Background Music Loop, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

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