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  • This break beat music loop is a wild and futuristic powerhouse sure to capture your attention. The strong percussion is complimented with a catchy bass line as the robotic synth melodies provide the tone.

    This cool sonic chill out music has a very futuristic and technological vibe while still being mellow and smooth at the same time. The hybrid synths combine with a powerful and hypnotic rhythm to create an illusory atmosphere.

    Great powerful track ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller. Ideal for video games of car race.

    This is a motivational and uplifting track giving a feel of kindness and happyness.

    Uptempo and mystical house music loop. Pumping and pulsating club music beats and cool bass. Driving and stimulating.

    This sleek chill out music combines a spacey and mysterious vibe with modern style and elegance. The hypnotic synths combine with the smooth bass line to create a very cool atmosphere and presence.

    Intense dubstep track with 157 bpm. Typical dubstep wobble basslines, effects, tight drums and synths.

    Experimental track, with metal and jazz influences. Great vivacity and pulsations for all projects that require energy, positivity and inspiration.

    Orchestral Halloween track with spooky atmosphere.

    Gothic melody combined with modern rhythms, transport the listener into the era of knight's battles and viking raids. Main instruments : choir , irish flute and synthesizer.

    An atmospheric track in a tense mood. Featured instruments are synth leads, pads and electronic percussions. Good for sci fi videos or documentary films. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

    Groovy funky techno loop-ready song with some jazz harmony, performed on synthesizers making riffs, in an optimistic mood. Suitable for newsflashes, fashion clips, product presentations.

    Futuristic loop with static vocal theme and synth patterns. The vocals give this track its warmth although it's a very tech based song. Cool feel for high tech themes and corporate videos.

    Upbeat, energetic trance track ideal for film, tv, radio, corporate video presentations.

    Magnificent track of sacred theme, with male and female choirs and classical instrumentation. Powerful and majestic soundtrack.

    Noble track in slow time, classical orchestral instrumentation. Elegance and lyrical melancholy to meet the most aristocratic demanding, far from the easily commercial music.

    Are you ready for a trip in the future? We invite you aboard our spacecraft. Hot, aggressive and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

    Pumping house loop with Latin and Reggae elements. Driving and hypnotic strong electronic track for midtempo party feel, Goa and Ibiza style. Featuring cool and stimulating bass line, wah guitars, and trumpets licks.

    This is a song that has been designed to acclimate retro video game style. Basic simple piano melodies and sounds that evoke videogames 80/90. A soft percussion guitar with a synthetic background.

    Simple peaceful looped cadence with brassy vintage synthesizer textures trading chords in stereo with subtle percussion. Suggested for relaxed scene of resolution, closure, the morning after, a new day, change of season, solstice, transition, epilogue, main theme or end credits. Key of C, 120 beats/min

    Cheerful, catchy, joyous looped track, with uplifting strings, piano, bells, hand claps, synths. Perfectly suitable for childrens, festive occasions, comedy movies.

    Orchestral epic track in a dramatic mood. Good for documentary films or computer games.

    Spooky organ chimes, theatre style orchestra with choir, and Harp elements creates a slow spooky melody useful for horror projects. Suitable background music to create a spooky atmosphere with a mysterious theme.

    Track in the unusual time of five fourths, with a burst of energy of electric guitar between two meditative and dreamy parties. Great ambience. This audio is not "pumped". Turn up the volume to appreciate all nuances of the sound.

    Exotic melody reminiscent of the African jungle. Main instruments are : African drums with flute and background keyboards.

    Upbeat and slightly quaint positive track for good spirits.

    An old-style retro music for your platform and casual platfrom or puzzle games.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are e-piano and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    A funny loop about the friendly alien folks that lives around the corner. With lots of SFX that belongs to a cool alien song.

    Loop with psychedelic atmosphere. Digital synths, electric guitar, female vocals. Magic of the cosmos for your projects.

    A cool breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy.

    Dark and mysterious ambient textures, constantly evolving and transforming into something new.Featured electric piano, drum loop, bass, many synth lines.This track will be good for commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv and web adverts.

    Cool ambient chill instrumental track with a spacey synths and groovy drums and percussion.Great as background music for ambience and atmospheres, voice overs or as reflective underscore. Good for sci-fi or horror films or anything that has a moody feel to it.

    Dreamy and mysterious chill out electronic music loop. Flowing and light, ethereal and cloudy. Bright and mystical ambient underscore with soft beat, floating synth, and lush strings. For underwater, clouds time lapse, winter and autumn scenery in presentation, Film and TV.

    Hypnotic and dreamy, middle eastern ambient underscore with mystical mallets, desert flute, downtempo beat and woman vocals. Sentimental, reflective and hopeful. For contemplative romantic exotic drama, eastern journey and voyage documentary.

    Groovy track with dark ambience. Made with old drums samples, overdrived bass, guitars and synths. Perfect for cinematic purpose.

    An upbeat fun and optimistic song featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, electric piano, handclaps, and live drums make this an ideal track for kids projects.

    Very dark piece with nervous feel, five minutes to midnight. You can't bear it. Totally confused. And the time runs. Could be used in documentations about impacts on the environment or in movies as a dark and mysterious background feel.

    Power, hypnotic charm, primitivism in this rich loop carefully orchestrated. Powerful background male vocals.

    A dub and hip hop instrumental track with chill and funky elements, conceived as incidental music. It suits well to underscore scenes with elegant people, both in ADS, corporate and movies

    Hypnotic and "spatial" track, with digital synths and background female vocals. Psychedelic and abstract atmosphere for your multimedia projects.

    Emotional beats pulsations and brightness in this perfect loop, that combines pue energy, experimentalism and pleasure of listening.

    Retro inspired cruisey 70's style pop funk. A cool mid tempo track with funky guitars, beats and retro synthesizer hooks.

    Dubstep-inspired rock guitars play A/B patterns in 83 second loop, trading riffs accompanied by double bass drum and percussion patterns. Suggested for urban dance sequences, crime-in-progress scenes, low rent settings and streetwise crews.

    Friendly and successful corporate technology music loop. A light and motivational business instrumental that brings a vision of innovation, success, growth, communication and productivity.

    An obscure ambient track with a tense background feel and piano line. Great for any project, that requires a dark feel to it.

    Futuristic, hi-tech, cool, and robotic are the words best to describe this modern robotica music. The rhythm plays an echoing melody that is highlighted by plucky hybrid synths. The arrangement is minimal but has a sound that is ultra progressive.

    Expressive and refined good intention track. Perfect background for TV and radio production, advertising, podcast or any project that requires a uplifting sound. Perfect background for your life.

    Positive and bizarre track for intellectual games, puzzles, quests.

    Uplifting and positive pop rock looped track, featuring a catchy and powerful guitar riff, continuous beats, deep reverbered piano and textured synths. Perfect for any project where a sense of energy is required.

    A rocking electronic track with plenty of drive and power. This track may be used in various media applications.

    Light and easy, jazzy pop track. Uplifting and positive midtempo easy listening music with piano melody, soft drum machine beat. Optimistic fun and lighthearted underscore for modern Sophisticated feel and elegant elite life style.

    Laid back and easy going modern rock loop with light dance chill beat. Free, young and fresh. Featuring Pulsing Beat, acoustic and electric guitars. Optimistic, driving and reflective background music.

    This hard hitting and powerful industrial track uses a dramatic build up and strong rhythm for maximum impact. The rhythmic percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line which really creates a since of action, movement, and energy all that the same time.

    Short and intense track. Parodic character to represent a parade of ghosts. Bright instrumentation and vibrant colors.

    Calm atmospheric background music.

    Upbeat pop dub step track with acoustic guitar hooks and thumping beats. Think of summer, smiles and good times!

    Digital keyboards, samples and beat-box accompany retro analog synthesizer for experimental piece with quirky melodic hooks. Suggested for retro club scenes, media spots and underscoring of scary animation. Key of G minor, 153 bpm

    Wild and furious electronic music track. Suitable for halloween.

    The mysterious mystical track with a strained mood. Good for tense moments like halloween etc.

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