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  • An electronic track with dark mood and drum'n'bass beats. Good for hi-tech videos or science films.

    This is funk/blues piece featuring a solo Hammond organ improvising over a blues scale. The rhythm instruments include guitar, clavichord, bass, and drums.

    Neutral stylish background music with minimalistic sound effects. Good for intros, presentations and videos about fashion show, work process or different types of information.

    Twisted horror piece with disturbing reversed vocals and spiritual voices that give the sense of souls being trapped or desperately wanting to be set free. Note: These were not real childrens voices.

    This was a song about blind love and how you really have no control over it at all, hence the title falling at Velocity. Its a little melancholy.

    Intimate chill out track with a beautiful combination of soft thunderstorm, electric piano, that sounds more like a musicbox and measured arpeggiator in the background. Can be applicable to the many different type of projects, from kids education software to horror films.

    Neutral ambient track with spacious synth texture will perfectly suited for projects about traveling, science and other hidden materials.

    Electric drums with synth bass and orchestra like sounds. Nice for some short opening theme.

    Bouncy bass melody with groovy drums and a gentle synth style lead

    Happy upbeat bouncy walking style track with a great synth riff backed by a solid bass and drums.

    Dancing and powerful house track. Stimulating and groovy. High energy beat with euphoric synth in second part of the track.

    Determined and energetic dance house club track. Cool groove and catchy riffs. Suitable background music for projects that need need more energy and intensity.

    Warm - heartedness is possible in every moment with you: at breakfast, in a sudden kiss ... In your gaze. In thy senses. Warm - heartedness can be you!

    An uptempo orchestral piece featured dramatic strings and soft woodwinds to give the real sensation of ant racing game. This cinematic background music designed for film scoring and projects that need some classical soundscape.

    Space ambient track with bouncing synth arpeggiator sound will be perfect background music for any project related with programming, science, space, as well as for video games.

    An ambient and abstract electronic soundscape evokes the image of the brightest star. This experimental background music will complement any scientific presentation or documentary movie with extraterrestrial feeling.

    What is it? Is it a new dream, or a new puzzle? Or maybe it is a new bright event in your life. You're going, as every day, but you do not feel the earth under your feet - you fly! You are winged with happiness!

    Beautiful chillout track with magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays approaching. Soft chiming of crystal bells accompanied by calm chords of the piano would be great as background music for many creative projects.

    Rushes to you with fast trains, flies by the first aircraft, hasten with new feelings. It is as fresh as a summer rain. It sparkles with the youth of happy eyes. It is yours!

    Scary acid jazz electronic track featuring electronic drum machine and lot of synthesizers and effects

    Bouncy bass line with a slightly spooky pipe and strings main lead melody.

    Huge cinematic space sound pads with a gentle drum and bass backing.

    Stylish Background Music with rhythm of Electro & Tech, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

    Electronic groovy track with synths and bouncy drums

    Running through the jungle of Somalia, hiding from the pursuit, you find yourself on the ruins of ancient African populations. You cover uncontrollable fear, but suddenly the ancient force begins its main dance.

    Introspective and emotional finger picked electric guitars with synth pad and energetic bass. Reflective and questioning.

    Catchy synthy lead sound with mellow deep strings and a groovy bassline

    A well paced bouncy analog vibe synth with a funky real bass backing and gentle pad sounds

    Gentle mellow flute melody played against an ambient strings and drums section

    Energetic music in a modern dance style. Create a mood of activity and liveliness.

    An orchestral piece written with penguins in mind. Bassoon basically mimicks the penguins twitching movements.

    Catchy electronica track with quite a dark, mysterious ambience reminding the underwater dance of octopus.

    Gm medium slow suspense symphonic piece with appeggiated piano, orchestral percussion, timpani, pizzicato basses, chellos, tremolo strings, orchestral brass.

    Long long way through desert. Hard, step by step, passing obstacles. Patiently coming nearer to the purpose.

    Groovy ambient track with a swirly feel and mid paced drums.

    Sounds of the promenade on an updbeat track with happy overtones.

    Groovy synth track with a swirly feel and mid paced drums

    Strong pumping track consists of drums,bass,piano and digital synth.

    A corporate industrial track with a straight techno beat and electronic synthetic sounds. Perfect for use as background music for website, videogames, software or multimedia projects.

    Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, multiple version, instrumental and rap versions. Strong drum and bass beat with addition of piano.

    Upbeat ambient synth groove track with a catchy lead

    Groovy arpeggiated synth track with a swirly feel!

    Hard edgy deep sounding groove track with fat Dub-Bass and cheeky lead!

    Upbeat bouncy synth track with an instantly catchy groove

    A dark and foreboding hip-hop track, designed to create an urban menace atmosphere.

    Chill and smooth background music with ambient synth textures and some nice percussion. This track will create a warm atmosphere to your presentation, video and web project.

    Dark hip-hop loop that sounds like perfect background music for intricate project which needs to add dark shade of emotion like danger, suspense, intrigue etc

    Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

    Funky House Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

    Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

    Sinister sounding drums and bass with a stong lead synth pad adding a touch of darkness to the music.

    Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement.

    Light teeny melody - electric piano and synth.

    Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

    You have your reasons and your purpose to follow these fading lines that take you into the darkness of the night. your only companions are the headlights of your car a dimming cigarette and a voice in the radio. Its just you against the road.

    Electro/Tech Music great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

    A mighty choir with percussion and orchestral strings. Some brass in the end of a track.

    An ambient background loop.

    funky lounge groove melody

    Slow, spacious, ethereal, textured track with exotic melody played by oud. Middle East strings and percussion in the background.

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