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    • Aggressive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars. Good for videos about extreme sports or high tech. 8-bit Track. Fast energetic electronic track with drum 'n' bass rhythm. Very modern urban soundrack for creative projects. Laid back big strings with a gentle bell melody giving a huge sense of space. Upbeat chilled out electronic track with a melodic piano lead A cool laid back tempo hip hop power track. Great for rapping over the top, a perfect hip hop instrumental track with guitar and piano. Catchy electronica track with quite a dark, mysterious ambience reminding the underwater dance of octopus. A magical tune with a fantastic crystal sound melody, that will carry away you in the world of tick-tock time. Suitable for advertising projects or video presentation that required to add some mechanical feel. This is a feel-good easy-going melody with elements of the 60's.Great as background music for websites and presentations. Stylish and deep background music with catchy rhythm of hip-hop beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Dynamic positive trance track. Huge and wide synth, mighty kick and fast bass. Laid back Hip-Hop/Lounge track with chopped up vocals and Piano. Acoustic guitar accompanies the track Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement. Funky Disco Loop, excellent background music for websites and youtube videos. Bouncy Dance Loop with a funky guitar. Strong beat based on kick with analogue synth Ambient, lounge track with electronic instruments and percussive sounds. This is great background for fashion, corporate projects, presentation or slideshow. Full of energy vibration and sounds from Universe melody loop. Soft violas and background pads. THE RALLY sounds like a master piece of some genuine electric guitar, drums and violin work. It has a contemporary touch yet sounds purely inspirational.
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