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    • Small tribute to Pink Floyd ... hoping it's worth at least half of what Pink Floyd have made

      Sweeping orchestral piece - perfect for big, emotive moments. Sad but majestic.

      Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy, with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings. For all good projects.

      An upbeat string passage.

      This colorful, energetic and bright easy listening track evokes great positive feelings and is very uplifting. Acoustic piano, guitar aka U2 and lush strings melodies make up a great positive, feel-good track for any corporate or video use.

      ''You Got The Love'' sounds alike from Florence and the Machines...positive, energetic, emotive, colorful and uplifting.

      A dreamy nordic electropop tune

      Positive, Uplifting and energetic track with nice ''U2'' clean guitar style and powerful lush strings. Perfect for uplifting sequences, sport videos and corporate videos/presentations.

      An upbeat thematic orchestral passage with piano, bass and drums.

      Slow, steady, peaceful track with no pronounced melody, featuring nylon and steel string guitars, chello section, pizzicato basses, french horns and trombones.

      This track for piano solo, classical style, is particularly elegant, modernly romantic and sweet. It adapts well to all projects that provide a relaxing and intimate background music, of not trivial taste.

      Orchestral loop, rich in timbre, over a romantic guitar arpeggio, with a dominant violin and a wistful clarinet in the central part of the track. Great theme for films and background.

      Piano solo loop, classical style, with an easy listening theme impressive and sincere. Great for videos and in background.

      Pensive and light melody performed by orchestra.

      Classical track for solo violin, in Paganini style. Lively and playful backround music to satisfy sophisticated tastes, far from easy music business.

      Gentle, emotive, intimate piano track with sweet and warm melodies. The retro sound makes it even more dramatic and emotive.

      Orchestral loop, with dominant violin and accompaniment of strings and piano. Sweet, melancholic and dreamy, gorgeous for background and special videos

      Gentle harp glissando opens the track creating an instant weird magical effect then as the track builds a pleasant flute melody is played creating a dreamy atmosphere offering the sense of floating or travelling slowly. Very useful for small video timeline productions or childrens themes.

      Feelgood, uplifting and evocative easy listening/pop-rock song with gentle rhythm guitars and clean delayed guitar melodies. This track evokes achievement and positiveness.

      Loud New Year's Eve gives way to the calm of the first day of the year. We are opening presents with enthusiastic anticipation of the wonderful moments of this year!

      Melodic orchestral loop followed by French horn, strings and piano. Suitavle for romantic movie moments.

      An inspiring, motivational track consisting of piano and low strings.

      A sad piano solo theme in A minor. This track loops seamlessly.

      A simple yet fast moving piano theme that loops seamlessly.

      Wonderful dreams are created from a joyous piano, live strings, clarinets and trumpet, very optimistic and instantly enjoyable ! Fits to visual work perfectly.

      A passage of brooding strings.

      Sad and beautiful space/ambient track. Featuring synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and the sound of bells. Perfect background music for relaxation and meditation.

      A happy piano solo track that loops seamlessly.

      A pensive orchestral passage evoking solitude, promise, the presence of hope.

      Ambient, chill out electronic track. Suitable for relaxation, meditation, contemplation or other similar purpose.

      An atmospheric track made with synths. It can be used for sci-fi or high-tech videos and documentary films.

      A very poignant, touching and endearing film score piece. Emotional and sweeping track, with piano, orchestra and harp. A great track to illustrate the moments that will always be with us in our lives. Great for family movie, epic story or presentation.

      Vibrant acoustic guitar creates a relaxing background music track suitable for vacation, documentaries, or fantastic hot spot destinations with beautiful scenery, very chill out and casual with an adult contemporary edge. It features atmospheric synth elements throughout which create a sense of warmth and casual lifestyle.

      Solemn and triumphant orchestral music in Hollywood, Disney style. Perfect soundtrack for an important event as the opening of the festival, awards ceremony or inauguration.

      Lush synth pads swirl over beats to a wondrous, awe-inspiring peak. This gorgeous, electronic soundscape wonderfully creates an upbeat, inspired, enchanted feeling.Great for adverts,presentations, TV or radio.

      Soft relaxing music. Gentle as a baby's skin. Positive, warm and soothing. Light percussion, shaker, acoustic guitar, clean sound.

      Modern and playful loop for piano solo, based on a fairytale by H. C. Andersen. Very elegant and childish, excellent for answering machines, videos and background.

      Sweet, playful and romantic loop based on a fairytale of Andersen. Excellent for background and videos.

      Positive track with medieval melody. Featured instruments are synths and guitar. Good for casual flash games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      Beautiful classical romantic track featuring strings and cello. Perfect background music for romantic movie scenes, TV music themes, intros etc.

      Classical track for piano solo, fast time, twentieth century style, with alternate moments very mechanical or dreamy. Cinematic, for web, presentations and background.

      A sad slow melody with piano and double bass. Track made in a classical manner.

      Slow and soft track great for some backgrounds. Featured instruments are acoustic piano,warm bass, acoustic drums, digital synth.

      A positive theme with harpsichord and cello. Inspired by baroque music style.

      Shining atmospheric track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator, the sound of strings, the sound of bells. Perfect for web sites, relaxation,slow motion pictures, and others.

      Beautiful and a little sad melody. Used electric piano, harp sound effects and arpeggiator. Perfect for relaxation and other projects.

      Beautiful space track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, the sound of the strings. Perfect for web sites, relaxation and other projects.

      Ambient track made with synths, asian flute and percussions. Good for relaxation videos or videos about nature.

      Anthemic RnB style pop track with uplifting orchestral hook, cool hip hop drum loop, analogue synths.

      Beautiful, slightly sad melody loop. Used a synthesizer, the sounds of piano and bells. Perfect as background music for the nostalgic stories and lifelong memories.

      Beautiful chill out track with bells sound and atmospheric effects. Perfect for relaxation, meditation and dreamlike projects.

      Positive track with celtic melody. Featured instruments are synths, guitar and flutes.Good for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      Powerful orchestra track divided on two parts.First is light and dark, second is hard and massive.Great for movies,documentary.Consist of whole orchestra sounds with some percussion and digital synths.

      A beautiful orchestral uptempo composition written in two parts. First part is classical consists of flute accompanied by strings. Second part is arranged by electronic drums and it sounds like modern classical music. Can be used for any creative project.

      One minute background music with classical piano and swaying synth creates spacious sweeping atmosphere. Suitable for advertising.

      Orchestral loop slowly and solemnly, with oboe theme that stands on the sonorous carpet of strings. Cinematic, for pure pleasure of listening and for particular video.

      Quiet underwater ambient track. Perfect background music for relaxation, visualisation, and other projects.

      Calm and quite track made with synths. Good for hotel or relaxation videos or videos about nature. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      Dramatic, inspirational melody performed on cello, viola and violins. This powerful, emotive strings theme will be perfect for corporate video, presentations, cinematic scenes and TV/Radio podcasts.

      Calm and quiet track with sounds of asian instruments. It would be nice for videos about nature ot documentary films. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast.

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