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    • Optimistic, energetic and driving track! Full of wag-guitar, fast drums, synthesizer sounds, unexpected pauses and breaks. Great background music for project of your choice.

      Life is a shooting gallery which you should win. Beat out five of five and win the prize - happiness and well-being!

      I have many keys, but there is no key from your happiness - you will find it!

      Some days you go to top. Having rejected fear and hunger, you feel that good luck on your party. It is a little more and you become the hero!

      Energetic techno track. Used a synthesizer sound of drums, percussion sounds, arpeggiator, atmospheric effects. Perfect for the construction filming, news, corporate presentation and so on.

      Stop to strain, cease to remember the sad story, release the heart from grief of unsuccessful relations. The love already runs to you!

      Dramatic, powerful orchestral track. Great for movies, TV and radio shows. Consist of strings, brass and percussion.

      Early in the morning leave at ocean coast, inhale a cool, plunge into water - now to you again 18 years. Whether you will solve this secret?

      Day after day you create advantage to associates. You work at factory or in mine, your work creates those blessings which the mankind uses!

      Remember the seventieth! You were a star of local clubs! The guitar smoked in your hands... You were hungry and malicious, but each dog in this city knew you by sight!

      Find an old heavy leather jacket, take a motorcycle. Today that day, when you can cast away the melancholy...

      I want to brag to you that I'm fine! The house, the car, a dog and the wife is a part me, I am happy because that there is no hunger and wars, and this main thing...

      Abstract exotic track. Used synthesizer, digital drums and different sound effects. Perfect for surreal projects.

      Tense, energetic pulsating, acid trance track. Perfect for action scenes. Used synthesizer, arpeggiator, pulsating rhythm of digital drums, atmospheric effects.

      Energetic track made with electric guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos.

      Upbeat teen pop track. Fresh, funny, with a lot of attitude. Driving rhythm guitar, playful, pumping synths and main piano melody. Teen sitcom, Disney pop, high school, tween, middle school, teenagers, young love, teen heartbreak, school sports, drive-in movie, malls

      It is like Robotic tune in electric guitar

      Psychedelic trance loop. Used hypnotic rhythms with massive base and an abstract texture effects. Great musical background for action games, sci-fi/ horror films etc.

      Powerful and epic modern metal track. Lots of electric guitars, hard drums and bass from metal side. Wide strings and choir from classical side. perfect for historical movies.

      Really drama hip hop, great analog synths, strong production with a solid credable hip hop beat.Great for adverts, TV, radio.

      Dramatic misterious song, performed on synthesizers, continuos analog bass pattern, sequences on middle-high frecuency range, some synth strings and strong percussion. Suitable for detective movie or tv serie.

      Energetic track with strong, addictive beats. Suitable for chase scenes, race games or sports video.

      The powerful dance track, great for adverts, TV and radio shows. Consist of the mighty groundbreaking beat, tons of synths.

      Powerful orchestra track divided on two parts.First is light and dark, second is hard and massive.Great for movies,documentary.Consist of whole orchestra sounds with some percussion and digital synths.

      Energetic track made with guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos.

      Mighty Hip-Hop track. Consist of acoustic guitar melody, many bright synths and strong beat. Great for some action.

      Dark ambient track. Minimalistic piano and drums merged with atmospheric keyboards create amplifying stress and waiting atmosphere.

      Dark military track. Perfect for any cinematic scene that needs a military-styled background music.

      Groovy uplifting song performed on synthesizers and overdriven guitar. Suitable for news, sports, racing games.

      Orchestra and brass symphony combine to create an important melody suggesting news intro music.

      Dark ambient loop with throbbing synth beats and a pulsating bassline. Perfect background music for action scenes, crime films or computer games.

      Tense, bright track in military style. Main instruments: synthesizer, arpeggiator, digital drums. Perfect as background music for action films or video games.

      Sinister mysterious very slow song performed on synthesizers, bell style sounds, strings, drums and bass.

      Tense, corporate background music with time ticking sound effects. Instruments were used: digital drums, synthesizer, arpeggiator and electronic organ. Perfect for corporate presentations, podcasts, news logos and many different purposes.

      Energetic electronic track made with synths. It would be nice for action videos.

      Energetic pulsating track. Used instruments are drums, percussion, bass guitar sound, synthesizer. This background music is great for projects where the sensation of speed is required.

      Cheerful electronic track made with synths. Good for videos about high tech. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      Surging dramatic orchestral string arrangement suggesting epic war or battle scene. Builds to soaring climatic penultimate section with deep malle vocals before partially resolving.

      Dynamic progressive track which mixes elements of dubstep electronica with nature sounds of the wind blowing to create a more relaxed feeling at the end of the melody loop. Great for nightlife, extreme sports, new technologies and much more.

      Up-tempo track, great for adverts,presentation, etc. Consist of acoustic drums with bass and old-style synth melodies.

      Energetic minimalistic electronic track with an arpeggiator synth sound. Perfect soundscape for mutimedia projects that need some movement in the background.

      A dark and ominous fast moving track. Suitable for using as soundtrack to action films or video games, also as a news theme

      Powerful orchestral track with strong rock drums. Consist of brass section, strings, piano and flutes. Great for movies, sports.

      An electronic track with dark mood and drum'n'bass beats. Good for hi-tech videos or science films.

      Majestic electric piano melody with military marching war like sound effects. Perfect soundscape for military or historical projects, epic games and videos.

      Positive and energetic track with a slide solo guitar. Good for advertising, corporate videos or flash clips.

      Fast energetic ambient track with tense, speed racing atmosphere. Perfect soundscape to render stressful moments, action time and intense movement toward the goal.

      Synthesizers and strings combine with eastern style vocals creating an eastern warzone atmosphere, with a sense of tension, fear and danger.

      You are very successful - good luck is your companion. You are persevering and passionate in love and don't suffer indecision. Life, heat, light - these are things that characterize Leo.

      Dynamic background music with high energy rhythm and hypnotic trance beats . Great for action, extreme sports, business and corporate use, also for TV logos and many more.

      Disturbed, energetic, fast and dangerous, acid trance track combining digital synth and pulsating beats of drums. Perfect for computer games and all projects that need a new level of speed sensation.

      A heavy guitar based track which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.

      Pensive sentimental Pop music track with electric guitars, synth pad and melancholic electric guitar solo.

      Haunting background music for various projects that need more action and intensity.

      Electric drums with synth bass and orchestra like sounds. Nice for some short opening theme.

      Ambient leads and deep synths with a groovy mid tempo beat.

      Fast paced track with a catchy synth melody and a big fat bass and drum backing.

      Energetic club Hip-Hop track with pumping drums

      Groovy Hip-Hop club track with 808 drums and Synth leads.

      Determined and energetic dance house club track. Cool groove and catchy riffs. Suitable background music for projects that need need more energy and intensity.

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