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    • An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, catchy piano lines, hand claps and a bouncy marimba backing, making it ideal for commercial and corporate use or productions aimed at children. Easy-going, guitar and piano based, mid-tempo background track. Pleasant, laidback and uncomplicated with happy feel and sound. This is the perfect feel-good loop. With an irresistible, catchy melody played by whistle, this song will be perfect for any production that needs conveying a sense of freedom, friendship, hope for the future, or just sheer happiness and joy. You can't help but smiling and ... whistling! Corporate melody with a motivational and inspiring feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, optimistic product review, travel stories, commercials, presentations, Film and TV. This positive, acoustic country track will bring a smile to your face. Perfect for your next video about a long journey with new faces, and new friends, happy home life, love and family values. Saddle up and ride off into the sunset with you next production. Very simple, light and playful music in traditional folk dance style. Perfect background music to set the tone for different entertainment or children's projects. Such as circus, carousel, carnival, cheerful anniversary and so on. Dynamic soundtrack for cartoons and comic situations. Can also be used as children's music. A sweet, almost bittersweet moody, evoking an evening of fun and dancing, perhaps for a farewell to someone dear. Ultimately positive and heartwarming. That's a great waltz musette tune in french style. You can hear the mediterranean folk style perfect for romantic or melancholic scenes. Cheerful song with bouncy rhythm bringing positive vibes. Very simple, light and merry polka. Very useful track for any kind of project related to kids. Inspiring and sensitive music with feeling of hope and love. Evokes images of sky, clouds, nature etc, Also can be used as warm background in human relations scenes. Good for christmas and new year projects. Happy and joyful song with ukulele and glockenspiel. Perfect choice for adverts, slideshows, commercials and much more. A winking uptempo loop about our friends from Russia having fun with lots of vodka and dancing until the daybreak. Pay attention to the man with the false beard... ;-) A upbeat positive and motivational track with big drumsrocky guitar and nice pumpy smooth bass A fashion influenced downtempo lounge style loop with relaxed keys, nice crisp drums and a clean bass. A cheerful and uplifting inspirational piano theme over a swinging, light hearted waltz rhythm with percussion, soft and airy drums, acoustic guitars and upright bass. A happy, motivational and cheerful acoustic track with a catchy whistle and glockenspiel melody over a bouncy uplifting groove. French Fiddle, Dulcimer and Piano create this slow, easy and upper class slow ball room style dance track with a romantic sensual edge oozing with style and class. The melody boasts contemporary unique style with traditional French Elements. A casual, mellow track with many French elements and characteristics with a slight romantic laid-back edge. Ideal if used with French cuisine/food for advertising purposes. Lazy Electric guitar, bass, drums, dulcimer combine to create this laid back, slightly romantic French style track, useful for slow and easy scenes which could be backed with romantic vocals. Ideal for scenes requiring a slow ball room or dinner dance. The melody edges towards upper class projects, great if combined with wine, food or contemporary themed projects. Positive and inspirational light music to create a mood of serenity. Gentle and soulful sound of the ukulele. Simple and catchy melody. A joyful catchy melody, played by acoustic guitar and glockenspiel over an organic acoustic background and a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove. Perfect background instrumental for any project that needs an all through positive atmosphere. This bright and cheerful melody for acoustic guitar and small ensemble creates a mood of celebration and happiness. Best for slideshow, presentations, movies and games. Very useful and pleasant track for children! It creates good mood and can be used everywhere in games for children, movies, video etc. Don't miss it! This is a chillout style melodic sequence full of energy and good times. A traditional thing. Maybe you can hear it somewhere in European village. Performed on bayan at village outdoors among cows, dogs, geese, ducks and summer night cicadas. It looks like a comedy, but let's listen to our hearts... A upbeat and happy dance track with horns and gypsy styled rhodes and guitar. This is a playful and light children's melody. Very pleasant and cheerful, happy and funny. The song can be used in apps, movie, cartoon, play, performance, show, puppet theatre, advertising, birthday video and many more. Happy jumping on the road trip. March played by a brass band with ironic flavour. Circus atmosphere full of joy. Why not live happy and keep merry mood? It's like plenty years ago... When you was a child. Why not? This easy melody will help you to stay in good mood. It's very amazing and simple track. Good for projects where cheerful and fun mood need. Life is more easy than it seems some time. Just listen and all troubles disappear. Amusing, playful composition with parody elements. Sweet, fun and gentle easy listening track with sweet metal and wood Xylophone melodies, clean gentle guitars and open/festive drums and percussions. Perfect for happy segments, gentle build ups and mellow video clips and children related presentations/videos/segments. Only the sun, joy and good fortune - that's all we need. Best for presentations, slide shows, games, videos and holidays ... Gentle Clockwork Glockenspiel beats suggests time elapsing whilst travelling, combining clunky wood Blocks and sound effects similar to stereotypical farm life, adding movement elements to enhance cartoon style travelling music. This is one more beautiful morning, when our hearts are filled with joyful hope. You wake up with the first sunlight and you feel composure in which you are the master of your life. At the end of the day, when all work is done, you sit at your big table where your family awaits you with the best dinner in the world... This forest is welcoming, trees not too close and not too far let the sunlight In, opening a new place every once in a while, a small pond or a swift spring, a glade in blossom. Little inhabitans of this woods rustle here and there, giving you a feeling that you are about to enter a fairy kingom of gnomes who invite you at their feast! Gypsy Balkan music.
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